nut spread


The new supply of sexy Rap Monster gifs just got delivered. 

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I’ve been in a RWBY mood all week and decided to draw my favourite ships because these pairings don’t get shipped enough. Spread the love.

the nut button always makes me angry cause like, its not photoshopped right, the blue area around the word nut is so pasted on lookin, I’m salty

wait, whats this? did I use my art program to improve the Nut Button? yes I did.

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It’s really shitty that Paige’s private photos and videos were leaked but everyone needs to stop with the double standards. When Seth’s nudes were leaked, people (mainly women) were going nuts bashing him and spreading the pics saying stuff like, “he shouldn’t have cheated on his fiancée” or just spreading the pic cause they found him attractive as if any of that justified it. And now I’ve seen a lot, NOT ALL WOMEN, but quite a few women standing up for Paige and taking her side, Which I love, but why the hypocrisy?? Where was this support when Seth had his photos leaked embarrassingly without his consent as well? The same things could be said about the other way around. People who were standing up for Seth back then are now bashing Paige for it. Stop the double standards people!! Both are really shitty and unfair situations, of course they’re different circumstances, but once again nothing justifies them being leaked without consent, point blank period.