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funfact actually, this past month with every new disappointing clip my urge to make my own austrian version of skam has just become stronger and stronger. they'd all be in the same class in almost every subject here and instead of russebuss they could be planning their Maturastreich (a prank that the graduating classes pull, like i remember one time when i was 13 they filled the teachers' offices with balloons) or their Maturareise (every class goes on a holiday together after graduation). 1/2

2/2 you‘d hear the word „oida“ every other sentence (ok i‘m exaggerating but still) and songs like lemon tree, brenna tuats guad or das fliegerlied. a cabin tour ep would also work in austria, they could even go in the alps. at one point there‘d definitely be a discussion whether it‘s die nutella (f) or das nutella (n). also if the show isn‘t set in vienna, the characters would make fun of the viennese (idk, it‘s a thing™ here, we just do). also, no kangaroos in Austria

Sorry, but I love alpine skiing so I would kill for a scene where they have it on in the background and talk about Marcel Hirscher.. 

Chris and Sana would be the mastermind behind the prank lets not kid ourselves and the cabin trip would have been extra epic. 

They also make fun of German-German and like they wore bunands in season 2 would it be possible for them to once wear lederhosen?

Send me how Skam would be in your country

EXO Reaction to coming home and finding you eating Nutella straight from the jar

Well I do this.. like I just can’t eat without Nutella and peanut butter. 
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“Someone’s being naughty…yes! I’ll be waiting in bed, bring that jar!”


“WTF WHY?! Is that my Nutella?! Hey… where are you going, I want some too!”


“Woah! She is licking that spoon… very sensually…” *Someone is getting excited*


“You aren’t making sandwiches with that Nutella right? We gotta buy a new one…!”


“Thank god I have my own jar of Nutella… or we would be fighting for it right now…” *Always hungry nini*


“Did we run out of Nutella? Don’t worry Y/N… I know of some other ‘things’ that you can lick..”


*Can’t stop watching you* “It looks like someone is… why is she moaning? It’s just nutella..!”


*Internally screaming* “What’s she doing with… is she.. murdering my Nutella?!”


“Suho we have a situation here! Don’t let the boys come in.. gotta take my jagi away before they find out what she did with the Nutella” *Nutella is a serious matter*


“Feeling like… sharing babe?” *Just imagine being home and suddenly seeing this*


*Struggling* “I want to be that nutella jar….”


“What are you doing….can I try?” *Ends up eating it all* “This is good… I’m buying the company”

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hoi iedereen:)

Nutella-pizza is één van mijn lievelingsdesserts. En zoals de meeste onder jullie weten is de vastperiode (de Ramadan) voor de moslims begonnen, dus heb ik wel ook graag iets zoetigs na m’n avondmaal. Ik heb nu zo’n nutella-pizza klaargemaakt en ik wouw graag een foto delen met jullie. Ik heb hieronder ook het recept geplaatst voor degene die er misschien zin in zullen krijgen.

alvast smakelijk, en een fijne Ramadan;))

Ingrediënten (4 personen)
1 pizzadeegbodem
Nutella                                                                                                               extra versiering naar keuze                                                                                   ik heb; aardbijen, poedersuiker en marshmallows gebruikt ( en dat vormt een heerlijke combinatie )

Bereiding (ca 20 min)
Besmeer de pizzabodem met boter en bak in de oven tot die goudbruin ziet (ongeveer 15 a 18 minuten).

Haal de pizzabodem uit de oven en smeer er een dikke laag nutella over. Strooi er je extra’tjes over en klaar is kees.


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First Meet and Greet with the Band! Voted for by you!

Hey there lovelies!

Okay, so I’m going to make these longer than the normal ones and post them separately. Please don’t hate me! I’m going to go ascending alphabetically.

Will Jay: You get off of the plane at two a.m. and drive to the hotel. With your bags in tow, you walk up 15 flights of stairs to room 1501; you needed a key to access the elevator after hours. You knock on the door, hoping your boyfriend’s awake. The door flies open, revealing Dalton with a shaving cream bra, Cole with a towel on his head, Gabe and Dana recreating the king of the world scene off the balcony, and Will wide eyed with a spoon in Nutella.“Y/N!” The boys all yell and tackle you into the hallway.

“You guys, you have to be up in a few hours for rehearsal and a meet and greet! Why are you still awake? You know that you all are NOT morning people.” You stand your fatigued self up and toss your bags into the room. Kicking off your shoes, you slide under into the only bed in the room.

“Yes moooooom.” Dalton sighs.

“Goodnight boys. I love all of you. See you in the morning.” You call as Gabe, Dana, Dalton, and Cole leave. As the door shuts, you fling off your clothes. Will looks at you with raised eyebrows and you just shake your head. “Not tonight mister. Come, let’s cuddle.” You and Will fall asleep together and nearly don’t wake up at your alarm clock.

“Wakey wakey, Y/N.” Will wakes you up before he leaves for rehearsal. You kiss him goodbye and start getting ready for the meet and greet.

You head to the concert hall where their performance would be later that night and see the hundreds of fans lined up to meet the boys. As security opens the doors for you, you hear the boys’ music ringing through the halls. It was an amazing scene. Everything was calm, your favorite band blasting, and the promise that the love of your life was waiting through those doors.

You peek into the stage room just as they finish Touchdown Dance. They’re dismissed to have a break before they let the fans in for the meet and greet. Will comes over and gives you a shy peck on the cheek before he admits, “Y/N, I’m so glad you could come to this. I think I have a surprise for you.” He smiles and you two get settled in before the masses enter the building.

Fans pass, they cry, they blush, they flirt. You hold back jealousy every time a girl bats her eyes at him, but he’s oblivious and doesn’t pick up on the flirting. At this meet and greet, they were going to do a panel interview of the boys. Each member sat behind their own nameplate and prepared themselves for the questions.

As predicted, the first question was about relationship statuses. Down the line, they either pointed out their significant others or said they were single. When it was finally Will’s turn, you prepared yourself for the usual answer; no. You never understood why Will wanted this to be kept a secret, but you obeyed his wishes. But this time, it was different.

“Ehem…” Will cleared his throat. “As you may know, Y/N and I have been spotted everywhere together. But she’s not ‘just a friend’ as everyone was saying. She’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. So today, I’d like to announce that Y/N is the love of my life… And that will never change.”

The fans started squealing, your eyes brimmed with tears. You ran up to Will and kissed him in front of all the cameras, all the fans, everybody. The boys were cheering behind him as Will looked at you and said, “I wonder what our ship name will be.”

A/N: Tadaaaaa! I hope you enjoyed it! Love, Em