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Jack Sparrow

Mild shock, daughter!reader

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “Ahh I knew it was confusing, right I’m really not good at explaining sorry it sounds better in my head basically, the reader is Jack’s daughter without each of them knowing and Henry and the reader are dating and they are taken upon the ship for a some reason. Then somehow Jack and the reader find out that they’re related?? I know it doesn’t make sense, sorry for confusing you lovely <3”

Word count: 779

A/N: Y/M/N - Your Mother’s Name

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Grief Counelor!Joshua

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  • THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON ALIVE GUYS. LOOK AT HIM. LOOK AT THAT PERFECTION! he’s actually #3 on my bias list, i know i don’t write about him a lot but look, how do you describe the most perfect man with writing, it’s hard. 
  • grief counselor Joshua
  • probably the nicest, sweetest, and understanding person in the entire building
  • tells everyone to smile
  • “A smile can go a long way Jihoon”
  • “Shut up”
  • he’s too chipper, chipper than everyone else, chipper than Jihoon thinks his girlfriend is
  • always always does doctor evaluations, will literally track every doctor and nurse in the building down if he has too
  • “Jihoon there you are”
  • “Wonwoo why are you in the morgue”
  • “Jeonghan! Don’t run from me”
  • just really wants to do his job perfectly but can’t when everyone in the building is running and avoiding him
  • is Seokmin’s main grief counselor and always knows the signs of when Seokmin is experiencing a very hard time
  • also worked with Seungcheol for a short period
  • contrary to everyone’s belief that Joshua’s job is the easiest one in the whole building, once the doors to his office closes, it can sometimes become hell
  • he deals with people screaming, crying, and people who just let everything out on anything near them, often ruining parts of his room
  • Joshua always remains calm because he knows that anger is a part of recovery
  • Has really good reflexes because he got use to people trying to throw things at him
  • if you don’t know the stages of grief, let me just list them for you, the stages of grief come in the order of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance, people can move in and out of each stage and Joshua understands that
  • has watched many doctors in the building go through these stages when it comes to the death of a patient
  • also sees these stages with break ups
  • will make it known to you if he suspects you are in one of the stages
  • doubles as an english translator whenever needed
  • tries to make it clear to every doctor that a patient is more than just a patient, they are scared and doctors are supposed to be a comforting face in an unfamiliar environment
  • sets up little presentations with doctors (has the board directors make it mandatory) about the importance of having a positive attitude and presence with their patients
  • also goes through the stages of grief and everyone in the room groans
  • has to be reassured by Jihoon’s girlfriend that everyone actually appreciates his efforts and they just don’t show it
  • jihoon @ his gf: please stop encouraging him
  • Joshua is in fact religious, but that’s something that he cannot bring into his work. stuck between personal morals and work ethic, Joshua often has to remind himself that he can’t outright promote his religion
  • but he always has the option on the table, he does not enforce it though
  • you’re not actually a worker at the hospital, you’re a volunteer for the hospital
  • as a volunteer, you often visit various patients to add a positive face to the crowd
  • you get people upbeat and in smiles with music
  • you carry with you a guitar or ukulele and play it cheerfully in front of the patients who will always end up with a smile
  • you sing about random things, like the birds in the sky, or the lightbulb in the room, or the precious smile on their face
  • you happened to be in the pediatric unit the day Joshua sees you
  • he’s walking by when he hears clapping, and loud giggles of children, the strumming of the guitar fills his ears and when he peeks into the unit, he believes his breath his stolen
  • a little flower crown rested upon your head, your fingers lightly strumming the guitar as you move around the room, dancing lightly as you sing happily about all the colors, all the sizes, all the shapes in the room
  • the children are smiling, their hands are clapping along to the tune and all the doctors and nurses can’t help but clap along
  • and Joshua is soo smitten when your eyes catch his who’s watching from the door, a little grin on your face before you bend down to a little child, touching their nose slightly, and the sweetest of tone in your voice as you end the song “but the best shape in this room, is your smile”
  • to his surprise, he seems to be the only one in the building who doesn’t know you
  • “I just saw the prettiest girl. She was playing the guitar and —”
  • Seungkwan: “OH Y/N! I love her!”
  • cue Seokmin bursting out a door: “Are we talking about Y/N! They’re amazing”
  • Joshua, not so secretly kind of peeks into the hospital records of volunteers, finds your file, and looks at your schedule
  • he’s not being creepy, he swears (but he kind of is)
  • Watches you the next week when you play for the pediatric unit
  • during the middle of the performance, when you’re in between songs, a little girl tugs at your shirt, and Joshua watches as the girl whispers in your ear, your eyes flicker towards him and you smile with a nod
  • “it seems like we have a little request. I was just told that Mr.Joshua over there, does the most wonderful rendition of the itsy bitsy spider.”
  • Joshua’s all flustered and all the kids are screaming because they loove when Joshua sings and he really can’t turn down the children so he slowly makes his way towards you
  • you’re grinning so big as he stands next to you and you offer to play the tune on your guitar and Joshua sends you a meek smile because he’s never performed in front of a girl he likes before
  • starts of slow and choppy before he finally gets into it, almost forgetting you were there playing the guitar, and he’s doing the hand motions for the itsy bitsy spider, the kids are all following along since they learned it from him
  • and omg you’re internally freaking out because not only is this guy handsome as hell, but his voice is so soft and soothing, and the way he’s smiling with the kids and his pretty hands are doing the motions, it’s got your heart melting
  • after the whole performance, the children disperse back to their rooms (as ordered by the nurses) and all there’s left is you and Joshua
  • you’re packing up your things and Joshua is there standing nervously, his hands balled into a fist because he’s doing the whole internal fighting with himself about whether he should ask you out for a coffee but then there’s a side that’s like what if she turns you down and he’s all dammit joshua just do it
  • “do you want to get a cup of coffee with me.”
  • you’re puzzled, looking at the boy who looks like he’s about to combust from the inside, you give him a calm smile, nodding with agreement and you giggle at the way he says ‘really’ as though he was expecting the opposite
  • he really was though
  • that’s how you meet and learn the boy that is Joshua
  • literally a billion coffee ‘dates’ later is finally when Joshua and you are considered ‘official’
  • but really Jeonghan and everyone else in the building has been calling you two official after the first three coffee dates because Joshua just cannot stop talking about you
  • remember how he was all chipper before, he’s even more chipper and smiley now and everyone is a bit creeped out
  • stores a guitar just for you in his office so that you don’t have to always carry one around, but it also gives him an excuse to always see you and get all mushy feely in his office
  • he doesn’t kiss you on the lips when he’s in the hospital, he believes to keep it professional, but that also doesn’t stop him from stealing a quick peck to your cheek here and there
  • now that a lot of his attention is focused on you, he doesn’t spend his time chasing doctors around and everyone thanks you for that
  • “hey Josh, should I wonder why Jihoon just stopped me in the hallway and thanked the heavens for me”
  • “Just ignore him”
  • you and Joshua perform together in the pediatric unit
  • Joshua plays the guitar as you move and dance around, your voices melting together, and Joshua always stares at you with sparkles in his eyes and blushes every time you look at him and wink
  • you always help him arrange his office whenever a patient gets too aggressive, but it’s okay, more time to spend with you is enough for him
  • grief counselor Joshua, despite the title of his job, is the happiest man alive with you right in his arm. He adores everything about you and his eyes are only locked on you every time you step into the room. His soft voice soothes you as you sleep tucked into his chest and everything is just right in the world with you standing by him.

haru-no-naka  asked:

I have a crush on this incredible smart guy, he's studying robotics. I'm so out of his league: not only is he smart, but also good looking, nice and really caring about his friends and family. He lost his parents at young age so he and his little brother live with their aunt. He works at her café, occasionally, even though he's already busy enough with uni. He's currently building a nurse-robot because he wants to help people. We met two years ago and I fell in love with him at firs sight

I too, have a crush on Tadashi Hamada :)

I’m Sick (Part 1)

Anyone else ill with Dr. Jin fever? Cuz I know I am. This took forever to write (I started it when the teaser pics came out) because it is forever long. If you get through this I praise you.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Warnings: SMUT

“Paging Dr. Kim to the pediatrics ward, paging Dr. Kim to the pediatrics ward.” You almost gave yourself whiplash as your head snapped to attention. Gritting your teeth at the resulting pain in the base of your skull, you glanced at the beautiful man typing away at his laptop. All you had been doing the majority of the day was watching Dr. Kim catch up on paperwork and make phone calls. Not that you minded too much, since he was an eye full, but you thought that residency at the hospital would be more eventful, no matter how miniscule the hospital. It turned out that seventy-five percent of being a hospital cardiologist was ensuring that patients received adequate follow up care after being discharged. The sudden overhead page was Dr. Kim’s call to action. If he was ridiculously attractive when gleaning reports, then he was near godly when he was actually seeing patients. Excitement rushed you as reviewing medicines and charts was growing dull.

Being as meticulous as ever, Dr. Kim rose from his seat only after ensuring that his laptop was locked. He grabbed at his chest, making sure his stethoscope was still hanging from his neck and motioned for you to follow as he left his office. He didn’t give you ample time to lock your computer, so you just brought it along with you after snapping it shut. You jogged to catch up with Dr. Kim and fell in line with him as he marched through the off-white hallways. “Ready to learn something, Newbie?” He asked without even looking at you. It took all of your willpower not to roll your eyes. While the man was devastatingly handsome and incredibly smart, the amount of times you caught him being excessively smug was increasing. He wasn’t even that much older than you. You didn’t bother answering, knowing that whatever came out of your mouth would be rude as hell.

The main reason you had partnered up with him was because you two graduated from the same alma mater and he conveniently worked at the hospital near your shabby apartment. Too broke to afford moving to an area closer to a trauma center, the opportunity to work with Dr. Kim right out of medical school seemed like a godsend. You were only slightly regretting just choosing to live off of instant ramen and aiming for a different hospital.

You readjusted your falling stethoscope so that it hung properly around your aching neck. The pediatrics ward was completely different from the rest of the hospital. The walls were blue and dotted with random cartoon characters. Toys were scattered across the counter at the nurses’ station and a mix of paper stars and foam airplanes hung from the ceiling. In all, the atmosphere was tinged with childhood cheerfulness and hope, a stark contrast from the somber and dreariness of the main building. The nurses, young and old, all dropped what they were doing when Dr. Kim approached the nurses’ station and asked which room he was needed in. Dr. Kim had dark hair with thick eyebrows to match and full pink lips. His white lab coat only accentuated his relatively tall stature and broad shoulders. A young handsome cardiologist would stop any normal woman in their tracks you figured.

It was fairly late in the evening, so it was a surprise to suddenly get paged. Whatever the situation was, it was pretty important. You recognized the pulmonologist that stood in the hallway as you approached the room of the patient Dr. Kim was called to see. She pleasantly greeted Dr. Kim and looked at you expectantly. Dr. Kim briefly introduced you as his resident before cutting to the chase and asking for a summary of the patient’s history.

The patient was a six year old boy with a prior history of chronic asthma. His parents had brought him in earlier today with the complaint of shortness of breath, but as the ER didn’t have adequate pediatric supplies, he was immediately moved to the pediatric ward. He was then treated with nebulized albuterol but his pulmonary function did not improve. The boy became tachycardic and then a cardiology issue became suspect. Dr. Kim was called to give the patient a once over before diagnostic testing would be ordered.

The little boy was rigged up to an oxygen tank when the group of you entered his little curtained off section of the room. His mother sat at the foot of his bed and his father was dozing off in the recliner near the window. They immediately stood up and greeted you all. Introductions were made and Dr. Kim made it a point to shake the kid’s hand before sticking the ends of his stethoscope in his ears. He closed his eyes and listened to the boy’s chest. It only took about fifteen seconds before he was waving you over. “Can she listen too?” Dr. Kim asked the patient. You set your laptop down on the bedside table and gave the patient a smile. The child looked up at you before nodding shyly. You immediately mirrored Dr. Kim’s actions and pressed the chest piece over the boy’s heart. The heartbeat definitely sounded abnormal and you automatically knew that there was a murmur present. You pulled away at Dr. Kim who appeared pleased at the look of recognition on your face.

The pulmonologist was operating off of a paper chart so Dr. Kim grabbed your computer and flicked it open. Immediately he was pulling the patient’s file and ordering blood labs among other tests. After he was done on the computer, he turned towards the patient’s parents and began to explain the situation. “Your son has a heart murmur, which in itself is likely no issue, but can indicate a greater problem. The problem is with his shortness of breath and fast heart rate. We have to figure out if the two are related before we can start a treatment that will actually work. So, I am going to be ordering a bunch of tests on him, including blood work and a heart ultrasound.” Dr. Kim said. The parents nodded in understanding. “Any questions?” Dr. Kim inquired and promptly answered any questions that the either the patient or his parents had. He also rechecked the boy’s blood pressure and pulse before ruffling his hair and making to leave. He thrust your laptop back at you unexpectedly and you took it, nearly tripping over yourself as you tailed the pulmonologist and Dr. Kim.

“What do you think?” The pulmonologist asked. Dr. Kim suddenly stopped mid-stride and the lack of warning had you running smack into his back. You gasped and immediately recoiled. He didn’t give you time to apologize before he turned on you and demanded, “From the presenting symptoms, what do you suspect?” You gaped up at him as he leaned in closer to your face. His eyes were extremely distracting from such a short distance. You had to take a step back before you could return to thinking straight. It only took a moment for you to answer. “Mitral valve regurgitation.” A smile bloomed across his face before he snapped and turned on his heel. “There you have it.” He addressed the pulmonologist. Turning back to you, he pressed “And what tests did I order to see if that suspicion is right.” You hesitated and studied the floor as you mulled it over. You returned your gaze back to Dr. Kim’s face and replied, “A Doppler echocardiogram, a complete metabolic panel, a sedimentation rate, and a complete blood count.” He grinned even wider and half-shouted, “Bingo!”

Embarrassment overcame you at the sense of approval and you looked down again to hide any signs that you were blushing. But it didn’t matter much because the two doctors were immediately off again with their backs to you. You brought up the rear as you balanced the laptop on a forearm and reviewed Dr. Kim’s orders. You had gotten a 100% on his little pop quiz, as everything you thought of was already ordered. Your pride welled for a moment. Then it hit you. If the little boy did have mitral regurgitation, he would need to be medicated and would possibly need valve replacement surgery. He was only six. From the looks of it, he was a frail child too. The whole thing would take a toll on his body. Your heart sunk. You really hoped that you weren’t right anymore.

It was getting close to midnight and you couldn’t stifle your yawns anymore. The only lights on in Dr. Kim’s office were his desk lamp and his computer monitor. Both of you were far too tired to deal with the brightness of the fluorescent overhead bulbs. You had finished reviewing patient charts and Dr. Kim was putting the last prescription refill in. In a few minutes you would be free and tomorrow was your day off so you would be able to get some decent rest. While paperwork was easier than running from exam room to exam room, it was still plenty mentally fatiguing. You stretched your arms upwards and gave a satisfying yawn. From the corner of your eye, you could see Dr. Kim struggling to hold back a yawn himself. He covered his mouth with a hand and finally gave in. You smirked at that. So he was human. He wasn’t this perfect doctor with perfect looks all the time. He got tired too. Knowing that was a relief, since you had yet to see him trip up or show any signs of vulnerability.

“Hey, Newbie.” He called. You warily made eye contact with him. He pointed to a small stack of books piled on the extra chair in the room. “I pulled those from my collection. Be sure to read them.” He ordered. You peeked at the bookshelf that took up a whole wall of the office. You could make out distinct gaps where he had pulled the books from. You resisted the urge to groan. How did you still have homework when you had already graduated? “Come on, I’ll drop you home.” Dr. Kim added. At least that was one less worry. Your apartment wasn’t far, but you would feel much safer being driven home. It also didn’t hurt that you wouldn’t have to walk the few blocks with your currently useless body. “Really?” You questioned. He nodded, giving you a judging look. You didn’t mean to sound so surprised at his offer. “Thank you.” You responded as sincerely as possible.

You exchanged your lab coat for a suit blazer, slinging your purse over your shoulder. Dr. Kim liked to wear his lab coat home. You figured that he probably washed it more often than you did yours. You hung your lab coat on the hooks behind the door and grabbed the books from the desk. He locked the door behind you and the two of you made your way to the parking garage. It was only when you reached his BMW did you realize that this was the first time that Dr. Kim had offered to take you home. Granted, you hadn’t been on for the late shift before, but nervousness still seeped into your belly. He ordered you to leave the books in the back seat and you complied before claiming shotgun. The car smelled good, a mix of the clean air freshener and Dr. Kim’s mildly spiced cologne. The scent overwhelmed your senses and the close proximity of his voice when he asked for your address only set you more on edge. He typed your address into the built-in navigation and pulled out.

The town was dimly lit but the roads were completely clear at this time of night. Dr. Kim cruised along with both hands on the wheel and an easy confidence readable in his body language. “Dr. Kim—“ “Jin.” He cut you off. “What?” Was your immediate reaction. “Jin.” He repeated, looking directly at you to reinforce the statement. You only stared back blankly. He smirked and returned his focus to the road. “When we’re outside of the hospital you can call me Jin.” He said. You remained silent in disbelief. Seemingly not the reaction he was going for, he added, “We’re not that different in age.” He merrily tapped his fingers lightly against the wheel. Coming to your senses, you finally responded with a small “Okay.”

“What were you going to say?” He asked. “Oh, it’s nothing important.” You answered and looked out of the window. Without people or cars lining the streets, the world seemed so peaceful. The tension from being in “Jin’s” car lessened by a degree when you looked up and noticed some of the brighter stars. You missed the way he studied you from the corner of his eye. “It must have been something.” He pressed. You licked your suddenly dry lips. Taking a deep breath, you worked up your courage. “What if there is nothing you can do for a patient?”

The question seemed to catch him off-guard, if the way his eyes widened were any sign. There was a prolonged pause followed by a sigh. “Then there is nothing you can do for a patient.” He stated. It took a moment for you to process. You nodded slowly in understanding. “Part of the job is realizing that you can’t save everyone.” He continued. You made a noise of acknowledgement. Silence once again filled the air. It wasn’t an awkward silence though. In fact, you were surprised by how comfortable you had become, even slouching in your seat. The prevalent quietness did nothing for your tiredness though and you found yourself resting your head against the window. “Hey, don’t fall asleep. We’re almost there.” Jin prodded.

“I’m not asleep.” You countered, but the sleepiness was evident in your voice. Jin lightly chuckled. A few moments later he was parallel parking like a pro into a tight spot across the street from your apartment complex. You began to bid Jin a farewell but he cut you off again. “Do you need me to help you carry the books up?” He asked. “Oh no! I’m fine.” You quickly replied. “I’m already parked, it won’t be any trouble.” He insisted. “That’s okay.” You responded and unbuckled yourself. As you opened you car door, you heard Jin unbuckle and open his door. You stood and stared straight at him from across the top of the car. His eyes never left yours. “Let me help you.” The phrase was so simple and short, but the way he was looking at you like he needed to do this added weight to the words. He flashed a quick smile to cut the heaviness between you two. Though you couldn’t quite make out his intentions, you caved, letting him reach into the back and stack the books in his arms.

Once he locked the car, you headed for your building, crossing the street and searching your purse for your keys simultaneously. Wordlessly, Jin was by your side, tie fluttering in the light breeze. Your eyelids felt like lead by the time you passed through the front doors. The elevator in your complex was one of those old timey ones, with a metal gate instead of doors. Jin eyed it suspiciously, clearly evaluating its safety. You smiled and nudged his shoulder. “Get in. It’s safe. I ride it all the time.” You encouraged him. He hesitated but ultimately followed you in. It was only when the chest piece of his stethoscope got caught in the gate, did you realize that he was still wearing it. You shook your head disapprovingly as he almost dropped the books in his frazzle to get unstuck. Gently, you reached out and tugged him free. He grinned sheepishly, his eyes going just a bit crinkled at the corners. You bit your lip and mentally slapped yourself for thinking that your mentor was cute.

“So…twelfth floor, huh?” Jin commented after you pushed the button. You were baffled. Was he trying to make small talk with you? You suppressed a chuckle to no avail. A muted laugh escaped your lips, drawing a slight frown from Jin. “You’re laughing at me?” He demanded. You pressed your lips together and tried to force the smile from your face. “No.” You lied, a giggle obviously hiding behind the word. “You are laughing at me!” He stated with a tone of mock offense. You vigorously shook your head, not trusting your voice. “Yah!” Jin teased. You broke and giggled outright. He joined you, his laugh higher in pitch than his normal tone.

The elevator came to a stop with a jerk and a “ding!” Jin moved to exit, but you stopped him, pulling him back towards you by his elbow. A good twenty seconds passed before the gate slid open. You pushed Jin forward once you were sure he was safe. A grimace graced his face, telling you he was going to take the stairs on his way back down. You covertly hid your smile by pretending to cover a yawn. “How much work did you do for you to be so tired?” Jin poked. Your lip curled, and you threw back “How much work did you do?” Taken aback, he faked offense with his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide. You weakly punched him in the back before overtaking him and leading him down the hall.

A breath later and your apartment door was unlocked and flung open. Your shoulders relaxed as you saw that you had remembered to clean up earlier that week. The carpet had been vacuumed, the coffee table cleared of random mail, your jackets were hanging on the coat rack instead of on the back of the kitchen chairs, and there wasn’t a film of dust coating the appliances. Jin followed you in, both of you ridding your shoes at the door. Your eyes flicked to the sink. You sighed in relief when you saw that you had done the dishes last night. “You can set those down over there.” You said, motioning to the kitchen table. The floor squeaked as Jin padded to the table, placed both the stack of books and his stethoscope down on it, and returned to your side. “Would you like anything to drink?” You asked politely, acutely aware of how there was a male in your pea-sized apartment. Being a good hostess was the least you could do to repay the free ride. “Sure, what do you have?” Jin asked. Pushing the thought from your mind, it took all of five steps to get from the living room to the kitchen. “Have a seat anywhere you like.” You offered.

Jin sunk into your couch. A miniscule loveseat actually, but who was counting? You ripped open your fridge, hoping that there was something other than alcohol in there. There wasn’t. “Want a beer?” You inquired in what you hoped was a casual tone. “That sounds great.” He answered. You took a deep breath and took out two cans. Plopping down next to him ungracefully, you handed him a can. He accepted with two hands, formally enough to have you questioning the appropriateness of your informal behavior. “You can call me ___, you know.” You said as you cracked your drink open. The corner of his mouth upturned as he whispered your first name before taking a sip of his beer.

A tingle crawled up your spine at the way he said your name, his voice just a hint deeper, the syllables rolling smoothly off of his tongue. You unintentionally shivered. “Are you cold?” He questioned. Before you could answer no, an arm was wrapped around you. You glanced sideways, Jin’s face dangerously close to yours. Concern was evident in his expression. You guessed that was to be expected from a doctor. Your heart skipped a beat when you realized that he was in fact holding a can of beer. “Oh my gosh, you shouldn’t be drinking! You have to drive.” You said a little too late. Startled, Jin looked from the can back to you and scoffed. “It’s fine, I’ll just stay a bit longer then.” He brushed it off. You were a mildly bewildered at the way he phrased the sentence as more of a statement than a question, fully assuming that he could stay at your apartment for as long as he pleased.

His arm was still snug around your shoulders, holding you close. The warmth radiating from his body was comforting and you didn’t understand how he smelled so good when he has just worked a twelve hour shift in a place that always reeked of bleach. Not that you didn’t like the feeling, but it was strange. Jin was your superior, your teacher, a man that you were to show utmost respect to. But now, he was just a guy you were unwinding with after work. The contrast was confusing. Yet, you didn’t pull away. You took another sip and gave him a side glance. His profile was stunning. A straight nose, long eyelashes, and supple lips had you wondering how it would feel to kiss him. Your breath caught in your throat at the inappropriateness of the thought and beer slipped down your trachea a little. Immediately, you were coughing and sputtering, your body trying to stop the liquid from hitting your lungs.

Jin didn’t hesitate to force you into an upright position though your spasming diaphragm kept making you bend in half. He held you tightly as you choked, all the while shouting, “Are you okay?!” Even though he knew it had no medical significance, he kept slapping you on the back. Tears began to leak out of your eyes as you struggled to breathe. You tried to hold your breath to slow the coughing fit. It helped some, but the tickle in your throat persisted.

The coughing stopped but you couldn’t help clearing your throat repeatedly. Jin angled you so that you faced him with your tear-streaked face. “Are you okay?” He asked seriously. You nodded, not up to speaking just yet. He pulled you closer, inspecting you as if you had been externally injured. The heat in your cheeks was fierce from the overwhelming embarrassment. You felt like a royal fool for choking on beer in front of a doctor. You slyly looked away even though he still held you by your shoulders. “I’m fine.” You spurted curtly. Jin released his hold on you only to yank you by your chin and force you to look at him. “Are you sure?” He questioned, concern etched into his every feature. It took you a second to gather yourself enough to answer him because his lips were distracting you again. “I’m fine.” You insisted, your eyes examining his cupid’s bow.

Jin smirked when he realized that you were staring at his lips. “Like what you see?” He teased, biting his lower lip. The gesture only served to egg you on as his pink lips darkened to a lusty shade of red. When you didn’t answer to his taunt he pointedly cleared his throat. It snapped you out of your trance and you immediately recoiled. If it was possible, you were sure your mortification doubled. You leaned back into the sofa, curling in on yourself. The change in position allowed an increased distance between you and Jin. Ignoring what had just transpired, you took another swig of beer. Jin did the same, setting his can down after and slipping seamlessly back into his joking. “My lips are quite sexy, huh?” You didn’t bother to hide the way you rolled your eyes.

“Yah, answer me!” He exclaimed as he reached over and squished your cheeks between his palms. Your beer made a loud thud as you slammed it down on the coffee table. Laughing, you grabbed Jin’s wrists and tried to pry his hands from your face. But Jin wasn’t going to go down so easily. He stiffened his arms and resisted you. You struggled against his obviously greater strength playfully. Jin lightly slapped your hands out of the way before his fingers were digging into your ribs, tickling you in your most ticklish area. You screeched, giggling breathlessly and squealing for him to stop. He just chuckled at the way you wiggled in attempt to escape him. You tried to block his twitching fingers but failed miserably. He didn’t ease up until you had squirmed so far back that your back was against the armrest and you were precariously perched between him and the possibility of falling backwards off of the sofa. Any boundaries established at the hospital suddenly disappeared as Jin hovered over you. The smiles slowly faded from your faces as you bore into each other’s eyes. You abruptly realized that here, in your apartment, there were no lines that didn’t need to be crossed.

It seemed that Jin also saw that there were no limitations right now, as he gently brushed a stray lock of hair from your face before cupping your cheek. Your breath caught, creating an unfamiliar pressure in your throat. Your eyes darted from his hand back to his face. Jin was gazing intently at you with a look that told you that he was definitely not seeing you as his pupil right now. Maybe it was the exhaustion getting to the both of you. The situation had you anxious as to what would come next, but the scariest part was that you didn’t dislike this sudden turn of events.

You had always thought that Dr. Kim was handsome, and as you got to know him better, you discovered that he had a great sense of humor. But the initial sense of awe quickly evaporated as he came down hard on you with his mentoring. He demanded that you knew all the medical terminology relevant to his specialty and be up to date with the latest medications for treating hypertension within the first week of meeting him. Inversely, your respect for him grew as your crush on him lessened. But you had no idea what he thought of you. “What are you thinking right now?” You tentatively asked. Jin searched your eyes before answering, “How much I’ve wanted to do this.”

With that, his mesmerizing lips were pressed fully against yours. Taken off guard, you gasped, spurring Jin to deepen the kiss. As he tilted his head, your eyes slowly closed. You hesitantly began to kiss back. Jin took that as a green light and aggressively dominated the kiss by tugging on your bottom lip between his. He gave a rough suck before releasing you and giving you a series of short quick pecks that had you smiling against his lips. The mix of sweetness and authority was something just so uniquely Jin that it didn’t even surprise you that he kissed like that.

He leaned back enough to make eye contact again. “That felt better than I imagined.” He commented with a smirk. The smugness of his smile was cut by the pink staining his cheeks and ears. “How long have you wanted to do that?” You asked with a hint of mischievousness. He delivered a peck to the tip of your nose before replying. “Since you walked into my office with those homemade cookies.” You briefly thought back to that day three months ago when you brought in a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the neurologist Dr. Min’s birthday. Jin did look very impressed with you after tasting them, even going as far as stating that his ideal girl was someone good in the kitchen. That meant that it had been some time since he had taken interest in you.

As if to break you from your thoughts, Jin’s hand snaked up your arm lightly. Your attention was instantly his as he held on to your shoulder. It almost hurt, the way he had your heart racing so hard that it felt like it was going to burst out of your chest. It was probably your heated skin that gave you away. He pressed two fingers to your neck over your pulse point. “Your body can’t lie.” He breathed, his head dipping slowly back towards your face. You mentally cursed yourself. You just had to be attracted to a doctor.

Partially in attempt to distract Jin from your tachycardia, you reached behind his neck and tugged him down the rest of the way to kiss him again. He didn’t respond for a moment, shocked at your forwardness, but then he smiled into the kiss as you had done before. You gave him open-mouthed kisses and his lips kept in rhythm with yours. He returned his hand to rest on your shoulder again. Your hand sneaked around to rest on his back as Jin introduced his tongue. The taste of beer and the heat of his breaths filled your senses, further clouding your better judgment. His fingers dug harder into your shoulder as he scraped his taste buds over yours. You dragged your teeth across the tip of his tongue just enough to tease. Jin retaliated by sharply nipping at your sensitized top lip. Not wanting to lose, you pushed your chest against his. Taking advantage of the way your back arched with the position, he wrapped an arm around you and held you close to him. He was not about to let you escape now that he had you in his grasp.

You couldn’t help the way you fisted his shirt when the hand at your shoulder tugged at your collar to reveal more of your skin. Breaking the kiss and bypassing your neck, Jin dove straight for your exposed collarbone. The thin skin of his lips felt soft against you even though he took bites of your skin with them. Your breathing got shallow when he moved to the top of your chest. Part of you screamed for you to stop before it got too far, but the other part just reveled in how exhilarating the pleasure was becoming. You hadn’t even had half a can of beer and you felt like you were drunk. Was it possible to get intoxicated off of another person?

“Is this okay?” Jin asked looking up from where his chin rested on your breast bone. You internally groaned at the sight. Did he have to look at you with such big eyes when his lips were red and swollen from your kisses? It wasn’t fair that he was able to so easily cross cute with sexy. “Yes.” You replied shakily. He chuckled at the airiness in your voice. You momentarily pouted before delivering a good smack to his ass. He gasped in exaggerated surprise and arranged his face in mock annoyance. You tilted your chin up and puffed your chest in a show of insubordination. Jin scoffed and promptly popped the first few buttons of your shirt open. Your overconfident façade rapidly deflated and to make up for it you loosened his tie. He grinned down at you broadly, amused by your fluctuating behavior.

The whole exchange was so playful that it didn’t afford you time to get self-conscious. Jin ripped off his tie fully and descended upon you again, his hips pointedly grazing against yours. A tingle of excitement crawled up your spine and you couldn’t suppress the resulting shudder. “That good, huh?” Jin cockily asked. You snorted and grabbed him by the collar. You pulled hard, bringing his neck close enough to bite. Your teeth sank less than gently into his tender flesh, eliciting a mild moan from him. Ah, so this was an erogenous zone for him. You made a mental note of that before soothing over the bite with a swipe of your tongue. Jin harshly exhaled when you began to suck at the just below his jaw. A lovely purple mark was left in your wake after you moved on to place a kiss slightly behind his ear.

You captured his earlobe between your teeth and lightly tugged as you stealthily undid the first button of his button up. Jin shivered. You marked off his ears as another sensitive area to remember. “That good?” You mimicked his words from earlier. He sneered and bit your cheek hard enough to hurt but not enough to do any actual damage. You squealed and lightly punched him with the hand on his back. He laughed and gave you a peck over his teeth marks. Just for that you untucked his shirt and let your fingertips linger under the waistline of his pants. As Jin began to buck his hips into your touch, you snatched away your hand. He was clearly unimpressed with your taunting.

Deciding that playtime was over, Jin made quick work of unbuttoning the rest of your shirt and daintily letting it fall to the floor. Your tank top allowed him to lean forward and run the tip of his tongue between your breasts. Reflexively, your chest chased his retracting tongue, craving more of the feeling. Not satisfied with the temperate petting, you sat up and simultaneously pushed Jin down. You pinned him to the sofa by holding down his shoulder while your free hand worked at his buttons. You were so grateful that he shucked his tie himself, as the buttons were proving difficult enough on their own. Jin folded his arms under his head, seemingly enjoying the view as you struggled. Ignoring your audience, you slid his shirt past his shoulders. You let him sit up so you could completely remove it. It probably ended up somewhere near your shirt on the floor, but you weren’t quite sure as Jin immediately pulled you into his lap.

You were face to face with Jin, his thighs a sturdy support beneath you. He stared at you, his eyes full of both lust and wonder. “Second thoughts?” You questioned seriously. “Yeah. How have we not done this before?” He whispered before he planted the sweetest of kisses that night on your lips. The affection in the gesture took you by surprise and before you could respond, it was over. Jin leaned back just enough to grip the hem of your tank and pull it over your head. You shook out your ruffled hair, hoping that it went back to some semblance of okay looking. He grinned and slipped a finger under the band between the two cups of your bra and snapped it. “Cute.” He commented with a hint of teasing in his voice. You practically ripped off his wife beater in retaliation.

The fight in you left instantly at the sight of his abs. They weren’t super cut but they were definitely visible. You hadn’t even expected Jin to even have abs. When did he have time to work out? You were sure that he lived at the hospital. Putting on a little show, he flexed and you realized that you were salivating excessively. You wiped the back of your hand across your mouth just in case you were drooling. You thankfully weren’t. Jin ran the back of his fingers down the length of your arms, raising goose bumps on your skin. In return, you raked your nails down his chest, scraping across a nipple. Jin hissed in reaction and it only egged you on. You gently massaged down his abdomen, you hands resting on his hips as you leaned forward and stole another kiss. You couldn’t help it. Kissing Jin could easily become an addiction.

His lips were plush and pursued yours when you moved away to suck at his collarbone. Jin’s eyes followed your actions with marked interest. You sucked a hickey where you knew his shirt would completely cover it. His head fell back slightly as you finished up and your tongue made a beeline towards a nipple. The tip of your tongue flicked over the nub before you carefully tugged the other between your teeth. Your bra strap fell off your shoulder and Jin took that as a sign that it needed to go. He appreciated the look of it on you before reaching around and fumbling with the clasp. It proved too difficult a task and you ended the prolonged struggle by undoing it yourself. Before he could get a good look at your topless self, your hands were at his zipper, efficiently freeing his waist from his slacks. He chuckled at your haste and cupped your cheek again, bringing his face closer to yours. Your eyes shut in anticipation of a kiss, but just as he brushed his lips against yours, they were gone. They reappeared on your breast, alternating between kisses and sucks. As Jin drew closer to your nipples, his teeth were introduced, biting and nipping softly. You arched your back to bring your chest closer to his mouth. You could feel his smile against your skin. He tended to your growing need by massaging your other breast with his hand. You sighed, relishing the way he applied just enough pressure to have your panties grow damp.

Jin pressed into you and you tipped backwards so that he was above you. He used the leverage to shimmy his pants down to his knees. You laughed at his awkwardness as he got tangled. You pushed at his hips and forced him to stand. He did it but watched you with a look of confusion. Hopping off of the couch, you faced him. Without warning, you pantsed him. In shock, Jin could only gape. You giggled and slyly fiddled with the zipper on your own dress pants. Immediately, his eyes were at your fly as you popped the button open. Jin coyly drew closer, his arms outstretched for you. You let him reel in further before quickly bending and ripping his boxer-briefs down his legs. You chuckled at how offended he looked. Jin furrowed his eyebrows and pointedly stepped out of the net of clothes at his feet. You took that as your cue to run.

As you began to back away, Jin in all his naked glory grabbed your shoulder and crushed you to him. The gasp that left you was involuntary as his erection poked at your hip. He was fully hard and not about to let you go unpunished for messing with him. His thumbs hooked into the sides of your pants and in one swift motion you stood as bare as he did.  Shyness overcame you and you tried to cover your body with your hands. Seeing the change in your confidence, Jin ran his fingers softly through your hair. “Hey, look at me.” He said.  You moved your gaze from the floor to his face. “You are beautiful.” He stated as earnestly as he could. He combed through your hair and rested a hand on the swell of your hip. By now you were well versed on the way switched from sweet to mischievous. Jin knew exactly when he needed to be romantic and when a little trickery was appreciated and the mix made for a passionate but fun exchange.  He pressed a tender kiss to your swollen lips as he eased you back down to the sofa. Jin sat comfortably with his feet resting on the floor as you straddled him. The kiss was only broken when Jin’s jaw went slack as you gave him a slow stroke. You smirked, pleased by the reaction and repeated the motion more firmly from base to tip. You pumped him again, adding a flick of the wrist towards the end. Jin’s head fell back as you picked up your pace. Your strokes only grew more intense as you quickened.  Soon, Jin was panting, his skin was scalding hot, and his abs were taut.

You stopped before he got too far gone. He struggled to catch his breath and gave you a look of frustration crossed with pleasure. The little half-smile that said that he wasn’t finished with you was just damn sexy. How you were going to see that at the hospital and not drip, you had no idea. It already had you trying to squeeze your thighs together to give you some relief from the way he was making your core tingle. Noticing your ache, he reached to grip your behind as his other hand delved between your legs. His fingertips caught some of your slick as he ran them along your slit. You whined and held onto his wide shoulders. Seeing how soaked you were, he tentatively prodded your entrance with one of his thick fingers. It slipped in easily and you groaned low in your throat. Jin watched in fascination as he slowly pumped in and out of you.

His chunky knuckles only heightened the sensation when he scraped against your walls. Another finger was suddenly introduced and your toes curled. Jin pumped faster and your hips moved in time with his hand. When his thumb pressed against your clit you keened and buried your head in his shoulder. Jin’s fingers kept moving as he his other hand ghosted up your back and pressed you steadfastly against his shoulder. His rhythm sharply increased in speed and a muted scream was ripped from your throat at the sudden aggression. But then everything was tightening and pressure was building in your lower belly. Desperation hit you and you were sure you were going to go crazy if you didn’t release. Your pelvis rut down hard on Jin’s bony fingers but he didn’t let up, trying to drive you to your breaking point. Your body seized, your hips pressing down firmly and back arching. Your walls clenched and relaxed as you let out a deep moan. There was no thinking at that point, just feeling the way Jin kept his fingers in you and his thumb tucked against your clit to allow you to ride out your orgasm for as long as possible.

It took you at least thirty seconds to register that you should probably breathe as you got down off of your high. Once you weren’t so winded, Jin removed his fingers and you winced at the way the dragged from your oversensitive core. “You’re lucky I’m not as mean as someone we know.” He said and leaned his forehead against yours. His skin was just as hot and slicked with sweat as yours. You bit the tip of his nose lightly. “I’ll let you come later.” You countered with a smirk. He leaned to the side and fished for his discarded pants. He held up a small square of foil. “How about now?” Jin asked, ripping the corner off of the package and rolling the contents down his shaft. Instantly, his tip traced a circle around your lower lips. You gasped at the unexpected feeling of coolness. He chuckled, loving how affected you were by him. “Now is good.” You choked out.

With that, Jin entered you slowly. He sank centimeter by centimeter into you, letting you feel how his girth stretched you so wide it was almost painful. You groaned, never having felt so full before. It felt too damn good. Not needing the gentle transition, you raised yourself on your knees a bit and slammed down on Jin’s length the rest of the way. It was his turn to moan; your walls were still tense from cumming and squeezed him tightly. You felt like ribbed velvet, hot and wet for him to move in and out of smoothly. He had to pause for a moment just to relish the pleasure of being seated in you was giving him. But you didn’t want to wait anymore now that he was finally in you. You were already craving more.

Cautiously, you used your knees for leverage again and came down a little easier, allowing Jin to exit halfway before you thrust yourself on him. He sighed airily. You thanked god that your couch had good cushions as you began to settle into a smooth rhythm. You bounced on Jin’s lap, going for an intensity that you would be able to maintain for a while. Ending this too soon would just be a waste as Jin looked like a demi-god straight from Roman literature with his bangs soaked with sweat and his skin flushed. His pink full lips that were just a bit swollen from all the kissing only added to the look. It was his dark eyes that got you though. They were glazed with desire but still maintained that Jin type pureness somehow.

The pleasure was a slow build as you continued to move your hips. Too slow for Jin. His hands found your hips and gripped them tightly. Then he was thrusting up to meet you. The added force had him driving deeper into you, hitting against your spot over and over again. You begged him not to stop as you bounced harder, your ass slapping against his thighs audibly. He pounded you and you cried out with how impossibly good it felt. His voice pitched slightly higher as he grunted with exertion. His abs clenched and you knew he was close. You tilted your hips forward and he hit harder against your g-spot. Within seconds you were chasing your second high of the night. Feeding into your lusty craze, Jin ordered you to come for him in that melodious voice of his. Sweat dripped down your back as you thrust down with all the energy you had left. Your pelvises slammed together in a frenzy. Jin dug his fingers into your flesh and his neck strained with the force of his orgasm. He sheathed himself in you as deep as he could as he came. You shuddered at the sudden heat and reached to rub your clit. You opted for pressure instead of speed and you could feel yourself drawing closer. Without warning, your walls clamped down on Jin’s softening length. Jin whined with the aftershocks of overstimulation, but you were too blindsided to notice. All your muscles tensed and released at once, giving you a rush.

Both of you huffed as you came back down to earth, skin stuck to skin. You leaned into Jin and he wrapped his arms around your waist. “Let’s shower.” Jin suggested. You shook your head. You were exhausted and just wanted to sleep. “You don’t want a UTI, do you?” He asked. You pulled your torso away from him and lightly punched him in the chest. Even after sex he was still Dr. Jin.

Need you (Here)

A/N - hello, I had a bit of trouble while writing chased and more ideas started flowing in so i’m gonna see if trying to get some other stuff out can help my creative juices flow to figure out my missing key in the story. Please enjoy!!!!


It does switch between reader and Baron so PAY. ATTENTION.

Warning: angst, swearing, BIRTH (MMK IT HAPPENS)
Word Count: - 2,750
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I couldn’t be more excited for Baron to come home today. Our child is healthy and she can be here at any moment. Baron and I have been growing a distance but he promised to come home and treat me which i’m excited for.

I had fallen asleep on the couch, I looked at the clock to see it was 1am but Baron still hasn’t come home. I grab my phone and dial his number, it had lead straight to voicemail. Usually Baron would call and tell me if something was wrong which made me uneasy. I was quick to dial Corey’s number until the lock had turned. A drunken Baron had walked in slowly with a wobble in each step. I couldn’t control my emotions as anger bubbled inside me. “Baron! What the hell, you didn’t call me or text me to let me know you weren’t coming home.” I planted my hands on my hips and glare at him. I knew this wasn’t going to work, he stared back at me but nothing came out of him. I huff and walk to the kitchen and grab a glass and filled it with water. I march back over to him and shove the glass into his hands. “Drink it and then shower. Now. Sober up because we’re going to talk about this.” I sighed with frustration.

I sat on the couch and waited for him to come out of the bathroom. He finally emerged as he dried his hair, I stood up and motioned for him to sit on the couch. I started to pace around until I began to speak. “Baron.. You promised me you’d be here.. Clearly drinking seemed to be more important.” Disappointment was filling up my words as I spoke quietly. Baron rubbed his face roughly as frustration washed over him. “(Y/N) sometimes shit happens, you have to get over it.” I stopped and looked at him, I wasn’t sure if I was angry or sad. “When you make a promise to someone usually they stand by it Baron sorry that its apart of keeping a promise.” From what was once was a silent filled room escalated into loud arguing. “What is your problem Baron? There’s this distance thats been growing between us, do you want to explain it?” My heart pounded hard against my chest as I waited for Baron to respond.

“I’m not ready to be a father (Y/N)! This is all very scary to me and i’m not scared of anyone but this i’m not ready for.” Baron stood up and ran his hands through his wet hair. I didn’t get it, I can understand him being scared but what about me? “Seriously? Baron i’m not ready to be a mother. Did you think I ask for the condom to break? Did you think I asked to carry this child? I thought I was on the safe side! So don’t come at me with you being scared because i’m scared as well. Being here for months practically alone…I’m fucking terrified.” My heart pounded faster as I shouted back at him, a sharp pain began to line my stomach. I quickly bring a hand to my tummy and try to lightly shift it, the pain had only gotten worse as I fell to my knees. I whimper as the pain had gotten more violent and unbearable. The contractions began only recently but it was a struggle to move from one spot to another. Baron immediately got down beside me and tried to soothe me only making me more angry, “Don’t fucking touch me Baron, you said you were too scared, back off. Scarier stuffs about to happen.” l shouted as clenched my stomach, I tried to stand and move but shortly my legs gave out as I gasped. Baron scooped me up into his arms, I tried to struggle against his hold, he carried me out of the house towards the car. I finally wiggle out of his grasp landing on my feet luckily. The pain became more unbearable, I look over at baron whose fishing in his pockets for his keys “You’re not driving me….anywhere you’re still… wasted and you’re risking it..” I panted as I lean down. “You’re clearly in pain (Y/N) stop being so fucking stubborn” Baron shouted back.

Headlights turned the corner and stopped in front of us, Corey had stepped out. “(Y/N)? What’s going on? are you okay? I got your call but i couldn’t pick up” He sank down to my side and tried to help me up. “No, I think theres something wrong.” I began to cry, Corey picked me up and brought me to the passenger seat of his car. Baron sat in the back seat and placed a hand on my shoulder, I was in too much pain to shake him off or fight with him anymore tonight. We made it to the hospital, Corey helped me out and guided me to the building. Baron trailed behind slowly, as we enter the building several nurses roamed around in a quickened pace. A small petite nurse walked up to me and Corey, “Hi ma'am, what brings you in tonight?” Her voice was light and soothing. “She’s fine but me, I was blinded by your beauty” Corey winked at her. I glared up at Corey, I was ready to go on a rampage if I didn’t get some help soon. Corey chuckled nervously, “She’s having very intense pain and shes 9 months so far. It may be time” The nurse went to my side and guided me into an empty room. “Can you get up on the table and wait for just a second?” The nurse left me in the room alone.

I use the little steps to lie on the table, a soft knock disturbed the silence in the room. “Come in” I tried to say as calmly as I could. Baron came in slowly and sat in the chair beside me, I turn over slightly and look at him. He stared straight ahead, as angry as I was at him I needed him here, Its better than handling this alone. I whimper quietly as the pain began to rise again, “ow ow.. Baron” I cried quietly. Baron stood up and pressed my head against his tummy. “It hurts Baron, so much..” I cried harder as I gripped lightly onto his shirt, “shh it’s okay babe you’ll be okay” Baron brought his other hand to stroke my hair. The doctor rushed in along side the nurse with a wheelchair, “(Y/N), Hi let’s skip formalities my name is Kelsie i’m your doctor for the night my nurse told me you were 9 months, expecting at anytime well today is your lucky day your baby is coming out tonight.” I looked at Kelsie in shock as tears continued to fall. “We’re going to have to bring you to the maternity unit asap we just need to wheel you there right now and get you all set up.” Kelsie came around to Baron and helped me stand and walk to the wheelchair.

I continued to pant and cry in the wheelchair as she pushed me through the halls to the maternity unit. “It’ll be okay (Y/N) we’ll try to get your little one out soon. If she’s facing the direction we need her to it’ll be easier.” Kelsie pushed the double doors that read “Maternity Ward” open, we turned the first corner and went into the first room.

“You, help her get undressed and on this bed now! You, make sure my tools are clean, You over there! I need you to get the baby on the screen now we need to see what direction shes in.” Kelsie shouted to the nurses, they worked like bees and got things done quickly, I was undressed and assisted on to the table in position. Baron remained quiet the entire time but sat in a chair near by to hold my hand.

The screen showed my baby girl, Even though I was a mess I was so glad to see her I wanted to hold her in my arms immediately. Kelsie scooted her chair in front of me as she began to prepare herself, she looked up at the screen and nodded to herself as she pulled her mask up. “(Y/N) shes in the right direction i’m gonna need you to push okay?” I didn’t trust anyone but kelsie right now, I followed what she said and immediately grab ahold of Baron’s hand as I cried out in pain. “I know …I’re doing great babe” Baron kissed the top of my hand.

The last push couldn’t be anymore painful, I reached out for the baby but kelsie handed her off to the nurse, “Where are they taking my Baby?” I panic. Kelsie looked slightly worried and whispered something to Baron and left the room. “Baron. Where’s my little girl.. I want to hold her.” I began to shout, I knew from the movies when they took a baby away nothing good was happening. “They had to bring her to the NICU, she needs assistance breathing” Baron balled his hand into a fist out of frustration. My breathing picked up, I began to put my legs over the bed. “WOAH what are you doing?” Baron blocked me from getting down. My heart pounded against my chest, “Baron please… go check on our little girl please.. Go follow them.. Go…” I pushed him towards the door, walking on his own he took on a jog around to look for the NICU.

I slowly walked back and climbed up on the bed praying and hoping my little girl was going to be okay. I was completely drained after using my last bit of strength to push Baron out. I wanted to sleep but I needed to know whats going on with my baby.


My heart pounded hard against my chest as I looked for the NICU, Finally stumbling upon it Kelsie finally stepped out with a sigh. “Doctor Kelsie, Is she okay? Well will she?” I swipe off my beanie and run a hand through my hair.

“As of right now we are unsure. She isn’t breathing on her own. We will give it until overnight. I will personally stay and watch if you are alright with this.” Kelsie clipped her pen back onto the clip board. “Y-yes please..” I sighed and turned back to head towards (Y/N)’s room.

I open the door quietly, her eyes fluttered open. While yet she was like this she looked beautiful.. I was proud of her, I was shitty and I knew it. I had to make it right not for just us..but for her. For our little girl.


“What did they say?” I lick my lips everything felt dry, my throat and mouth just completely dry. I watched Baron pulled the chair to face me. “She’s on a tube at the moment. Kelsie is going to watch over her tonight and let me know if anything happens.” Baron sat back and bounced his leg.

“Listen, (Y/N) i’m sorr–”

“Baron..please.. Not now…we’ll talk later..I think I’m going to rest..I don’t want you to stay the night please.. Just go..” I close my eyes and ran my hand through my hair. He sighed quietly and stood to leave. Even though this was the moment I needed him in I was still upset with him, I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep.


I shut the door quietly and headed out to the main lobby, I noticed Corey sitting scrolling through his phone. I sit beside him with a sigh, he put a hand on my back and patted it.

“Explain everything in depth and detail” Corey crossed his arms and looked over to me. I rubbed my face in frustration, “This is my fault Corey, we had big argument, she refuse to let me drive, you came along luckily…now our little girl is in the NICU and (Y/N) doesn’t want me to stay up there with her.” I look down as a tear fell from my eye. “Look, I know YOU know because even I know how stubborn (Y/N) can be you gotta shut her up first before she shuts you up, what ever happen apologize and forgive honestly. Secondly why are you blaming yourself for something out of your control? You can’t prevent what happen so if shes in the NICU you have to let the doctors do what they do so that she’s okay. Lastly you and (Y/N) are gonna have to make up whatever is going on the last thing you want is for a newborn baby to probably hear you guys argue. It may not matter now because she won’t remember but listen to me you need to squash it now.” Corey stood up and held his hand out to me. I grip it and pulled him in for a hug, he was an amazing best friend always giving me the best advice and I had to follow through.

The dawn dragged in as the clock striked 6am we still sat and waited. Kelsie appeared from the corner and walked over to me. “Good news, your little girl is breathing she’s sleeping right now but at 6:30am we unlock the nursery door just bring this card up and they’ll bring her to you…have a lovely night Baron” Kelsie placed a hand on my shoulder and walked off to the doors. I was happy I can hold my baby girl, Corey and I stood up and headed back to the maternity unit.

By the time we made it the nurses were checking the babies and feeding some. I knocked softly on the door and hand the card to the nurse, she smiled and roamed over to a bassinet she slowly picked the baby up and began to walk back. My heart pounded before I even saw her, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to see her. The nurse stopped and moved closer to me and placed her in my arms, Corey peeked over and put his finger in her tiny hands.

I was a tough guy but my own daughter.. I was happy to see her and i’ll admit it I had a few tears to shed. “We should go find (Y/N) and see if shes awake..” Corey began heading towards the main hall. I walked slowly as I tried to take in my little girl’s features. Her cheeks were small and round just like her mom’s, her skin was light and soft. I couldn’t tear my eyes away.


I could hear cooing noises but i thought I was still asleep. My eyes open slowly and the cooing continued, I sat up quickly and my heart dropped. Baron sat against the wall and played with our baby girl in his arms. Tears began to flow from eyes, Baron looked up at me and carried her to me. “Shhh….(Y/N) hold her” Baron placed her in my arms and kissed my forehead. “ I love you and I love her.. I’m sorry.” I couldn’t be mad at him anymore.. I knew he meant it.. We created this child i’m holding and I needed him as much as he needed me and our baby. I couldn’t be happier. “One more thing (Y/N)” I look over to Baron who had stepped back and pulled out a box, kneeling down he opened it and reveal a diamond ring.

I looked at him shockingly and nodded speechless as more tears fell. He stood and place the ring on my finger as I held the baby close. I smile up at him and pull him down for a quick kiss. “Corey wanted to know whats the baby’s name, by the way we clearly haven’t decided one…” Baron kneeled back down and laid his head against the bed. He was right we haven’t decided a name for her, closing my eyes and think for a second. “Emersyn Hope Corbin” I look up at Baron for approval, smiling big he nodded. “I love it..” I look down and continued to play with Emersyn.

life goal: buy an old abandoned hotel, fix it up, and repurpose it as a safe house for LGBT teens/young adults who’ve been kicked out of their homes

a lot more femslash aus
  • We are partners in a government agency and have to go undercover as a married couple to flash out a serial killer who targets queer couples in hate crimes and did you seriously just suggest that we actually sleep in this bed together AU
  • You are my neighbor in our dormitory and you saved me from a giant spider at 4am after you heard my muffled squeaking through the thin walls and then I invited you to takeout leftovers from yesterday and we talked the whole night AU
  • You are the geeky new girl at our school and I am in the cheerleading squad and I think you hated me until I saved you from some bullies one day and now you keep giving me movie recommendations and I’m trying to figure out how to invite you to watch one of those movies together AU
  • We met like five times in the same club and you were always one of those nice drunk girls who gives out compliments to every girl who comes in and the sixth time I finally managed to make you a compliment as well and you started crying bc you were so happy someone found your eyeliner impressive AU
  • I’ve been in the hospital for over two weeks now and you are the nicest nurse in this whole building and you’re the only reason I didn’t flee my bed yet and oh my god did you seriously bring me a whole pile of comic books I think I love you AU
  • I write fanfics, you draw fanarts and some time ago we started to make fanworks based on each other’s work and now we just keep spilling artworks for the other person and I am in denial bc you live on the other side of the world and I might have a huge crush on you AU
  • I’m you daughters new elementary school teacher and your kid is one of my favourites in my first class ever so I guess I just wanted to say good parenting job and would you by any chance go out with me or would that be too awkward AU
  • I ran away from a group of transphobic assholes and just jumped into your taxi and shouted „DRIVE!“ and you didn’t even ask questions you just drove and took me on a calming little cruise around the city where you showed me all your favourite spots to eat and hang out and then you brought me home so I would be safe and can I have your number pls AU

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16: Upside-Down Kiss

“Well, that was pointless.”

Together, Ladybug and Chat Noir watched the circus pack up from the top of a nearby building, each nursing their dignity after finding out the true nature of the ‘akuma’ they’d pursued halfway across Paris.

“Not so pointless,” Chat proposed, holding up a finger.

Ladybug cocked her head, curious.

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I was surprised to see Hermione as secondary Ravenclaw, got to be honest. I always think of her as secondary Slytherin. She has a particular brand of ruthlessness (DA SNEAK etc) and an ambition to be the best. I also think of examples like going out with Cormac to get revenge on Ron/make him jealous? I don't know, just my thoughts :) x

Kat: Two things here: first, we should probably take a second to emphasise the difference between a primary and a secondary. Because the ambition bit would fall under motivations, which is part of the primary. And even then, Slytherins aren’t the only ones with ambition! Ravenclaw Primaries have ambitions toward knowledge, Gryffindors have ambitions toward doing the right thing (in a way that can make them great activists), and even Hufflepuff Primaries can have ambitions toward fairness (or whatever else they’re interested in— nursing, caring, building, managing a billion dollar company…). All of the houses can have goals, and drives, and ambitions. Slytherin’s ambition is notable not in force so much as in focus: ambition for the sake of ambition, climbing for the sake of climbing, power for its own sake, with happiness and success as a fundamental goal. And I don’t think Hermione wants to be the best just to be the best. She wants to be the best because she’s proving something, and wants to succeed academically. Not that Slytherins can’t share those goals, because they can, but my point is that those goals are in no way inherently Slytherin.

Second, you can be sneaky and ruthless without being a Slytherin Secondary. You can be a Slytherin Secondary without being sneaky and ruthless, too! The defining point of the Slytherin Secondary is adaptability, which yes makes them, as a house, better than average at being sneaky, but there are ways to be sneaky that aren’t based on that type of adaptability. Both times, when Hermione organized the DA and when she went out with Cormac to make Ron jealous, those were planned types of sneakiness and ruthlessness. Calculated. She plotted and prepared instead of twisting meanings and manipulating. Very Ravenclaw Secondary.

Inky: Yes, Hermione is fascinatingly close to Slytherin. That ruthlessness is something Gryffindor and Slytherin share best—though they’re as likely to conflict over that as to bond with it. And her drive and ambition outshines nearly every character in the books. She’s whip-sharp and morally complicated and I love it.

If you’re using secondary to mean “second most likely House’ I agree entirely. While Hermione is a shining example of a Gryffindor willing to do anything for what she thinks is right, whether it’s House Elves or defying Umbrage or saving the world, Hermione could just as easily be a Slytherin who has decided the entire world is her responsibility. She is driven, loyal, makes hard calls and lives with them. The question is: is she saving the world because it’s the right thing to do or because it’s hers?

(I err towards assuming her Gryffindor nature, because that’s how the narrative presents her, but wow would I love to read about Slytherin Hermione Granger who chose Gryffindor House in order to best achieve her goals).

But the way we’ve been using secondary on this blog means something a little different. Your primary House informs why you do things—moralities, priorities, loyalties, drive. Your secondary is how you do things—methods, means, tools, skills. By that definition of secondary, what I think you’re arguing here is actually that Hermione is a Slytherin primary.

Ruthlessness (do the ends justify the means?), ambition, her reaction to Marietta’s betrayal, her jealousy over Ron—these are Hermione’s drive. This is what she chases after and how she defines her goals.This is her deciding what to feel guilty and what to feel justified about.

The way she achieves those goals (her secondary), I think, really is Ravenclaw. She studies. She researches and prepares and packs a library to bring on their book seven roadtrip. When she is thrown into a whole new world at eleven, the first thing she does is read every book she can get her hands on. A Ravenclaw secondary is not defined by intelligence (though she’s certainly intelligent) but about the valuing of knowledge as the most useful tool to solve problems.

She has some aspects of a Gryffindor secondary’s forward, honest bravery (though I think that’s just her primary leaking over loudly), but I’d say Hermione displays very little of Hufflepuff’s harmonizing secondary with its emphasis on fair play and I’d say she shows hardly any of a Slytherin secondary’s reactive adaptability. A Slytherin secondary (in the way that we use the term) goes with the flow, or shifts the flow to suit them. In uncertain situations they look for power sources, for escape routes, for leverage and potential, and they maneuver and mold their presentation to achieve whatever it is they’re after, whether that’s safety or an empire.

So I’m still rather invested in Hermione as a Ravenclaw secondary, but you have greatly piqued my interest in the idea of a Slytherin primary living in her ambitious bones. Thank you!



November Study Challenge - Day 3 | 11/3/17

[21/100 days of productivity // 11.3.17]

For once i’m doing my psych reading the week before the discussion. In the nursing building with my “im-literally-unable-to-procrastinate” friend Soly. yes i’m highly jealous, like can i please suffer from the inability to procrastinate kkdjjhlfadshjklfds

Bonus points to me for completing two challenges with one picture. DOP and also the November Study Challenge – today’s day was productivity, boom!

also, yes that was my boyfriend that texted me lol i love him so much 🖤

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Can you give us some facts about Pitfall?

- The boardwalk is the hardest location I’ve ever had to film at.
- Between the time I finished filming for Crawlspace and started filming for Pitfall, park management had changed the sign at the mouth of the boardwalk. Because Pitfall is supposed to take place right where Crawlspace left off, I felt people may notice this difference. So, because I’m a continuity madman I went out of my way to edit the sign as was at the end of Crawlspace at the very beginning of Pitfall. When Noah, turns to lock his car and then pans back, the new sign is there. 
- Pitfall has the most songs I’ve ever used in a single video.
- All footage with Rikki was filmed many months ago.
- This image planned out the sequence where Noah kept passing the tower. 
- The tree eyeball effect took me the longest to edit.
- The laughing sound during the tree eyeball sequence was a reversed and slowed down Boo from Super Mario 64.
- This is the second time I sampled Super Mario 64 music, the first time being in Bridge to Nowhere.
- This footage was one of the takes from this shot.
- I had to remake all the fortunes shot with night vision with black ink because the usual blue ink pretty much disappeared under infrared.
- The fall sequence was achieved by tying a string to my camera strap, spinning it, and lowering it slowly. Easily the hardest and most nerve-wracking shot to date.
- Swarms of mosquitoes massacred us for this scene because we forgot to spray ourselves with OFF. You can see them all over my face.
- The ‘hospital’ was actually a nursing building on my campus that was open late.
- Rikki’s laughs were all unmodified, that’s actually how he sounds.


(A/N: I had a weird daydream earlier and thought I would write it)


Summary: reader just found out she’s pregnant and isn’t necessarily happy about it. She’s gone on a run to get some supplies.

Alexandria time.


I walked through the double doors, making my way out of the library. This college campus was more deserted than I thought it would be. Apparently even walkers hated school. In the library there had been a few, noting too difficult. Being from this area, I’d attended this college, before transferring to Atlanta. There was a coffee shop (a wonderful one) in the library that I used to go to all the time. I’d managed to scrounge up some expired granola bars that were hidden inside, but that was it.

I’d come on this run alone, it was stupid but we needed meds and everyone else had their own tasks to worry about. Plus I needed time to think.

“(Y/N)” Daryl was storming in my direction, I’d never seen him so angry. “What the hell are ya doing out here?”

I pointed in the direction of the nursing building. “nursing building will have meds.”

“You’re pregnant, you can’t just run around out here alone like an idiot!”

I looked at him in shock. I had decided to keep the news to myself until I’d decided whether I would keep it or not. I didn’t want to worry him. The only other person I’d told was Maggie, and that was because I needed her help to know for sure.

“Maggie told you?” I asked, I couldn’t lie I was angry with her.

His blue eyes gave me a once over, making sure I wasn’t hurt. “Let’s go.”

“The meds,” I said. “No, we need to get you home. I’m not going to risk it.”

“Daryl, stop. We need that stuff.”

He just shook his head and dragged me with him to the library’s parking lot. There sat one of the smaller cars from Alexandria. “We can send others back. I’ll come back with them. You’re not dying over something that may not even be there.”


His silence as we sat in the car was killing me. I could tell he was angry, it was seething off him, suffocating me. Finally I couldn’t take it any longer. “You wanna say your peace?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t think it was necessary yet.”

“It’s my—“ his voice broke off for a moment. “It’s my child too.”

“You know what happened to Lori, and to Maggie.” Maggie’s wounds were still fresh over loosing her baby, bringing it up made me feel bad. “I don’t want that. I don’t want to die. I don’t want to get attached to the idea of having a baby only for it to die. Maybe Judith is okay and maybe we’re in a safe place but what happens if this goes away. What happens if we end up on the road again?”

“We’ll figure it out. I will.” He still wouldn’t look at me.

“Daryl, I don’t know that I want this,” I whispered it softly. I could see the hurt work it’s way through his body. His anger faded and was replaced by something much more sorrowful. “I’m sorry.“

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Pt. 2, Pt. 3

[17/100 days of productivity // 10.30.17]

  • took yet another mental health day because life
  • survived chemistry class without my lab partner (barely)
  • started my laundry
  • edited yesterday’s dop post
  • planned my courses to register for next semester
  • threw out all of those damn water bottles cluttering my desk (and suddenly I can see it again)
  • added some appointments to my calendar (cause god knows i’m disorganized as hell)
  • found a potential study spot on campus – the nursing building’s like almost always empty
  • crossed a crap ton of stuff off my todo list (that i finally started back using again ahkdhfjkslahkjslgjdlahfjkdlsahfgdhjklsahfdsalkj)
  • i didn’t kill anyone today yay!!!