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BTS reaction when their pregnant gf suddenly feels pain in the middle of their argument

Anon ask: Hi I was wondering if you could do a reaction where they’re arguing with their pregnant gf and in the middle of the argument she feels pain? 😬

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“Y/N, honestly, let’s just stop this.” He turns around about to leave, ignoring the tears streaming down your face in frustration and sadness. The undisguised fury on his face made your heart clench hard, and you cried out, falling to your knees your legs collapsed.

“Y/N!” That’s all you heard before you were blacking out, hand clutching onto your womb where you knew the son of yours and Namjoon’s rested. 

“Rap Monster…”


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“Jhope. Your ridiculous name! Your ridiculous work and the reckless way you treat yourself! Jung Hoseok, get out!” you screamed, falling to the floor and losing conciousness.

When you woke up, he was already gone; so was your child.

But little do you know, he was outside your room. He had carried you here in his arms, running with his legs, forgetting all of his identity as J-Hope the mafia leader. He too cried over the loss of your child as your tears sank into the cotton fabric of your pillow, but he felt the hardness of the plastic visitor chair dig into his back.

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Together- Part 1.

Written by: @albinokittens300

Rating: K+, a small warning for pretty non-explicit breastfeeding. That’s about it.

Prompt: 69- Hijacked Peeta with an everlark toast baby in D13. Enough said [submitted by @elaine-spades​]

Summery: Peeta loses control for the first time in front of their daughter. It turns out it may just be the catalyst to bring them together again.

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