nursing priority

The ideal:

Jack’s work ethic, Bitty’s gracefulness, Ransom’s social skills, Dex’s practical skills, Nursey’s ability to keep it cool, and Lardo’s sense of style.

The reality:

Bitty’s work ethic, Nursey’s gracefulness, Dex’s social skills, Lardo’s practical skills, Ransom’s ability to keep it cool, and Jack’s sense of style.

Brothel | Tommy Shelby

request: quite like the idea of tommy going a whore house when he needs some sort of release and he finds himself going to the reader every time. can i please request this? X

[a/n - i really, really enjoyed writing this. it’s probably my longest one yet and i’d like to continue this into a mini series but right now, nurse is my main priority.]

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types of historical fiction i’d like to see
  • dumas: a french (romantic) musical
    • additionally: the french romantic musical in general 
    • additionally: gay george sand movie
  • exploration of the russian revolution that, rather than limiting the perspective to an aristocratic one and focusing just on the Last Royal Family™, interweaves several perspectives at once, showing the full extent of how shitty romanov rule was 
    • kind of like gloria whelan’s angel on the square but with more peasants
  • something that’s kind of like assassins except it’s called scientists and it’s about a whole bunch of cool lady scientists from entirely different eras
  • the ida b wells movie
  • gay victorians, an ongoing series about fictional gay victorians
  • gay victorians, an ongoing series about real gay victorians
  • every lesbian period drama scenario ever
  • non-linear, multi-generational exploration of how the nature of war changed from the start to the end of the nineteenth century, focused on entirely different, unrelated people who are all somehow tied together thru that common thread 
  • the mary shelley movie
  • shakespeare in love 2: shakespeare in love with a man
  • going back to war in the 19th century: #Sort Out Your Crimean War Nurse Priorities, or the mary seacole movie / documentary / literally anything
  • a movie about two medieval nuns in love, featuring lots of stained glass windows, gothic architecture, and catholic imagery, and yet somehow a happy ending
    • caveat: no weird male-gazey forbidden nun sex scenes allowed
  • a show about, like, early modern playwrights or medieval nuns or the russian romantics or something, except it’s comedic in its tone while still taking the subject seriously
  • documentary series that takes famous/important literary works and places them in their historical context
  • i already said lesbian period dramas but some kind of glorious theater rom-com featuring waistcoats and questionable love poetry and comic misunderstandings and happy endings and all sorts of gay shenanigans
  • something about the figures of transgressive soviet art/music/literature 
  • in case anyone’s forgotten: lesbian period dramas

Having a bit of a sad night bc I went to church and saw the pianist that I worked with all throughout high school. Just sort of realizing that the time of my life where I was a very very focused musician is sort of done. At least for now. Getting into nursing school is the priority right now and it’s just hard to realize that I can’t do everything all at once.

However the time that I do have to practice feels like pure bliss and I’m so grateful for that!

Priorities during finals week

Good Luck to all the baby nurses and nurse practitioners studying your gluteus maximus off during finals week!!! 

I am sending good vibes your way!!

Send back some good vibes for this final final I have of this semester!

:)  !!

Nurse on! 


Since an Anon asked how he/she may improve their grades, I decided to share my “Process of Attempting to Know What I’m Doing in Nursing School”.

Top Left Image: An overall view of my “study zone”. It’s nothing fancy, nor do I want it to be. Its simple, decently organized, and it serves its purpose.

Top Right Image: The left side of my desk. You’ll notice my desk organizer (where I store pens, pencils, sticky notes, paper clips, etc.) My Medical/Surgical book with highlighting and sectioned off with smaller sticky notes to quickly reach the chapter I need (dammit, if this book cost over $200, you better believe I’m writing in it), and a small black notebook. This is what I use during clinicals (apart from my black HIPAA-compliant clipboard for quick notes, such as my patient’s lab values).

Third Image: Simply my computer. We’re currently covering the Introduction to Fluids, Electrolytes, and Acid-Bases and I have clinicals on Tuesday, which is when my Care Plan Map is due.

Final Image: The right side of my desk. This contains my lamp, fossilized wood (because why wouldn’t you find it fascinating?!) index cards with dividers for my drug cards (a requirement for clinicals when administering medications, albeit we are only passing PO meds). Figured if I’m already doing the work to write everything down, might as well keep them for reference, and finally…


This small black book is where I store my notes. It’s small, which allows me to take it anywhere. I use a highlighting system to quickly decode the data:

Pink - Topics
Yellow - Definitions
Orange - Nursing Safety Priorities
Green - Additional Pertinent Information.

I use the PowerPoints for guidance, extract more specific data from my textbook/lectures, and will print out necessary tables to tape in the book for easy access.

Whether this helped you or not, at least now you know a little bit more about myself.

is anyone out there?

It’s been a while, Tumblr. Over the years, I feel like I’ve completely lost myself. 

I lost myself but then picked myself up and got into nursing school, then lost myself again during nursing school. But I suppose that’s expected, nursing school takes priority. Ya girl is almost done though! 3 more months.

But It would be nice to get back to me and focusing on me. I miss me. Nursing school really truly drains you. It’s been so fast-paced - 9 weeks material with tests and quizzes every week and only 1 week break in between and then it’s on to the next term. I feel like my life has been put in over-drive and I haven’t truly gotten the chance to sit down, breathe, and think about myself.

Over the past couple of years, I feel like I’ve really held myself back and kind of hid myself from others in fear of being judged or something. I guess that’s just what anxiety does to you. But that’s done nothing for me other than repress my feelings and completely isolate myself and it’s not healthy.

I used to be afraid of being alone and constantly wanted someone there for company. But I’ve learned that I’ve got to be my own company and focus on myself. It’s all about self-love this year.


Can be found in

Brookhaven Hospital

Life Attributes

Easy and Beginner Action Levels

Normal Action Level

Hard and Extreme Action Levels


Charging Attack 3 damage.
This is the Slurper’s basic attack. It will knock Heather down this way!

Grasping Attack (initial hold)  1 damage.
Fortunately the initial grab is quite weak, but in Extreme Modes try to avoid being grabbed…

Grasping Attack (squeezing after hold)  4.5 damage/second.
…because the grab time persists will be all the way across the screen under the life display bar. Extreme Mode grabs are almost always a guaranteed kill!

Inversion Attack  3 damage.
This is the weird looking attack when a Slurper sort of turns around while attacking Heather. Performed about as often as the Rising Attack, but no more damaging.

Rising Attack  3 damage.
This is the attack that will be performed in close range combat. It looks more scary than it really is!

Swarming (while Heather is knocked down) 5 damage.
Wiggling the directional inputs will help to get Heather up, but if there are Slurpers around and you’re playing in Hard or Extreme mode, then guarantee at least one or two of these hits to land!

10☆ Strategy

Statistically this type of Slurper is only different from the others because it has an advantage in any action mode that isn’t Hard/Extreme! It only appears in the Brookhaven Hospital but is covered with a teeming, swarming blood like pattern. It also lacks the beak and possesses a different coloration and mask. It also has discernible ears.

If these Slurpers are by themselves then you can take them out by utilizing the handgun + back up strategy. If you’re apprehensive, then lay down some beef jerky. If you’re positive there’s more than one, then spread out a few pieces of beef jerky so they won’t be able to group up. Take them out with the submachine gun if more than one notices you! If you’re being swarmed by many, then equip the bulletproof vest and use the shotgun because you’re going to get damaged as you try to escape anyway.

The real threat surrounding these unique types of Slurpers are the Nurses. You’re basically going to try to do everything you can do to not get shot! Even if there are multiple Slurpers and one Nurse, make your priority the Nurse if she’s got a gun!

Dear nursing students, 

Don’t worry about getting IVs so much. Everyone in my nursing class was obsessed with getting an IV and filled with jealously if someone else got one and they didn’t. Now that I’ve been an RN for a while, I realize how ridiculous that was. I know IVs are intimidating, but it’s a very small part of what we do. If you don’t get an opportunity to do one in nursing school, please don’t stress about it. You will do more than enough when you’re a real nurse. You will not be alone the first time you do one, someone will help you, and you will get to see lots of other people do them. Once you start doing them often you’ll see that they’re really not a big deal. There is plenty of time to learn how to do an IV. Don’t make it priority of nursing school and don’t worry yourself about it. You’re gonna be fine, with or without an IV.  

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It wasn’t as long as the last time she was gone. At least Rip made it seem like she was gone a shorter time but for her it was two years. Two years away from her family, the man she loved and it nearly destroyed her. Nearly being the key word because her she was bag in hand at the front steps of their home. Taking a deep breath before pushing open the door her bag in hand (although she hadn’t left with one.) There was a pause before she did anything or said anything. Waiting to see who exactly was home to decide what her next actions would be, especially after the favour she had managed to get Gideon to do for her. “Barry? I’m home.” Setting her bag by her feet she left her gaze shift to find out where he was. “Oh, and I brought you something.” A smirk tugged at pink lips knowing it would make up for the time gone her weight shifted.