nursing priority

Priorities during finals week

Good Luck to all the baby nurses and nurse practitioners studying your gluteus maximus off during finals week!!! 

I am sending good vibes your way!!

Send back some good vibes for this final final I have of this semester!

:)  !!

Nurse on! 

Dear nursing students, 

Don’t worry about getting IVs so much. Everyone in my nursing class was obsessed with getting an IV and filled with jealously if someone else got one and they didn’t. Now that I’ve been an RN for a while, I realize how ridiculous that was. I know IVs are intimidating, but it’s a very small part of what we do. If you don’t get an opportunity to do one in nursing school, please don’t stress about it. You will do more than enough when you’re a real nurse. You will not be alone the first time you do one, someone will help you, and you will get to see lots of other people do them. Once you start doing them often you’ll see that they’re really not a big deal. There is plenty of time to learn how to do an IV. Don’t make it priority of nursing school and don’t worry yourself about it. You’re gonna be fine, with or without an IV.