nut huggers

@mikethekiller said:

DC hate is one of the weirder phenomenas in MMA, I think some of it comes from people not thinking of him as the real champ.

DC is based solely in him losing to Jones and then getting the title anyway. Before that fight, DC was crazy popular. Can’t remember where the UFC was but there was a card prior to UFC 182 where they showed DC on the screen and the place just erupted. I made a post before the fight about how I didn’t see a way for DC to win the fight and half the replies were people calling me a Jones nut-hugger.

It’s amazing. The DC hate is really a product of Jones being a consummate fuck-up.

anonymous asked:

@ "i love how lesbians are the evil ones..." anon. Like yes, bi women are aware of how many homophobic bisexuals there are -- but it still doesn't change the fact that calling an ENTIRE group of women "nut huggers" "and "dick worshippers" etc is gross misogyny and you can't be a feminist if you're going to shame women for their sexual orientation. It's incredibly hypocritical. ESPECIALLY if you're going to have an argument with a MINOR. lol what happened to radfem being about loving ALL women?