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Things the bee movie lies to you about:

  • Bees do not have family units like (some) humans do. The queen is the “mom” and most of everyone else is sisters with a few brothers who are born at the end and go out to mate. Sometimes one of the sisters rebels and starts her own “colony” (OK with bumblebees at least), but mostly they just wait for the baby queens who are born at the end of the season to go out and find drones and start a new colony. But in fact, most worker bees will never reproduce in their lifetime, although of course are still absolutely vital to colony survival

  • Honey bees do not do the same job for their entire life, they have a system based on age of the bee. They typically start off as cleaners, then nurses, then nest building/maintenance/nectar receiving and then finally foragers. I think it’s a bit more complicate than this and depends on the season (?) but it isn’t a one job per lifetime deal. Bumble bees do whatever the heck the want (but typically do not start foraging until 1 week of age). 

  • Only female bees do the work. Males are just there to mate

  • Only female bees can sting, the stinger evolved from the ovipositor

life goal: buy an old abandoned hotel, fix it up, and repurpose it as a safe house for LGBT teens/young adults who’ve been kicked out of their homes

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16: Upside-Down Kiss

“Well, that was pointless.”

Together, Ladybug and Chat Noir watched the circus pack up from the top of a nearby building, each nursing their dignity after finding out the true nature of the ‘akuma’ they’d pursued halfway across Paris.

“Not so pointless,” Chat proposed, holding up a finger.

Ladybug cocked her head, curious.

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||Shattered minds||Insane Au rp

It was another cloudy day during a mid afternoon, a light drizzle has just started behind a  down pour on the town. A few people didn’t know it was gonna rain since it called for sun today. Even some people saw flashes of lightning in the clouds but they grew darker by 3pm.

Even a few inmates were seeing the gloomy day but some liked the thunder or some liked the lightning. so its really a favorite to all in the Akens Asylum. In the lower level of the building, a nurse, a doctor, and a visitor was sitting in a quiet room as the storm was moving slowly across the sky. They were watching a black haired young lady patient in a cell like room who wasn’t paying them no mind since she was focused on the window. Seeing the rain hitting the window, the thunder rumbling and the flashes of lightning seen across the sky. It was so soothing to her broken mind. As she sees the rain come down faster, the door opens to see a male nurse with water and medicine. “Hanoka? Ready for your medicine?” he spoke gently, seeing her slowly face him as he gets a bit scared.  

I'm not a liar

I’m not a hero. But they say I am. They gave me a medal of honor and a full scholarship. Whenever I try to tell them the truth, they’d brush me off as being modest. I wasn’t.

A week ago, the nursing building at my university was on fire. It was around 5PM so there were only a few people left in there. Most of them got out just in time. They were gagging and coughing. Both the firefighters and ambulance wasn’t there yet. People started to panic as they realize one person was left in the second floor of the building. I was outside and saw him screaming in the window, coughing and pleading for help.

Without a second thought, I pour my bottled water into my handkerchief and put to over my nose and mouth. I rushed inside the burning ruins while people scream at me to stop. I fought my way for the stairs as debris fell from the ceiling.

When I finally spotted him, I ran over and kneeled at his side. He was lying on the ground, barely breathing from the toxic smoke coming from everywhere. Still alive. He looked at me with a dazed look at first but then his eyes widened. He grasped my hands tightly as tears fell from his burned face.

It took me a while to get the job done but I know the way out. I put his arm across my shoulders and drag him towards the exit. When we were outside the building, lots of people surrounded us. We collapsed immediately. I sustained a couple of burns and was out of breath. He was badly burned like me and was heavily bleeding. As people started to haul us up to the ambulance, I got to see him close his eyes one last time.

After that, the funeral was held. I came. His family thanked me for “trying to save him” and they were crying in a corner of the hall as I gazed upon his body. The morticians did a great job of hiding the wound on his head. It took three times to knock him out completely.

My burn scars itch from time to time. If only he died sooner, I would’ve gotten out in time without these. But at least I got to see him in a coffin like I always wanted.


Nurse: Yes, Mr Goddard?

Roy: Listen, I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot before. But my mobile phone’s dead and I don’t have my charger with me. Can I use your phone?

Nurse: Can you read the sign behind me, Mr Goddard? It clearly states that phones are for staff use only.

Roy: Please. One phone call. Just one lousy phone call is all I ask. Come on! No one has to know. Anyway, rules are meant to be broken, right? 

Nurse: Hmmm. The last time we talked you called me a  bleeping bitch, if I remember correctly-.

Roy: I was under a lot of stress. C’mon, I’m begging. Please.

Nurse: There’s a payphone just outside the hospital in Spencer Street-

Roy: But you said I’m not allowed to leave the building!

Nurse: Oh, that’s right. Whoops. Silly me. I forgot. Looks like you’re screwed then, doesn’t it? 


When Maia had heard Kit was in the hospital she’d wanted to visit earlier. But having been released from the hospital herself only a few days ago, she was extremely exhausted these days and she found herself sleeping instead whenever she had to chance. Now Maia knew that Ella would most likely be alone there and she didn’t want her friend to be awkwardly sitting by herself. She’d decided to grab some food along the way in case Ella hadn’t had anything to eat and after having befriend enough of the hospital staff she managed to find the waiting area without much difficulty. “Hey,” she said softly, shoving the small piece of paper which held the phone number of one of the many hot male nurses around the building. “How is he? How are you?”