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Derek Hale As A Father


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A/N: This is not proof read
         This is based on a very weird dream that I had 😂
         And can we talk about Nolan? I know he’s a lil bit of a psycopath but those nose freckles are so cute and I can’t really hate him props to Froy Gutierrez for the amazing acting skills

Pregnancy and going into labor

  • When you tell him he’s scared at first thinking that he’s not ready for a child. What if he’s not good enough? What if something happens to him and the child has to grow up without a dad? What if they make your child a target because of him?
  • But after you assured him like two hundred times that he’s going to be a great dad and nothing is going to happen because the pack is there to protect the child and he accepts the idea
  • He actually gets really happy, he smiles and laughs
  • And fuck what a sight
  • You go to the doctors right away to see if everything is okay
  • The pack is thrilled
  • Lydia starts to plan shopping sprees for the baby
  • He growls at everyone who is too close to you
  • You can’t even lift a finger, he does everything
  • It gets kind of annoying because pregnancy is not a disease
  • “I don’t see the point of having a baby shower…”
  • “Because it’s fun. C’mon Derek don’t be such a sour wolf”
  • “Then why is he here?”
  • “Peter is your uncle.”
  • You guys don’t want to know the gender of your baby, you want it to be a surprise
  • The pack places bets
  • Scott, Lydia and Mason bet on girl
  • Malia, Liam and Stiles bet on boy
  • “Are you betting on my child?”
  • He doesn’t really know what to do about your mood swings but he tries his best
  • Like he’s really confused
  • One minute you’re angry, the other you’re crying and then you start laughing
  • He gets disgusted af with your cravings
  • Bc let’s be honest you wouldn’t eat that shit unless your hormones were all crazy
  • Which they are
  • But if you’re craving ice cream at 2am and it’s raining cats and dogs Derek still goes out to buy you ice cream
  • If you take up the whole bed, it’s fine he sleeps on the couch he doesn’t mind
  • Foot rubs
  • Back rubs
  • Wearing his shirts because you’re clothes are starting to get tight
  • Peter is not allowed to be alone in a room with you
  • “Derek do we have Nutella?”
  • “No, (Y/N) the book I read says that you should eat fruit. Do you want an orange?”
  • “Derek, which one of us is going to have to give birth to a werewolf baby? It’s me, I don’t want any goddamn oranges I want Nutella!”
  • Late night talks about your baby’s future
  • Derek talks to your belly when he thinks you’re asleep
  • “I don’t know if you can hear me but I just want you to know that I’ll always be here for you. No matter what”
  • He carries you everywhere
  • The smile that lights up his face when the baby kicks for the first time
  • But then it gets painful
  • “Derek tell your child to stop kicking me, I can’t sleep”
  • Whenever you feel insecure he reassures you that you’re still beautiful
  • Having the pack over a lot
  • Everyone is always listening to yours and the baby’s hearthbeat just in case
  • Painting the baby’s room together
  • Which ends up with you two painting each other instead of the walls
  • Your waters break in the middle of the night
  • You try not to freak out as you wake up Derek and tell him that the baby is coming
  • He is  f r e a k i n g  o u t  but he tries to stay calm because of you
  • You guys are quick to leave the loft and drive to the hospital
  • When you get there you realize that you don’t have your maternity bag
  • Derek wants to go back to get the but you want him to stay
  • And although  it’s 3am and he still calls Scott to get the bag from the loft
  • Contractions are a bitch
  • Especially with a baby werewolf
  • You have to wait a few hours before you start pushing
  • You only start pushing at dawn
  • Derek is by your side holding your hand and lowkey taking your pain away without the doctors seeing it
  • Forget the pain of contractions
  • Pushing is worse
  • Even with Derek taking your pain it still hurts
  • You cuss him out while your pushing
  • He just agrees because what else can he do?
  • But everyone knows that’s a lie because the baby making process is really fun especially when it’s with Derek Hale am I right?
  • Finally after three hours of pushing you finally hear a tiny cry
  • And all those hours of pain are worth it
  • Derek kisses you happily as he mumbles how much he loves you
  • The first time he held your baby he cried
  • Then you cried
  • Everyone cried

If it was a boy

  • Okay I can’t get over the fact that Derek would buy a leather jacket to match his own
  • Stuffed wolves because you’re that cliche
  • He’s the one who gets up in the middle of the night when the baby cries
  • As soon as your son starts to crawl he just leaves the room so quickly that Derek panics for a few seconds before he hears a giggle in the other room
  • And he starts doing it on purpose
  • He takes after Derek
  • Basically you have a tiny version of Derek walking around
  • Big green eyes just like his father
  • And as soon as he can walk, your son just walks away from you like he doesn’t know you
  • He likes picking on Stiles too
  • He bites him, drools on him and the lil shit still laughs
  • Derek is sooooo proud
  • That little frown when someone picks him up after he walks away
  • He eats a lot
  • The only thing he takes after you is your clumsiness
  • He bumps into everything
  • He trips over nothing
  • His first word is “no”
  • He said after Stiles told him to stop biting him
  • Derek teaches your son how to play basketball
  • “Derek why are you taking him to the woods?”
  • “Because he needs to learn”
  • “Derek, he’s two”
  • Sometimes you walk in on them sleeping, your son curled up on Derek’s chest
  • Your son is very sarcastic at an early age
  • “Stiles is a bad influence on him, (Y/N)”
  • “He learned it from you Derek”
  • They team up to prank you
  • Crying on the first day of school
  • Derek cries, you don’t
  • You help him with his homework
  • As a girl you teach him how to treat a girl’s heart
  • Or a boy’s heart
  • Really you don’t really care as long as your son his happy
  • You accept whatever career he chooses because you just want him to do what he likes
  • “Dad, stop I’m 17”

 If it was a girl 

  • She cries a lot as a baby
  • Derek found out the only way for her to stop crying is when he flashes his blue orbs at her
  • Her favorite uncle is Scott
  • Probably it was because of the red eyes
  • Werewolf things you know? Can’t relate to that
  • When she starts to crawl she hides
  • And she’s tiny so she fits everywhere
  • It’s hard to find her sometimes
  • Lowkey Derek is proud because as a werewolf if she can hide she’ll be fine
  • It takes her a while to start walking but when she does she never wants to sit still
  • She loves when Derek holds her tiny hands to help her up
  • Her first word is “Lucky” the name of your dog
  • Actually it was more like “Wucky” And she’d have Derek wrapped around her little finger
  • Whatever she wanted, he’d give it to her
  • “Derek you’re spoiling her”
  • “No, I’m not” *silence* “Okay maybe I am but I can’t say no to her”
  • Play dates would include Scott and Derek sitting on her bedroom floor with tiaras and tutus sipping tea
  • Also you and Stiles by the door laughing your asses off
  • If she wanted to do Derek’s make up, you can bet that Derek is going to have lipstick on his teeth and eyeshadow up to his forehead
  • Maybe a sticker or two on his forehead
  • “How do I look?”
  • “You look gorgeous hun”
  • Since she couldn’t braid their hairs, she’d try to braid yours or Lydia’s
  • But that wouldn’t stop her from doing weird ponytails on them
  • Then she’d take advantage of Liam when he grew his hair a bit
  • I feel like Derek would raise is daughter to be a badass
  • And she doesn’t take shit from anyone
  • She’s a Hale, she was born done with everybody’s shit
  • She has the same scowl as Derek
  • Overprotective Derek when she’s old enough to date
  • But she knows what she’s doing
  • How many times have you opened the door to a teenage boy with flowers?
  • a lot
  • Derek’s overprotectiveness gets a little too much
  • “She’s kissing him outside on the front porch!”
  • “Derek, she’s 23 she can do what she wants!”
More Than Friends

pairing: hercules mulligan x reader modern au
words: 3800
warnings: swearing, probs some HP spoilers, flUfF
request by @justcallmecinammon (shortened): reader is best friends with Herc and is his personal model for his designs. little does she know that behind all the best-friend camaraderie, there’s a little more going on. with some help from John Laurens and Co., they share their feelings.

Your best friend, Hercules Mulligan, was an aspiring fashion designer who preferred the outdated term “tailor’s apprentice.” Your best friend was also a broad-chested, dark-skinned man who stood at around six feet tall.

Not your typical big guy.

He certainly got some heat for it, and every time someone (namely, Aaron Burr) made fun of him and called him names (“sissy” being predominant), you would fly into a rage.

“Burr, you better shut up or I’ll rip your mouth off your face and stick it up your self-righteous ass,” you screamed one day. The two of you had been on a shopping run and had ran into Burr at the grocery store.

“Woah, calm down, there, Princess,” he said, that ever-present chuckle in his voice irking you.

“For the millionth time, don’t call me Prin—”

“Don’t worry about it, (Y/N). He’s not worth your time,” Herc cut in softly.


“Let’s go.”

He pulled you out of the grocery store and began walking towards the apartment complex the two of you lived in. Your spaces were across the hall from each other.

“Herc,” you began. “How can you put up with him? You just…stand there. I don’t understand.”

“(Y/N),” he said, still quietly, “I make it a point not to bother with people like Burr. Besides, I’ll show them when I finally get my own shop.”

“Which will be very soon,” you said.

“I hope so,” he said, and a soft smile graced his lips, making you melt.

Oh, yeah. There was also the fact that you were completely infatuated with your best friend. You knew it was horribly cliché but couldn’t help it. He was always so kind and sweet, and although his career choice was unique, you loved him all the more for it. He would never fail to find a way to make you feel better, and it was impossible not to become more attached than you probably should. You doubted he liked you back; you had been best friends for five years and you had never once seen a sign of him feeling the same way. Therefore, you tried to keep it to yourself and could only hope that it wasn’t too obvious.

“Any plans for later?” you asked him.

“Well, it depends. Do you?” he looked down at you.

“Not much. I was just gonna watch the Harry Potter marathon that’s on tonight,” you replied.

“Well, that’s what I was thinking as well. But it wouldn’t be any fun without my best friend,” Herc said, breaking into a grin.

“That’s true. Your best friend has to agree,” you told him. “It starts at five, right? I’ll bring the Doritos. And Nutella.”

“(Y/N),” Herc jokingly protested. “You bring Nutella to everything!”

“It’s not a party without chocolate spread,” you shot back, crossing your arms in mock perturbation.

“I can’t argue with that,” he replied, as the two of you entered the apartment complex. “See you at five?”

“You betcha!” you smiled, hugging him tightly before unlocking your door.

And as he smelled your scent and felt you pressed close to him, Herc couldn’t help but wish as he had countless times before, that you were more than just his best friend.


You managed to knock on his door, despite the fact that your arms were full with an assortment of snacks that nearly swamped you. It swung open immediately to reveal a grinning Herc.

“Need a little help?”

“No,” you grunted. “Just hold the door for me like a good boy.”

“That I shall do,” he said, bowing as he stood against the door to keep it from closing. You quickly made your way over to the coffee table by the couch and dumped your things, almost knocking over the two cups of tea that stood steaming on the surface. Herc clapped and you made a mock bow. “Let’s see what you brought,” he said, as he shut the door and walked over to you.

“Oh my god. Four jars of Nutella? Even Laf couldn’t eat that much,” he said, referencing one of your mutual friends. The Frenchman had a secret soft spot for the chocolate spread and you had caught him more than once with a spoon in your pantry, readying himself to steal from your well-stocked stash of the stuff.

“It’s always good to be prepared,” you said. “Now come sit down. Sorcerer’s Stone starts in ten minutes.”

He plopped down next to you on the soft couch, grabbing a huge quilted blanket in the process. “I thought we could use this,” he said, shrugging.

“Oh my gosh! A blanket! I love you so much!” you cried, not even noticing him stiffen as you said the last few words. You grabbed a small pouch of Doritos and the movie began.

You hummed along to the opening song, and Herc looked at you with a smile in his eyes. “Look at you hitting all the notes,” he said, and you rolled your eyes at him before quoting the first five minutes of the movie verbatim. You finally stopped when he raised a pillow threateningly.


​​​​​About halfway through Goblet of Fire, when the two of you had exhausted a jar and a half of Nutella, you began to feel slightly tired and rested your head on Herc’s shoulder, where it fit perfectly into the crook of his neck. You tried to repress the slight blush that came over your face despite your best efforts.

Herc’s eyes widened and he felt his heart beat faster. He was suddenly hyperaware of everything, from the soft scent of your hair to the warmth of your cheek on his shoulder to the brush of your side on his. Was it possible to calm one’s heart? he thought. Because you could definitely feel its increased speed. He tried focusing on the movie, ignoring the warmth spreading through his body that wasn’t coming from the blanket.

Your head stayed there for the rest of the movie. You couldn’t help it—Herc was just so warm and comfortable. However, you were jerked out of your haze during Order of the Phoenix.

“Oh my god!” the two of your screamed at the same time. The object of your horror was none other than Dolores Umbridge.

“Jesus, that laugh,” he said, as she cackled.
“I literally want to burn her,” you replied.

“What is she even wearing? I wouldn’t be caught dead making something like that.”

“If you did, I would never speak to you again,” you deadpanned. “I’m not even kidding.”

“Well, good thing I won’t be making fluffy pink bathrobes anytime soon,” Herc said. “Don’t wanna lose you.”

But, oh, how he wished he had you.


You had finally given in to your sleepiness around the end of Deathly Hallows: Part 1. Herc knew it wasn’t worth it to watch the last movie alone (besides, his ugly sobbing at Fred’s death would probably wake you up), so he shut off the TV and quietly placed the remote on the table. He looked down at you, your head tilted back and mouth slightly open.

You were the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. His chest swelled with pride as he watched you breathe gently. How did he ever get a best friend like you?  

Every time he thought of you, he couldn’t help but wish that you were something more to him than just his best friend; that you felt something more than just friendship for him. However, he dismissed the thought. You were sweet and funny and talented and beautiful and just the slightest bit inflammatory, all of which combined into an intoxicating personality that he couldn’t get enough of. He just saw himself as average. He loved sewing and designing clothes, but he sometimes wondered if you found that attractive or just lame. But then he would tell himself, she’s your best friend. She would have let you know if she didn’t support you one hundred percent. But no matter how hard he tried, you always seemed to ruffle his mentality.

Because he loved you. He’d be a fool to deny that.


“I’m here!” you sang, as you stepped into the design shop where Herc was an apprentice. A bell on the door jangled behind you as it shut.

“Hey!” His voice was muffled and came from the back of the shop. “Gimme a minute.” You stood by the counter and looked around at the clothes lining the store. It was a small place and dated back to the 1970s, but it was cozy and inviting and was a popular spot in town. Herc had been working there for three years and was saving up to buy his own shop. As you smiled at the thought of him, he appeared as if by magic.

A smile broke over both your faces. “Hi, Herc!” you squealed, giving him a tight hug.

“Gee, (Y/N), it’s only been like twenty hours,” he said, hugging you back.

“Well, I missed you,” you told him. “Besides, I’m excited for my fitting today.”

“Ah, can’t forget about that,” he agreed, tapping a finger to his forehead. “Let’s go. I was just setting up.”

Fittings had become a tradition about two years ago. Herc had asked you if you could be his model for a dress he was making. “For a project,” he said. You agreed, of course. You watched his skillful hands as he worked, cutting and sewing and measuring. Surprisingly, you didn’t feel strange at all when he measured your waist and such things. His hands were gentle and when they brushed against you, they sent a shudder racing through you that you had to work hard to suppress. You didn’t notice him bite his lip and turn slightly pink whenever that happened. The two of you covered up your feelings by chatting happily about whatever came to mind. You were so excited to see the final result and weren’t surprised when it fit you perfectly. What you weren’t expecting was that he would let you keep the beautiful piece of clothing.

“Herc, I can’t do this.”

“Yes, you can.”

“You spent all this time… Don’t waste it on me.”

“(Y/N), I would keep it if I needed to. I promise, that was a practice one. I won’t need it.”

You narrowed your eyes. “I think you’re lying.”

“Me? Never! (Y/N), please. Just take it.” You couldn’t resist his pleading eyes.

“Fine,” you sighed. “It’s gorgeous; thank you!” And the tradition began. You always felt a bit guilty, but Herc would always insist, and you weren’t about to say no to your best friend, not to mention the man you were in love with.

Today, a bolt of bright blue fabric sprinkled with yellow stars was laid out. “Oh, how pretty,” you said.

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking,” he responded. “I thought you’d look nice in it.” He grabbed a length of measuring tape and stuck a few pins in the breast pocket of his button-down.

“Stand up on the footstool,” he said, and you got started.

After about twenty minutes of chatting, the bell rang again. “I have to see who it is,” Herc said. “I’ll be back in a few.” He laid down his tape and opened the door to the main shop. You heard familiar voices and grinned. You knew who had come—John, George, and Laf.

They were three of your friends whom you had met through Herc. John Laurens was a freckled man who always wore his hair back in a tightly curled ponytail. He was full of fun and never seemed to run out of things to tease you and Herc about. George Washington was older and more serious than anyone in your friend group. He had smooth tea-colored skin and always wore a ballcap of some sort on his head. You could always count on him for advice. Lafayette was a tall, dark man with corkscrews of hair which he always had off his face in a bun. He was born in France and still retained an accent and a love of food. He was fun-loving and never failed to bring levity to any situation, especially the ones where John left you and Herc blushing and stumbling for words after a well-placed comment on your relationship.

You could hear the voices getting nearer, and, soon enough, the three men popped into the fitting room. “Hey, guys!” you greeted them. “What’s goin’ on?”

“Not much,” John said. “But I see you’re busy with Herc.”
“John,” you said, already blushing. “It’s just another fitting for a project of his.”

“Oh, sure,” he told you, rolling his eyes.

“Amie, it is so obvious how he feels about you,” Laf said.

“Guys! He’ll hear!” you cried.
“Actually, he’s still in the shop. Good ol’ clumsy Laf knocked over an entire box of ribbons, so he’s sorting them again.”

Laf smiled. “It is true. I am not very graceful.”

“Why aren’t you helping him? I’ll do it if you won’t!” you exclaimed.

“He insisted multiple times that he had it under control,” George spoke up.

“But back to the real subject,” John cut in. “(Y/N), love, why can’t you see how much he cares for you?”

“He—we’re best friends, John. He could never feel the same about me.”

“But he does,” said Laf. “He looks at you as if you were the monde, the world.”

“It’s true, (Y/N),” George said. “It’s obvious to all of us. He’s clearly head-over-heels for you.”

“I—I don’t know what to say,” you said, as you tried to wrap your mind around what they were telling you. “How do you know this?”

“Well, ever since you really started getting close, we could tell,” George continued. “He started talking about you non-stop and he just seemed like he would drink in every detail of you when you were around him.”

“Yeah, he would literally talk for ten minutes straight about what you had done the day before with a blush on his face,” John said. “He’s got it real bad.” As he finished those words, Herc came in.

“Hey, guys! Why is everyone looking at me?” he asked, confused.

“That’s a great question,” you responded. “Now, shoo, children,” you said, making go away motions with your hands. “We have a fitting to finish.”

John snapped a two-finger salute. “Alrighty, then. Off we go, boys.” George waved to the two of you and Laf yelled, “Bye, amis! Don’t have too much fun!” The door closed shut rather vehemently and the bell rang as they left the shop. The silence was almost suffocating.

“I’m sorry about them,” Herc said. “They didn't—tell you anything that made you uncomfortable, did they?” he asked, concerned.

“Uh—no, no,” you said quickly, while pressing your hands to your cheeks in an attempt to cool them down. “No, we were just talking about, uh, stuff, you know? Like how the fitting was going, things like that,” you said, nodding while cringing at your words.

“Oh, I see,” Herc said. “Well, let’s get going.”
Throughout the whole rest of the fitting, you couldn’t help but dwell on the words of your friends. Herc liking you back? Impossible! No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t keep the friendly banter flowing as well as it usually did. When he finished two hours later, you excused yourself rather quickly and drove home as fast as you could without being pulled over. As soon as you got home, you flopped onto your bed and stared at the ceiling as if it would bring any clarity whatsoever to the day’s events. About five minutes into your intense dissection of every word that had come out of your friends’ mouths, your phone went off. You sat up wearily to see who had texted you.

Message from Herc 💗 6:58 p.m.
You ok?  

Your heart leaped into your chest at the sight of his name.

Yeah, just tired is all

Message from Herc 💗 6:58 p.m.
Anything I can do?

You quickly typed a response.

No, I’m fine, I promise. I’ll probably go to bed before too long haha

Message from Herc 💗 6:59 p.m.
Please let me know if you need anything. Night xx

Thanks, Herc.

Message from Herc 💗 6:59 p.m.
No problem!

You shut off your phone and resumed staring at the ceiling. This was going to be a long, long, night.


You couldn’t stay away from Herc for long, and you had Aaron Burr to thank for it. One evening, you knocked on Herc’s door. “Coming,” you heard, and he appeared in sweatpants and a gray sweatshirt that read “King’s College.”

“Oh my–(Y/N), you look awful!” he cried.
“I know. It’s all Burr’s fault. Stupid little…” you refrained yourself from cursing.

“Your eye…”

“I know. Hey, it’s okay, I gave him a shiner too.”

“What happened?”

“Well, I was grabbing a few things at the store and he was there again with a few choice words about you. Needless to say, I got ‘im good.”

“Oh, (Y/N)…”

“Hey, you woulda been proud of me,” you grinned. “I busted his lip, gave him a black eye, and hit him in the—”

Herc’s eyes widened. “Oh, no. Not there.”

“Yep!” you said cheerily. “Right where the sun don’t shine! And I didn’t even get in trouble!”

He seemed at a loss for words. “Uh, well, come in. I’ll see if I can find something for your eye.” You stepped inside, and as you waited, a wave of exhaustion swept over you. You had barely slept for a week, and it was catching up too quickly for your tastes.

Herc came back with a bag of ice and helped you put it on. After some of the swelling had gone down, he led you to the couch. “Here, sit down. You need to rest,” he said.

“It’s just a black eye!” you protested.

“I don’t care. I want you feeling better.” With a sigh, you sat down and he followed suit. “You don’t need to keep defending me, you know,” he told you softly. “Burr will just keep going and going if you let him.”

“But you’re my best friend,” you murmured sleepily. “I don’t want anyone saying bad things about you.”

Herc looked at you, tenderness in his eyes. “Aw, c'mere,” he said, and drew you into his arms. He smelled like fresh laundry with a hint of cologne. His arms were warm and his muscular body was softened considerably due to his oversized sweatshirt. You had never felt so secure, and you drifted off to sleep before you knew it.

You didn’t hear the words, whispered under his breath only after he was positive you were asleep, whispered as if they were a deadly secret, the words that would change your life if you knew them.  

“I love you.”


“Are you sure you don’t wanna tell her?”

“Yes, John! I want you guys to gauge her reaction,” Herc told his friend. “Please?”

“All right, ami, if you’re sure,” Laf responded. And with that, he, John, and George entered your apartment. Herc retreated into his own, cracking the door so he could still hear.

“Well, if it isn’t the Terrible Trio!” (Y/N)’s voice came across the hall to him and he swore his heart skipped a beat.

“You know it.” John.

“We’ve got good news,” George said. “About Herc.”

“Oh?” (Y/N) asked, sounding wary.

“He now has his own shop,” Laf said, and was promptly drowned out by the sound of her squealing excitedly.

“OH MY GOSH! HE FINALLY DID IT AND I KNEW HE WOULD! YESSS! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!” Herc couldn’t keep a stupid grin from swallowing his face whole, even as his blood froze at her last exclamation. He could practically see her pumping her fist as she jumped up and down, her hair in a whirl. When she finally calmed down, John said something about the three of them having to go somewhere, and they made a quick exit. Herc’s phone went off: a text from George.  

Went super well. Obviously. You should def do something about your feelings now.

He barely had time to process the message before (Y/N) burst into his apartment.

“OH MY GOODNESS, HERC, YOU DID IT! I’M SO PROUD OF YOU!” She smothered him with a hug. He wrapped his arms around her and after a while, she pulled back and tilted her head up at him, eyes shining.

Now or never.


“(Y/N), I have something to tell you,” Herc said, dropping his arms and fiddling with one of his sleeves.

“You can tell me anything,” you told him. “What’s up?”

“Well, um, there’s not really another way to do this, so I’m going to say it outright.” He closed his eyes briefly, as if gathering strength.

“(Y/N) (L/N), I love you.” He opened his eyes and looked down at you, clearly worried. “I’m sorry. I just had to tell you.” You were literally frozen in shock.

“I—oh my gosh. Do you really mean that?” you asked him, finally finding your voice.

“Yeah,” he confessed. “Ever since I met you, I’ve felt this way. I just didn’t tell you because you were my best friend and it would have ruined everything. I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“No, Herc, I—I feel the same way.” His eyes widened.


“Yeah. All I wanted was for you to feel the same, but since we were best friends, I didn’t think you did.”

“Oh, (Y/N),” he said, taking you into his arms once more, “why do you think I let you keep all those clothes? Why do you think you were my cuddle buddy? I kept trying to show you in little ways, but you wouldn’t see.”

“I do now,” you answered. “I just can’t believe it.”

“You should,” he said. “In fact, just to convince you, I’m going to ask you something. Will you be mine?”

Your eyes welled up. “Yes! Yes! I thought you’d never ask!”

He looked down at you, that beautiful smile gracing his features. “Good,” he whispered, and kissed you softly.


“Y'know, (Y/N), I’m thinking about the next dress I wanna make for you,” Herc said a few months later as you were lying against him on the couch once more.

“Really? What’ll it be like?”

“Well, I can’t make it quite yet. Maybe in a few years,” he said. “Besides, it’s a secret.”

“Aw, I wanna know even more now,” you cried, looking up at him. He smiled at you and kissed your forehead.

“Well, all I can tell you is that it’ll be white.”

I had a dream where I had like 7 pieces of of bread n I just smearing WHOLE jars of nutella on every piece n I was just eating them…….. like some people dream of flying or getting murdered, me? dreams of nutella n bread.

you know whats REALLY good n probably kinda healthy ??? if you take a soft tortilla wrap n smear on some nutella n add a full banana n then on the side add on blackberries. that shit is so delicious because I mean, nutella…….. that shit is holy n bananas, high in potassium. then the blackberries are sweet n sour n it gives off that nice taste n oooooooooooooooooooooooh I love it

EXO Reaction to coming home and finding you eating Nutella straight from the jar

Well I do this.. like I just can’t eat without Nutella and peanut butter. 
Admin A~

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“Someone’s being naughty…yes! I’ll be waiting in bed, bring that jar!”


“WTF WHY?! Is that my Nutella?! Hey… where are you going, I want some too!”


“Woah! She is licking that spoon… very sensually…” *Someone is getting excited*


“You aren’t making sandwiches with that Nutella right? We gotta buy a new one…!”


“Thank god I have my own jar of Nutella… or we would be fighting for it right now…” *Always hungry nini*


“Did we run out of Nutella? Don’t worry Y/N… I know of some other ‘things’ that you can lick..”


*Can’t stop watching you* “It looks like someone is… why is she moaning? It’s just nutella..!”


*Internally screaming* “What’s she doing with… is she.. murdering my Nutella?!”


“Suho we have a situation here! Don’t let the boys come in.. gotta take my jagi away before they find out what she did with the Nutella” *Nutella is a serious matter*


“Feeling like… sharing babe?” *Just imagine being home and suddenly seeing this*


*Struggling* “I want to be that nutella jar….”


“What are you doing….can I try?” *Ends up eating it all* “This is good… I’m buying the company”

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Title: Confess

Pairing: Michael/Reader

An: I’ll be posting an Ashton one later xx


I scanned the living room,finding no one in there. I sighed in relief,I wanted to be alone for now. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water but had found a girl sitting on the kitchen island,eating nutella. “Y/n?” I asked,leaning on the door frame. "Yeah?“ she turned around,her face almost covered with nutella. I chuckled at the sight as she pouted at me. She was Ashton’s oldest cousin,age 18 years old,slash best friend. She asked him if she could tour with us and he agreed enthusiastically. Having her on tour with us was both torture and fun. Because I like her and everything she does,every smile,every laugh and giggle and just everything makes me feel all silly and she makes me smile. But sometimes when she’s angry she’s hot. And she makes me crazy. And when the fourth month of her touring with us I knew I was whipped. I was angry at myself because she’s seriously perfect and she’s so out of my league. "Hey Michael,I know I look silly but please don’t stare,” she said while putting another spoon full of it in her mouth. She looked so cute yet so hot right now. And the boys are gone. This is like one of those sex scenes but I figure she doesn’t like me like that. “Okay,Can I share with you?” I smiled at her and she just nod. I grabbed a spoon and sat beside her. We ate there quietly until she asked me,“Do you want to drink vodka?” I took the nutella from her and finished it. Fatality,I thought to myself. “Okay,” and minutes later we were sat on the kitchen floor laughing at my embarrassing moment. I was still sober,well,enough to remember what’s currently happening. “You know,Michael?” she swung the almost empty bottle of vodka in the air. “Know what?” I took it from her and took a gulp. “I really like you,” I laughed at what she said. I knew it was completely untrue because she was drunk. “But I continue to hide it from you because you’re so out of my league,” I stared at her. “You should know that I really like you back too,” she smiled and passed out on my lap. I admired her,she was beautiful,really beautiful. Even though I was close to piss drunk but  I carried her to the couch,almost tripping,I placed her there. SHe opened her eyes a little and tugged my hand. I just smiled and laid next to her. (part two? 100 notes)

First Meet and Greet with the Band! Voted for by you!

Hey there lovelies!

Okay, so I’m going to make these longer than the normal ones and post them separately. Please don’t hate me! I’m going to go ascending alphabetically.

Will Jay: You get off of the plane at two a.m. and drive to the hotel. With your bags in tow, you walk up 15 flights of stairs to room 1501; you needed a key to access the elevator after hours. You knock on the door, hoping your boyfriend’s awake. The door flies open, revealing Dalton with a shaving cream bra, Cole with a towel on his head, Gabe and Dana recreating the king of the world scene off the balcony, and Will wide eyed with a spoon in Nutella.“Y/N!” The boys all yell and tackle you into the hallway.

“You guys, you have to be up in a few hours for rehearsal and a meet and greet! Why are you still awake? You know that you all are NOT morning people.” You stand your fatigued self up and toss your bags into the room. Kicking off your shoes, you slide under into the only bed in the room.

“Yes moooooom.” Dalton sighs.

“Goodnight boys. I love all of you. See you in the morning.” You call as Gabe, Dana, Dalton, and Cole leave. As the door shuts, you fling off your clothes. Will looks at you with raised eyebrows and you just shake your head. “Not tonight mister. Come, let’s cuddle.” You and Will fall asleep together and nearly don’t wake up at your alarm clock.

“Wakey wakey, Y/N.” Will wakes you up before he leaves for rehearsal. You kiss him goodbye and start getting ready for the meet and greet.

You head to the concert hall where their performance would be later that night and see the hundreds of fans lined up to meet the boys. As security opens the doors for you, you hear the boys’ music ringing through the halls. It was an amazing scene. Everything was calm, your favorite band blasting, and the promise that the love of your life was waiting through those doors.

You peek into the stage room just as they finish Touchdown Dance. They’re dismissed to have a break before they let the fans in for the meet and greet. Will comes over and gives you a shy peck on the cheek before he admits, “Y/N, I’m so glad you could come to this. I think I have a surprise for you.” He smiles and you two get settled in before the masses enter the building.

Fans pass, they cry, they blush, they flirt. You hold back jealousy every time a girl bats her eyes at him, but he’s oblivious and doesn’t pick up on the flirting. At this meet and greet, they were going to do a panel interview of the boys. Each member sat behind their own nameplate and prepared themselves for the questions.

As predicted, the first question was about relationship statuses. Down the line, they either pointed out their significant others or said they were single. When it was finally Will’s turn, you prepared yourself for the usual answer; no. You never understood why Will wanted this to be kept a secret, but you obeyed his wishes. But this time, it was different.

“Ehem…” Will cleared his throat. “As you may know, Y/N and I have been spotted everywhere together. But she’s not ‘just a friend’ as everyone was saying. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. So today, I’d like to announce that Y/N is the love of my life… And that will never change.”

The fans started squealing, your eyes brimmed with tears. You ran up to Will and kissed him in front of all the cameras, all the fans, everybody. The boys were cheering behind him as Will looked at you and said, “I wonder what our ship name will be.”

A/N: Tadaaaaa! I hope you enjoyed it! Love, Em