nut city

Sometimes a man can’t handle a woman. Most of them are smarter. They study us; and they can push a button with their tongue that will make you wanna go to nut city.. BUT DONT DO IT! Don’t beat your woman, she is your second self. We got to honour and respect her and lift her
—  Minister Louis Farrakhan on domestic violence

Deadpool: Oh oh Captain, you forgot it was also him that made weapons that killed people, his dickness caused super-villains to be made, told a bad guy where he lived, almost got his hot girlfriend killed, and also is the reason a lot of people died in the second Avengers movie….anything else? 

Voice 1: No, I think you got it all.

Voice 2: Oh oh don’t forget he is the reason the twins went evil, caused the Hulk to got nuts, and destroy that city they fought in.

Deadpool: Oh yeah and to the guy who made this, you are my man. Good work, now tell me your name!!! 


because books are important. 

the zines/books i love the most in no particular order. left to right.

1. Love and Mr. Lewisham. H.G Wells

2. Open Mic. Ewen Spencer

3. Money on my oyster. Nina Mandahar


5. UKG. Ewen Spencer

6. Nut City. Kebab Customs

7. London Trellick Tower. Craig Atkinson. Cafe Royal Books. 

8. Matt Martin. the Photocopy Club


10. DRIVE. David Newby

11. Nut City. Dandelionslonde

12. Riders of Phanom. Luke Moran - Morris

13. Brothtarn

14. Concreteanddeadbeats. 001