November 2010, I hit what I thought was rock bottom. I was morbidly obese at almost 450 pounds. I struggled with depression and felt like a failure and a hypocrite. Not even my closest friends and family knew the struggles I was enduring and covering up with a food addiction. I had a moment that resulted in a desire to change and to live my best life. It started with two realizations:
1) I deserved a better life.
2) I had the power to get that better life.
I began with small changes: no white flour, no sugar, zero processed foods. The pounds started to come off and as I learned more about myself, #nutrition and fat loss, I adopted the #paleo diet. After one year, I was down 200 pounds and eventually shed obesity and built that better life.
The journey didn’t end the day I hit my goal weight, that was just the first act. Losing my weight wasn’t the only or even the last goal, it was one on a path to self #mastery and true #joy. It eliminated so many limitations and proved to myself that nothing would hold me down or back anymore. If you struggle with #obesity, you can do this too. Live your best life. Don’t be overwhelmed. Start with one pound and then go for another. You’ve got this. (at )
What if the whole world suddenly went vegetarian?
By Bec Crew

As the global population tips over 7 billion, it’s becoming increasingly crucial that we think about what all those people and their children are going to be eating over the next century and beyond. According to a report last year by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, the meat industry is one of the biggest threats to the environment, contributing to 14.5 percent of human-related greenhouse gas emissions. And this is only going to increase as developing countries continue to grow and establish more sustainable economies, which will facilitate more opportunties for people to afford expensive, meat-laden diets if they choose.

While there are scattered efforts to attract meat-lovers to meatless products, such as this new veggie burger that bleeds, and dairy-lovers to dairy-less products, such as this new cow-less artificial milk, in an effort to curb land-use, pollution, and waste, people who love animal products aren’t going to give it up that easily.

But what if they did? What if, somehow, everyone on Earth could be convinced to give up meat forever? What would the world look like then?

According to L. V. Anderson at, at least one research team has asked the question, and in 2009 they ran the numbers on a hypothetical wholly vegetarian world. Publishing in the journal Climate Change, researchers from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency found that if everyone in the world switched to vegetarianism or veganism tomorrow, by 2050 carbon emissions related to the agriculture industry would have been reduced by 17 percent, methane emissions by 24 percent, and nitrous oxide emissions by 21 percent. Greenhouse gas emissions would see similarly significant reductions.

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I’m making a list of Health/Fitness & Recovery goals and I want one of my goals to be to eat breakfast at least 3x per week but I legitimately have a fear of eating breakfast and I don’t know how to just do it without being consumed with guilt and anxiety.

Homemade Quest Bars

Variations Included  

Basic Ingredients

4 Scoops your vanilla protein powder (about 1/3 cup a scoop)

¼ cup nut or seed butter of choice (smooth, not crunchy)

1/3 - ½ cup sweetener (I used stevia, less if you like)

2-4 tbsp. water (if you feel you need it)

¼ cup oat flour or fiber powder or even ground flaxseeds (Omit for lower carbs, best with)

—> In a large bowl, combine the protein powder, oat flour (if using), nut butter and sweetener together. If using stevia / splenda, you’ll need more water than if using honey or agave. 

—> Scoop out the dough, shape into 5 bars and add to a sheet lined with parchment paper, refrigerate for 30-40 minutes to firm up.

—> ENJOY x

Per bar (varies with protein powder):


Fat: 8 

Protein: 20

Carbs: 11

Fiber: 5

Sugar: 2


Vanilla Almond Crunch: Use almond butter, a tsp of vanilla and some chopped almonds.

Cinnamon Roll: add ½ tbsp. cinnamon and 1 tsp vanilla

Chocolate Brownie: add 2 tbsp. cocoa powder and use chocolate protein powder (not necessary)

Lemon Cream Pie: Use sunflower butter and 1 tbsp. lemon juice

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: add ¼ - 1/3 cup chocolate chip and don’t omit oat flour

Peanut Butter Supreme: use peanut butter.

PB & J: Use peanut butter and 3-4 tbsp. mashed or dehydrated strawberries or 2 tbsp. jam.

Coconut Cashew: Use cashew butter and 2-5 tbsp. coconut shreds

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Use chocolate protein powder and peanut butter

Mixed Berry Bliss: use 1 tbsp.  of each blue- rasp- black- and strawberries, mashed or dried.

White Chocolate Raspberry: Use 3-4 tbsp. mashed or dried raspberries or jam, and best with sunflower butter

Strawberry Cheesecake: 2-4 tbsp. mashed or dried strawberries or jam, 2 tbsp. cream cheese.

Banana Nut Muffin: Use ½ mashed banana and 2-4 tbsp. crushed nuts