Teen Vegans

It boggles my mind how anyone would support anyone under 21 to go being vegetarian or vegan. Its so ridiculously bad for a growing body, I have had close friends get seriously sick due to lack of protein and muscle. Please, please don’t go vegan or vegetarian of you are still growing.

Elsie Widdowson (1906-2000) was a British dietitian who oversaw the addition of vitamins to wartime rations across the United Kingdom. She studied chemistry at Imperial College, London, graduating in 1928 as one of the first female students.

She worked for the Department of Experimental Medicine in Cambridge, studying nutrition and the chemical composition of the human body. She demonstrated that a limited diet could be supported with added vitamins, which led to the government programme of enriching wartime foods with calcium and other nutrients. She also worked on rehabilitating the victims of extreme starvation from Nazi concentration camps.