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24/09/16 ; [ 13 of 100 days of productivity ]

sorry for not posting the past few days!! so far I’ve finished up my physics notes, chemistry notes, and revised a little of geography + biology! it’s not that much but I’ll take what I can get :)

T-2 days till exams start????!!! 😱😱

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A pushy salesperson grabbing Yamaguchi’s partner and trying to drag them into a store while they (Yamaguchi and partner) are on a date?

Christmas was just around the corner, so it didn’t come as a surprise to Yamaguchi that the streets of the shopping district were packed. There were cuddling couples everywhere, giggling girlfriends pointing at shop windows, busy moms pulling their crying children out of toyshops, and hurried businessmen maneuvering their way through the masses.

He had been a bit worried when his partner had asked him to do some last minute Christmas shopping, but seeing their face, which was shining bright with excitement, and feeling their fingers so tightly intertwined with his as they made their way through the throng of people, he didn’t regret having agreed to tagging along with them in the least.

However, when they suddenly swayed to the right without warning, Yamaguchi slightly staggered, this small moment enough for their hands to separate and several people to walk into his line of vision. He stood there dumbfounded, but when he finally realized what had just happened, he immediately pushed forwards, squeezing his way through the crowd in the direction his significant other had vanished in. Fear was suddenly gripping at his heart, causing it to pound wildly in his chest, and his gaze roamed the faces of the people around him, desperately trying to find the one face that had been at his side just a few minutes ago. But when he finally saw them, he froze.

He didn’t hear the curses and didn’t see the annoyed looks that were thrown his way by the pedestrians around him as he stared at the scene in front of him. Several feet away, his partner was talking to man wearing a black suit, who pointed in the direction of a shop. Although he couldn’t hear what they were saying, he could clearly see the distress on the face of his significant other. They shook their head softly and bowed apologetically, while trying to evade the man’s gaze.

The man – a salesperson, of that Yamaguchi was sure now – stepped in front of them, towering over them with his arms outstretched and inching forwards in order to steer them in the direction of his store. They were shaking their head vehemently now and the look on their face was one of pure panic and alarm.

Finally, Yamaguchi jolted out of his stupor. His eyes narrowed and his whole body started trembling as he called out their name and started towards them, for once not caring that he bumped into several bodies, his strides surprisingly great and bold. He came to a halt right behind the salesman.

H-hey! Leave t-them alone!”, he said.

He cursed himself for sounding far less confident than he had intended.

The man whipped around and stared down at Yamaguchi. The look of surprise that had been on his face at first slowly twisted into a sneer.

Yamaguchi’s eyes flickered towards his significant other as he heard them sigh in relief, but when they tried to weasel out from behind the man, he shifted his body, effectively blocking their way. Yamaguchi’s eyes narrowed further, and his hands balled to fists at his sides.

Listen boy, all I ask is that your pretty companion takes a look at our newest rich nutrition care series. It’s perfect for this time of the year and

They don’t need it. They’re perfect the way they are,” he interrupted him, and although he felt his face heat up, this time his voice really reflected the way he was feeling: furious.

He could see the salesperson’s eye twitch in annoyance, and when he opened his mouth once more, trying to argue with Yamaguchi, his voice sounded forceful and aggressive. Unwittingly, he took a step back. This wasn’t just an act of persuasion any longer, the man was clearly trying to intimidate him.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw a movement. Once more, his partner tried to step away from the man, now that his attention had been diverted by the appearance of Yamaguchi, but before they could even take a single step, a strong hand wrapped around their upper arm.

And just like that, his determination overshadowed every other thing he was feeling. All of his reservation, all of his fears seemed to leave his body as the blood now pumped through his veins like liquid fire. He straightened his spine and lifted up his chin a notch, taking a bold step forwards while booming: “I told you to leave them alone!

Giving a start, the man instinctively let go of his partner’s arm. Looking around him, he suddenly seemed to become painfully aware of the pedestrians, who had gathered around their little group, whispering to each other while looking on. Yamaguchi could have sworn he heard a low “Should we call the police?

Tsk… kids these days,” he muttered, trying to seem unfazed, but his eyes that darted around like little black bugs told a different story. He glanced in his direction once more, before suddenly turning around and stumbling away in the safety of his store.

Only when he was out of sight and Yamaguchi felt his partner back at his side, did he realize how much he was shaking. His trembling hands locked around them as he pressed his face in their hair, glad that the ordeal was finally over.

You were so cool,” his partner whispered as they returned his hug and Yamaguchi hid his face further in their strands, praying they’d stay like this for a little while longer so they wouldn’t see the deep blush that was spreading on his cheeks.

~ Bekki