I was always exposed to the foods that are popular now due to my upbringing

nutella sandwiches were a staple of my elementary school lunches and my dad loved to put srirarcha sauce on his noodles because it’s spicy, but it has flavour

this is a DECADE before either took off

Succespo’s summer masterpost

So I’m back with another masterpost! Don’t let the title confuse you, this masterpost also contains studying related links (because in summer we have plenty of free time and what we do in our free time? we study). Anyways, I hope that this will be helpful to all of you! Please send me a message if a link is broken! Have a cute summer♡

1. useful apps

2. music & sounds

3. recipes because food is life

4. do yourself a favor and be creative

5. studying & inspiration & organisation & knowledge

6. take care of yourself

7. internet is such a cute place