nursing priority

Priorities during finals week

Good Luck to all the baby nurses and nurse practitioners studying your gluteus maximus off during finals week!!! 

I am sending good vibes your way!!

Send back some good vibes for this final final I have of this semester!

:)  !!

Nurse on! 

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It wasn’t as long as the last time she was gone. At least Rip made it seem like she was gone a shorter time but for her it was two years. Two years away from her family, the man she loved and it nearly destroyed her. Nearly being the key word because her she was bag in hand at the front steps of their home. Taking a deep breath before pushing open the door her bag in hand (although she hadn’t left with one.) There was a pause before she did anything or said anything. Waiting to see who exactly was home to decide what her next actions would be, especially after the favour she had managed to get Gideon to do for her. “Barry? I’m home.” Setting her bag by her feet she left her gaze shift to find out where he was. “Oh, and I brought you something.” A smirk tugged at pink lips knowing it would make up for the time gone her weight shifted.