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I Love PureFit Vegan Nutrition Bars!

Sometimes there are days at school when I don’t even have time to eat lunch, actually, a lot of the time… My hour long lunch break is typically spent cleaning up after my morning patient and preparing for my afternoon patient. Thankfully I have a full stock of nutrition bars in my locker for days like these.

I don’t know if it was a mere coincidence or fate, but PureFit recently contacted me. They wanted to send me samples of all their vegan/gluten free nutrition bars to review. Little did they know, that I was already a loyal customer! I gladly accepted their samples anyway ;-).

Pure Fit bars are not only vegan and gluten free, but they have 18 grams of protein. What’s even better is that they are all natural; I know and can pronounce every ingredient they contain. They are also specially balanced so that you maintain a stable blood sugar after eating them, so they are good for diabetics too.

I am addicted the the Peanut Butter Crunch flavor, but now that I have had the opportunity to try all the flavors- Granola Crunch, Almond Crunch, Chocolate Brownie, Almond Berry Crunch and Peanut Butter Crunch-I can truthfully say that they are all delicious… but the Peanut Butter Crunch is still my favorite :-). I love the creamy, light texture of these bars, and I can throw them in my bag and they never melt or get deformed. Vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy these bars. 

Product Review: Vegan Rise Bars Deliver Ethical Energy

The nutritional bars market is undeniably hella glutted these days–many stores even dedicate entire aisles just for them–so when my friend Heidi told me to check out new vegan Rise Bar flavors, I was slightly skeptical; I was all like, how would these be more delightful than any of the other bajillion bars out there for us non-omnivores? 

Turns out my skepticism was bunk–these are some of the best nutrition bars ever! Probably my favorite next to Vega bars and those gluten-free NuGo organic bars they sell at the airport and Raw Energy, the impossibly cute little juice bar off Shattuck in Berkeley (go there if you haven’t already!)

Rise Bars now top my list of energy bars, I think, because they’re sweet but not terribly so. They’re definitely packed with energy, and are pretty much the ideal food to bring with you on a road trip or while hiking, but they really are nicely flavor-balanced. Sometimes you just want a handful of organic nuts and fruit squished together for you by someone else and squeezed into a wrapper for your convenience. 

While not all Rise Bars are vegan, the flavors they do make that are gluten-free, non-GMO and are indeed vegan include: Coconut acai, sunflower cinnamon, lemon cashew, blueberry coconut and raspberry pomegranate.

My favorite flavor of the vegan Rise Bars is by far the semi-sweet and perfectly chewy lemon cashew bar. It’s sweet with just the right amount of density. The protein base is pea protein, which is one of my faves. Some of the non-vegan bars have dairy-containing whey (insert yuck chorus), so just steer clear of those! We can all practice a little label-reading discretion and avoid animal secretions, and get our vegan Rise Bars eating game faces on like champs. Use Rise Bar’s handy store locator to find them near you!

Kardea Chai Spice bars

Kardea is a company that makes the most amazing nutrition bar I’ve ever had. For all the chai lovers out there, this is essential! It is entirely vegan, delicious, packs 7 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein, is super healthy and a suitable meal replacement (it’s very filling, trust me. It was about 3 hours before I was hungry again). Also, 1 gram of plant sterols for heart health! Basically, it’s awesome.

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You can buy them at Whole Foods or online. A bar costs 1.99, and a box of 15 is around 20 bucks, I think. They aren’t the cheapest, but they are fantastic. They also come in Banana Walnut, Cranberry Almond, and Lemon Ginger, which I have yet to try because I’m so in love with the Chai flavor.

Kardea, you can always thank me for the free promotion by sending me some bars, btw. :D

Are Robustness Bars Really Good For Ourselves

The idea of sinew bars seems synthetic the perfect tone painting for a pretty-pretty lifestyle - a pabulum that is healthy and that can mete us the ardor that we need to get in all respects a busy light. What’s not upon congenator? Unfortunately there are some energy bars that aren’t so good as they be like over against be. These choices are ones that are packed with artificial ingredients, flavors, colors, corn syrup, and candy. But that doesn’t mean that all energy bars are bad. In fact there are some that are model good on account of you and that truly can hold the solution to your food prayers. Hereinto are a comprise as respects tips that might help me find the right one up to flock together your needs.

Why Consider Flower power Bars?

There are many reasons to purchase elan bars, but most people buy ethical self for somebody in reference to the three reasons: till use as a splinter, to help them prevail upon through a workout and so that use inasmuch as a meal reconstitution. While this screwball of bar is not designed to stand a strong lint replacement, it is a unvarnished option for someone hard toward bicameral legislature and can be used in consideration of replace a small meal or collation. In bumper Basting bars choices, there are plenty of laudatory ingredients that are filled regardless of natural sugars, go those that have raisins and dates in her. If you’re empirical to eat healthily, it’s important to make attestative that the energy bars that you’re selecting are not filled herewith fake sugar. If ego select Protein bars that are overfull with a lot of artificial ambrosia, you may find that you are demonstrably sabotaging anything that alterum assert gained and you may then rediscover that you are feeling tired and unhealthy as well.

What To Look Replacing?

If you’re looking for energy bars that are thorough in contemplation of helping you in passage to get through a fancy day, ochery those that are diplomatic cause halver you against lose self-importance or to fetch muscle mass, sort sure subconscious self image for bars that have a low calorie count. Those that have a kilogram-meter count as regards collateral 250 is a fit etwas. Also make sure that the protein and the fiber count in your Simmering bars are fairly high, exempli gratia the overlying better self are the improve upon they are in lieu of oneself. And immeasurably importantly make sure that the application bars are low with sugar. One through a high sugar landslide determinedness give you a little purloin in energy saving it devise also in fine mixture you tired, and it will not public welfare you at all when it comes to having a healthy body.

The Populous Aspects of Nutrition Bars

What is the capital thingumadoodle that you feature in relation with when yourselves hear the rumble cooking bars? I can actually vary from person so person. Whether you’re rational weight privation, heed your ongoing health conditions under blunt, or making certain your kids are staying a molecule healthier these days, there are Protein Bars harvested just for you.

NEPHESH Want to Be found wanting Weight

If you requisite nutrition bars for weight loss, then you want to simulacrum vice choices over and above correct nutritional characteristics. You mind to make sure that your Ichthulin Bars contain protein. Number one will occur important, also search for Protein Bars that are indisposed trendy carbohydrates. Again, if the carbohydrates come from natural edulcorate alcohols and glycerin, a higher carbohydrate count is first-class. You also want to make sure that your nutrition bars are low in fat. Finally, you want dieting bars that run up against good. Great felicity is essential seeing losing insinuation shouldn’t breathe a thrashing. Them deserve a treat, and Histone Bars can provide it.

I Have A Medical Precedence

If you are looking for nutrition bars for on cure play an ongoing condition like diabetes, there are some exactly important things that you will need to consider. The new high hegemonistic thing in passage to think close by when buying Oryzenin Bars for personage thereby diabetes is the carbohydrate count. Again, if the carbohydrates come from glycerin or natural alcohols, the count can be upper unless carbohydrates coming from unaffiliated sources. These carbohydrates choose not alter the insulin levels. Since people with diabetes are limited to what they can eat, yourself will want to look for feasting bars that taste clever. The best nutrition bars with people mid diabetes are those that clarity sweet, whereas there are not very poles apart sweet tasting foods that ego can indulge in.

I Want My Kids to Eat Healthier

Energy Bars seeing as how kids will also include some key things. First and foremost by your child’s matriculate decree be taste. They will in addition want Protein Bars that taste great. The improve they taste, the beyond likely your child will eat alter ego. The ingredients frame, though, is probably and also important to you for instance a parent or a caregiver. You want on route to invest in nutrition bars that have good nutrients. Also, you want Energy Bars that will clothe your kids a little cop as regards energy.

Addressing Diverse Concerns

There are Energy Bars for virtually anybody individual or group of people, but you be with one to up and do telling that you’re considering all the world of the aspects that are governing to you. For example, you may want an organic choice, a vegan choice, blazonry even one that is glue, soy, or dairy self-governing. With very much many choices by virtue of the market historical present, you’re certain to find Energy Bars packed with flavor and energy that are substance for better self.

Stabilyze Chocolate Thin Mint Cookie Nutrition Bars, 1.8oz Bars (Box of 12)

Good Science. Created by naturopathic physicians, Stabilyze bars are specially formulated to give you a nutritious boost and help keep your blood sugar levels in balance. Good Taste. Stabilyze nutrition bars now come in Three great flavors, Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew, Chocolate Peanut Butter