nut i have so much fun to do!! pink was made for him!!

okay hear me out – 

lup got a day from barry, because she loved him, and of course she either gave him a day as well, or that day was theirs to share. and then she goes to taako, and she says she needed a day from him, too, because he’s her heart and this is all very, very beautiful and painful and poignant – but i’d like to postulate that barry needed another day as well, something i keep him anchored, because even though he loves lup with his whole being, he knows this is dangerous – 

so barry goes to team human for another day. he goes to magnus and lucretia and explains the process to them. magnus is confused – he’s not dumb, but magic is just an entire realm of stuff that he doesn’t always have the patience for, but if barry, who is much older than him and very smart, says it’ll be okay, then magnus trusts him. lucretia, meanwhile, is terrified much the way taako was, because she knows what this means and she’ll explain it to magnus later, but maybe not because the moment barry says, “I need you to give me the most fun day ever” he’s out of his chair and just says, “I need forty-eight hours to prepare” and he grabs lucretia’s hand and pulled her to his room and they start planning.

(and he’s so excited, he’s so completely stoked to do all this stuff for barry that she just keeps her fears to herself and rolls up her sleeves and gets into the thick of planning barry’s big day – and after a certain point, she’s so excited about what it’ll be like she’s not even worried. not as much. 

well, maybe a little.)

so they wake barry up with breakfast in bed, similar to taako – except it’s like cheeseburgers and french fries and the lumpiest, shittiest looking, most delicious chocolate cake barry’s ever had in his life, and this big ass glass of lemonade with four umbrellas sticking out and a bright pink curly straw – and he’s already laughing, he’s already having the best day ever.

and after that it’s this beautiful hike where they map the ridges of a canyon, and they find this village dug into the side that magnus found weeks ago, but he was using it as a place to get some peace and quiet, saving it for barry’s birthday, but today is basically barry’s birthday, so they hike down and barry goes nuts over all this really cool artwork and pottery and inventions he’s never seen before. they go fishing along the river and make s’mores by a campfire. they get out of the canyon and they go to a clearing where magnus and lucretia have made these really shoddy, homemade fireworks and barry gets to let them all off and they lay in the grass and stare up at the sky as these perpetually moving showers of sparks and lights fall down around them – and they have one last slice of cake before bed, and barry hugs them each, holds them both so tight – 

his weird, weird little brother and sister.

and he knows that memory of his day with lup is strong, but that moment when he and lup start the spell, he can taste chocolate cake and marshmallows, and he can hear magnus laughing and see lucretia smiling and it’s not the same feeling, but gods, it’s something. it’s really something.


September 2017: I’m moving my HUGE rec list onto this account. I CONSTANTLY AM UPDATING THIS POST WITH NEW RECS BTW JUST TO KEEP THINGS IN ORDER.

September 25 2015: Recently I’ve been getting back into Hey Arnold! (again…) and with all the hype about Nick dropping some heavy clues that our long wait for the jungle movie or just any news at all for the ending we all know Hey Arnold! Needs and deserves well I couldn’t help it but get back to reading fanfiction again!Now now … lately I’ve been complaining a lot about the bad fanfiction I’ve been reading and how little rec lists there are since the fandom is sorta tiny so I decided to make a rec list of fanfictions that won’t make you wanna cringe!So I might as well get this one out of the way, since most of the fandom has read it and it’s one of those “fanfiction the entire fandom knows about” but I’m sure there’s a few people here and there that haven’t read it and the story is of course, the amazing, 

Helga and Arnold meet at Eugene’s wedding, ten years after the cruel circumstances that split them apart. Helga reveals a secret, and its not what you may think.

Oh no-it seems Arnold needs a little help with his poetry assignment if he wants a decent grade in English!Hmm, I wonder what fourth grade poet laurete Mr.Simmons could assign to help him out…Set postconfession to make things even more fun

What could be more amusing than taking two hundred thousand words to make Arnold realize he loves Helga? Taking EIGHT hundred thousand words to explore in detail how this newfound relationship is working out! Sequel to Tutoring Arnold! Let’s do this!

“ … She was still Helga and he was still Arnold: the enemies, the lovers, the eternal paradox…”

When a girl is known for being strong, it can tear her apart to be looked at with pity. Helga Pataki, an 18 year old girl, had a part of herself stolen from her one night and ever since then, she lost herself. She was ready to give her life up, until someone reached a helping hand out for her. Arnold wouldn’t let her fall, especially not when someone else was going down with her.

Helga figured that Arnold was drunk enough to not remember anything, and she was drunk enough to think it was a good idea. But she’ll soon find out that what they’d done that night isn’t going to be a secret for long. Very Slight AU.

Arnold can’t decide which is harder: Raising a baby or figuring out his feelings for Helga. Sequel to Dropped the Ball.

He brought it up first. Just because she was hopelessly in love with Arnold didn’t mean she’d risk any chance of being exposed. She’d never suggest something as crazy as being Friends With Benefits. Oh, no, this was all his fault because he brought it up first.

Love is like a baseball bat. It’s used as a weapon if needed. It’s something you hold close to you, something to be used with all of your strength. You have to fight to get a decent swing, just like the good relationships are worth fighting for

A journey through time reveals the trials and tribulations of an unlikely couple.

“You do nothing.” Helga whimpered to herself. “You sit and watch, and you, and, you let him go. Cause there’s, nothing you can do.”

Dr. Bliss receives a new patient. My sequel to the Hey Arnold! Episode Helga On The Couch. This time, it’s Arnold’s turn to talk! Enjoy!

Teenage Helga gets a letter from a long lost friend.

July 25 2016:

I said a few days but it’s actually been months…

Anyway this is probably the longest fanfic rec list yet

I’ve read A LOT of fanfiction since the last list and I want to share the gems I’ve found with ya’ll

Some of these are incomplete and some are ongoing, basically if it’s been over a year since the last update I will mark it as INCOMPLETE.

Instead of me getting all crazy over how much I love these fics like I did the first time, I will be posting the original summary. This list will be long and I will probably repeat myself since I do love all these fics.

It would be a daunting enough task to tutor the weird girl with the bizarre hair and bizarre fashion sense even if you had never actually met her. It was downright scary to tutor that girl and know that, at least once, she had been in love with you. A/H

Arnold begins to see the real Helga in his dreams and starts to wonder about his arch nemesis.

4 years after graduation, everybody else has moved on, but Helga is still waiting for something to happen to her.

Arnold and Helga make a deal: If she can help him get a date with the girl of his dreams by coaching him in romance, then he has to accompany her to formal dinner as her date. However, a lot can change in two months time. Will Helga be able to handle helping Arnold woo another woman? And if Arnold does get what he wants, will he still want what he gets?

Senior Year of High School: Helga loves Arnold. Arnold loves Helga. Lila wants Arnold and will do anything to have him. And that’s all before the school year even starts!

What would happen if Helga had never erased her name from the wall in the episode “Arnold and Lila”?

The sequel to “Arnold Loves Helga”. What will happen in particular episodes now that Arnold and Helga have been on a date? The answers are here in this new reality.

While on a road trip to Vancouver with Gerald, Phoebe and Arnold, Helga decides to torment Arnold during the trip but what happens when things heats up…could things change their normal relationship into something more?

In a moment of irrational thinking, Arnold agrees to let Helga help him get Lila to fall for him. However, he soon learns the hard way the nothing is ever a sure thing.

Helga had always made it her personal mission to keep her love for Arnold a secret. She’d never ever thought that someone would overhear her monologging about him! And this guy was ready to demand absolutely awkward, terrifying and embarrassing things from Helga in exchange for not telling her secret to anyone.

Always prideful, Helga is loathe to ask for help, especially from the person who makes her feel so vulnerable… but it’s about more than just her…

At sixteen, while on an extended visit in Hillwood, Arnold not only reconnects with his friends and old times, but also, having to battle his ongoing sexual desires regarding Helga. As for Helga, she too is facing the same struggle.

Most people would argue that Arnold is a saint of nature. Lady Luck is not always on his side though and one day, while playing baseball, he hits the ball so hard it flies through the window to Madame Blanche’s store. The gypsy does not take it lightly and puts a curse on him. Soon he starts acting weird around his peers; especially around a certain blonde girl.

“Well maybe not your complete soul but definitely part of it. If you’re willing to bare your body to me, it’s only fair I get to see part of your soul too.”

He was sick, he had to be. How else could he explain the fire inside him every time she smirked at him or teased him, this constant need to defeat her? Ever since that kiss on the rofftop it was like something inside him snapped, she occupied his every thought, consumed him even in his dreams. He didn’t know who he was anymore and it was all her fault.

When Arnold is dared to write a fake love note to Helga, things get a bit hectic. More like a lot hectic. Can he stop things from going further than he expected?

Fate, in the form of Arnold, collapses onto a twenty-five year old Helga G. Pataki’s front step as she runs late for work one fine summer’s day - effectively turning her life upside down and then stomping on it for good measure.

When Helga came home one night after a party, she thought that Arnold was in pain because of the whimpering noises coming from his bedroom. What she discovered when she barged in, left her in complete shock and… fascination?

“You’re bored with her, aren’t you?” the strange girl asked me. I wanted to tell her that Lila was perfect for me. I had fought for her attention for years and now she was finally my girlfriend, but it felt like I was still trying to win her heart. Something was missing and that something could be this excitement I felt whenever I looked in the blue eyes of this strange girl.

“I told you I was trouble with my bad behavior.” he said to me as he pushed me up against the wall, claiming my lips in a breathtaking kiss. I, Helga G. Pataki, has officially fallen for a bad boy, something I thought I was too smart to ever do. He is sugar-coated misery, a devil in disguise and a snake with green eyes. I guess it’s karma… I have bad behavior too.

Arnold and Helga are set up on a blind date by their best friends in an attempt to get them out of their depression. After not speaking to each other for nearly two years, old wounds are reopened and secrets are revealed on a night neither will forget.

Gerald never understood the appeal of Helga until age 19. He should have felt bad for sleeping with his ex’s best friend/best friend’s ex-girlfriend, but he didn’t. He always knew he’d never be her happy ending, but that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

After FTi Helga confesses her love to Arnold, who sadly doesn’t feel the same way. Now Arnold is running Hillwood High’s newspaper, and dating Lila. As an act of revenge, Helga becomes the mysterious advice columnist ‘Geraldine.’

“Have you ever watched someone die? It’s awful I have watched her die so many times if I do one more time I won’t survive” Arnold is stuck in the same day and no matter what he does it keeps repeating. Can he make it stop? Can he change the future?

In which Helga G. Pataki gets stuck in an elevator with the last person she ever wanted to be in close quarters with. Her life, ladies and gentlemen.

Spanish 2 with Arnold was fun until a class presentation changes everything. When he leaves to chase his dreams & find his parents in the middle of the San Lorenzo jungle, it’s Helga who is left behind with the secret she was never able to tell. But will a surprising video call from Arnold months later change her life forever?

She gave up her boots, her closet, her childhood, and ultimately, her heart – so, it only made sense that she should be the one to give this up, too. Never underestimate a woman in love.

the best night of both of their lives become the most tragic and ironic as Arnold pops the big question but after getting hit by a drunk driver he forgets his love for Helga. He remembers how much he hated Helga and how much Helga hated him. Will Helga have to start from square one or will his memory come back? would she have to give up the only thing she cares about most?

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But Helga can’t cook. Or can she? Take one cup comedy, add a spoonful of drama, and a dash of romance. Then overheat like Helga’s imagination!

Helga and Arnold are reunited at Phoebe and Gerald’s wedding, and neither of them are talking about what happened between them. But what did happen?

The Gang’s older, and Arnie’s back, but he’s not the same geek he was 8 years ago. Can Arnold contain his jealousy when Arnie turns his attentions to Helga?

“I’ve never felt sorry for you, Helga. And no one ever should.” Helga’s life has never been easy, but at the peak of her high school completion, she suddenly finds herself homeless and with less friends than fingers. Can she save herself and make her dreams come true?

“For her, it marked the day she lost her inspiration and stopped writing. Her entire worldview and every dream she ever had were on a plane the next day.”

What the heck are Arnold and Helga doing on top of a building AGAIN?

A chance encounter at a record store? Some things never change.

Helga takes Arnold on a road trip neither will soon forget. Sequel to The Turntables.

A smile came to his face, and he said nothing, just continued to admire her, how beautiful and soft she was, in the afterglow of pleasure. “I guess studying on more important things was worth it, huh?”

After Helga witnesses her fiancé killing someone she goes to police and discovers just how little she knew about him. He is connected to the biggest crime ring in the East Coast. After giving her statement she learns she must go under police protection and is shocked when she finds out the FBI agent assigned to protect her is her old crush, Arnold Shortman.

Helga takes in Arnold after he’s had a few too many drinks.

When Helga sees Bob slap Miriam late one night, she runs away and finds herself on Arnold’s doorstep. Her emotions are running too high to keep under wraps, and Arnold begins to see another side of Helga that he never thought existed.

Helga snaps after she sees various things in her life go wrong, grades, family, friends, and her love. She sees the only way out after one night. Will someone save her before it was too late?

Because their sexual tension could only remain unresolved for so long; something was always bound to happen.

The first time I saw her, she was naked. The first time I met her, she recognized me. The first time she kissed me was the first time I was kissed at all. This girl would change my summer and I knew it from the moment my eyes met hers. There exists many bad ways of meeting the girl of your dreams, but the way I met Helga Geraldine Pataki takes the cake.

After years of confusion and hiding her feelings from Arnold, Helga has finally become the object of Arnold’s affections. The catch? Nobody knows, and they intend to keep it that way- at least for now. But will an unexpected school group project prove to be their secret’s undoing?

Arnold gets amnesia after getting hit on the head. He mistakes Helga as his girlfriend, but after two days does Arnold really have amnesia or is it a trick of the mind?

I spent more than five years trying to forget the greatest heartbreak of my life. I grew up, moved in with Olga, and tried to figure out what I was going to do with my life. So of all the coffee shops in the city, why did he have to come to mine?

Many have different perspectives on how life is defined. Some would say lovely, complicated, treacherous, passionate even. But whether the thoughts be pleasant, cherishing its value, or bitter enduring its harsh realities, from my experience I’ve found this fact to be true…that life is short. So my story begins…

Since Arnold had stayed in San Lorenzo six years ago, sixteen-year-old Helga always sleep walked to the boarding house and slept in his bed, hoping she’d wake up next to him. She didn’t expect one morning to actually wake up to her very beloved next to her.

You can grow up, you can move on, you can even move away and start over, but somehow the things you left in the past have a way of catching up with you…

Arnold volunteers to Stage Manager the school play “My Fair Lady” in order to get an extra activity for college apps. However, working under Helga as acting director isn’t the best job one could ask for. But Arnold has an escape - his online IM partner. But when he discovers the blogs owner, adjusting to what he sees against what he reads can be hard. Which version to believe?

Arnold, now 17, has always been left wondering who Cecile was. So when an odd girl who knows who Cecile is moves into the Sunset Arms, Arnold might finally get some answers. At least, as long as his new found feelings for Helga don’t get in the way.

After receiving news that her grandpa Robert has died, Helga learns that he left her his house in Hilwood. She moves back only to find that her repressed memories are waiting for her

Arnold was never sure what it was exactly that made him fall for Helga. As he retraced every possible memory of her, he couldn’t choose only one reason.

Helga and Arnold are stuck in Anatomy class discussing sex ed. Things get awkward when the instructor makes everyone put condoms on bananas and the class gets a little rowdy. Time for confession perhaps, Helga?

Everyone is dying their hair lately and getting a lot of attention for it. Should Helga cave and dye her hair too? Will that get the attention she craves from Arnold?

Helga’s much more than the nine year old ‘It Girl’.

He’d sort of already known what was coming, truth be told, when he questioned Helga on the roof of FTi. But then again, he hadn’t really known at all. Some puzzles are too preposterous to solve on ones own.

What maybe happened after Helga ran off into the sunset after her confession? And more importantly what the heck happened to TJM?

Arnold reacts out of character as he feels the need to defend the girl he cares for the most. It’s rated T for violence and adult content.

Being dense is hard work.

Arnold reflects his feelings about what had happened on the fated day upon the FTi rooftop. After some pretty good advice, and taking the time to think it all over, he decides to get it all out and have a good talk with Helga about it.

“I don’t think I’m that good of a liar.” “I think you are.” “Well, I did convince you I wasn’t in love with you for nine years…”

In the aftermath of her dramatic confession, Helga begins to withdraw.

Based on the adorable Disney & Pixar movie WALL-E, follow along with our hero, the lovable and curious Arnold as he goes from his life as a trash collector, to find out what he is truly meant for upon meeting the beautiful search scout Helga.

“You’ve been in love with me since we were three and treated me like shit ever since. I let you because I knew deep down you didn’t mean it.” When the confrontation comes it is not planned and what occurs is a surprise to all.

July 27 2017: 


Five years after Helga G. Pataki vanished, presumably murdered, her ghost pops up in Arnold’s house to take care of some unfinished business.

Arnold had always had a strange ability- the ability to hear Helga, even if she wasn’t around. Years later, he can still hear her, but now it haunts him. If she is dead, how can he still hear her?

I never thought life without Olga would cause so many problems for me. After all, out of everybody I knew, I was probably the only one with just cause enough to want her gone. But now that she was, everything was up in the air, including my relationship with Arnold. Could a view from Mighty Pete shed light on what I’d lost? Or help me lose Arnold forever?

Helga is a slam poet. Arnold is a musician. What happens when the two collide?

Being in love for the first time is never easy, but to Arnold, it’s downright torment. Not only has he been in love with her his whole life, not only is she his best friend; she hates and distrusts men with her entire being. He is the only exception, but how much of an exception is he really? Can he win over the girl whose heart has turned to stone by the men in her life?

After ten long years in San Lorenzo, Arnold suddenly returns to Hillwood, throwing Helga’s world into chaos irreversibly. Gerald and Phoebe start acting suspicious about his return; what secrets does he bring with him, and what does it mean for Helga? Can she get him to stay? Does she want him to stay? And how does Lila, mysteriously absent for years, factor into his return?

The hottest thing on television is a teen drama called "Ever After”. It’s fresh, it’s raw, and it’s popular in the Shortman household. The problem is, the story might be a little less fiction and a little more family history.

The episode is called “Homecoming” It’s a story that needed to be told. The second in the “Ever After” Series.

A Hey Arnold fan fiction with the kids in 5th grade and beyond. The lead up to the events in The Jungle Movie and what is my version of the Jungle Movie and what happens after.

A journey of selfdiscovery for Helga as she discovers who she is, with a little help from a certain Football Headed young boy.

After waking up in the hospital, a 26 year old Helga lands herself in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. Bob wants her cleaned up but while she’s there, Gerald begins to dig into the past and brings out a skeleton in her closet that has haunted them both. And what exactly does all of this have to do with Arnold anyway?

“So… Arnold had cheated on his girlfriend. My man Arnold. Cheated. On his girlfriend. But it was the way that he said it that really interested me: he just said it. It was a statement to him, not a confession, or a heart-wrenching admission of guilt. He said it the same way he’d tell me he was out of sugar.”

Collection of events that eventually culminates in an understanding. And boy, does it take forever.

Just a quickie, a little bit more than a drabble but much less than a story. Hope you like it. 

Why Lila only likes Arnold and doesn’t like-like him. 

Helga Pataki- 26, now settled in almost every sense of the word: a steady job, a kid and a house- kind of, really doesn’t think she qualifies as certifiably crazy anymore. That is- until she kidnaps Arnold Shortman’s children. By accident. Sort of. 

Arnold left. Arnold came back. Arnold didn’t change at all. Everything else did. Helga hadn’t physically hit someone in years, but God, did she want to punch him in the face. 

Trouble always seemed to find Arnold, especially if that trouble was Helga Pataki. After a fierce mud fight at a school trip, Arnold was forced to head back to shower. Helga was also left behind in order to change so when the rusty pipes gave out and left Arnold blind with his own shampoo who else could save him than the girl who had put him in this predicament to begin with? 

Acting had in many ways been one of Helga’s many skills. Arnold hadn’t expected her to give a shot at a career in it though thereby leaving Hillwood to study abroad just when he had started to grow feelings for her. That smidge of love has turned into bitter resentment, so when the play Helga is cast in as the heroine is falling apart, can Arnold ignore the past pain and save it? 

“-My leg is killing me!” She howled, “Crimeny it hurts!” At that, the young man paused and squinted very closely at his victim. “H-Helga?” He asked. Helga pried her eyes open and stared at him with a furrowed scowl, “Football head!” She barked. Of course! Who else would bowl her over but Arnold Shortman! Arnold freakin’ Shortman.  

  • The Elevator by American HOT Fender

It certainly wasn’t how Helga Shortman had planned to spend her day. Trapped in an 8x7 space with her soon to be ex-husband. 1 elevator, 2 people, 6 hours. Will they kill each other or rekindle their love? 

As Arnold begins his biggest adventure - growing up - he finds that the things he used to find easy and simple become more and more complicated and the people he used to have certain slots for in life… well, maybe they just don’t fit in easily definable boxes the way he always thought. It’s hard to tell if the world is getting bigger, or if he’s just feeling, hearing and seeing more of it than before. 

Puberty takes a physical and hormonal toll on our favorite Hillwood hero while he tries desperately to take control of his life, afraid that he is not the one holding the reigns.

Shakespeare’s original version of Romeo and Juliet has FIVE kisses? Helga’s totally getting gypped! …Or is she? “School Play” inspired two-shot.

Eric Bittle Is A Problem

(AO3 here)

Eric Bittle is becoming a problem. Not the problem Jack thought he was going to be in the beginning, no, he hasn’t had to worry about Bittle not pulling his weight on the team since pretty much the first time they played together. And certainly not now, when they work so well together on the ice. And off of it, too; it was surprising, but Jack considers Bittle to be one of his greatest friends, even if sometimes it feels like there’s maybe something shimmering around the edges of their relationship, something Jack doesn’t quite understand, it’s good with them, comfortable and fun in a way Jack isn’t used to.

But he’s becoming a problem, worse, a distraction . A menace, really.

The first time it’s a problem, Jack and Shitty had gotten back from a beer run, and Shitty was explaining some essential feminist theory to him as they made their way from the car to the Haus, “And that, my Canadian friend, is why intersectionality is so important. Like, you can’t really understand anything  unless you understand all of the realities and identities that inform a person’s existence, my man. I me-” as Jack turns to enter the kitchen, the rest of Shitty’s lesson is lost to a loud thrum in Jack’s ear that he distantly realizes is the rush of his own blood through his veins as he almost fumbles the case of beer and the bag of fancy nuts and chocolates that he thought Eric might appreciate- for his bakin g- and had purchased on a whim.

He manages to save the beer and the bag of goodies, but not to suppress the inelegant “ Buh -” that escapes his slackened mouth. Because Bitty is bent over at the waist, looking into the oven and making a satisfied little hum at the progress of whatever is baking in there, and he’s wearing those shorts, the short, short shorts that barely qualify as such in Jack’s opinion. And the way he’s bending is causing his muscles to tense and bulge, and his butt . Oh, Crisse , his butt is like a work of art and on display right in front of Jack, and he is in so. Much. trouble.

Jack manages to turn his random noise into a reasonable approximation of “B-Bittle,” and to reassemble his face into a generally neutral expression as Bitty stands and turns toward him and Shitty, who now stands next to Jack and thankfully doesn’t mention his near stumble. The late afternoon sun slanting through the window catches in Eric’s hair and he appears to glow for a moment, Jack manages not to choke on his sharply indrawn breath at the sight, because Eric Bittle is beautiful, and Jack is awed that he hadn’t noticed it until now.

“Oh, hi, y’all,” Bitty says brightly, a genuine smile lighting his face and stretching his lips distractingly. “You’re just in time, because this pie is almost done, so if you wanted some, you’ll just have to wait for a few while it settles,” Bitty checks the timer with a brief glance before looking back toward the doorway where Jack is still frozen, he quirks a perfectly shaped blond brow as if to ask what Jack’s problem is, but when he speaks again, he says “Did you two have fun at the store?”

Shitty moves into the kitchen, patting Jack’s shoulder on the way, “It smells swawesome in here, Bits. You’re the best!” Bitty grins and a slightly pink tinge paints his cheeks as he watches Shitty begin to put away his beer and the few other groceries they procured. He looks back at Jack, eyes darting briefly to the bag he is clenching before settling back on his face, a curious little smile on his pink lips. It spurs Jack into action, finally, and he moves into the kitchen holding the bag out like an awkward shield.

“These are for you,” he says, sounding too loud to his own ears, and maybe too loud in general, because Shitty looks over from where he’s stacking beer into the fridge with a strange look on his face that Jack will not analyze later. He continues, careful to regulate his volume this time, “Um, for your baking, I mean. I thought you’d like them,” he amends. Jack can feel his face heating, hopes Bitty doesn’t notice, that he writes it off as the heat from the oven, but when Bitty takes the bag and their fingers brush he feels the flush deepen. It gets worse still when Eric opens the bag and he makes an excited little sound.

“Oh, gosh, Jack, thank you! I know just what to make with these,” Bitty places his hand on Jack’s forearm and squeezes gently, repeating a thank you and grinning at him, his smile is open and fond and it warms Jack in a different way than the hot flush that he knows is painting his face and neck now.

“ Bienvenue ,” Jack says, voice a little too quiet and close now. Bitty smiles at his slip into Quebecois. It’s almost too easy to slip into the quiet of the moment, the little bubble of space around them, warmed by the sunlight through the window. They stay close, looking at each other for what feels like a long time, but realistically can’t be more than a second or two, then the sound of Shitty shutting the the refrigerator door and exclaiming “Shit, Bits, that pie smells fuckin’ delicious! Think it’s done yet,” effectively breaks the moment.

Bitty laughs and turns away from Jack, his fingers trail along Jack’s arm leaving a warm tingle lingering on his skin. The buzzer sounds as Bitty steps away fully, and Jack shakes himself, realizes he’s still holding the case of beer and places it on the counter. Bitty looks at him briefly as he takes the pie from the oven, and Jack feels the confusion rumbling through him play across his face, but Bitty thankfully looks away before he notices.


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Fishnets-(Sweet Pea)

Characters: Betty Cooper(mentioned), Cheryl Cooper(mentioned), Veronica Lodge(mentioned), Tall Boy, Sweet Pea and (Y/N)

Pairing: Hint at Sweet Pea x Reader

Warnings: Swearing and smoking

Word Count: 2455

Summary: What will happen when (Y/N), the youngest Blossom, runs away from home and starts attending Southside High? Who’s eye will she catch?

(Y/N) Blossom has not had it easy, with the murder of her brother and suicide of her father, with the prejudice and hatred she faced at Riverdale High due to countless rumours. She often admired how her older sister, Cheryl, managed to seem cool and unbothered all the time, until she realised that it came with a price. On the outside her sister may have looked like she had no care in the world, but on the inside, she raged a war on herself and everyone around her. And that’s when (Y/N) realised that the only way to truly rid herself of the weight on her shoulders was to wash her hands clean of her family and start anew on the other side of the town. 

Southside High was a dangerous place, perhaps even more so than the streets after dark. On average, three people get stabbed a month, drugs run wild across the school and gang activity is not uncommon. What better place for (Y/N) to start her new life than this school, tucked in the corner just out of God’s sight where nobody would look for her?

The ominous sound of heels on wood could be heard echoing around Southside High as (Y/N) Blossom made her was to her first class of the day, English. She keeps her head held high as she passes a couple making out by the lockers, not giving a shit about attending class. She briefly thinks back to her days at Riverdale, there is no way in hell that you’d catch anyone out of class, let alone making out in the corridor. But this is the Southside, she thinks to herself. Things are run differently around here.

She finds the door with the numbers 334 spray painted on it with ease, the plaque that should be there missing. She pulls out a small mirror from her handbag and quickly checks her lipstick, the ‘Dare You’ shade making her feel fearless. Though if you payed real close attention, you could tell she was so nervous it made her sick to the stomach. Transferring school is never easy, and it’s even harder if you’re a supposed ‘rich snob’ attending a crime-riddled High School. 

With a small sigh and a little pep talk, consisting of ‘don’t be a little bitch, you’ve faced more daunting shit before’,  she tucks the pink mirror back into her bag and walks into the classroom. 

Every pair of eyes turns to her immediately. She wonders if it’s because of the way she’s dressed,  or because of her signature bright red hair that only a Blossom has. Then (Y/N) comes to the conclusion that it’s because she interrupted the lesson which nobody was paying attention to anyway.

But one pair of eyes stays on her longer than others, and that pair of eyes belong to the local Serpent Sweet Pea. As he takes in the girls appearance, the flaming red hair, the ripped fishnets, the skirt that shows just enough to make you wonder, and the heels which look impossible to walk in, Sweet Pea can’t help but wonder why he’s never seen her around the Southside before. Surely he’d never forget her.

The teacher turns to her, a pleasant smile on his lips. 

“Ah, you must be the new addition to this amazing school, (Y/N).” The teacher says sarcastically as he motions around the classroom that’s half-fallen apart. There are holes in the walls, half of the lights work, and there isn’t a single surface that isn’t covered in graffiti. Some students are sitting on tables, some are even smoking. She wonders if this is even legal, but she comes to the conclusion that even if the things going on around her are weird and unheard of in the Northside, she likes it.

(Y/N) nods once, before turning on her heels and stalking to the back seat next to the window, the only one in the back row that isn’t taken. She feels eyes all over her body, but she just keeps her head up and takes a seat. 

It doesn’t take long for the class to start talking again, and as she listens in, (Y/N) is glad to find that she isn’t the topic of discussion. Instead, phrases like ‘I got some jangle, pretty cheap if you want’ and ‘C’mon, nobody’s looking this way anyway’ are heard. And that’s when the girl sees that her 4.0 GPA is about to go downhill faster than her families reputation.

Lunch comes around sooner than (Y/N) would like, as she enjoyed just dodling on her sketchbook, and soon she finds herself in the full cafeteria, feeling like a fish out of water. 

There are two distinct groups she can make out. One consists of people with leather jackets that have the Southside Serpents logo on them, and the other look like drug dealers. Neither seems like a fun option to sit with, though she’d sooner sit with the Serpents. After all, she is acquainted with Tall Boy.

“Why is a Blossom even in this part of the town? Do you want your ass beat, little girl?” The man, who’m (Y/N)s come to learn is called Tall Boy, laughs at her as he aims his dart and throws. It lands on a 20.

Coming to the Whyte Wyrm was her last resort. Even someone like (Y/N), near enough fearless and cocky, would steer clear of this place. But business calls, and she has to answer. If she wants to cut the leftover ties with the Northside, she has to do this.

“You know the shit that’s been stirring up in the Northside. With the sudden fall of the undercover drug empire my father ran, I’ve decided to come live here, because God knows that as bad as this place is, the Northside is worse.” She crosses her hands over her chest and leans against the table next to Tall Boy. 

In order for (Y/N) to attend Southside High, she needed someone to pose as her parent, as a legal guardian had to be present. But given the whole ‘I just ran away from my sociopath mother’ situation, the Blossom couldn’t call her actual mother. So, what better way to go around things than hire a Serpent to pretend to be her father?

“How much do you offer?” Tall Boy looks at the girl next to him. He knows her plan is nuts, but if she’s willing to pay, then why the hell not give it a try? He knows a good deal when he sees it.

(Y/N) grabs three darts from the box on the table and walks to the white line on the floor, indicating how far away she has to stay from the dart board. She takes a small breath, aims, and throws. A triple 20.

“$500.” She flashes the man a quick smirk before aiming and throwing her second dart. Triple 20. 

Tall Boy raises his eyebrows at the red-head in front of him. If he didn’t know better, he’d think she was a Southsider, with the way she’s dressed and behaving. She looks like she knows how to handle herself and she resonates with power. He thinks to himself, this might work.

“Tell you what. You hit bulls eye and I’ll do it for $250.” Tall Boy leans back against the table she was at a few seconds ago and watches in amusement. He isn’t underestimating her, but he knows it’s unlikely she’ll hit it. 

She aims and throws, and with a triumphant smirk, takes a roll of cash out from her bra. There is exactly $250 rolled up with a pink band. She hands it to the dumbfounded man before pulling the darts out of the dartboard. 

Tall Boy huffs and shakes his head. He should have taken the offer when he still could, but she won fair and square.

“Alright kid, I’ll do it.”

For today, she doesn’t get lunch, just because she doesn’t have anywhere to sit. Nobody acknowledges her existence as she walks back out of the cafeteria. Nobody but a certain raven-haired boy who’s been keeping a close eye on her since first period. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he felt like he knew her. He felt like he has to protect her, though something tells him she can do that well on her own. But it was that bit of flickering uncertainty that something might happen to her that caused him to follow her. 

(Y/N) sits down on the steps of her new school and pulls out a cigarette and lighter from her bag, lighting it with one flick of her finger before slipping the lighter into her bra for security. One can never be to sure, and she wouldn’t be able to afford a new one, even with the money she took out of her trust fund before leaving her family. 

She takes a long, slow drag as she surveys the people around her. They’re all laughing and joking around, some smoking too. The majority wear the symbolic Southside Serpents jacket. Why was she so afraid of going here? Why does everyone hate the Southside part of Riverdale? It’s just like the Northside, but with less stuck-up jerks. Like Veronica Lodge, the self-proclaimed ‘bad girl gone good’ with an alcohol addiction. Or Betty Cooper, the bane of (Y/N)s entire existence. 

She thinks about what her new life has planned out for her. The cheap trailer she bought would do, it’s not exactly Thornhill, but in a weird way she feels at home in it. It has no long hallways she’s banned from entering, no cold-hearted parent who could freeze hell over with one glance, no secrets that could ruin the family, like the one that already has. It is small, but it will do her just fine. 

(Y/N) picks up on footsteps nearing her, but she doesn’t turn around. 

“That’s a bad habit you’ve got going on.” Sweet Pea asks the girl sitting in front of him. He’s not one to usually talk to strangers, or anyone outside of the Serpents, but for some reason he feels like if he doesn’t talk to this mysterious girl he’ll loose his mind. And the red hair… He swears he’s seen her before. 

(Y/N) turns around and raises an eyebrow at the boy. She notices his tattoo, he’s a Serpent. Back in Riverdale, everyone was against these guys, even scared of them. But the boy doesn’t look threatening. No, he looks kind of cute.

“Sorry, didn’t realise you were my mom.” She smirks and turns back around. Just like she thought, the boy sits down next to her and smirks. 

“I’m Sweet Pea, welcome to Southside High, a.k.a the best school in all of New York.” The boy motions around him, pointing out the graffiti and barb-wire covered fences surrounding the school. She can’t help but laugh a little at that. Even if this shithole is what it is, a shithole where dreams come to die, it’s still better than Riverdale High. At least here she can be herself.

“I’m (Y/N), nice to meet you Sweet Pea.” She extends a hand out for the boy to shake, which he does reluctantly, as if contemplating whether or not this is some sort of joke or trap. 

As he shakes the mystery girls hand, which sends a little jolt of electricity through him, who now has a name, something clicks in Sweet Pea’s head. The red hair, the clothes, the attitude, the name. (Y/N) Blossom. Instead of feeling hatred and anger towards the girl, he feels curiosity. What makes a rich girl wander into the Serpent territory, let alone permanently move here?

She stubs out the cigarette and throws in haphazardly behind her, not caring where it lands. It’s not like there are any animals around who might swallow it. 

“What’s a Blossom doing so far out of her comfort zone?” Sweet Pea asks the girl next to him, catching her off guard. 

It doesn’t take her long to realise her hair was a hint enough, which made her think. If this guy, Sweet Pea, could tell it was her, then so could others. There is no point in trying to lie, It’s not like she was wanting to hide the fact she’s a Blossom, but it would make her less of a target. But now that this boy she’s just met knows…

“Said Blossom didn’t feel like being good and playing by mommy’s rules anymore.” (Y/N) looks up at Sweet Pea, the boy taller than her, even with the heels she’s wearing. She can tell by the sudden look of approval that she’s said the right thing. But does she mean it? Is she ready to let go of her past self, the snobby rich kid? Yes, she is. 

Sweet Pea stands up and offers a hand to the Blossom, something he’d never imagine himself doing. Blossom’s are even more hated in this part of town than Mayor McCoy, which is a hard feat to accomplish. But he knows he’d do anything to protect the red head. Why? Because the thought of someone hurting her fills him with white-hot rage. 

(Y/N) takes his hand and stands up, brushing gravel off her skirt. 

She faces him, and for a brief second she’s stunned speechless. The boy doesn’t have stunning looks like Chris Hemsworth, or the alluring personality or Mr Darcy, but he is definitely something. His brown eyes are bright and full of humour, yet smeared with hatred and bad memories at the same time. His hair is combed to the side and his tattoo is on display. His clothes look old and worn, but she doesn’t care. In a way, she feels like he’s what she’s been looking for. To some, Sweet Pea might look like a renegade, but to her, he looks like someone she want’s to spend all of her time with.

“Feel like skipping the rest of the day? I ought to give you a tour of this place. Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” Sweet Pea asks (Y/N) casually, though a part of him desperately wants her to say yes. He knows there’s more to the girl than the fishnets and heels, and he wants to get to know her. Even if she is a Blossom, a sworn enemy.

“Snakes don’t bite unless they’re provoked, I payed attention in Biology.” She laughs a little as the two make their way from Southside High, heads held high  as they get looks from bystanders. But neither of them care, as they’re too immersed in the other to pay attention. 

As (Y/N) looks over the boy next to her, with his Serpent jacket and ripped jeans, she can’t help but be intrigued by him. He of all people decided to approach the newbie, and she couldn’t be more glad. 

Feeling Heartbreak..

Originally posted by spiderster

^ tbh this scene had me cryinggggg. His tears looked so genuine. 

Relationship: Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Peter and Reader are out on a date. Peter’s spidey senses aren’t quick enough in an attack causing the Reader to die… won’t say how so read (,:

Warnings: Swearing cause I love swearing IRL. Plus Tom swears too :,) Mentions of death. Angst,sadness, all the :( emotions. I cried while writing it. I’m just emotionally unstable but..I still cried like a lil bitchh.

Word Count:1,219 (so short :,( I’m sorry you guys..)

A/N: Writing this while i’m doing leg press and leg workouts. This has no connection to my Deadly Sins post btw :)

[Reader’s POV]

“Peter! Let me go” you laugh trying to get out of his grip.

“You can never escape the clutches of your precious boyfriend” he teases tickling you more. You had no strength compared to his Spidey strength.

  Tonight was your date night and Peter always tried making it fun for the both of you. We graduated High School together six months ago. Peter was going to have to leave Queens and join the Avengers. You knew it was going to be hard without him being around. He distracted you from your awful life at home. Peter made your life seem a lot brighter than the dull one you have. He distracted you from depression and abusive parents.

  Even though Peter’s identity was figured out when a villain attacked him at school our senior year. Mr. Stark had to announce he was joining the Avengers as Spider-Man.  Sure people at school freaked but it wasn’t insane. He didn’t get that much attention besides having to move to a new place with his Aunt May for their safety.

Life was good with Peter, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

“I love you babygirl” Peter grins bringing your hand up and kissing the back of your palm. The gesture immediately bringing a smile to your face. The two of you walked to your favorite spot in the park. Hand in hand,enjoying each others touch. Peter’s cheeks turn a light shade of pink after you place a kiss to his cheek.

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Party Surprises

(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 5 217
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader are having fun at the Salvatore’s with the MF gang and Kai gets horny and then things happen. [a bit of a sequel to ‘ Fast Friends ’]
note : i made a few slight changes , hope you don’t mind and still like it.

*not my gif

Almost a month and a half had passed since Kai had met her in this very house. Her friends still didn’t like him very much but it didn’t matter to him. Not anymore. There was only one thing that mattered to him and that was Y/N. This girl had stolen his breath away right from the start and even now after all these weeks , she kept finding new ways to do that. They became best friends , well … a little more than friends actually. After he teased her with magic things had happened and — they kept happening. Neither of them could keep their hands away from the other for long and that party was the definition of hell for him because she was right there but still too far away.
They arrived together and spent most of the night talking , laughing and drinking. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from her no matter what and she appeared to have the same ‘problem’. They were inseparable until about 15 minutes ago when Y/N went to the make up karaoke stage with Caroline. He loved watching her sing at the top of her lungs , hearing her laugh and seeing that spark in her eyes which always made his heart skip a beat.

*     *     *

     "I didn’t invite you to the party so you can sit on the sofa all night drinking bourbon. Dance with me.”
Y/N grabbed Kai’s hand without waiting for an answer , pulling him onto the dance floor.
    “You want me to embarrass myself in front of the whole internet don’t you ? I am pretty sure Damon is lurking somewhere with a camera.” he teased , twirling her around twice until her chest bumped into his. Y/N placed her hands on his chest , slowly moving them towards his neck while they gazed into each other’s eyes.
    “No. I just want to dance with my best friend and the hottest guy in the whole universe. That’s all.”
Liar. he thought , noticing the change in her heart beat.
    “OH so it has nothing to do with you walking like a tornado through all those people when that girl came over to try and flirt with me ? Was someone jealous ?” he teased , pulling her even closer. “Cuz that’s kinda hot.”
    “No. What ? No.” she crinkled her nose. Kai suppressed a smile and slid his hands down to her ass pulling her towards him.
    “You know , if you want me to hold you this close while our bodies press against each other , you don’t have to use excuses. Just ask.” he whispered in her ear , making her cheeks flush a bright shade of pink.
    “Always so cocky.” she teased.
Kai laughed under his breath and a moment later he spun her around again until her back pressed against his chest and their hands intertwined in front of her. Y/N turned her head slightly towards him and their eyes met , both of them swaying to the beat while their bodies pressed together with literally no space between them.
    “For someone who says he will be embarrassed while dancing , you are quite amazing at it.”
    “Oh really ?” he spun her around again.  Their bodies so close they could feel each other’s heart beats and their lips almost touched as he spoke. Y/N hummed. “Let me blow your mind then , but if we end up on the internet. It’s your fault.”
    “I’m cool with that.” she laughed and Kai couldn’t help but laugh too.
It was always like this. Her smile always made him smile , her laugh always made him laugh and feel things he hadn’t felt before in his life. Ever since meeting her something inside him had stirred and kept stirring the longer they spent together. Even more in the following minutes while they danced holding each other close , gazing into the other’s eyes. Neither of them noticed anything else besides the other until both of them completely forgot they weren’t alone and things got quite heated up between them. They danced song after song and the longer they danced like this , the more his pants tightened around him. There was something about the way she moved , how she always found ways to touch him discreetly , that drove him nuts and he wasn’t being shy either. His hands were all over her body and a couple of times they almost kissed and now half an hour later there was only one thing on his mind.
    “Lets go have fun Y/N.” he whispered in her ear.
    “Malachai Parker.” she said smiling innocently at him , hooking her hands around his neck. “Aren’t we already having fun ?”
    “The other kind of fun. Come on Y/N –” he nibbled on her earlobe , innocently slipping his hand under her shirt. His fingertips glazed across her skin and he wished they were alone in that moment. “I am dying to feel your hot naked body against mine, while I make you screa–”
Y/N’s lips crashed against his , shushing him before any of her friends heard what the was saying. A tingly feeling spread through her body and kept spreading waking up every fibre the closer he pulled her towards him.
     "I’ll go get us something to drink. You want something ?“
     ”I want you.“ he whispered not willing to let go off her.
‘Later’ she mouthed , gazing into his eyes and almost had to peel his hands off her to get to the bar. Kai’s eyes followed her through the crowd and he sat in one of the comfy chairs thinking. Or more like trying not to think about how his pants had tightened around him. He closed his eyes and sighed , trying to push away all those thoughts flooding his mind. The way she looked at him while they danced and even before that – it drove him nuts even more than her hips swaying to the beat , ‘accidentally’ rubbing against him. It was just too much. How was he supposed to wait for later ?
    “Here you go.” said Y/N , sitting on the armrest handing him a cup.
    “Thanks.” he took a sip , pressing his lips together while watching her run her fingers through her hair. “Hey Y/N?”
‘Come sit on daddy’s lap.’ he mouthed with a devilish spark his eyes.
A split second later he pulled her onto his lap without waiting for an answer and couldn’t help but notice how her breath got caught in her throat feeling his hard on pressing against her. Neither of her friends seemed to have noticed her reaction , though they still gave them the look , obviously wondering why they had kissed and what they were missing.
    “What is up with you two ?” wondered Damon.
    “Nothing. Hey , you don’t mind me getting some of that fancy bourbon you hide in the third shelf way in the back right ?”
Damon growled and clenched his jaw heading towards the cupboard to see which bottle she had taken. Y/N took a sip from her cup almost drinking all of it at once while Kai’s hand wound around her lower waist innocently touching her down there as he pulled her towards him. A moment later she shifted on his lap sitting a little sideways and put her arm around his shoulder , smiling innocently while playing with the scruff on his neck. Kai closed his eyes trying to shove away those thoughts but they only fought their way back harder. Y/N knew what her actions in that moment did to him and she kept at it , but two can play that game.
    “You two seem to have gotten really close.” said Caroline snuggling a little closer to Stefan.
    “Well yeah , we are best friends.” replied Y/N taking another sip.
    “Yeah , Candice. We are friends.” smirked Kai. “Well , a little more than friends. We’ve been kissing a lot.”
Everyone stared at him with looks of confusion , disbelief and shock on their faces. Y/N turned towards him too shooting him a warning look but just as she was about to say something Kai’s fingertips glazed across her bare skin distracting her , sending shivers all through her body making her heart rate jump off the roof. He could feel her melting under his touch and completely spacing out on what her friends were saying. Y/N’s eyes fluttered closed and his lips smashed against hers , not caring about what anyone would say or do. In that moment it was just them – Kai could only see , feel and taste Y/N and it was the same for her. Their lips moved so fast against each other , their tongues exploring the other’s mouth it (looked and) felt as if they were trying to either swallow each other or completely suck the air out of the others’ lungs. Or both. Kai’s hands found their way under her shirt and Y/N almost swung her leg over his lap , stopping herself in the last second.
    “Great definition of ‘nothing’ , Y/N.” groaned Damon sitting on the sofa next to his brother. “Break it up – my eyes are burning. Don’t make me regret introducing you to each other.”
Kai cleared his throat and moved his hands visibly struggling to keep them away. They gazed longingly into each other’s eyes , the tension between them growing by the second. There were things he wanted to say to her but couldn’t. Her friends’ stares were awkward enough , he didn’t want to push things even more. At least not in a verbal way.
Y/N turned towards her friends jumping in the conversation as if she and Kai hadn’t just almost ripped each other’s clothes in the middle of the room with everyone watching. Damon put his arm around Elena’s shoulder and said something  to her while Caroline stared wide eyed at her and Kai. Stefan asked her something and for a second Y/N’s gaze dropped onto her cup. She trailed her finger around the edges , humming some song when her phone buzzed in her pocket making her jump up in his lap.    
                           God , you are turning me on like crazy.

A sideways smile showed on her face and she glanced at Kai who was looking at her innocently , somehow finding a way to push his hips up at her while taking a sip of his drink. Faster than humanly possible he typed another text , catching a glimpse of her taking a sip from her drink when her phone buzzed on her lap , not once but twice making her jump up a little every time.

                          I want you. Here. Now. In this second.
I want to slip my fingers between your legs and gently rub your clit until you beg for me to make you mine.

Y/N pressed her thighs together trying not to think about what he had just texted her. Only her mind had started drifting and she was paying less and less attention to what her friends were saying. A low growl came from Kai’s throat when he saw her shake her head in a ‘no’ and barely a few seconds later she got another text , each word turning her skin on fire as she read it.

I want to rip out your clothes right here, right now , trace every curve with my fingertips and kiss every square inch of your body before I slide between your legs and make you scream my name and then fuck you until you can’t remember your name.

Y/N gulped and pressed her thighs even closer together trying to push away the thoughts that began flooding her mind making her cheeks flush a bright shade of red. For a few seconds she shifted is lap and he growled in her ear continuing to text her. Her phone buzzed again and again but she refused to answer him. About 5 texts later she stopped reading them too. Her skin already felt like it was on fire from the thoughts that swirled in her mind and feeling the bulge in his pants getting harder wasn’t helping much. Neither were Kai’s fingertips innocently glazing across her hip sending chills all over her body while his breath tickled the skin on her neck.
    “Y/N – ” he brushed his nose against her cheek and whispered in her ear listening to her heart pounding in her chest. “Why aren’t you answering your phone ? Answer your phone.”
Y/N turned towards him and his lips reached for hers but missed with 0.3 seconds when Elena pulled her away needing her help with something. Kai closed his eyes and almost groaned in frustration. Twenty minutes. She had been sitting on his lap for twenty minutes being so close yet so far away. He was starting to lose it and the way she had slightly jumped up every time her phone buzzed had only pushed him further towards the edge. There was no way he’d wait a second longer to make her his again. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted her.
    “Dude , you are so whipped.”
    “No , I’m not.”
    “Sure you are.” said Damon watching Kai’s eyes following Y/N through the crowd. “Whatever it is that’s going through your head — not in my house.
    “Yeah. Sure. Of course. Whatever.”
Kai wasn’t listening at all. His gaze was locked on her and he could swear she was swaying her hips like that on purpose. Then she turned her head to the side , innocently glancing at him while biting her lip and he lost it. Quickly he got up and glazed his hand across her ass while walking right past her , listening to her heart rate increase to dangerous levels. Y/N closed her eyes for a second expecting for him to wrap his hands around her but that never happened. When her eyes opened Kai was nowhere near her and she couldn’t find him in the crowd.  Just as she was about to call him , her phone buzzed with another message from him and –

                                 Can you say ‘no’ now ?

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Tricks and Treats(M)

BTS; Taehyung

Genre: Smut | slight fluff | Devilboy! AU

Word count: 5k

Warnings: Blood mention at the end

Description: Devilboy Taehyung comes out to play every Halloween and he just so happens to pick you up at a party, but when he keeps showing up after that, will it mean the end of his devilish ways?

A/N: I was tagged in this post here, to pick a prompt based off my birthday. thanks @cloudsofsonder for tagging me, this was so fun ;) I was going to post this on or before Halloween, but time got away from me lol Guys I honestly hoped that the ending would have turned out better than it did, but I hope you guys like it regardless :)

Originally posted by kths

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dating Jungkook (BTS) would include:

  • jeon jungkook how do i even begin to describe jeon jungkook - jeon jungkook is flawless
  • under no circumstances do you wake him up, he is a grown man and can hear his sailor moon alarm tone just fine thank you very much
  • but if you hit snooze one time he is very disappointed in you like how could you waste such a beautiful day but you’re like jungkook it’s raining outside
  • he has absolutely no chill, whatever you do don’t challenge him to anything even if it’s just for fun, you will lose and he will win rather extravagantly
  • he takes things very seriously and his poker face is ridiculously on point and you will stare at him wondering if he’s trying to decide on what to have for dinner or if he’s seriously thinking about how many years are left until he’s the president of south korea
  • even though he is the golden manliest of all men, he really likes that you call him kookie, it warms his stone heart
  • there was a time that you bluntly told him that seeing him in those leather pants forced you to do a couple loads of laundry and he literally had no idea what you were talking about it was embarrassing
  • he wears the pants in this relationship, don’t kid yourself, and he always moves around you like he’s your personal shield though you’re thinking kookie ain’t nobody after me i should be protecting you from jimin
  • you busted your butt to get him a specially signed g-dragon album and he threw a fangirl fit and almost cried but when you bought couple rings for your anniversary he patted your head like a good girl but it’s g-dragon so you understand
  • this kid believes there is a time and place for affection and he usually must set aside a few hours on his schedule to devote to dates there is no spontaneity because he’s gotta perfect those dance moves don’t you know he carries bangtan on his shoulders
  • it drives you nuts that he can be so indifferent all the time, like you could be calling him crying your eyes out and he’s just like bro you gotta calm down i can’t understand a word you’re saying
  • but if you tell him there’s an emergency he will fly out the door without even bothering to put his shoes on to come find you he makes no sense at all
  • do not try to make any moves on him while watching a drama together, if he misses a crucial plot point the rest of the episodes will confuse him don’t do that to this precious baby
  • you tried to watch game of thrones together, a sex scene came on and he made you turn it off he don’t care that there are dragons later on, that shit defiled him how could you
  • when he’s in the mood and his schedule is clear you better grab a seat belt because he’s still learning how all this sexy time stuff works and you get to be his guinea pig and the golden maknae is a fast learner duh
  • he means what he says, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is, if he says he’ll meet you for a zumba class at six oclock he will be there five minutes early and will wear matching pink headbands with you
  • loves going to concerts with you and will cheer his little heart out and it’s so damn cute like this human is where you have laid all your affections
  • it’s like he doesn’t ever get stressed, and when he’s on tour and you’re at home absolutely miserable you call him up and his voice is all deep and husky while he tells you about his day and you’re thinking do you miss me at all you little brat
  • and then he suddenly mentions that he thought about the time you two went to the beach and you wore that hot two piece and do you still have that? and you’re thinking why isn’t this kid ever talking like this when he’s at home with me
  • there are times when you wonder how much you mean to him because he’s not vocal about it at all but then he sweeps you up for a quick vacation because he has the weekend off and you spend the entire night at the swimming pool
  • he let you ride on his back while he did the dog paddle, there were fireflies too kookie is adorable when he wants to be
  • and you both finally went all the way afterward so he’s like maybe we can give game of thrones another chance i wanna see the dragons
  • but in all seriousness he’s so mature and you never have to worry about a thing, if you need something he already has it ready before you even tell him it’s very strange but kookie is always prepared
  • he is not afraid to call you out or correct you if you’re wrong about something but he always does it very respectfully because you are his lady and he will punch himself in the face before he hurts you
  • and he is a total gentleman, like always holding hands, gives you the window seat, opens doors for you and holds your hair when you throw up because damn it he told you that was too much wine you lightweight
  • he strokes your hair while your head rests on his chest and he asks if you believe the two of you will make it and you admit that you do and he apologizes for not telling you he loves you enough
  • but you tell him you know he does because his actions speak louder than words and he kisses your forehead before crying a little bit because there is a heart of gold under all that manliness

For more imagines, click here for the masterlist.

shitty commentary crew preference - going to a convention together

song of inspiration - pizza by oohyo

author’s note: i have no idea why i chose to write about this because it’s kind of random, but i just wanted to give it a go to be honest. anyway, i hope you all enjoy this preference gang and don’t forget that requests are open! - l.t.

alex // imallexx

- he would buy you tickets to twitchcon, but accidentally bought you tickets to go to an anime and manga con. however, this didn’t matter to you because this meant that you got to make fun of weebs who tried to speak japanese to you through google translate.

- he bought an anime girl pillow to annoy you, and wouldn’t stop making a meme out of it, as he would pretend to kiss and caress the character on it. as you witnessed this, all you could do was face palm.

- he forced you to take pictures with the cosplayers, which you found awkward as hell with his bright purple internet sensation t-shirts and the awkward blue dad jeans™, but regardless, it was a whole lot of fun.

- he bought you one of those pink “kawaii llamas” and called it jeff.

aidan // alekindofwar

- was the one to buy the *correct* tickets to twitchcon, and made you wear one of his spare twitch hoodies, which was so big it dangled off you, but you didn’t really mind because it was really comfy.

- you persistently tried to annoy him while he was playing dark souls, to which he just spat back at you in sassy comebacks in his aussie accent, which you found absolutely hilarious.

- after the convention, he would take you to the afterparty for free drinks, and you would get *really* drunk while shit talking youtubers you hated.

- waking up with a hangover from hell, but with memories to last you both a lifetime.

billy // chubbs

- you both decided to ironically buy tickets to minecon, which almost led to you crying out of laughter when he told you.

- you would both sing minecraft parodies together, both trying you best not to laugh or giggle in the middle of singing, while pretending to mine diamonds with a fake foam pickaxe. you later discovered that someone had filmed the whole thing and had put it on twitter.

- billy had spent almost an hour building a fort on the game, only for you to destroy it, which annoyed billy very much, but he ended up forgiving you anyway.

- you came home with armfuls of minecraft merch, and not to mention embarrassing videos of the pair of you pissing about, but you wouldn’t change any of that for the world.

niall // pyrocynical

- he would wear his own merch for everyday of the convention, while not to mention the fact that he wrote “sub 2 pyro” on a long strip of blank white labels, which he ended up sticking everywhere in the convention hall.

- you both ate subway for lunch everyday, stuffing yourselves silly with enormous amounts of food. fans sometimes recognised you while you were munching away, but you were more than happy to take pictures and have nice chats with them all.

- niall would constantly yell “my name jeff”, and got other youtubers to say it and made it into a compilation for youtube.

- you would be so exhausted from all the crazy madness, fun, meeting all your friends, getting meet niall’s fans, the laughs and the happy memories that you fell asleep in his arms on the train home and he would mess with your hair softly as the train rattled down the tracks noisily, closer to his house so that you could fall right to sleep once you got back.

erling // atozy

- would get you both lost around the convention hall, and you were both puzzled as to where you actually were. you both eventually realised that the map of the convention hall you had was turned upside down.

- filming random bits of footage of you going up to progamerjay to ask if he was actually colour blind, and how he felt about his channel revolving around clickbait, which eventually started to tick him off, so you both avoided him for the rest of the time you were there.

- photobombing almost all of alex’s photos with you somehow, but alex really couldn’t stay mad at you both from how funny they were and everyone just memed them to death on twitter.

- grabbing pizza from dolminos at four in the morning due to the fact that you’re not tired yet and are absolutely buzzed for the next few days of the convention.

elliot // ellbob

- he looked like he was constantly drooling, due to the fact you both had to take the six am train and he stayed up drinking with his friends until four am.

- “my name nut” compilations were all over twitter, which he spammed his followers with over and over again. this almost got him suspended.

- minecraft themed photoshoot. need i say more?

- yelling “wake me up inside” by evanescence at the bar, because you were both absolutely pissed out of your mind. this almost got you kicked out, but thankfully you were allowed to stay, which proceeded in a drinking contest.

brad // braddoesbanter

- “oi dickhead, should we both buy loads of pyro’s merch, then sneak up on him while he’s sleeping?” you both agreed to just that the next day.

- you both bought all of his merch for the plan later on, along with an roblox snapback and a foam minecraft pickaxe.

- it was dark. everyone else was asleep in the air b’n’b they all had rented,you both crept up to niall in his peaceful slumber, snoring and covered in blankets. you both counted to three slowly, as you ripped his blankets off, brad poured freezing cold water all over and screamed “mincraft” as loud as you could. it was safe to say that niall almost pissed his pants.

- you laughed about it on the incident involving niall all the way home on the train.

Sleepless nights (ii)

Continuation of this! I have a couple more nights of sleeping difficulty planned for poor Nursey, and eventually the whole thing is going up on ao3. This one got long. And if someone could help me figure out how to make the “keep reading” work for mobile…that would be GREAT - the internet is failing me.


Nursey’s bus leaves for Maine at 9:45am from Port Authority, and Nursey finds himself sprinting through the uptown building at 9:40 after initially going to the wrong gate. His duffle bag bounces against his side as he clambers down the escalator, finally arriving at his gate two minutes before the bus is supposed to depart. Panting, he hands his ticket to a very bored-looking driver, and hauls himself onto the bus. He finds a seat near the back, wanting to avoid the inevitable fall on the way to the shitty on-bus bathroom later on. Stowing his bag overhead, Nursey finally drops into his seat and lets out a long breath.

Me: made it :)

Dexyyy: Proud of you.

Dexyyy: What’s your ETA again?

Me: supposed to be around 7:30 I think? Bus takes fucking forever. Stops and shit

Dexyyy: Got it.

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Imagine this scenario.

Hide is pretty popular with his classmates and his peer, even his senpais are drawn to him. He’s a fun guy to be around, and he’s hilarious. He’s like a light and everyone else is a moth. But things started to change halfway through high school after a certain incident occurred. 

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Crème de la Crème: 33


“Yo Aug, you coming?” Ashton pointed at the chartered van that we arrived in

Pressing my phone against my ear, I nodded, holding my finger up letting him know that I needed a minute.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t hang up in your face right now?” my wife asked

“Because we both know you just as relieved to hear my voice than you are angry, so what’s up baby?” I smiled

“Don’t ‘what’s up baby’ me.” she mocked my voice “I know your plane landed more than three hours ago, so why are you now just calling?” she asked

“I was held up on the plane when we landed and I told you that I had a meeting, what you think I came here to find another woman or something?” I asked

I probably should have taken the time to Call Corrie while everyone was worried about Evie’s choice of clothing but it was just too much going on at the time, so I opted to wait until I was done with my meeting so I wouldn’t have to rush her off the phone.

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Him, Not Me// Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by kihqun

Pairing: Kihyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Two of your friends continuously flirt with you, one with heart, and one with a simple objective.

Author’s Note: This is a super cute request! I hope you like it!

xoxo Sara

It hadn’t been long after you had met Jooheon, that he had decided to introduce you to his friends. You had met him in a small shopping center, waiting for your friend to leave the store she was in, when he had bumped into you and asked for directions. You hadn’t realized that your second long interaction, would have blossomed into a beautiful friendship, but you were thankful it did.

Jooheon had introduced you to the other six, claiming he had one boy he knew you would ‘mesh’ well with. You hadn’t specifically known which boy that was, though, because once you had entered their small dorm room, you were practically bombarded with questions.

He had introduced them from oldest to youngest; Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, and Changkyun. All of them seemed to have bright and loud personalities, which were the types of people you found yourself to be hanging around most of the time. You liked the fun, energetic atmosphere those types of people brought, because with them, there was never a dull moment. And with these boys, there sure was never a dull moment.

You had found yourself gravitating towards Kihyun, who’s pink hair and bright smile intrigued you more than intended. He was always so sweet to you, trying to make you laugh even if it was to the extent of embarrassing himself, which was something he often did. Kihyun had been the first boy initially to accept you into their small friend group with no hesitation, because he simply enjoyed your company.

But another boy, Wonho, also seemed to gravitate towards you. Though, he was more direct about his approaches than Kihyun was. Pulling you into tight bear hugs, always having his arm around your shoulders, or pulling you next to him on the couch were things that Wonho simply did, whether it was intentional or not, you weren’t sure.

But regardless, the boys of Monsta X had become a friend group away from your original friends, a place where you felt safe and comfortable and happy, always.

“(Y/N)!” Jooehon cheered as he opened the door to the apartment you had been to many times, his arms immediately flinging around your shoulders to bring you into his chest, “Long time, no see!”

“I saw you two days ago, Jooheon,” you giggled, patting his back softly as you reached into your bag, pulling out a small tin of cookies that you had baked, “Merry Late Christmas.”

“Oh, (Y/N), You shouldn’t have,” Jooheon said in an overly-earnest voice, almost as if he were teasing as he held the small tin to his chest, “They’re only for me, right?”

“I’m sure you can eat them all yourself,” you patted his shoulder softly, “But no. They’re for all of you. There are plenty in there, so you have to share.”

You looked behind him, seeing the doors to the rooms wide open and the small living room they had vacant, “Speaking of which; where is everyone?”

“Most of the Hyungs had to go out and do something,” Jooheon explained, opening the tin and popping a cookie into his mouth, “It’s just me, Wonho-hyung, and Kihyun-hyung. A quiet day in the dorm room.”

“For once,” you chuckled, watching behind him as a boy emerged from his room, his pink hair giving away his identity as a smile spread across his face. “Kihyun!”

Kihyun turned quickly, a matching smile on his face as well as Jooheon moved over to the side slightly, “(Y/N), you’re here!”

Kihyun began walking over to you to give you a hug, but before he could reach you, Wonho had sprung from his room, a grin on his face as he quickly made hie way to you and brought you into his arms, “Wah, (Y/N)! You didn’t tell me you were coming!”

You watched as Kihyuns face dropped slightly as Wonho’s arms made their way comfortably around your shoulders while you gave him a soft pat on the back, “It was a sunrise. I missed you all.”

“We missed you, too,” Wonho swayed you back and forth as Kihyun let out a soft, defeated sigh, walking over to the small kitchen that connected to the living room.

You smiled up at Wonho, leaving his arms slightly as you pointed to the tin of cookies, “Those are for all of you, go nuts.”

“Awesome!” Wonho made his way over to Jooheon, though Jooheon quickly made a run for it into one of the rooms with the tin.

You giggled, making your way to the kitchen where Kihyun was, his frame illuminated by the bright light of the fridge as you made your way over to him.

“I didn’t get a hug,” you said softly, poking his side as he looked over to you, a soft smile rising as it did each time he saw you, “I’m sad.”

He chuckled softly, bringing you into a soft, yet tight hug as he sighed into your hair, “Hi (Y/N). I missed you.”

“Missed you more,” you hummed, leaving his arms only slightly as you rested your head against his side, “What have you all been up to?”

“Nothing much, really. Just cleaning and talking,” Kihyun felt his heart swell at the close proximity you were to him. He thought by now that he would be used to the feeling you gave him whenever you were near, but even now, you never failed to make his heart jump, even with your small actions towards him.

And you had felt the same, although you had neglected to tell anyone. In your heart, you had always hoped that Kihyun was the one that Jooheon spoke about, the one he thought you could ‘mesh’ with very well, and you always thought that it could be a possibility he liked you back. But then, Wonho would come along, and you would have no idea which boy Jooheon meant the first time you met him.

“Well, i’m glad i’m here and I can liven things up!” You smiled softly, watching as he closed the door to the fridge, “We can play guitar hero or something. I can kick your butt again.”

“That was one time,” Kihyun groaned, making you laugh as he rolled his eyes, “And it was because you cheated!”

“I am not a cheater!” you gasped, pushing his shoulder slightly as you turned from him to walk towards the entrance of the kitchen, “I play fair and square.”

“(Y/N),” Wonho hummed as he entered the kitchen, his arm pressing around your waist as he spun you, making you giggle, “Watcha talking about?”

“Kihyun called me a cheater,” You said, sticking your tongue out at Kihyun, “But I always play games fairly.”

‘At least someone does,’ Kihyun thought to himself, watching as Wonho’s arm stayed comfortably around your waist.

Wonho knew that Kihyun had feelings for him, but that didn’t stop him from being touchy with you. Not that you seemed to mind, though. But maybe, you didn’t really notice. Kihyun had always thought about the possible outcomes of most things in life; but with you, he couldn’t find the most logical solution. The way you were with both him and Wonho confused him greatly.

Kihyun didn’t think that he stood a chance against Wonho if there came a time where you had to choose between them. He always thought the older boy was more strong, handsome, a just all around better, and it made his heart hurt, thinking of the fact that you could end up with Wonho and Kihyun would just have to watch at the sidelines.

“Well, Jooheon just started up Guitar Hero as we speak,” Wonho said, plucking Kihyun out of his thoughts as he looked at Wonho, “go join him.”

“Alright,” you smiled, waving at Kihyun, “Meet you out there.”

“Yeah,” Kihyun nodded, a weary smile on his face, “Sure.”

As you left the room, you plopped next to Jooheon on the couch, watching as he calibrated the small plastic guitar, “Hey, Jooheonie,” you said, bringing your knees up to your chest, “There’s tension between those two. Have you noticed?”

“I have,” Jooheon said, hitting the correct colors on the guitar as they went down the fret board on the tv screen, “They’re both very competitive.”

“What are they competing over?”


You widened your eyes, looking at Jooheon as you raised an eyebrow. What did he mean by that? Before you could ask, the other two boys had arrived into the living room, Kihyun with a water bottle in his hand as he plopped next to you.

“Alright, I call first song.”

Throughout the whole time you were all playing, you felt as if the tension in the room became more noticeable. You could see Kihyun becoming more fidgety in each song Wonho seemed to get almost a perfect score on, and vice versa with Wonho. At one point they had both gone to the point wher ethey had completely stopped talking during songs, just to see if they could get a perfect score.

“Alright, let’s just end this,” Jooheon groaned, walking to the side and grabbing a second guitar, “We have two guitars, you know.”

He tossed the other guitar to Wonho as Kihyun paused the song, looking at Wonho with wide eyes.

“Let’s do it, then.”

Kihyun hooked up the multiplayer mode with noticeably shaky hands, as he thought back to the conversation him and wonho had in the kitchen.

“Listen Hyu-“

“You’re sick of me flirting with (Y/N),” Wonho chuckled, almost plucking the words right from Kihyun’s mouth. “Well, how about we make a deal then? If we verse at Guitar Hero and you win, I will back off of her, but you’ll still have to confess sooner or later. If I win, you have to confess right then and there.”

“Isn’t that kind of a lose-lose situation for me anyway?” Kihyun sighed softly, “She would probably want you anyway.”

“Have faith in yourself, you idiot.”

And he played with all of his heart, but at some point due to nerves, Kihyun had made one mistake, causing him to lose the battle almost instantly as Wonho his him with attack after attack.

Once the song had ended,  Wonho got up with a victorious smile, mumbling to Kihyun, “A deal’s a deal,” before grabbing Jooheon’s shoulder.  “Let’s go in the kitchen.”

You looked around as the two others left with confusion written on your face, “Why did they leave? What’s going on?”

Kihyun looked at you with wide, nervous eyes, before looking at the guitar laying in his lap, “(Y/N)….”

“Is something the matter?” You went close to Kihyun, worry taking over your body as you rubbed his back, “It’s just a game…”

“It’s not about the game,” Kihyun mumbled softly, “Well, it is sort of about the game, but…”

A groan left Kihyun’s mouth as he covered his face, “(Y/N), I like you a lot. And I know, you must like Wonho, i mean, who wo-“

After those words, your heart beat completely drowned out the rest as it beat loudly in your ears, a smile spreading across your face almost instantly. He liked you? Why did he wait such a long time to tell you?

“Kihyun,” you smiled, pulling on his arm softly to try and get his attention, “Shut up.”

“W-What?” Kihyun asked, “Wh-“

“I like you too,” You giggled, pushing his arm back slightly, “Of course i like you too, are you stupid? Wasn’t it obvious?”

A sudden voice emerged from the kitchen as you spoke.

“To everyone else it was!”

Mistakes Are Made pt.10

Misha x Reader

Summary: While Misha gains some rest, you meet and befriend his coworkers.

Mistakes Are Made Masterlist

Warnings: language, irrelevant gif, unedited

Word count: 1567

Originally posted by confetticorporationofficial

The aeroplane that you and Misha were on had been practically filled with children and screaming babies, which really only affected Misha since you had a knack for sleeping through loud noises. By the time you had stepped foot into the hotel that you would be staying at for the weekend, Misha almost looked like he was going to pass out where he stood. You supposed having to catch two aeroplanes within a short period of time would be rather draining, as well as not being able to sleep on at least one of them. 

After retrieving the room key card, you both entered a room that represented something that only movies showed. It was much fancier than the hotel room you had shared with Mackenzie. This room seemed more…romantic? Maybe it was just because you were here with Misha. But the taunting two person sized bathroom in the corner of your eye stated differently. “Okay,” you said louder than necessary, “you should get some rest while I go find some food for us when you wake up.”

“We’re here together, I’ll go with you.”

Shaking your head in disagreement, you escorted him to the king sized bed and placed the luggage in his hands against a wall. “You’re exhausted, you need to rest. We have all weekend together. We don’t need to rush into anything.” you said, placing your hands on his chest and gently pushing him until the back of his knees hit the bed and he sat down. 

“Then sleep with me.” he mumbled. “We’ll go exploring later.”

“I slept for the whole flight, Misha, I don’t think I’m going to be sleeping for a few hours.”

He frowned – like a child – but finally let you leave so he could sleep before he went downstairs to say hello to everybody. There had been a cafe which caught your eye from across the hotel, you just hoped it wasn’t too crowded from all the Supernatural fans desperate for a hot drink to warm themselves up in the cold weather of Birmingham, but as you stepped outside and saw the large line of people down the sidewalk you knew you would be waiting a while for a coffee. 

The other surrounding buildings were restaurants, which had to by why everyone was yearning for warmth enough to stand in the cold instead of walking a few blocks for a different cafe. You, however, were not up to doing either. You entered the hotel once again and sat in one of lobby’s chairs, disappointed that you’d have to wait a little longer for the line to decrease.

You pulled your phone from your pocket and went on twitter and scanned the recent tweets from the cast of Supernatural. You still didn’t know all of them, but after the consistent nagging from Mackenzie you finally chose to follow as many as you remembered. Finding almost nothing from the cast, you searched up the convention hashtag to read what everybody had been saying over the past few hours. 

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Party like a Ravager: Chapter 1

@rookerstash came up with the idea and I just ran with it. Thanks to  one-girl-once-upon-a-dream for helping me out.

Summary: The Ravagers meet some ladies in need of a party. Everything is fine until they wake up. The find their ship is a wreck, there is a random animal on the ship, Tullk has a wedding ring and Peter is nowhere to be found. Oh and Yondu now has a tattoo.

                           Chapter One: The Captain Obtains a Pet

Yondu woke up with a throbbing in his head.  His vision was blurred for a second, but his eyes slowly started readjusting. He was silent as he scanned the room. The bedroom was a complete and total mess. Clothing was strewn about the floor along with empty bottles of Rewhothean whiskey. Groaning, he stood up only to have to sit back down. His head was killing him. It was like something was inside his head, and it was trying to get out.

Ravagers were known partiers. Party with the Ravagers and you would be sore the next day. But you would have a lot of stories to tell. If there was one thing Ravagers loved more than stealing from folks, it was having fun. So hangovers were not a stranger to Yondu. But this? This was a whole new level of hangover. His vision was extremely blurry. It took a bit of blinking for him to finally see clearly. But the throbbing persisted, and he held his head, trying to ignore the pain.

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Confusion (Jasper Jordan x reader smut)

Request:“Could you write something where people only ever had sex with Jasper if they wanted something (like drugs or to get things I dunno) so when reader genuinely likes him he keeps trying to figure out what they want from him, cuz they’re on the ground, but he doesn’t really have anything, so he’s just kinda stresses and maybe tries to give reader strange gifts until reader admits that they actually just really like him?? (If you wanna put a smutty scene in that could be fun too ;) )” ~ Anonymous

Wow, quite the request, I love the creativity! ❤

A/N: I’m sorry I haven’t been posting new pieces latley, just been a bit busy. I love your guy’s requests! ❤

Warning: Sex, cursing, the usual!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

You walked around camp, joining a group of friends as you came back from a shift from watch. The small group sat around a makeshift table, which was decorated with cups of alchohol, and food. You laughed and joked around with them as the sun began to set. Things were all fun and games, until you heard a loud cry of excitment from across the camp. The familier sound made your heart skip a beat, it was Jasper. You had a massive crush on him. And massive was an understatement. You’re not quite sure what it is about the guy, but whenever you see him, you can’t help but feel your heart race. You watched as the boy poured drinks for people, a huge smile plastered on his face.

For the past week or so, you had been dropping hints. Trying to get him to notice you. Doing anything you could do to get close to him. Even forcing someone to trade shifts with you so you could work with him. You even went so far as to kiss his cheek. You just pulled him in by hid arm and quickly pecked his cheek and walked off. Only to glance back to see Jasper with bright pink cheeks and his mouth left open. You took that as a good sign. A sign that, maybe, just maybe he liked you too. And when you saw that lanky idiot that afternoon, you made up your mind. That was going to be the night you were going to kiss Jasper. Really, just, go for it. If he wasn’t make the first move, you were.

You took a deep breath, asked your friends to wish you luck, and made your way across. Your feet became led practically, you had to force yourself to make it across. Your heart burning in your chest.

“Y/N!” Jasper raised his drink in your direction, and smiled. You smiled back, while he handed you a cup filled with the oh-so-famous, Monty’s moonshine. You took it with a smile and sipped it. Jasper raised his eyebrows as you drink, and nodded his head at you when you took it away from your lips. Still with that nerdy smile. You nodded your head with a breathy laugh.

“Its strong.”

“Haha! You like it?” You seemed overly excited, as if he wad looking for your approval. You shrugged.

“I mean, its not too bad.” His chuckle was deep, and he looked down then back around the two of you. He watched the rest of the group for a moment. Then he seemed to get an idea, he turned to you.

“Hey! If you don’t like that, yknow those nuts we stopped using?”

“The ones that you tripped balls on?”

“Yeah! I think I might still have them if you want some.” He offered.

“Oh, no. I’m alright.” You refused. You really didn’t feel like hallucinating. All you wanted, was Jasper. Thats all you could think about as you watched Jasper. How much you wanted kiss him, and hold him. Press your body against his as you made up until you couldn’t handle it anymore and he’d have to have you right then and there. Okay maybe your mind was going a little over board, and maybe you were just a little horny. Jasper justed nodded, and looked back down before looking at you.

“No problem. Look uh, is there anything I can get you?” You thought he was being so sweet, and caring.

“No not really. Um..actually, can I talk to you? Like, alone?” You managed.

“Yeah! Sure thing, um, Monty’s in my tent so maybe…”

“My tent, got it, right this way.” You lead him to your substitute for a home. A simple tarp tent you shared with a friend of yours. You ducked into the small room, and looked back at Jasper. When he finally got into the space, you forced every bone in your body to move. So you could lean forward and pull him in by his jacket and kiss him. It took him a moment, and for a moment you were afraid that he would pull away. But sure enough, he kissed you back with a soft moan. His hands wrapped around your waist and you felt weak. This was really happening. The kiss just deepened as Jasper’s hands roamed your body. He started french kissing you, and he held your close. For a moment you thought you were going to faint, it all felt like a dream. You felt so hot, like you were running a feaver, and you were so wet. Even more so when Jasper’s hand groped you.

You practically tore off his jacket, which was only the beginning of the shedding of clothes. Jasper only stopped once you removed your bra to gaze down at your breasts. Jasper couldn’t deny it, he was a huge boob guy. He gropped, and sucked on your boobs and nipples. You couldn’t help but moan. The rest was a blur until you were naked laying on your bed, while Jasper finally took off his underwear to reveal his cock. Fuck, it was even better than you imagined. In a passionate frenzy, Jasper kissed up your body from your pussy to your neck where he nibbled. He couldn’t get enough of your body. He was going crazy for you. You were blissfully unaware of how many times Jasper had fantasized about you like this. Before you knew it, Jasper’s cock was slowly sliding deep into you. You gasped, while Jasper grunted.

“F-Fuck you’re tight.” He moaned, as he held your hips, and started thrusting into you. He slowly slid in and out, enjoying the feeling of you until he became impatient. Soon enouch he started to really fuck you. Started to moan, and look down at you with lust filled eyes. He leaned down and kissed you passionately as he pounded into you. All while moaning your name, every now and then bitting his lip to keep himself quiet. Trying his best not to lose himself within the moment. Trying not to fall so hard for you. It wasn’t long until he reached down and started rubbing your clit while he fucked you. The intense feeling of pleasure warmed your body as you moaned, and made small noises of passion. You were so close to orgasm, and everything Jasper was doing sent shivers down your spine. You never expected him to be so good. You arched your back and gasped as your orgasm washed over you. Jasper watched you with a smile. “Ohh fuck yes Y/N. Is that what you want? Want me to make you cum?” He hissed while he kept on fucking you. You reached up and held onto him, held him close. He supported himself on one arm, while he held you close with the other. Which supported the back of your neck. He either kissed you, or your neck. Where he littered you with love bites.

“Jasper I’m gonna cum again.” You whimpered. He nodded, and kissed you while his last few thrusts sent you over the edge. You came again, while you felt his own orgasm filled you. The two of you were moaning, panting messes. He pulled out of you, and watched you for a moment. Before he shook himself out of it, and threw his underwesr on. He startef getting dressed while you watched him. “W-Wait. Where are you going?” You almost paniced, maybe you had advanced too soon. Maybe he thought this would just be a small hook up? But the way he held you, so intimate. That was more than just a hook up, wasn’t it?

“I-I just thought that maybe I’d leave you alone now?”


“Well you just, I don’t know, I thought this is what you wanted.”

“For you to leave right after…whatever that was?”


“N-No. I don’t want you to go.” You started at one another for a moment. “Look, Jasper-”

“Its just that, thats how most of them wanted it.”

“Who’s them?” You asked.

“Uh…Look Y/N,” he sat down next to you, “back on the arch. Before I got arrested. Girls, really only slept with me, because they wanted something. Like, drugs, or test answers, or just used me.”

“Used you?” He nodded, that shaking, child like nod that made him soirresponsibly adorable.

“Like…sexually. I thought thats what this was, I mean, why else would you-”

“I like you Jasper.” You blurted. His eyes widened slightly, his eyebrows raised. You just stared at you. “I really like you Jasper, I don’t want to use you. I couldn’t even imagine just using you for something like that.” You barley finished your sentence when Jasper kissed you. A tender kiss, his hands held your head and his fingers brushed over your cheeks.

“Thank, fucking, god.” He whispered before kissing you again.

“Round two?” You offered, still completely naked, and aching for him again.

“How could I say no to that?” Jasper smiled, and kissed you passionately. Jasper couldn’t have been happier. He had fallen so hard for you, but had fallen before only to be hurt again and again. He was so thankful for you, and he cherished you. As you did him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay this came out a little darker than planned, but also sweeter lol❤

archival-hogwash  asked:

Hi there! Big fan here, wondering if you'd be down to take on the "famous person is interviewed about when they were in love and HOLD UP IT'S their long-lost love" for RogueJedi (Bodhi Rook x Luke Skywalker)?

Oooh, a chance to write two of my favorite Space Disasters! Yes please! 

Also, you are the sweetest! (blushes) (throws a fic at you)

Bodhi was comfortable, sprawled out on the couch, feet up on the ottoman. He was  half-attending to his phone and half-watching the television when Jyn came out of the kitchen with a plate full of sandwiches and offered him one.

Bodhi took the sandwich. “You’re the best.”

“You know it.” Jyn sat down on the couch next to him, leaning against him slightly.

“Cassian is right there.” Bodhi said, gesturing at Jyn’s boyfriend seated at the kitchen table, head buried in his laptop.

“Well, I’m cold and you’re right here. Deal.” Jyn said.

The television droned in the background, “And next up we have Commander Luke Lars, with his new book ‘Skywalker.’ Commander Lars, it’s good to have you with us.”

Call me Luke, please.”

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So now that we know what all of the Diamonds are like, i decided to draw a bunch of ‘what if’ “Stonemasons” as he’d appear if he was “brainwashed” by each one of the different Diamonds so first we have normal old Stonemason courtesy of Yellow Diamond, nothing too different there. Then we have the concept that’s been thrown around before known as “Freemason” which is done by Blue, who actually doesn’t really torture Dipper or mind wipe him or anything, if anything she just sorta manipulates his mind and memories into thinking that he joined her side willingly and whatnot (and yeah he did lose that other hand but its apparently not such a big deal there). Then we have the scariest of the set by far, White Knight, which is White’s take on this whole thing, where yeah she pretty much breaks his mind entirely, takes both his arms and an eye and sorta just corrupts him altogether (probs like what she might have done with her Pearl). Then finally we got a new concept I recently came up with Pinkmason, which IS NOT done by Steven, do NOT misconstrue things here with that! “Pinkmason” was actually made/brainwashed/whatever by Blue and Yellow as a “gift” for “Pink” but of course the moment Steven sees what they did to one of his best friends he is NOT ok with that and it leads to a bunch of angst or whatever and its a new AU concept I like a LOT. But anyway if ya’ll wanna talk to me about any of these feel free to cause after last night’s ep I’m abound with ideas AU and otherwise!