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what society thinks i’ll be like at 80: as i reflect upon my life, i have many regrets. i have never had children. my life has been a waste. now i sit here in this nursing home and no one visits.

what i’ll actually be like when i’m 80: sup yall, this blog is 55 fuckin years old and kirk and spock are in love. life is GOOD, man. btw check out that new VR ff i made

just Soft bucky things to make u wanna actually pass out 10x

  • bucky gettin his hair brushed which he finds is actually relaxing once he gets past the initial :/// of having things near his head, so sometimes he’ll just sit on the floor in front of whoever’s closest and they’ll brush his hair and it’s veyry Nice™
  • falling asleep curled up on the couch which should be Difficult because bucky is not smol but he fits so he just burrows under the blanket that’s usually left on the back of the sofa and can be asleep in minutes. clint once sat on him thinking that bucky was just a huge pile of blankets. that did not go well. clint was apologizing for weeks even though he was the one with the dislocated shoulder. no one sits on the couch anymore when bucky’s nowhere to be found. they just assume he’s curled up there. 
  • flowers. so many flowers. bucky apparently loves them so when steve buys them a house (bc of course he does lol) he makes sure there’s enough space in the backyard for a garden. ((maybe against his better judgment he doesn’t tell mention that bucky used to love flowers Before everything happened. because he doesn’t want bucky to subconsciously change his feelings/reactions based on What Used to Be. still, he secretly marvels about the fact that after all this time, bucky still lights up at the sight of pretty roses. it’s precious))
  • bucky has a thing for mittens. he’s not even sure why but once, at the nursing home (where he visits sometimes; they get a real kick out of him there for some reason), one of the elderly lady’s knitted him a pair to keep his metal hand warm after he touched her accidentally one day and made her cold. he’d felt bad about it for so long until she gave him a pair of mittens for his birthday as a surprise and told him to stop pouting and looking at her like he stepped on her dog. he barely takes them off now and when he does, they sit right next to the hat the old lady taught him to knit for himself. it’s their thing and he loves it.

soft bucky is the only good thing left on this dying earth thank u this has been a PSA

Carmen, Chihuahua (1 y/o), Lafayette & Jersey St., New York, NY • “She’s a therapy dog and we just came from a corporate event. We help employees with stress, visit seniors in nursing homes, and visit cancer patients in hospitals. On Inauguration Day we went to a publishing house event in the city and most of the employees were really down. They said she was really what they needed. You never know what’s going on with people. She spreads joy. I was once in the hospital and a little therapy dog visited me – it had such a profound effect. I got Carmen and thought I’d look into it and start training – my way of paying forward the good deed that was done to me.”


Some of my favorite photos taken today at the nursing home!

I was welcomed back for my 5TH year!!! I met new residents and nurses and also saw old residents and nurses! I was fortunate to be able to be escorted around by my all time FAVORITE nurse… Stella! Stella has walked with me for 4 of he 5 years :).

We had a session in the dinning room where I took pictures in front of their beautiful tree with some of the residents and nurses. It was so much fun! The room was filled with cheer… It was so overwhelmingly happy in there. I didnt want it to end (Though it felt like a volcano in the suit).

I got so many hugs and kisses! Im used to the hugs and SOME kisses but… WOW! I got several kisses this time! I was told “I love you!” a lot too. My heart burst every time!

The second to last photo is one of my FAVORITES! She was such a fun lady! When Stella introduced me to her she covered her eyes and giggled so much! She motioned for me to come closer and she gave me hugs and kisses and just kept on and on she was so happy and adorable like… WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS. I wish I had that on video! She was such a sweetheart. All of them are sweethearts.

I just-

I love these people. They are all so sweet. Im filled with joy and sometimes heartache. I hear happy stories and sad ones. Im told “I love you”. Im told “Please come back soon!”. Im asked “are you a nurse!?” LMAO! (Im not a nurse.)

I cant wait to go back for my 6th year… Each year it just gets better!

HEADCANON (Bucky Barnes)

After much encouragement from you and Steve, Bucky decides to find out what happened to his parents and siblings. He manages to locate the graves of his parents and two of his younger siblings, which he tries to visit weekly if his “job” as an Avenger allows.

After about a month of digging in old records, Bucky manages to track down his last sibling, his youngest sister Rebecca, in a New Jersey nursing home. He’s scared to visit her, not wanting to give her a heart attack for showing up after all these years. When he finally works up the courage to see her, he walks into the home to find you and Steve laughing at one of Rebecca’s stories of her and Bucky’s many adventures as kids.




  • Headcannon that the Samwell Varsity sport teams have to volunteer in the community as part of team bonding and where the team volunteer changes each year. So in Bitty’s second year, they’re placed in a Nursing Home.

    • Their volunteering consist of spending a couple of hours a week as a team hanging out with the residents. Sometimes they break off into pairs of hockey players-residents, sometimes they play bingo, sometimes they help the NA’s with physical therapy or something, it changes every time. 
    • Okay, so no one is surprised when the first time they go Bitty brings like a bazillion pies and cookies and continues to bring baked goods every visit. Also unsurprising, the residents love him. 
      • He’s really good at talking to them (even when he has to repeat himself) because Moomaw lives in a home and you bet your ass that Bitty visits her at least twice a week when he’s home and charms all the residents there. 
      • He’s also really good at listening and remembering things that the residents say in passing and always makes sure to ask follow up questions the following week. 
        • He’ll ask about appointments or family visits and always makes sure to comment when someone gets a new hair cut or a fresh shave. 
    • Way more under the cut

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anonymous prompted: i don’t know if you’re taking prompts but i’d really really reallllllllllly love if you wrote a little something including cheerio!blaine and skank!kurt you’re so amazing and i know you’d do it such justice (✿◠‿◠)

(also heed the warnings for drug use [it’s only pot])

It’s a warm day for March, which is nice—it means that Kurt doesn’t have to freeze his ass off just to blaze up before going back home. Quinn was supposed to join him but ditched, and normally Kurt would be bothered, would call her a piece of shit and get a glare in return, but he’s feeling solitary today and it rolls easily off his back.

Cheerios practice is going on as he ducks behind the bleachers, pulls the joint and his lighter from his pocket. Today probably wasn’t a good idea, since anyone could see him, but Kurt doubts that any of these prissy cheerleaders would dare to tell on him.

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AU where Dirk has possibly the worst summer job ever - teaching computer skills to the elderly. Luckily he gets to use this time to hit on the green-eyed hottie who’s always at the nursing home to visit his grandma. Jake even sort of helps Dirk to not resent old people so much.

Bonus points if grandma is starting to forget Jake and it makes him hopelessly sad and he vents to Dirk and then takes Dirk out for ice cream to apologise for being an emotional mess (not that Dirk minds). They fall in love.

Agent Y/N Carter (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Requested by anonymous:Could you do a story where Reader is Peggy’s grandchild and meets Steve please.

A/N: I made your middle name Peggy. You can change it. Have fun reading ❤


It was your first day at s.h.i.e.l.d. as an agent. You just finished from the Shield’s Academy. Maybe a little earlier. They said you had pretty good fighting skills and you were too smart. They had to see a recruit like you from Romanoff or your grandma’s Peggy’s time. Peggy Carter was your grandma. She grew you up telling you about the stories from the war, ssr and then when they found s.h.i.e.l.d. She told you about the man she loved. Steven Grant Rogers, Captain America. He seemed like a great man.

You walked to the s.h.i.e.l.d’s base in the quinjet for your first mission with Captain America and the rest of the team, the avengers. Director Fury said that you were good enough to go with the superhero team. But you felt a little shy. With all those great people? You were just a new shield recruit. Also you wanted to say to Captain that you were Peggy’s grandchild but how? You don’t just meet someone and go; ‘Oh hi, My grandma and you used to date at the war!’ it would be awkward.

“Avengers, your attention please. I want to meet you our new reqruit. She is going to join you in your recent mission against Hydra. Meet Y/N. Be good to her, she’s going to kick your ass if you insult her, Tony I’m looking at you.” Nick Fury said and you laughed. The only person you knew from the team was Natasha. You met her one day when she was like a guest to s.h.i.e.l.d’s academy and she trained you and the others. Since then you two became best friends. She was the first one to come to you.

“Nervous Carter?” She asked and you smiled at her.

“Not at all. I learned from you and grandma.” Steve was the next to talk to inform everyone about the plan and the partners.

“Ok guys, our goal is to destroy the base and get as many information we can from shield and Hydra. I’m going to pick Pairings. Y/n, you come with me and Tony, Bruce with Nat and Clint, Thor with the twins. Y/n here is your comm.” He passed you the gadget. As your hands brushed each other’s you felt electricity as you blushed a little. “Do you have any.. You know.. Mutant power?” He asked.

“No sir.”

“Good. Please call me Steve.” He told with a small smile as his blue eyes looked into your e/c ones. He was just like your grandma described him. Five minutes later the quinjet landed as picked your gear and followed Steve and Tony.

“What’s the plan for us Cap?” Tony asked as the three of you stood behind some trees to cover yourselves.

“ We destroy the west side’s blunkers. Then we move inside to download information and then get out as quickly as possible for the explosion. Understood?”

“Yeah, When do we start?” You ask as you see some agents coming to your way.

“Now” Tony replied as he begined to fly and blast some of them with the rockets. Steve with his shield hit three of them. You ran two five of them and took three electroduced microchips from your belt and killed the three of them passing under them. You reached the other two and they got the guns out. Before they could even point out you they were down . Steve, when he show you doing all these stuff and doing that good even in your first mission mumbled to himself, Goddamn she’s nice.He didn’t know you well but even from your lips turned up forming into a beautiful smile made his heart melt and he felt like he knew you his whole life.

“We’re clear out here. Let’s move inside. Y/n can you do the downloading?” He said and came next to you to say something without Tony noticing. “I would fo myself but.. I don’t know much about hacking. Don’t tell Tony.” He said with and his cheeks turned red.

“Don’t worry, your ‘secret’ is safe with me, Captain” You said to him in the same tone and run inside. Two agents stood infront the computers and both had a bullet in their head in two seconds. You got close to the computer and plugged in the flash drive. A few moments later you finished and ran outside. “I’m out. Is anybody still in?” As everyone responded that noone was in you pushed the button and exploded the place. When you got inside the quinjet everyone cheered at you.

“Good job Y/n!” Wanda told you and you smiled at them. You sat at and put your seatbelt next to Steve.

“Hey.. Um.. I was wondering y/n.. If you want to you can join me for a cup of coffee at my apartment in the avengers tower later?” He asked you and you nodded.

“Sure why not” He smiled and offered you a bottle of cold water.

“We’re gonna land on the tower so no need to leave. Do you have any change of clothes?” He asked you. Actually you didn’t.

“No I hope it’s not a problem if I just compe with my suit right?”

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable y/n. I can borrow you an old shirt.” As soon as you landed to the tower Steve helped you find his floor. You were covered with mud and some blood so Steve gave you the shirt and a towel and you had a shower. As soon as you felt the hot water hitting your skin you felt relaxed. After, you wore the shirt that reached your mid-thigh. Fortunately you had socks that reached your knees so it won’t be that awkward.

Steve had already made the coffee and sitted at the couch. “Hey”

“Hey Y/n. i have to tell you something.” You took a seat next to him as you got a sip of your coffee.

“What is it?” You were afraid that he knew about Grandma and that he was going to be mad at you for not telling him from the beginning.

“Nick just called.. He told me to reqruit you to the Avengers. He saw into the camera’s what you did today and he said that you were too good for s.h.i.e.l.d. So what do you think. Wanna be an avenger?” You smiled and responded with a ‘yes’ full of happiness. “Their gonna bring your stuff later. Your moving to the tower. Tony prepared you a floor.

“Seriously I was fifteen minutes into the shower and all these happened?” He laughed and nodded.

“Y/n, you remind me someone I know, can you tell me again your last name?” You literally choked your biscuit when he told you. Time for the truth.

“It’s Carter, Y/n Peggy Carter.” His mouth hanged opened.

“Wait, are you Peggy’s Grandchild?” You nodded and smiled sweetly to him and he smiled back.

“No way! How is she? Is she alive? ”

“Yeah she’s at a nursing home. We can visit her sometime. She’ll love to see you again.”

“I’m happy you told me. You remind me of her, your beautiful smile and your as strong as her.” You smiled at his compliment.

“Thank you Steve, I always wanted to be like her. When I was a kid she told me about you and you seemed sweet, kind and funny. She was right at that.” He smiled and then looked again into your eyes.

“Can I do something?”

“Of course” You raised an eyebrow but before you could finish your sentence Steve cupped your face with his hands and pressed his soft lips at yours. At first you felt surprised but then relaxed into the kiss.

“I -i really like you y/n. Since you entered the quinjet and looked at me I liked you.” You smirked and took another sip of your coffee.

“I like you too Steven.” The doorbell rang. It was Tony. He said that your stuff were here and packed by some maids he hired. Steve helped you get to your floor and he stayed in the elevator.

“Y/n I’m looking forward for a date tomorrow. How about dinner?”

“I’d love to” He placed a kiss on your cheek and closed the elevator and headed back to his floor.

“A few moments later you fell asleep on your brand new bedroom. The morning you had to meet your grandma at the nursing room to tell her about your first mission.

The morning you woke up late. You ran to the bathroom and quickly got dressed and made yourself a small breakfast. You were also going to tell her about Steve. You got ro your car and drove there as fast as you could.

You ran to the her room and entered it. She sat at her bed smiling widly at you. You kissed her cheek and sat next to her.

“Grandma I’m dating your old boyfriend”



A week ago I was asked by my grandma to come to my great grandmas birthday party with my rainbow suit v u v. Of course.. I was all for it. Ive never worn my Rainbow fursuit to a nursing home so it was fun ;u;. 

its believed great grandma had a stroke or something? Im still unsure. The top photo she is asking if Im one of her grandkids and I nod and shes all “Oh LORD” LMAO. But the she remembers when I bought my grey suit to our family christmas a few years back. She had always asked me to bring my suit to the assisted living she was at (or something like that?) But it never worked out as eveyrone was always busy ahhhh. She told me before I left she still wanted me to come to the assisted living when she gets transfered there but sadly I dont think she will be leaving the nursing home. But I still told her I would come and bring the suit anywhere and anytime,

The second image is just a kind lady who wanted me to visit her :’D. The nurses gave me permission to go and visit other folks.

And the last two images are my cousins I guess? We have such a large family on my dads side Im not sure. I know Im related to them some how XD.



There are two social workers in our office.  They write slightly different styles of notes.

Social worker #1: “X is a 78-year-old female residing in an assisted living facility.  On Medicare with supplemental insurance.  Home health nurse visits weekly.”

Social worker #2: “X is a 78-year-old grandmother who is a very kind person with a wonderful smile, who brings her own little ray of sunshine into this clinic every time she visits.”

Short Fiction: Day Six

Every Sunday we ate pancakes. I’d wake to the calming smell of Mom hovering near the stove. Joey and I would patter down the staircase and pour the drinks, milk or juice, our special job. Pancakes were her creative escape. Ghost shaped with white sugar for Halloween, red and green sprinkles for Christmas, chocolate chip art for everything else. Dad read the paper but on Sundays we ate together at the kitchen table. The other days they left for work before we got up. Babysitter made us breakfast, or brought McDonalds. We didn’t complain. She let us play video games before school. In third grade Mom and Dad started going to work on Sundays too. Sometimes we had to sleep at the neighbor’s house, with the little puppy that nipped our cheeks if we slept with the door open. I got older and wondered if my parents loved me. Dad died of a heart attack and I made the varsity baseball team. I fell in love a few times and started a family with the girl I had loved least of all. Uncle Joe always brought the best gifts for the kids. Mom spent the last few years in a nursing home and I didn’t visit as often as I should have.

So because this is the latest nurblr hot topic...

If you think that because someone doesn’t wanna pass trays, do ADLs or change diapers or anything like that; that that makes them a bad nurse you and come a fight me right now cause I’m tired and crabby and I’ll high 5 you to the face with a dirty bedpan.

The fact that people can’t comprehend that nursing is a multifaceted career is astonishing.

Hey if you’re a med nurse and you do mad ADLs and that’s what you love, fuckin’ amen, sister. You do you.

If you a OT nurse and like scrubbing in and passing surgical tools / trays. Good for you.

If you a ICU nurse and like managing unstable, ventilated patients with a trillion infusions. Get around it.

If you a peds nurse who loves working with kids, hell yeah enjoy making them laugh.

If you a community nurse who likes doing home visits and managing IVABs and wound care, that’s awesome.

But fuck you if you wanna look down on other nurses (AND ESPECIALLY NURSING STUDENTS WHO KNOW WHAT AREA THEY WANNA WORK IN). Get the fuck off your highhorse and join the rest of us down here in the cesspool.

Cause I guarantee… no one gives a shit.

automatonboy-deactivated2015103  asked:

hitler ruined the economy in germany, was a shit strategist (prefered to spend all of his time making up racist shit and leave planning to his generals), and killed my relatives. please continue to try adn tell me he was germanys greatest ruler.

Now wait a minute. I never said Hitler was Germany’s greatest ruler. I said he would have been.

However, if you do wish for me to continue, let’s go over the positive things Adolf Hitler accomplished in his political career:

  1. Anti-Smoking Movement

    In a time before cigarettes were known to be as dangerous as they are today, Hitler lead the one of the most effective and expensive anti-tobacco campaigns in history. Smoking was banned in restaurants and in public transportation. He also was the first to severely regulate the advertising of smoking and cigarettes, and the regulations in America today are based off those. He employed a high tobacco tax, and cigarettes were rationed to the Wehrmacht (German military force) so less were available. It was in Nazi Germany that smoking was first found to cause severe health risks, including heightened risks of miscarriages in women. Hitler was so against smoking, in fact, that he would give Rolex’s  as gifts to any of his generals who decided to quit.

  2. Transportation

    The Autobahn

    The Autobahn was the world’s first freeway system. Though the idea was not originally thought of by Hitler or the Nazi Party, the project had all but ceased when Hitler came into power. Hitler, however, was an enthused advocate for the construction of the Autobahn, and pushed a great deal of support and funding into it’s creation. The Autobahn was revolutionary, allowing quick public and military transportation across the country. Additionally, it provided over a hundred thousand unemployed German workers with jobs, adding necessary assistance to the reparation of the economy. It brought a sense of unity to the country, and since its construction nearly every country in the world has emulated it.

    The Volkswagen
    The literal meaning of Volkswagen is “People’s Car”. Much like the American Ford, this car was created under the pretense that the average German citizen could afford to buy it. Hitler himself advised the car’s designer and the vehicle was soon a huge success, costing approximately the same amount as a small motorbike. Today, the Volkswagen is one of the world’s most popular civilian vehicles.

    Hitler also funded many other projects which created railroad systems, bridges, road systems, air travel advancements, and rockets. The construction and design of all of these also served to create countless more jobs for the German people.

  3. Animal Rights

    Under Nazi rule, Germany became the first country in the world to ban vivisection. A basic definition of Vivisection, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is as follows: “The activity or practice of doing scientific or medical experiments on live animals.” High ranking Nazi officials and Adolf Hitler himself, were highly concerned about the treatment of animals, especially the process of butchering them. A total ban on the process was employed in 1933 and maintained since. In fact, good deal of laws in Germany and the world today were derived from ones assigned by Nazi Germany.

    Hitler was especially concerned with the treatment and conservation of animals. Once in power, the Nazis set hunting seasons and assigned regulations to how many animals could be killed per year. Like with vivisection, many western countries have adapted this law today. Laws were passed requiring education on animal conservation, and a protection list naming native species was created. Later additions to these were laws concerning afforestation and the human slaughter of fish. Without these laws and regulations, many animals native to Germany would have completely disappeared.

  4. The Economy

    Welfare Program
    Nazi Germany maintained one of the largest public welfare programs in our world’s history. It was believed that all Germans should share a certain standard of living, no matter who they were. This was exhibited in what was likely the most popular and well known welfare practice, The Winter Relief Program. Citizens and Nazi party officials alike took to the streets and collected charity for the unfortunate.

    Unemployment dropped nearly 60% during the Nazi area, due to jobs created by the many projects run by the Nazi party and German government. A great deal of jobs were created between 1933 and 1939, and allowed for a great improvement following the countries economic downfall following the end of WWI and the documentation of the Treaty of Versailles.

  5. International Relations

    The Munich Pact
    Hitler in April of 1938 expressed the desire and intent to annex Czechoslovakia into Germany. This, of course, defied the Treaty of Versailles. The Munich Pact was an agreement made during a conference held in Munich which permitted the annexation of Sudetenland, a specific set of areas along the Czech borders which were inhabited primarily by ethnic Germans. Using the process of appeasement, the other world powers (France, the United Kingdom, and Italy) at the conference allowed Hitler these areas. Despite this agreement, however, Hitler proceeded to annex the whole of Czechoslovakia and the other world powers did not stop him from doing so. Hitler later stated that had he been stopped from doing this, he likely never would have stated WWII. During the entire process of the annexation of Czechoslovakia into Germany, not a single drop of blood was spilled.

    Austria had long been a Nazi target for annexation, and in March of 1938 they made a second and successful attempt. In the early days of the yea, after leaning of Hitler’s plan, Germany’s Chancellor met with the Nazi leader with intentions wiht hopes of convincing him to not go through with it. However, his attempts were unsuccessful. On March 11th, the Chancellor gave into the Nazi pressure and resigned from his post. Also due to Nazi pressure, the Chancellor pleaded with Austrian forces not to resist any German advance into the country during his resignation speech. It was the very next day the German troops accompanied by Adolf Hitler himself marched into Austria. There, enthused crowds met and welcomed him. Hitler appointed a Nazi government in Austria, and the country remained a federal state of Germany until the end of WWII when an independent Austrain government was reestablished. During the process of the Austrain annexation into Germany, not a single drop of blood was spilled.

Adolf Hitler was an amazing speaker and a charismatic man. He would often, before his rise to power, visit nursing homes to speak with the elderly. He would also go to hospitals and put on puppet shows for ill children. He was said to be a skilled comedian as well, if a cut-rate artist. He was named Time’s Person of the Year in 1938.

I will never say that Hitler was a good man. The fact that he started what is today known as the Holocaust can neither be forgiven nor ignored. He lead cruel men and encouraged crueler actions. He allowed the torture of human beings and encouraged that they be inhumanely experimented on. He employed labour, concentration, and death camps. He did, or forced others to do, countless and indescribably terrible things.

However, it is undeniable that without him our world would not be what it is today. His political and social feats are unmet, and he was a genius of propaganda. While it is true that he was nothing more than horrible when it came to military strategy, I only ever claimed him to be an adept politician. I have no respect for the man, and no admiration. But I am aware that while the last few years of his career were nothing short of horrifying, his advancements in technology and the laws that he implemented shaped out world today.

In conclusion, though Adolf Hitler was an asshole, I would not want to live in a world where he had never existed.

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I just want everyone who visits nursing homes to know to ALWAYS wash your hands after touching something. And turn the faucets off with a paper towel. And don't let your kids lick thing glass doors or windows. Also, be very careful when it comes to things like glasses that may be out im the dining room for anyone to touch because we have very disgusting residents, & yeah, granny or dad is nasty af and rinses a glass out after using it and puts it back in place. That's not sanitation. It's nasty.