nutella dip

(Nut free vegan Nutella)

Spread on things, dip into things, or eat it with spoon.


½ cup of tahini
2 tbsp coconut butter
½ cup or raw cacao powder
½ cup agave or maple syrup
2 drops organic vanilla essence
1 pinch sea salt

1.  Place tahini and coconut butter in a small stove top pot and head on a low temperature until fluid.
2. Add remaining ingredients and stir on low heat until well combined.

Yummy or toast or swirled into porridge or just on it’s own!

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When I say this blog entertains me and gives me life it's an understatement. It's great to have a place where black girls can chat about kmusic :) I was listening to Crush's "Give it to me" (thank you shuffle) and I got the chills when Simon Dominics part came on "You're my nutella, dip my stick in it..." honestly he aint slick lol but he is still my fave. With love, a fan from South Africa

Aw Thank Youuuuu ❤ that Simon lyric though lol!

Grilled donuts with Nutella? 🆗🆗🆗! Here’s how it’s done for #nationaldonutday. 🍩
4 cinnamon sugar donuts
¼ cup @nutella
One> Preheat a Panini grill to medium high.
Two> Place donuts inside and let cook about 2 to 3 minutes. (If you don’t have a Panini grill, you can also use a grill pan and place a weight on top of the donut to press it down.)
Three> Microwave Nutella until melted, about 40 seconds.
Four> Serve donuts with Nutella for dipping.
📷: @reneerodenkirchen


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 (18+) CONTAINS: sex scene, blowjob

  This story talks about Taeyong’s scandal. I’m really sorry for him, since he apologized millions of times. He did mistakes in the past, like every single human in this world. No one is perfect, even idols. Change exist, and he already show it to us, he was really sorry when he was apologizing. FIGHTING TAEYONG!💖

 ❗️This story contains sexual references❗️

 "I’m okay babe..“ He whispered without even looking at me. It’s been months since people discovered Taeyong’s past scandal. And it’s been a while since he started acting like that.

 He was surrounded  of energy and positivity, but now, everything has changed. He debuted just few months ago, and he’s getting already all this hate. We are together for almost 3 years. I was there in his difficult trainee days, and supported him all this time.

 He puts lots of effort in everything that he does, but people only notice his mistakes. He doesn’t sleep, he doesn’t eat, he’s always sad, and he’s drinking soju all days.

 I tried everything to make him feel better, but nothing. And I feel so useless for him.

 "Can you buy me some soju?” He asked me.

 "You.. you’re drinking like crazy these days!” I yelled at him.

 “Babe.. I need it.” He said looking at me with those deep eyes.

  "I won’t let you hurt your self. You have work tomorrow, so you better-“ He interrupts me.

 ”Not now. I’m tired y/n, and I’m not in the mood to hear you yelling at me, please.. babe..“ He said.

 "If you’re tired, then rest. It’s almost 1am, and you have to get up early tomorrow!” I said. I hate when I do the part of the ‘old mama’ that yells at his son to teach him discipline. 

 “I said not now!” He stands up with eyes full of anger. Maybe I shouldn’t talk with him like this, but if he continues like that, he will feel worse.

 “It’s for you Taeyong!” I yelled. I hate when we argue. 

 “SHUT UP!” He said yelling louder throwing all the books on the table.

 My ears are breaking, I’m scared. Who’s that person in front of me..? I’ve never saw him like that. Where are his words of wisdom? Where is all that positivity that he used to have..?! I fell in the soft carpet of our small apartment. 

 He seems worried now: “Babe I’m sorry.. I didn’t meant to..” 

 "No.. don’t..“ I said, still scared. He wasn’t him. All those hate changed him.

 He sat in the sofa again, cooling down: ”Everyone hates me now. Why did I do all these trainee years?! For this?! No. I know that I made that mistake. But everyone make  mistakes… I’m a human..“ His tears started to fall from his eyes. 

 He’s right. He was not conscious at that age.. And he spent almost half of his life training to become an idol, and all that he’s getting now is hateful comments on sns and people that are insulting him. 

 As I stand up, I sat near him, patting his shoulder gently. 

 ”It’s going to be alright babe.. They will forget this. Like they forgot every single rumor of any Kpop idol..“ I said before kissing him in the forehead, I can see him right now, he’s destroyed.

 "I was so immature back then.. I was like.. 13..” He looked at me again with those teary eyes.

 “Look at me” I said standing in front of him.

 “It’s going to be alright. I promise. You didn’t train all these year for nothing. You have talent, you have many fans that loves you. And, you have me, always.”I said stroking him gently.

 "I can’t promise you anything.. Sometimes words hurts more than action, and they’re destroying me, slowly..“ He said.

 ”You can’t give up after all the effort you put into it. Your members trust you, I trust you. You’re the leader, you can’t leave them like that.“ I said.

 He suddenly kiss me, a quick kiss, but full of meaning for me.

 "Let’s go to sleep” He said closing his eyes.

  “We’re on the sofa babe, let’s go to the bedroom” I said. Too late. He was already sleeping. 

He falls asleep fast. I lay next to him, putting my head on his shoulders, trying to fall asleep too. I hope that his situation will got better. He’s not him anymore, those hate comments destroyed and changed him. 

 I silently kiss his cheeks before falling asleep in his arms. 

 8:30 am

I yawned like there’s no tomorrow and looked around.

 Taeyong is not here anymore, he was supposed to woke up at 5am for his busy schedules.

 Sm are overworking him so much. I just want all of this shit to get resolved and go to a trip, just me and him. He left a post-it in the fridge: “Goodmorning. Here’s some pancakes for you” I looked around and saw a plate full of pancakes dipped with Nutella and strawberries on the top. 

 He’s sweet. But when he lost control and get angry, he’s a little bit aggressive, he has lots of mood changes. I don’t have to exit to go to my work. I’m working on a famous fashion site online, and that’s pretty good, because I’m lazy. 

 Our house is a really mess. Books everywhere on the floor, our kitchen table is full of empty soju bottles, and plus, Taeyong dirty clothes are on the floor along with the books. That boy seriously.

 I started to clean out messy apartment, and do the laundry before starting with work. 

 "Fiu..“ I sighed. Finally I’m done with all that cleaning thing.

 I turned on my computer, to get started. I opened my browser page, and.. Taeyong’s scandal news are everywhere, along with hate comments. Without any hesitation, I take a look.

 "What an asshole" 

"Why is he even an idol right now? he doesn’t deserve it!”


 "Sm accepts anyone these days, seriously.” 

 There are lots of hate comments, but his fans are defending him too. 

 “Y'all don’t know what is going on. You don’t know anything about him, so why judging him like that? He changed, everyone can do that. Everyone do mistakes, because we’re all humans, and he’s a human too. A human who makes mistakes and get hurt if you continue to insult him like that. He was immature back then, for you, a 13 year old boy can think about the consequences? no. Leave him alone.” I commented replaying at those hateful comments.

 After that, I went to my site and started to do my things.

 7:30 pm 


  "…What..?“ I said as I opened my eyes. Ugh, I fell asleep, and my phone is ringing like crazy.

 "Yes..?” I answered still asleep.

 “Babe!” It’s Taeyong.

 "Hey babe.. are you okay?“ I said.

 "Yeah, I guess. We will be at home at 8.30 pm with Ten. So, how about cooking a dinner for three?” He asked. 

 "Sure thing babe" I said smiling. 

 "You seem happier now" I added. 

 "Yes, I’m little bit happier than before. I talked with my members and they supported and cheered me. They need me, and I can’t be a bad example for them, especially for the younger ones, I have to be mature. It’s thanks to them, but mostly thanks to you that I feel better. The words that you said yesterday made me think about the whole situation. You were right, as always. That’s why I’m lucky to have you" He said. 

 I don’t know how to react. He’s good with words and leave me speechless every time.

 “I didn’t want you to feel bad, I did it because i love you, and you’re important to me”  I answered.

 "I love you too babe. Just wait for me.“ He said coughing after the sentence. He hangs out.

 I get off the bed and started to cook some easy dishes. The last time I cooked I almost burned the house.

 While cooking, I hear the  sound of the keys locking the door, it’s Taeyong, for sure.

 "Hey!” I said as the two entered the apartment.

 “Hey y/n!” Ten said.

 Taeyong is smiling.. I love the way he smiles. And I missed that smile so much, it’s been awhile. 

“Tae, mind if I get some sleep? I’m tired right now” Ten said. 

 "But the dinner it’s almost ready" Taeyong answered. 

 "I will eat later. I’m just too tired right now" Ten said.

 "Okay, bro" Ten entered in our bedroom.

 "So.. babe, I wanted to thank you again" Taeyong said approaching me. 

 “For what babe? That was nothing. I just wanted you to be yourself again" I said smiling.

 He gets closer to me, by hugging me from the back.

 "Taeyong-ah! I’m cooking” I said. 

 "I will give you a rewind for making me happy, again.“ He whispered with his deep voice. 

 ”Not now, Ten is..“ 

 "Shh” He interrupted me. 

 "Babe.. what are doing..?“ I said as I feel his hands grabbing my ass cheek.

 "It’s been awhile since the last time we did it, huh?” he whispered again. 

 Now, his hands are touching my sensible womanhood. “Oh..” I moaned softly as he found my clit.

 "Already wet babe?“ He said smirking.

 He stopped, and turned me around, to make me look at him. He started to kiss me, while unbuttoning my blouse.

 ”Here..?“ I asked with a low voice.

 ”Yes, here“ He said as he pushed me on the wood table.

 ”.. Taeyong, why on the table.. we have to to eat here" I said nervously.

 “You have to relax babe, you did that for me, and now it’s time for me to thank you for what you’ve done.” He said looking at my eyes. He throw off my bra, and started to kiss me again, while playing with my nipples.

 "Taeyong-ah.. I’ve missed you too..“ I said. 

 ”You missed this?“ He said pressing his member to my womanhood.

 My hands are moving alone, and started to grab his hard crotch. I have a pervert side too.

 "You want it so bad huh..?” He said with a sexy voice. I started to unbutton his skinny jeans, I can feel his erection already.

 "You are so excited to fuck me babe" I said teasing him. I threw away his pants, and he kept pressing his dick on my vagina.

 "Let’s see how you taste today“ He said after he stops to kiss me.

 I still have pants on, so, he threw them away, leaving me only with panties. "You don’t need them” he said before throwing away my panties too.

 As his tongue touches my wet womanhood, all my bad thoughts and stress disappear. It’s only me and him now. He sucks my sensible clit while fingering me with his long finger.

 "Ahh.. Taeyong-ah..“ I moaned. 

 "Shh” He said biting his lips. God, I forgot that Ten can hear. 

 I’m trying to resist, I can’t moan anymore. So I have to enjoy this pleasure quietly. He inserts another finger, surprising me: “Ah!” I yelled. I couldn’t help myself.

 "I love how you are trying to moan silently..“ He said as he started to play with his member.

 He gets up, and took off his boxer, finally. I’m biting my lips without even realizing.

 "Eat it.” He said. I obey him, and started to lick the top of his bulge. After awhile, I put my hand around it and started to do a blowjob for my boyfriend.

 He’s trying hard too to contain himself.

 I stopped, and he pushed me on the table again, making me lay down on the hard wood. He suddenly put his crotch inside of me, moving it slowly.

 We are both trying hard. We shouldn’t be noisy. He’s enjoying this moment silently, with soft and low moans. He’s moving faster and faster, every time deeper.

 "I’m coming..“ He said whispering in my ears.

"Me too babe” I said exhausted. 

 We came together, and released loud moans, without knowing it. The pleasure was too much.

 "I loved the my rewind, boss“ I said.

 He smiled: 

 SHIT. That’s Ten’s voice. God. Taeyong raises his head slowly, seeing his friend.

 "Ten..” Taeyong said embarrased.

 “Okay! I will act like I didn’t see anything!” He said as he closed the door, he must be shocked, because he hasn’t got any experience with love. 

 "Babe.. we should clean it well before eating on it again“ Taeyong said laughing with embarrassement.



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Where would I want to time travel to: the Library of Alexandria

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Prompt Z is in the studio with Diane and they are singing a love song. Z realizes she loves Val from thinking about the lyrics.

 Listen to this while you read it puts you in the mood of the story


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Could you write a fluffy domestic scene with Seb and Joseph? Like, early in the morning on their day off, waking up together. Something cute like that!

He should not be smelling coffee this early in the morning. He should not be smelling coffee at 4 in the morning on a Saturday.

He tries to convince himself that the coffee maker was pre-set by accident, that there was no way in hell his partner got up at this hour. Because it was insane to be up when the sun wasn’t out yet and when people were still stumbling home from bars and when they have no need to get up because its a much deserved day of rest.

He smells bacon, a few seconds after the coffee.

Damn it, Joseph.

He shivers as he extricates himself from the warm blankets. He feels his boxers low on his hips, lower than usual, but doesn’t do anything to remedy it. He opens the bedroom door and pads out to the kitchen, shivering in the too-cold apartment. His eyes are still blurry from sleep, and he rubs them with his fists. It was too damn early.

He stands in the archway leading into the kitchen, quietly observing.

A mug of coffee, still steaming, next to the coffee maker. Bacon on a paper towel, grease staining the white material.

And one Joseph Oda standing at the far counter, his back to Sebastian.

Sebastian smirks. No, this wasn’t Joseph Oda. This was his Jojo. In his sleep pants and loose t-shirt that had once been Sebastian’s and soft black hair that hadn’t been styled yet. He walks up, wrapping his arms around the others slim waist.

Joseph doesn’t verbally acknowledge his presence, not at first, but Sebastian feels him lean backwards into his chest.

“You’re not supposed to be up yet.”

“Can’t sleep when you’re not there.”

He feels the snort of amusement before he hears it - the sudden tensing of Joseph’s chest, and then the exhale. “You fall asleep alone on the couch just fine.”

“That’s different,” Sebastian defends. “Why the hell are you up this early?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” is the only explanation he gets. Sebastian hums, tilting his head. His lips meet his partner’s in a kiss. He tastes coffee and toothpaste and just a bit of stale morning, but its okay with him because Joseph kisses back before turning back to whatever he was making.

“What are you making?”


Now it’s Sebastian’s turn to snort. “I can see that. What for?”


Crepes. Crepes sound good. Crepes with fruit and sugar and -

“Do we have any Nutella?”

“You can check.”

It’s a hard decision to make - leave his comfortable position in exchange for Nutella, or continue holding his partner and leave the Nutella in the pantry.

In the end he removes his arms from around Joseph’s waist and moves towards the pantry cupboard. He opens the door and smirks when he sees the brown jar with the white lid. He unscrews the lid, smile broadening when he sees the seal. A new jar.

He turns back to Joseph, fingers peeling the seal away. He sees Joseph stiffen out of the corner of his eye - even though the other man wasn’t facing him, he knew Sebastian had taken the seal off. The man wasn’t a detective for nothing. 

“If you put your finger in that jar I swear to God-”

Sebastian raises an eyebrow as Joseph turns around, Nutella-dipped finger already in his mouth. “Whumt?” he asks around his finger, sucking the spread off of his skin.

The look Joseph gives him is worth the trouble he’s about to get into.

The jar’s snatched from his hand. “Save it for the crepes. And how many times have I told you to close the cupboard?”

“Lmphst cumt.”

“… what?”

Sebastian pulls his finger out of his mouth with a ‘pop’. “Lost count.”

He smirks as Joseph rolls his eyes, and uses his clean hand to pull the Japanese-Canadian man closer. “You know you love me.”

This kiss tastes like coffee and toothpaste just as before, but with the added sweetness of the cocoa hazelnut spread. “Yes. For some strange reason, I do.”

“Thank God for that,” Sebastian mutters against his lips, smiling at the little laugh Joseph gives.



  • drink plenty of water - take a bottle to school and refill throughout the day. Keep a jug and a glass on your desk and drink it all!💧
  • add stuff to your water if you get bored - lemon, cucumber etc
  • drink green tea, herbal teas, milk for a change. ☕️
  • Avoid too much coffee + alcohol! 🍷


  • eat proper meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner 🍴
  • eat enough fruit and veg - add a couple of portions to every meal 🍅
  • avoid sugary snacks - or only have them with something healthy e.g strawberries dipped in nutella  🍓
  • healthy snack ideas - nuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, bread sticks or carrot sticks with hummus, rice cakes, yogurt, sugar-free cereal, apple or veg crisps, coconut chunks, piece of fruit 🍎🍍🍉


  • get enough sleep - go to bed earlier, get into a good sleeping pattern before exams start. Avoid all-nighters.  💤
  • exercise frequently - at least a few times a week if you can, if you don’t have time then do a 5 min workout on youtube, everybody can spare 5 minutes. Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk instead of the bus etc.
  • get enough rest - take breaks when you need them, do stuff you enjoy, spend time with friends and family, watch your favourite tv, read books other than textbooks. Keep your life balanced and your mind clear.


  • Look after yourself - mind and body.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
  • Know when enough is enough.
  • If you’re hungry and want a snack, have a glass of water first. You may just be thirsty.
  • Health is a greater priority than grades. Remember that.
  • Avoid buying unhealthy food in the first place, if if’s not in the fridge you can’t eat it. Remove the temptation.
  • But if you really want that chocolate bar, have it. Don’t be mean to yourself.

Hazelnut Overload

I spent four(!) hours shelling all the hazelnuts we had gathered from our garden. In the process I broke the nut cracker so I had to continue using a garlic press instead. To make this tedious exercise worthwhile, I roasted the hazelnuts and made two pots of dark chocolate nutella. I also dipped some coffee meringues in dark chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The combination of sugar and caffeine is quite dangerous, however. After eating a couple of meringues I was so energised that I climbed into a tree. This was fun until I found out I’m still afraid of heights…