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Coffee and Cigarettes

Hello lovely people, I am currently working on a request but thought I’d post this Fluffy piece for now! REQUESTS ARE OPEN •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• It was one of those really good fall days, the kind where all the leaves are different shades of orange, red, and yellow. The wind was slightly blowing through the streets leaving a perfect breeze in its trail. Fionn had actually woken up early this morning, it was one of the rare days where he had nothing to do at all, in fact he had nothing to do tomorrow either. It felt good for him to have some time off after Dunkirk and all the promo mixed with doing Queers, like he deserved some relaxation, the only problem being now he wasn’t too sure he knew how anymore. Making his way down the street, glasses and baseball cap on, he decided to go to the coffee shop he used to work at. Fionn was enjoying walking through the town with no one recognizing him, not that he didn’t appreciate his fans, he did, it was just that it was nice to feel normal. Entering the small shop Fionns nose is instantly filled with the scent of fresh coffee, sweet treats, and buttery croissants. “Fionn, darling is that you?” The old lady from behind the counter came around to see Fionn and give him a hug. “Hi Doris how are you?” Fionn asks as he hugs the cheerful lady back. This lady meant a lot to Fionn, she was the lady that gave him the job at the coffee shop 2 years, and this is probably the most meaningful job Fionn will ever have, it’s a job that taught him to be humble and grateful. “I’m good love, we all are just miss you round these parts is all, yeh know now that you’re a big movie star and all”. “I’m still me, I’m still the lanky boy you hired years ago, just been a little busy s’all”. Fionn smiles shyly at the kind woman. “Well can I get you anything love?” “Yea my usual please Doris”. “Sure thing, an umm there’s a sweet thing over there that you may want to say hey to”. Pointing to a small table in the corner the lady walks off to get Fionn his coffee and croissant with a side of Nutella. Fionn looks over at the table to see you with your nose in your phone, and carelessly picking bites off your croissant and dipping it in your Nutella before popping it in your mouth. Fionn smiles at his best friend that he planned on surprising later and heads over to the table for two taking the spare chair. “I’m sorry that seats taken”. Mindlessly still buried in your phone and eating you tell the person who you assume is a stranger to leave. “Really? And who would be sitting here that’s more important than me love?” You freeze for a second thinking you must be going crazy because you could have sworn that you just heard Fionn, the Fionn that’s been gone for months and you haven’t had more than a 3 second conversation with over the phone. Looking up you can see Fionn sitting across from you with a smirk on his face. The boy that you grew up with had never looked better, he looked refreshed and tanner making his freckles pop against his skin and his hair was shorter than before he left but longer than after he cut it for the movie. But the biggest change you noticed was that he wasn’t the lanky kid that left you a year ago, he had filled out and was muscular, shoulders broader, arms wider, and neck thicker. “Fionn!” You jump from your chair hoping for a hug from your best friend. Fionn gets up from his chair immediately wrapping his arms around you, burying his nose in your neck and mumbling an “I missed you” in your ear. Doris comes up to the both of you with Fionns coffee and food smiling. Fionn picks his plate and coffee up from the table, “C’mon love lets go to our table outside”. Fionn smiles and motioned his head towards the door, grabbing your plate and coffee you follow the boy to what you had declared your table years ago. Sitting down you both start eating, Fionn stops and you notice him staring at you, you stop eating and look up to see him smiling at you. “What is it ya goof, do I have something on my face?” Fionn smiles shyly down at his plate. It’s not that he feels uncomfortable around you but just that he hadn’t seen you in months and when he’s been gone from someone that long it kinda felt like starting over. It didn’t help that you somehow were even more gorgeous now than you were almost a year ago. “No, no love it’s just.. just that it’s nice that your still getting our order, coffee and a croissant with a side of Nutella, it’s nice, it’s familiar”. You smile at Fionn happy that he seems to find a comfort in being with you here. After eating Fionn grabs a cigarette from his pocket and lights it, the flames from the lighter flickering on his face, lighting up all his perfect little freckles. This is the strange thing about Fionn, if he has coffee he has to have a cigarette, now most people have a cigarette with alcohol but not Fionn nope Fionn has his with coffee. After pulling a drag the boy noticed you snickering at him, “What is it love, do I have something on my face?” Still snickering you shake your head, “No Fionn it’s just, you still have to have a cigarette with your coffee don’t you? I just never got it is all”. Fionn smiles down at the table fidgeting with the cigarette between his fingers. “I don’t know, I just like it how they taste together, relaxes me a bit”. After you both finish your coffee the both of you walk around town all day, reminiscing about all the old places you used to hang out at. It was starting to get dark and cold outside, “Well look at that Fionn looks like we spent the whole day away and it didn’t feel like more than an hour” “I know, feels like we were just at the shop”. “Fionn, you spent the whole day with me, don’t you have any other friends you want to see before your schedule picks back up again?” Fionn, with his hands buried down in his pockets looked down at the ground and shook his head? “No, not really, kinda just want to spend all my time with you s’all. Plus yea I have friends but they have friends and they have parties and I’m so awkward. It’s been nice being with you today, you haven’t once asked me about the movie or Harry’s Styles and his hair, I felt normal again”. You laugh at Fionn happy that you made him feel normal and comfortable. Fionn grabs your cold hand holding it in his warm one that was in his pocket moments ago, “So what do yeh say, wanna go see a movie?” You smile at Fionn shaking your head yes, Fionn didn’t even notice that he had held your hand all the way to the theatre until he went to pay for the tickets, you could see the blush creeping up his face. After the movie the both of you headed to your house, you made a pot of coffee and the both of you headed up to your roof were you both would spend your nights staring at the stars when you were younger. Fionn lights a cigarette while staring at the stars and mumbles something that you don’t quite catch. “What is that?” “Oh, I was just saying that…that I don’t want this to end, I had the best day in a very long time today just being here with you, you just make me feel normal something no one else can do”. You’re staring at Fionn listening to everything he’s telling you, you get lost in the thought of him and how beautiful he’s gotten and before you notice it he’s placing his lips on yours, both of your lips intertwining into a passionate, slow, gentle kiss. “I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you in the shop this morning, I don’t know what it is Y/N but it seems that somehow you’re even more beautiful now than a year ago”. “You know Fionn, I could say the same about you, your broader, tanner, you looked reshreshed”. Fionn looks away from you looking shy again, “Y/N, I don’t know if I want to be just friends anymore, I want to be something more, I want you to be mine”. You kiss him one more time, “I feel the same way Fionn. Why don’t you spend the night with me like we used too when we were kids, you can stay in my bed”. The both of you crawl into your queen sized bed, you laying on his chest listening to his heart beat and breaths and him playing with your hair as you both fall asleep. You wake up to the smell of pancakes, your mom must have been making breakfast. “Fionn, Fionn get up my moms already up we have to get you out of here unseen. After quietly walking down the stairs and with Fionn almost out the door you hear your mom call, “Y/N will Fionn be staying for breakfast or are you just gonna wake him up and kick him out like that?” You and Fionn both walk into the kitchen slowly, Fionn a bit shy and saying hello to your mom. You both sit down and eat as your mom brings you both some coffee. After eating you both help to clean up thanking your mom for breakfast. You walk Fionn out so he can smoke, he said he wanted to go home and take a shower, that he wanted to take you on a proper date and he needed to plan it. Before he left he placed a kiss on your lips “Mmmm coffee and cigarettes, I think I’m starting to understand why you like the flavor. “Silly girl and you questioned me the entire time”.

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Title: Breakfast

Jared x Reader

Word Count: 371

Warnings: super fluff, implied smut.

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Bacon sizzled under your nose as you prepared breakfast. You weren’t much of a cook, definitely more of a baker. But, since Jared had been working so hard lately, you thought a good breakfast would be a nice treat. Besides, you were out of protein shakes.

The footsteps stomping down the stairs signaled the arrival of your fiancé. “Do I smell bacon?” Jared called out as he rounded the corner.

You nodded as you peered up from your culinary masterpiece. “And eggs and waffles.” You frowned. “They’re toaster waffles. But hey, there’s Nutella.”

Jared’s eyes popped. “You said the magic word.”

You giggled as you turned back to the pan. The bacon was finally done, so you grabbled the tongs and gently piled it onto a plate. The eggs quickly followed.

You squealed as Jared’s hand smeared something along your cheek, then your exposed neck. You spun around to meet his gaze. “What the hell was that, babe?” Your brow furrowed as you wiped your cheek, the scent of chocolate and hazelnut filling your senses.

Jared’s other hand smacked against your arm. This one was gooier, leaving a long trail of Nutella from your shoulder to your wrist. You growled as you stared him down. His lips curled into a devilish smile. “Oops, my hands slipped.”

A deep laugh left your lips. “Oh, so your hands just happened to slip into the jar. Then, they just happened to land on me while covered in Nutella, twice?” You huffed another laugh. “Bullshit.” You raised as eyebrow as you collected some of the Nutella on your shoulder, then leaned up to smear it across Jared’s cheek. “Oops, my hand slipped,” you mocked.

Jared growled, grabbing you by the waist and lifting you onto the kitchen counter. His face switched from playful to hungry in an instant. And it wasn’t just the Nutella and waffles that made him hungry.

His tongue traced over the chocolaty line on your cheek. “Mmm, it tastes even better on you.” You tilted your head back as his tongue traveled down to your neck. “So much better.” His hand gripped your thigh, traveling upwards. “I can’t help but wonder how it would taste on your sweeter parts.”

You chuckled as you gripped his hair. “Why don’t you find out?” He didn’t need to be asked twice. Jared’s firm hands lifted your off the counter and hoisted you against him as he headed towards the stairs.

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Well This Was Unexpected

Don’t ask. I’m not sane. And I really needed a Will-meets-Hades fanfic like this

Meeting his son’s significant other on Halloween didn’t seem like a very good idea, but Hades thought it was a wonderful one. For instance, he could blend in with no problem. The several demigods hustling and bustling and moving around was a sign that that, at least, was definitely true. Hades learnt that although most demigods didn’t stay year round, several actually stayed over for Halloween. It must have been an interesting holiday.
Hades felt, as usual, out of place. His hair was as dark as tar and his eyes were the colour of coal, like his human disguise often was. He appeared to be around eighteen or so- just young enough that it wouldn’t be unnatural for a half blood but old enough that no one would mistake him for anyone else (namely, his son).

And oh, the sacrifices Hades made for his son. He had snuck onto Persephone’s tumblr blog in search for something fitting to wear, a true sacrifice because not only was the wifi in the Underworld unreasonably shitty that day (he would see Daedalaus about it later), but Hades did not know how the Tartartus one used Tumblr.

At any rate, there he was, in a suitably dark costume (that is to say.. disguise. Not a costume. Damnit).
Half-bloods wandered around in their several, colorful outfits, chattering and discussing things of no interest to the lord of the underworld. Some sat at a huge table, carving pumpkins (or occasionally chucking them at their cabinmates).

Lanterns. There were lanterns everywhere- not even the mordern ones, just the classic, candle-lit old ones that could set the entire camp on fire and send all those demigods to his realm if someone knocked one down accidentally.(He really hoped that wouldn’t happen- he’d been having enough dead people for the past few years, and it was annoying to have to sit through the judgements of mortal souls all day. He’d really rather just watch Netflix.) They lit the camp with a dim, unearthly and eerie glow which seemed to put everyone in an appropriate mood. The tables were decorated and coloured with trademark signs and symbols, which made it easy to recognise which table was which- there was so much colour and creativity, it hurt his eyes. And here he thought Halloween was supposed to be gloomy.

Hades drew his dark cloak around him, and pushed through hoards of demigods, moving toward the infirmary.

It was a modest building, but was impeccably clean. So much so that Hades almost felt self conscious stepping into it. Almost. He didn’t really care about making work for someone, but he didn’t want to blow his cover by dragging in a few specks of dust into the Infirmary. Maybe it was a camp no-no?

Thankfully, his entrance didn’t seem to disturb any order of events. The Infirmary was, unlike the rest of the camp, relatively free of decorstion. A few pumpkin paper designs hung from the wall, and the lights were replaced with lanterns, but that was it. Only two other demigods were inside; the younger one sniffling. He was obviously a son of Hephaestus; young, maybe eight, with calloused and rough hands and a bandage wrapped around arm. He wore a green mask and suit with a white symbol in the middle, and a boy stood tending to him.

Will Solace.

Hades didn’t know what he had expected. Throughout his long life, he’d met several sons of Apollo, and he thought he had an idea of what most appeared like. Will had the golden hair, like rays of sunlight. He had the tan, sun-kissed skin, the bright azure eyes like Egyptian lapis lazuli, but he wasn’t buff and muscular and the height of the Empire State building. In fact, he appeared rather young; fifteen at most. He wasn’t that tall either - perhaps the height of his son, or an inch or so taller. He was well toned; lean, but not muscular. A healer and not a fighter. Hardly as flashy as his father.

Will finished wrapping the bandage and stuck a small smiley face sticker on it. The son of Hephaestus’ eyes lit up and he hugged Will with his uninjured arm. Will smiled gently and ruffled his hair.

“There ya go, Harley. Be careful, all right? The pumpkin carving knives are for the pumpkins, not your skin. I’ll advice you not to play with anything sharp for a while, OK?”

Harley nodded and hopped down. “Thanks, Will!” He beamed.

“No problem,” Will said easily, his smile seeming to brighten the room. “Be careful. And tell Nico I’ll be back in a bit.”

Harley nodded enthusiastically and scampered off. On his way out, he froze, glanced at Hades, and then hurried off on his way out.
Will Solace turned to Hades. His eyes held no fear or worry, so he must not have recognised Hades.

Yet, Hades thought, eyes gleaming as eerily as the lanterns in the room. He couldn’t wait to see his reaction, as sadistic as it sounded.

“Is something the matter?” Will said, tilting his head with a hesitant smile of concern.

Hades opened his mouth- to spew threaths, to reveal his identity, to say gods knew what. But that was before Will Solace crossed the room and put the back of his hand against Hades’ forehead. Hades was effectively silenced, his jaw snapping shut. Will hissed and drew back his hand.

“Cold!” He said, frowning slightly. “Cold and pale,” he said, giving Hades a look that made him feel as if he were being scolded. The son of Apollo grabbed his hand and pulled him forward toward a bed before Hades could protest.


Hades sat. He wanted to protest- he, the Lord of the Underworld, would not take orders from a mortal son of a stupid sun god, but he wanted to see where this was going.

“Honestly,” Will sighed, ruffling through the medical supplies in the cupboard at the end of the room. Hades took in his outfit as he did this; he was dressed in dark robes, and a yellow and black scarf was wrapped neatly around his neck. A badger brooche that said ‘PREFECT’ was stuck to his chest.

“You probably have anemia. Gods all mighty, does no one care about their health nowadays? You also obviously haven’t been getting proper exposure of Vitamin D-”

Hades wanted to snort. There wasn’t much Vitman D down in the Underworld.

Will came back with a jar of pills and a glass of water.

“Swallow this, I’ll go search for some pills I might have and give you a prescription- Holy Dad, your immune system must be terrible! I haven’t had a case this bad for a while.” He shook his head disapprovingly and fixed Hades with a look that made him feel like his physical state was all his fault.
He was very bewildered- he hadn’t met someone who fussed over him and didn’t cower away for quite a few centuries, and he honestly wasn’t sure he liked being fussed over and told off for not having enough Vitman D or WBC in his godly system.

Hades cleared his throat. His dark eyes looked up to meet Will’s

The door of the Infirmary flew open. Nico di Angelo looked grumpier than ever. His eyes were narrowed in scowl, and the robes he wore dragged across the floor in an indignant fashion; the green and silver scarf around his neck was ruffled and clumsily tied.

“Nico,” Will greeted as he stuck a thermometer in Hades mouth. Hades felt a bubble of embarrassment and sudden anger; at himself for being led around, and the son of Apollo for making him obey. He attempted to spit out the device; Will shot him a sharp look, which he ignored.

Whatever words Nico was about to utter melted into on the tip of his tongue. His eyes widened as he took in Hades.

“Father?!” He said.

Hades gave him an apologetic, sheepish look. “I didn’t plan for it to go like this.”

Nico groaned into his hands. Will blinked.

“You knew?” He asked Will, sounded exasperated.

“Yes,” Will said, at the same time that Hades said, “No.”

They stared at one another. Will Solace was still not screaming around in fright. In fact, he appeared still very calm.

“You knew?!” Hades sputtered. “And yet you- you’re not scared? You took my measurements and talked about giving me a prescription and-”

“You what?” Nico said incredulously.

Will shrugged. “I could feel Lord Hades’ aura. Death doesn’t intimidate me; I’ve worked with patients on the brink of death several times. And plus- will all due respect, Lord Hades- the Underworld is your realm.” Will stuck the thermometer back in Hades’ mouth.

“The Camp Half Blood Infirmary,” Will continued, picking up a notepad and a pen, scribling some notes on it as Hades and Nico stared in shock and surprise respectively, “is mine. Anyone who enters is automatically my responsibility; be it a demigod, a saytr, or my boyfriend’s father. I’m sorry, but I’m just doing my job.” He squinted at Hades. “And before you leave, Lord Hades, you really need something warmer to wear. It’s cold out.”

“So how did it go?” Persephone asked, plucking the leaves of the seven thousand petaled lily she’d aquired as a gift from her mother.
Hades gulped down a blood replenishing pill and downed it with a glass of water. “Rather well, I suppose. He gave me a prescription, a scarf, a jar of Nutella, and an appointment next week.”

Persephone smiled. “So he’s worthy?”
Hades held up the jar of Nutella. He popped it open and stared at the chocolatey depths.

“He’ll do,” Hades replied, feeling strangely content.


                                        Don’t think of it as dying

                                                Said death

                                 Just think of it as leaving early

                                          To avoid the rush.


A/N: HAPPY SASUSAKU MONTH!!! This is the first ss month since sasusaku became canon! and I’m sure we all couldn’t be happier. Thus, this fic was born. Enjoy ;)

Title: Cravings

Word Count: 1,459

Rating: M

Summary: Even the sweetest of snacks taste better at midnight.


The house was completely and utterly silent, a darkened shroud of deep stillness draped over every floorboard and television set in the Haruno household, erasing any indication of the fact that the residence held three people. 

Well, one of them could still be accounted for.

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Pregnancy Series #09 ~ Cravings

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall (your pov) ~ "Niall, leave me alone. I’m busy,“ you whined, and pushed away his hands from your face. He continued to pinch your cheeks, and you screamed, "Stop!” He squeezed both sides of your face between the fingers of his right hand. “You’re really starting to aggravate me now.”

He backed away, laughing, and began putting the items from his excursion to the supermarket away. You kept your eyes on your computer screen and focused on putting the perfect amount of Nutella on half of a strawberry. He pushed a plastic bag with the words ‘THANK YOU’ written in big red letters on it across the island towards you. You looked down at it, and back to your computer. 

“Don’t you want to know what’s in the bag?” He asked, making his eyebrows dance. You giggled slightly, and popped another Nutella strawberry in your mouth. 

“No, not really,” you answered.

“Not even a tiny bit?” He said, raising his eyebrows even higher. 

“Not even tiny bit,” you repeated. 

“Okay, so I guess I can go and return this giant two pound bag of Sour Patch Kids?” He mentions, taking a huge yellow and line green package from the plastic bag and placing it in front of you. You looked up to his face, which was plastered with a grin, with disbelief, your eyes wide. He nodded, and you began to tear the bag open. 

You reached you hand in, pulling out a handful. You instantly forgot about your previous craving of strawberries and chocolate, and got lost in the ecstasy of the sour and sweet flavor. Niall put his hand in the bag, taking out two blue candies. You slapped them out of his grip, and put them in your own mouth.

“Blue is my favorite,” you stated, giving him a red and orange one.

Zayn (your pov) ~ “What are you doing? It’s two am, Y/N,” Zayn whined sleepily. He had a bat in his hand, and was dressed in only boxers. He rubbed his eyes and yawned as he sat down at the kitchen counter. “I thought someone broke in.”

You looked up from the stove to him. “Brown rice,” you answered simply, turning back to stir the pot. Zayn chuckled and went to the fridge, taking out the milk and drinking straight from the carton. “Can you get me the barbecue sauce? It’s on the bottom shelf,” You told him.

He watched in disgust as you put spoonfuls of sugar into the pot of rice, and half a stick of butter, and stirred the mixture. He handed you the bottle of barbecue sauce, which you squeezed into the pot. “That is disgusting,” Zayn said. You scooped the rice into a bowl, and sat besides your boyfriend at the counter.

“It’s what the baby wants,” you shrugged as you shoveled the first spoonful into your mouth.

“How does it taste?” Zayn asked with his face twisted in disgust.

“So good,” you whispered.

“Whatever. Enjoy your crap - I’m going back to bed,” He said, waving his hands and shuffling towards the steps with the bat dragging behind him.

Liam (your pov) ~ “Hey, Liam, look at that baby,” you say, smiling. You were pointing at a baby girl, with extremely chubby cheeks and thighs, dressed in a pink long sleeved onesie. She had the most beautiful curly blonde hair and the brightest green eyes. 

“She’s so adorable,” he said, smiling. She sat in a stroller, with a woman, most likely her mother, gently rocking it back and forth. That’s all you really wanted: a baby to call your own.  

“Look at those cheeks!” Liam cooed, making silly faces at the baby when the mother wasn’t looking. He successfully made her smile, and eventually giggle.

“I just want our own,” you whispered, and Liam heard the pain in your voice. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you closer. “I wanna be called mommy and hold my own baby. With their chubby cheeks and big eyes. I don’t even care how much they cry or when. I just want a kid.”

“Me too. I can’t wait to be called dad. And I’ll even change diapers if I have to,” he chuckled, and you giggled.

“I want it to happen,” You said.

“Soon, hun, soon,” he whispered into your hair.

Harry (your pov) ~ “Did you get it? Did you?” asked Harry, hanging off his arm, as soon as he walked in the front door. He chuckled as he kissed your lips and slipped his jacket off.

“Yes, and I had to go to three different places. Not much is open in the middle of the night,” he said, placing the orange sorbet and extra spicy guacamole on the kitchen counter. “And I got your message about the hot sausages,” he added, holding up another shopping bag.

You stood up and hugged him, saying “Thank you, you’re so, so, so amazing. I love you so much,” You praised placing kisses all over his face. “Oh, and Harry?” you said, looking at him lovingly.

“What now?” He joked.

“Can you cook the sausage? Please, please, please?” you asked sweetly. He chuckled slightly, and took the package of meat to the stove and lit up the front burner. He started to cook the sausages, looking over to you every once in a while to watch you eat the orange sorbet and guacamole mixture, smiling. You smiled back, and put a spoonful of the cold, brown, sweet and spicy soup in your mouth.

When the sausage was cooked, Harry put it on a plate, and you dipped it in the mixture. “What does it taste like?” he asked, unsure about your craving combination. Instead of answering, you gave him some, which he quickly declined and pretended to gag.

“The baby likes it,” you nodded.

Louis (your pov) ~ “Cravings again?” Louis chuckled when he walked into the kitchen. He eyed you as you kneeled on the counter to reach the highest shelf of the cabinet. You nodded with a pickle in your mouth, continuing to rifle through the various containers. 

“Do you want me to start dinner?”

You shook your head, “I’ll be good with this. You can heat up some left overs.” He continued to watch your with a nervous look on his face, afraid you would fall and injure yourself.

“What are you looking for, anyways?” He said as he pulled a frozen pizza out of the freezer.

“Strawberry jelly. I want a sandwich. I know we have some, somewhere.” You said more to yourself than to him. When you found it, you gasped, and held it tight to you chest while Louis helped you off the counter. You spread peanut butter and the jelly on a hamburger bun and put pickle slices and crisps in between. While Louis waited for his pizza to cook in the oven, you ate your sandwich with a glass of apple juice.

“This is so good,” You sighed happily as you ate the sandwich. “You have no idea how amazing this tastes.”

Louis chuckled, kissing your forehead, “Glad you and the babies are happy.”