nursing school shit

“Dude. It’s paintings and poetry. Together. It’s ‘swasome as hell. Da Vinci said it himself — painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”

“Wow. You have all quotes just ready to go, don’t you?”

“Nah, I just opened my book on a random page,” Nursey said, one arm still wrapped around Dex’s shoulders, and showed Dex the page he had read the quote from, making his defense partner snort. It was a side note, written in italics and underlined with a purple marker by Nursey — purple pen meant personal interest, Dex knew already. Just like he knew the red pen was for important stuff, the blue pen was for additional notes, the yellow marker was for the stuff his professor deemed especially important, and the green pen was to underline the lines in poems that were just “mad chill”. Dex had his colored pens right down to an art already and pretended that it wasn’t weird to know so much about Nursey’s studying habits.

“I’d read you one of the poems, but I thought you wouldn’t get it,” Nursey chirped as he finally closed the book. His arm was still around Dex’s shoulders. It was … nice. Weirdly nice.

“You got that right,” Dex chuckled. Seriously, Painting as Poetry? It sounded like a douchey book, assigned for a douchey class. No wonder Nursey was so over the heels for it. “Aren’t those artsy poems meant to be looked at, anyways? Not read out loud? If I remember anything from high school, that shit just sounds weird spoken out loud. Like a broken record.”

“Meh, I guess. But they’re pretty to look at,” Nursey shrugged. His arm was still around Dex’s shoulders. It was getting infuriating. Infuriating in a whole different way than Nursey’s presence usually was.

Dex tried to pretend he didn’t mind, though. In fact, he was almost afraid to move, aside from walking, in case he accidentaly ended this whole new, getting along thing they had going. They were always just one wrongful curve away from an argument, albeit that curve started to getting farther and farther away with each conversation, and he was just curious to see how long it was able to go. It was pure science.

Besides, it was nice. In a way he could all too easily get used to.

My reasons for never ever working day shift EVER again

I just went back to days temporarily and holy shit, take me back to nights.

1.) My patients’/their families’ unrelenting obsession with food and when they will eat.

 *Hint* – if you’re NPO because you’re either having surgery/procedure today or because you just had extraordinarily invasive abdominal surgery, it won’t be any time soon. No, your intubated family member can’t have a cheeseburger.

And no, I don’t have food for your 25 family members who are all diabetic and “forgot” to eat. Unless you’re totally down with a can of Promote, I’ve got nothign for you.

2.) Does that phone EVER stop ringing? LIKE EVER? If it’s not lab, it’s pharmacy. Or radiology, or the patient’s 25 thousand family members coming out of the woodwork. Kill me now.

3.) There are so MANY PEOPLE. Visitors, procedural nurses, techs, doctors, med students, nursing students, etc etc etc.

Perhaps I’m becoming more anti-social with being a nighthawk, but Jesus Christ on a cracker. WHERE DO ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WORK? WHERE DO THEY COME FROM? WHAT TO THEY DO?

4.) Families are important, don’t get me wrong. When your loved one is sick, you want to be with them. And it’s not like we don’t have our fair share of family members and their problems. Perhaps we have a security issue. But I’m sorry, I’m not responding after the 50th phone call of the day about Auntie Susie Q. If you want me to take care of Susie Q, designate 1 (hell I’ll even let you have 2) people who you get your updates from. And two, max 3, people at bedside. When I have a vent, my IVs with multiple pumps (and even poles in some cases), the bed, chairs, drains, potentially other machines like CVVH etc, there’s no room for all 20 thousand of you. Please go to the waiting room and take your turn.

Anyhoo, to my day shifters: kudos to you my friends. I’ll be back in the darkened corners of the unit hiding from everyone.