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Strong reminder that cacti should NOT be wild collected

I’ll be grabbing some articles in a separate set of posts for better weight but till then I’m gonna start with this post here;

When people hear about plants that are poached by plant collectors to the point of being endangered/extinct we hear plants like orchid species, carnivorous plants like venus fly traps, sundews, and pitcher plants. One that gets thrown under the bus and forgotten in that word of warning though it always tends to be the succulents and especially the cacti.

Cacti are thought of as these plants that are utterly indestructible, taking on environments that many other plants cannot. This is true but it often comes at a price; most grow/reproduce super slowly in the wild and can take years just to reach sexual maturity, making them particularly vulnerable when mature plants are taken from their habitat and brought into horticulture. Also like other wild collected plants, there comes a huge risk of either bringing pests/diseases into domestic plant collections (via the poached plants) or making the collected plants all the rarer by killing them off from the pests/diseases that already exist in plant collections.

Except in extremely specific circumstances (a habitat being destroyed for urbanization/agriculture being one of those cases) cacti should not be taken from the wild, nor should they be purchased from sources which encourage the collecting of wild cacti. Leave wild cacti alone and enjoy/admire them from afar, and instead support responsible horticulturalists that sell cacti propagated from nursery stock (which do so from seed and/or cuttings). They may be smaller than their wild counterparts due to the difference in age, but they will reach that magnificent size with time, and will at least make sure that such old plants still exist in the wild in the first place.

Rowaelin Pregancy HC’s

So I was having some serious issues with writer’s block yesterday, and I wasn’t able to get Light Up the Ice finished. So @tacmc thought it might be a good idea to try some HC’s to kickstart my creativity.

This was the result.

⁃ Aelin finds out she’s pregnant the week before Rowan’s birthday.

⁃ She thinks she may be, so she schedules an appointment with her gyno, where Yrene is a nurse. She swears her to secrecy and warns her if she tells Chaol, she’ll tell him what his upcoming Christmas present is.

⁃ On Rowan’s birthday, she makes him dinner and they watch a movie (Star Wars, again).

⁃ Then she gives him his present. When he opens the box, the room is too dark and he can barely tell what it is.

⁃ “’What To Expect When You’re-’?”

⁃ He lunges off the couch and flips on the light switch. It blinds Aelin at first and when she can see, she sees him holding the pacifier, + pregnancy test, and the note Aelin had written, saying “Whitethorn Baby, Coming Fall 2018”.

⁃ Before she can blink, he’s on his knees in front of her and his hands are carefully resting on her hips and he’s stroking a thumb over her still flat belly.

⁃ They decide to keep it a secret and tell everyone on Christmas morning when they have their annual breakfast with everyone and exchange gifts.

⁃ When everyone gets to Chaol and Yrene’s house on Christmas morning, Emmalie, their 2-month-old, is dressed up in a cozy snowman onesie. Yrene starts to cry when she sees Rowan and no one can understand why. He just hugs her tightly while he hears Chaol mutter, “Those damn hormones.”

⁃ Everyone passes out presents, but Rowan and Aelin specifically save theirs for last. Yrene starts to cry again when Rowan hands her the sparkling green bag and winks at her, and Aelin shoots her a look from across the room that says “So help me, gods, if you spoil this, I will never let you live it down.”

⁃ On the count of three, they tell them to open their bags.

⁃ The house erupts into screams.

⁃ There are manly back claps and weepy hugs and Lorcan can be heard yelling, “Attaboy, Whitethorn!”

⁃ Everyone’s bags held a shirt that said, “No, I’m the Favorite Aunt/Uncle”; Emmalie’s onesie read “Future Best Friend”.

⁃ The holidays come and go and life returns to normal. Except for Rowan and Aelin.

⁃ Aelin has the worst morning sickness, which would be more aptly called “early evening/night time sickness”.

⁃ While Rowan eats dinner, her face is in the toilet. Eventually, she stops making dinner for two and just nibbles on his leftovers.

⁃ Just past the end of her 1st trimester, the sickness passes and Aelin is actually able to enjoy being pregnant.

⁃ They start registering at stores and they start reading “What to Expect” books (even though Chaol told Rowan that NOTHING can prepare you).

⁃ Rowan starts on the nursery as soon as they agree that they want a gender-neutral color pallet. Grey walls, a soft sunset orange, and pale yellow adorn everything.

⁃ At their gender reveal, everyone, including Aelin, is adamant that she’s having a girl. The only people claiming it’s a boy are Lorcan and Aedion.

⁃ After games and snacks, everyone heads out in the crisp March afternoon, to Manon and Dorian’s backyard.

⁃ Each armed with a can of silly string, Lysandra and Aedion took aim.

⁃ Two tones of blue string shot at the happy couple and Aelin screams as Rowan picks her up and spins her.

⁃ Everyone hugs and cries and Yrene and Aelin immediately start talking about how their kids are going to get married. Chaol and Rowan looked at each other over their wives heads and try not to smirk. Lorcan and Aedion high five when no one is looking.

⁃ Everyone eats blue cupcakes and drinks blue punch and Aelin isn’t sure if she’s ever been happier.

⁃ At 7 months, Aelin has to take maternity leave from the hospital she works at.

⁃ She works on getting the nursery stocked and starts nesting.

⁃ Rowan quietly speaks to Aelin’s belly every night. One night, he’s cooing to the baby when he looks up at a dozing Aelin and whispers, “Finn.”

⁃ Aelin sits up and rubs a loving hand over her belly and says “Finn. Finn Emerson Whitethorn.”

⁃ He kisses his wife and makes love to her.

⁃ Rowan, with the help of Elide and Lysandra, plans a surprise “BBQ, Brews and Baby Shower”, knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep the guys away if he tried. Aelin is becoming very pregnant and can barely get around, so it’s held at their house.

⁃ While the boys are playing some type of baby themed beer pong (Lorcan wasn’t going to play a game that involved pinning an egg onto a uterus), a white-faced Lysandra runs out to the backyard.

⁃ “Rowan!

⁃ Everyone falls silent.

⁃ “Her water just broke.

⁃ Chaos ensues.

⁃ Bags are grabbed, cars are piled into, keys are fought over (looking at you, Fenrys), and the group makes their way to the hospital.

⁃ They take up the entire waiting room, only Rowan in the delivery room with Aelin and the doctor.

⁃ Two hours later, a teary-eyed Rowan comes out into the waiting room.

⁃ Everyone waits with bated breath.

⁃ A kilowatt smile breaks through. “He’s here.”

⁃ Everyone jumps to their feet and hugs him.

⁃ Lysandra asks, “How’s she doing?

⁃ His eyes are lined with silver when he says, “Mama is doing great.

⁃ 17.5" long and 6.8 pounds. Healthy as can be.

⁃ Soon enough, one by one, the couples got to meet the newest addition to their family.

⁃ With silver hair lightly covering his head and Ashryver eyes, they all knew Finn was going to be a heartbreaker.

⁃ When Aedion and Lysandra came to meet him, Rowan asked them to sit down after handing Finn to Aedion.

⁃ Sitting on the bed next to his wife, Rowan looked to Aelin.

⁃ Smiling at her cousin, holding her son, and her best friend, Aelin didn’t hesitate as the words left her mouth.

⁃ “We’d be honored if you’d be his god-parents.”

⁃ Lysandra began to cry as Aedion looked down at his nephew, at his own eyes looking back at him. Rowan rested a hand on Aedion’s shoulder.

⁃ After everyone went home and Aelin finally fell asleep, Rowan held his son and told him the story of everyone who already loved him, but mostly of his mother. Of how loving and beautiful and strong she was. Of how she would do anything for those that she loved. But mostly, of how she would love him more than anyone.

Imagine you and your wife want a baby...

Note: This is a lesbian semi rapid pregnancy fluff story. I love rapid pregnancy stories but I only like fluffy, sweet stories where the growth is noticeable, but not violent or taking place over the span of a few seconds. I also like set up and some sweet character interactions. This is my first short story like this so I hope everyone enjoys, but please leave criticism if you feel like it is needed.


You and your wife Sarah are dropped off by the taxi, and you unload your bags. The sunrise has just started, the sky is a light purple that the orange is just starting to fade in. The salty beach air rushes by you; it has been 7 years since your honeymoon you went to the beach. You’re here over the 4 day weekend at The Agency for Parenthood. You saw advertised that over the span of 4 days all the proper arrangements can be made to where you can go home with a healthy baby. Over the phone there wasn’t information given, just the travel arrangements were made. You and your wife had always wanted to raise a family, but it is harder to do so naturally being a lesbian couple. But in only 4 days? Maybe it’s an adoption agency where you meet with the expectant mother and get matched over the weekend. They figured they would go along, it was a beach resort and if they didn’t like it they could get a hotel and just have a relaxing weekend together away from the bustling city. You see other couples getting their stuff together to go inside.

An employee rushes over and helps to gather your belongings. Your items are taken to the suite where you will be staying in, you have been instructed to go to the auditorium to await further instructions. The facility is top notch, 5 stars. The building was alabaster white, marble floors, and wide windows facing the glistening, emerald green ocean and sandy shores. Immediately upon entering you smell savory food, assuming an open buffet must be nearby. This place looks fantastic! You do see several pregnant women waddling around in various stages of pregnancy. Some are in their swimsuits, their swollen, glowing bodies are barely contained by the fabric, leaving through the glass large doors to enjoy the beach. You whisper to Sarah how exciting it will be to get to know these ladies and hopefully be matched. You brought a scrapbook with photos of their life at home just in case they needed to present themselves.

You both find your seats in the auditorium, there is about 50 or so seats. Other couples find their way in and after an hour the room is filled with small chatter. The doors close, the lights dim, and just the small stage has light. After a few moments a middle aged woman, walks into the stage, wearing a large white lab coat over her black pants suit.

“Good morning everyone! I am Dr. Abagail Harris, founder of The Agency of Parenthood. I hope you find our accommodations acceptable during your stay here.” She continues to go over some basic rules of the facility, like where certain locations are on the campus, services provided, and emergency protocol. The audience grows restless.

“Now, the question you all have: how does all over this work? You all have one thing in common, you all want to start a family.” You and the audience start to quiet down to listen carefully.

“You might think upon seeing our other clients here that this is an adoption agency. That is not the case, your children will be biologically yours. The medical technology I have here is highly coveted by certain unscrupulous groups, so please understand the secrecy up to this point.” While there was background chatter during the other parts of the presentation, the audience is now deathly quiet, awaiting to hear what will happen.

Dr. Harris pauses for dramatic effect, smiling wide. “I know we have several same sex couples here, and the child will be biological from both of you as well” Sarah squeezes your hand, you look over and she has a grin as big as the moment you proposed to her all those years ago. You squeeze back, feeling the engagement ring on her finger you gave her and continue to listen.

“This is a type of fertility treatment we have here. But we know a lot of you are busy business men and women. You have planes to catch, meetings to secure multi million dollar deals across the globe next week. Do not fear, your busy lives will not be on hold the next 9 months. You can leave with a biological child of your own in 4 days. I have pioneered technology to expedite the pregnancy, to better accommodate the lifestyle of the 21st century family.” You and the audience gasps in awe at the news.

Dr. Harris starts to giggle a little bit. “Don’t worry, it is completely safe. You saw our other clients as you entered, they are enjoying the sugar sand beaches, splashing in the cool ocean. We have only the best doctors medical staff the world has to offer. If there was a medical emergency, which hasn’t happened in the 10 years we have been open…” She knocks on a wooden support beam for the stage for comedic effect “…we do have a full operatory room that our staff is trained to handle any emergency. In fact, our first patient is yours truely.” Behind her on the projection screen is a collage of photos, a younger Dr. Harris in various stages of pregnancy, then a group photo of her family that includes 6 children. “I did not open this facility until I had proof of the technology. I found out I was infertile when I first got married and I feared I could never have a family. My lifes work has been bringing children into the world that otherwise could not be here. No medical condition can hold you back from having a family.”

The audience is now beyond excited, you can hear all the couples whispering to each other, smiles across the audience. You give Sarah a peck on the cheek. You feel her cheek wet from tears of joy. You wrap your arm around her shoulders, holding her firm.

“My staff will answer more specific questions you may have during the medical exam, which is where you will be going next. It’s going to be a busy next few days, so no time to waste!“ She waved to the audience and the back doors opened on cue.

During her presentation the white lab coat seemed to unbutton. As she was walking off stage, the jacket swept to her sides and behind her. You notice the pale skin of her round stomach peek out from under her black blouse, obviously not meant as a maternity shirt. She hurriedly tucked it back down a few moments later when she realized it. You giggle to yourself, it seems that Dr. Harris isn’t even done adding to her family. You hold Sarah hand as you make your way out.

As everyone leaves the auditorium, there are medical staff with signs each having a different surname on them. You find your family name and are greeted by Mary, your personal nurse and guide over the weekend. She is young, no older than 25. She is just about your height, 5'1”. Her black, long hair and dark skin contrasts with the white lab coat she is wearing. She walks the both of you into a small medical room down a branching hallway and begins to go over each of your health history.

As she concludes the basic medical exam, Mary starts going over the fertility treatment: DNA will be collected from the couple and a zygote will be created using the medical technology at hand. She continues “…and as both of you are women, you have an unique situation. If you want, you can have twins that each of you carry.” You look at Sarahs big brown eyes in excitement. You both have always wanted to have the experience of pregnancy. “The advantage of this is that you can carry one of the twins without the additional bodily stresses that having multiples cause.” That also sounded good.

You have a twin brother and you did always hope to replicate the experience of being a twin with your own child. After some discussion, you both decide that this might be the only time you will be able to do this and agree to each carry a child.

“And like Dr. Harris said, this is completely safe.” Mary pulls out her cell phone and shows you photos of her heavily pregnant, the photo dated just last weekend! The next photo she shows is of her 3 beautiful children, one of them a little girl only a few days old. “Each and every medical staff member is required to have completed the treatment as well, so we can best answer your questions. And yes, my lovely little Emily there was brought into the world last week!” You would of never guessed that she would recover physically so quickly. But then again Dr. Harris is working on child number 7, the process must be easy.

Mary continues “Each of the 40 weeks of pregnancy have been reduced to 40 hours. Within 2 days the fertilized egg will form into a fully formed baby. The 3rd day must stay at the last stage of pregnancy, this stage helps decelerate the fetal growth so they don’t continue to grow rapidly after they are born. The final day here after birth is preparing for the journey home and making vital purchases for the new family member. We will provide  what you will need for the first month. Tomorrow morning you will have an ultrasound to determine the gender of the children, then you will meet with our nursery specialists to have a fully stocked nursery installed in your home while you are here…well…” Mary pats at her currently slim stomach. “…becoming fully stocked yourself.” You all giggle at the joke, but it is also a little nervous sounding as the two of you are slowly taking in the reality of the situation.

There are two medical exam tables in this room. Mary instructs you both to get on one after you disrobe. She leaves the room gather equipment. You both start to take off your clothes and place them in the basket provided. You take an extra long glance at Sarah, she is just as beautiful as the day you met 10 years ago. She is about 4 inches taller than you and is dark as midnight. People tease that the two of you are like night and day since you look polar opposites. The bright lights from the lamps reflect off her skin like shooting stars across the night sky. Sarah has always been a little self conscious of carrying an extra 20 pounds than what she would like, but you find her curves soft and lovely. You have been jealous, yourself always small and petite, always struggling to keep weight on. You try to imagine her with child; her chubby belly that you love to play with, instead full and tight, her belly button popped out from the growing child. Her breasts swelling past their modest handful, you imagine them spilling out the sides of your hands as you gently tease her enlarged, even darker nipples. You then realize that you too would be full figured in every way soon, no longer small and frail. Your heart races, you cannot control your imagination. Firm, swollen round bellys rubbing against each other as you try to hug each other. The only thing that snaps you out of it is the knock on the door. Mary is announcing her return to start the process. You look at Sarah and she seems flustered too, blushing.

“It seems we were having simular thoughts…” She walks over to you and gives you a gentle kiss as she helps you finish undressing, slipping the loose jeggings and tank top off. She slowly rubs your bare stomach, then kisses you on the cheek. Sarah and you hop on the tables and cover yourself with the thin paper blankets provides. Sarah shouts that you both are ready for her to enter.

Mary wheels in various equipment and about 3 other medical staff follow behind. Mary is starting up the equipment as she proceeds to discuss the next steps. “For this part of proceedure you must be placed under general anesthesia for the next 6 hours, the DNA samples can be uncomfortable to gather. Once we place the fertilized eggs in your womb, any movement can disrupt impregnation since this is such a delicate process. You will awaken when we confirm that impregnation was successful. At that point you can proceed to enjoy the next 3 days at your leasure.” You see various other medical equipment being wheeled all around you, the staff placing the sensors on you and Sarah. You feel the pinches of multiple needles being placed in your arms, attached to multiple IV bags. Your heart is now racing from being nervous. This is happening. You see Sarah hand reach out to hold yours, also connected to IV bags. You grasp her hand firmly, feeling with her engagement ring again.  Mary starts counting backwards as you both go under.

“I love you Sarah.” You say shakily. You look into her eyes, wet from tears of excitement. Her full lips start to open to respond but the darkness of sleep pulls you under before you can hear her response.

—–6:34 PM——

You awaken slowly, blinking in and out on consciousness for what seems forever. The bright lights are like staring into the sun, you rub your eyes as you come to. You gain enough awareness to look around for Sarah. She is putting on her sundress, appearing to have awoken much sooner than you. You see that the IV needles are gone, replaced with band aids. You notice a watch on your left wrist. It says 4:41, but that can’t be right if you were under for 6 hours…

Mary speaks from behind you. “Good evening! Everything was a stunning success!” You struggle to sit up, but manage to do so with help from Mary. You look down at your belly, still flat. You then realize the paper blanket has been removed and you curl up, embarrassed from being stark naked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, we see naked women all the time. But I understand how you feel.” She reaches for the clothes basket and hands you the floral tank top and denim jeggings you wore in. She turns around to let you clothe yourself. She continues to explain while turned around.

“You both have been pregnant for 4 hours at this point. So this is just like the fourth week of pregnancy. You each have a watch, timed to the exact moment when the pregnancy started.” You look at the watch just after slipping on your tank top and just as she said, it says 4:42. Makes sense now. The tank top has a built in bra shelf that for your small, just barely there breasts fit into. Honestly if anything it’s still too big and the shirt is an extra small already. “This will count up to 40 hours, when gestation will suspend for a whole day to stop the accellerated growth. Wouldn’t want your bouncing babies to grow up too fast, they already do at a natural pace!”

You finish zipping up your jeans, which you do notice are a tiny little tighter than usual. Before if anything stuck out it was your hip bones. Now the hip bones are hidden away like you have always wanted them to be. You do finally realize that you are absolutely famished! You hear Sarah stomach growl from the other side of the room. Laughing, you walk over and reach for your wife’s hand. You both are grinning from ear to ear.

“Now, you will be growing at an unnatural pace, so I would recommend heading up to your rooms and slipping into something more..accommodating. The buffet is open 24/7, so feel free to eat up! The typical week that you start to show is around 12, so around 2 in the morning is when you’ll actually start filling out in the middle. You’ll be a whole different person when you wake up tomorrow morning!”

Mary opens the door and gives you your room  key, room 245. She gives you directions on how to get there, the resort being so huge. Hand in hand, you both walk out and enter the main lobby area where people are heading for dinner. It smells so wonderful, your mouth starts to fill with saliva.

“Since our room is at the other end of the resort, let’s go ahead and grab some chow!” Sarah pats her soft tummy “Afterall, we are eating for 4 now.”

You enter the dining room and immediately taken back at the sheer amount of food. A huge buffet line with every kind of food you can think of, staff restocking the popular items. You see all around couples having dinner. The women early in their pregnancy are all along the buffet line getting their food, while you see all the women very full with child sitting down at the tables, their husbands and  not pregnant spouses getting them probably their third plate of food. You look over at each others bodies and realize this will be us in just a day! You both make your way to the buffet line and fill up your plates.

You find a table with a couple you sat next to during the presentation. They wave you down and you both take a seat. As you are seated, your jeans dig into your sides and stomach. You do your best to adjust them to make yourself comfortable.

You spend hours talking and eating with the couple. Their names are Justin and Darlene, a husband and wife CEO team for a business software company. Over the years they could never concieve a child naturally, but 2 years ago they had their first child thanks to The Agency for Parenthood. They hired a babysitter for their son and they hope for a daughter to complete their family. Sarah, being the more social one, fills them in on your story. You add in important details as needed, but between the bites you gaze on Sarah and are reminded of why beyond her beauty you fell in love with her; her ability to start a conversation with anyone is how she met you. You wish you had the gift of the gab like her, but you also just love the melody of her voice as she spins tales of their adventurous early years of your marriage.

The hours passes by, eating plate and plate of delicious food: mac and cheese, glazed ham, steak, biscuts, nearly everything at least once! You wish you thought ahead like Sarah and worn a dress, your pants are just aching to be off at this point, you feel the b pants digging in. You try to adjust them and now there is a quite noticeable, but small still, fat spilling out all around the belt of jeggings. You reach your hand feel your skin over your belt line, its soft, just fat; not the firm, small round belly you hope to be sporting when you wake up tomorrow morning. But this is the most you ever filled out any item of clothing. You guess you might actually fit a size 1 currently instead of the 00 you typical have to wear. After laughs and sharing stories, photos on your phone of your pets and family, it is nearly 9pm and you both figure it is time to get ready for bed. You both ate so much food, your body is busy digesting it and is begging for sleep. You all give hugs and look forward to seeing them on campus tomorrow, excited to share upcoming baby bumps!

You leave the dining hall and make it to your room. It’s a solid 10 minute walk, you paid extra for a suite that overlooks the ocean, but with that comes extra walking to get such a remote room. You hold your wife’s hand and head down the hallways. You pass by some night owl couples who prefer moonlight to sunlight and making their way out now. You see one couple, both of them probably 30 hours into their pregnancies, heading out to the beach, hand on the smalls of their back for support, for what little of a moonlight beach waddle they can do. Their swimsuits can barely contain their newly formed bodies, breasts overflowing the bikini tops, the bottoms barely covering the nessary parts, being stretched as their hips obviously has widened signifigantly to house their evergrowing children. Their sway backwards to accomodate the new center of gravity matches the palm trees against the ocean wind, bending back as well. Their free hand is rubbing each other’s swollen tummys. Even though it is night, those women are glowing like the sun. You smile and make a mental note to take Sarah out on a night walk while here.

You do notice as you walk that there is a little bit more of jiggle to your breasts as you take your steps. Your breasts before were barely a size A cup, not even enough to jiggle even if you jumped. The built in bra for your top is struggling to support your breasts, now easily large enough where they have their own independent movement. You have never experienced this before and now understand why large breasted women are always complaining about bras with no support. As you walk, the skin of your swollen breasts tug down slightly with each step, causing some discomfort. Not as uncomfortable as the jeans though, they have to get off the moment you enter the room! All the buttered crab legs and thick lobster bisque you ate is finding their place on your body quicker than you expected. Your free hand goes to your hips; you now have what they jokingly call a muffin top. As you walk your breasts jiggle with your new expanded waist.

Your room is finally found and you enter. Sarah barely closes the door behind her before you take off your top. You feel the bounce of your breasts as the bra frees them, you feel them move for a small moment before they settle. You start to unbutton your pants and work your fingers to the zipper, but immediately forces itself open before you could even begin. You let out a sigh of relief. You brushed against your belly while your hand was undoing the button. Is it just you or does your belly already feel a bit firmer, a little more rounded? Can’t be, you look a your watch and it’s only hour 7, way sooner than the typical week you start to show. Sarah walks over to help you undress, she rubs her fingers along the red imprints from where your jeans were digging in.

“Hmm, you always thought you were too skinny, now you know how I feel after pizza night! I always thought…you….are just perfect…but you might be a different kind of perfect like this…” She gently rubs the indention lines, using them to guide her fingers. She continues to explore your expanding hips and beyond, slightly pressing on your tummy to see if it feels different. It is a little firmer, gives more resistance when she presses. You both notice and exchange smiles. Sarah leans over, gives your belly button a kiss and helps to remove the rest of the pants. She leans over in a way that purposefully shows her cleavage. Her breasts slightly overfilled the top of her bra, she is obviously going though the same changes as you are. You feel warm, you cannot wait to get her to the bed. You start to unbutton her dress when you both are caught off guard by your jeans. This was the only pair of jeans you owned that you didn’t need a belt to keep them up, even with that the extra fabric in the legs previously swished when walking. Sarah is having to tug rather hard on your jeans to remove them. Your breasts and midsection were not the only thing that has grown, but your legs have additional weight on them too.

“I need you to get on the bed so I can help get these off of you, you have grown so much already!” You lay down, noticing your breasts flattening out and to the side a bit as they do when they are of a larger cup size. With Sarahs help you shimmy the jeggings off. You lean back on the bed with relief when they finally let loose of your legs. The uncomfortable pressure of the waist band digging into your sides must have prevented you from noticing how tight the legs were. You see on your pale legs more red indention marks from where the pant seems were pressing against your growing thighs, but as you rub the indention marks you also feel other lines…you see them almost purple and along your hips and inside of your thighs, the most growth so far. Stretch marks. You are 31 but you finally got them! Sarah proceeds to quickly unbutton her dress and tosses it and your pants next to the luggage the staff left by the door. She jumps on bed with you, you and your new bodies all bounce with the bed springs up and down. You both hug and kiss each other, rolling on the bed, skin touching skin. You don’t notice as much changes on Sarah other than her slightly larger breasts, but you know that will come. You caress her breast with one hand, the other placing the other nipple to your lips, kissing them softly. She sharply gasps and moans, the sudden sensitivity freezing her in pure pleasure. The new changes to each of your bodies has opened a new world for sexual exploration. At this point you both planned on circumnavigating the expanding globes that are your tummys and elsewhere, leaving no area of skin untouched.

The night is simply magical, even better than your honeymoon 7 years ago, if that was possible. The hours pass and you both eventually fall asleep, her spooning you, a hand absently on your new breast, sending shivers over your bidy when her fingertips brush against your enlarged nipple. You realize this is the first time it can actually be cupped a little bit by hand, something Sarah especially made her aware of tonight. You curl up, your favorite sleeping position, and you feel a definite bulge from your swelling tummy when you bring your thighs up close to your body, it being called the fetal position just being ironic in this case. You bring your hand to feel it, and now you have a definate pregnant belly, firm and warm as you rub it slowly. You see is the watch on your wrist, reading hour 10 of the pregnancy.

Your dreams are of your new family: 4 toddler aged children running around playing tag. In your dream you look over to Sarah on your porch swing, heavily pregnant, swollen breasts resting on top of her belly that has spread her legs so wide apart. She has a shirt on, but it barely covers her enlarged popped out belly button that stretches the shirt to its limit. She white skirt she is wearing is nearly hidden by her belly that extends to the middle of her dark thighs.  You are holding the small of your back, taking your time to lean back into the swing, as to not fall over due to your own even larger belly that when you finally seat almost extends to your knees, breasts bounce and then settle to the sides of your firm, almost oblong shaped stomach under a loose sundress. The dream ends with the two of you hopelessly squeezed together, each of your thighs pressing and taking up the empty space under arm rest of the swing. The two person swing didn’t take into account women carrying each a set of twins, making it 6 people. Sarah, you and your four children laughs as they struggle to help you both out of the swing. While dreaming you hold the small swell of your growing child with your hand.

As the sleeping hours pass, it taking up more and more of your hand. You wake up once in the middle of the night due to something pushing against the small of your back, tickling as it creeps up your spine. As you turn over to get more comfortable, sleep still in your eyes, the moonlight reflects off of Sarahs now noticable baby bump, her soft belly you love now taught, the softness that was once there now have been used for your child. You start to find a new comfortable position, but not before you notice Sarahs hand move to her tummy, rubbing it now in her sleep too. You end up sleeping on your back, enjoying the weight you feel between your hips as your belly takes on more of a dome shape against the moon light. You cup one hand under your enlarged bump, the other on Sarahs firm and very warm belly.


Drabble Request: How about number 63 with RSJ?!

63: “Can you just man up and change his diaper?”

Pairing: Richard Speight Jr. x Reader

Warnings: None

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“I need backup!”

“Little busy!”

You scowled at Rich’s reply from the other room, his voice nearly drowned out by the unhappy wails ringing throughout the house. You turned back to your daughter, who was crying louder and louder by the second. “I know, baby. I’ve got you,” you cooed as you picked her up from her crib, cradling her close.

“Y/N, we have a problem!” Rich called from the other room, something close to fear in his voice.

A spark of worry set off within you, prompting you to speed walk into the living room, where Rich had your son seated on his lap. “What? What’s the matter?” You fretted, fearing something was wrong.

Rich carefully held your son under his arms, gazing at him as if he was examining him. “I think he needs his diaper changed,” he murmured, eyes wide as he looked to you with expectation.

“Then change his diaper,” you replied matter-of-factly, gently rubbing your daughter’s back to try to coax her into a calm state.

Needless to say, you and Rich were brand new parents, who had been surprised with twins. You had read all of the books, had asked all of the questions the two of you could possibly conjure up, but nothing could prepare you for parenthood. No matter, you loved every second of being with your family.

“I-what? I’m not sure I-” Rich stumbled over his response, completely doubtful of his parenting abilities at the moment.

Can you just man up and change his diaper?” You interrupted him, shooting him a stern look that kicked him into gear.

“Okay, okay! Come on, buddy,” Rich murmured, carefully standing up and carrying your son into the well-prepared and stocked nursery.

When he disappeared into the nursery, you turned back to your daughter, who was sniffling heavily, eyes glistening with unhappy tears. “I’m sorry, baby,” you sighed, placing a gentle hand on the back of her head as you gently swayed. You heard her crying start to die down, her body beginning to relax into your hold.

Suddenly, there was silence.

You narrowed your eyes in confusion at the phenomenon. Since when was the house ever silent since you returned from the hospital? Upon seeing Rich walk out of the nursery with a now happy son caressed in his arms, you beamed, your smile tired but happy. “I knew you could do it,” you giggled softly as he approached.

Rich flashed you a smile as he stood at your side, his eyes moving to gaze adoringly at his daughter. “Conventions are fun, but this is hands down my favorite job,” he chuckled, turning to press an affectionate kiss to your temple.

“You should be used to the screaming and crying then,” you giggled, nudging him playfully.

“Well, the reason for their screaming and crying is a bit different, but, yeah, the noise doesn’t jar me as much anymore,” Rich responded with a small laugh as he bumped you back.

A yawn suddenly broke from you, your eyes aching from lack of sleep.

“Here, I’ll take them. Go get some sleep,” Rich told you, a concerned look crossing his face at how exhausted you looked.

You automatically gave your head a shake, ignoring how tired you were. You knew he was probably just as tired.

“Y/N, go on. At least take a nap for an hour,” Rich urged you.

You pondered for a moment. An hour wasn’t that bad, wasn’t that long. You’d at least recharge a little so you could function enough to make dinner. “Okay, but only for an hour. Not a minute more,” you caved in as you followed him into the nursery to help get him set up with the twins for the next hour.

Once they were placed in their crib and the mobile was switched on to turn and play, you pulled Rich into a tight embrace, expressing your gratitude silently.

With a smile, Rich gave you a squeeze before giving you a playful nudge toward the door. Just before you made your exit for the bedroom, he flashed you a look, one that prompted you to smile warmly, one that said I got this.

Ficlet: Wrapped Around Your Finger

Fourteen Days of Ficlets, Day 7

Today’s Featured Prompter: allegoricalrose​, who requested Ten and baby!Rose teething 

Rating: All

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

Summary: Rose steps into a machine that temporarily regresses her to her 9 month old self, leaving both Rose and the Doctor confused and scared.

A/N: While I know it’s canon that the Doctor is fluent in Baby, for the humor of this story I’ve decided that this version of Ten isn’t.

“Please don’t wee on my coat. Please don’t wee on my coat. Please, please, please don’t wee on my coat,” the Doctor chanted over and over while dashing back to the TARDIS. “You know Janis Joplin gave me this coat. I can’t launder it very easily. So if you wee on it, it’s going to smell like baby wee for years. I can’t have that,” he panted.

What else was the Doctor to do? Rose had no way of knowing the archway she’d stepped through was meant for the elderly. It certainly did its job of taking twenty years off her life. And though the effects were temporary, the deed was still done. The corporation responsible for creating the machine was none too pleased, however, with his thorough job of destroying it. They sent armed guards after the Doctor and Rose. So just like usual, they were running for their lives back to the TARDIS. There was no time to grab Rose’s clothes. And even if he did, they wouldn’t fit her anyway.

Rose was none too pleased with her plight, and spent the entire time they ran back to the TARDIS wailing at the Doctor’s chest. But if the Doctor thought she was angry, she was ready to throw down the entire TARDIS when he fitted her into a safety seat the ship had fabricated for her for the ride into the Vortex. There was no cutting him any slack for wanting her safe. The moment he clicked her in her squalling doubled in volume, turning her pudgy face bright pink. Funnily enough, the TARDIS’s engines kicking in seemed to soothe her a little, so during the flight at least his ears had a moment’s rest.

“Alright Rose, see? Told you it would only be for a minute,” the Doctor cooed at his baby companion while unbuckling her. His coat that he’d swaddled her in was damp when he brought her to his chest. “Oh, no… no no no… oh Rose, how could you? I told you not to wee on my coat!”

The calm that the TARDIS had worked at began to ripple away from Rose’s face the instant he raised his voice. He hadn’t even realized he’d done it until her chin wrinkle and her mouth turn to a blubbering frown. She already had him with that, just before a flood of tears tore at him. She sniffed a few times before returning to the cry that she’d tortured him with earlier. Only this time it was completely his fault.

“Oh, Rose, please don’t cry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it, okay?” he pleaded, and brought her up for a hug, but she pushed herself off of him and writhed in her swaddle, trying to get out of his arms. “Come on, I’m not that bad. I’ve at least got to get you a nappy and some clean clothes, okay?”

He paused. Had he ever even had a baby aboard the TARDIS? He wouldn’t have a reason for keeping any baby things. Rassilon help him if he had to pop into a store with a naked and nappy-less Rose to buy a whole assortment of baby supplies to last them through however long she remained a baby. The effects were temporary, but the machinery causing Rose’s state was meant for a species that wasn’t strictly human. It would affect her differently. His only hope was the TARDIS considering a passing thought he’d had recently.

Thank Rassilon she did. A monitor trilled on the console and popped up a coordinate on the TARDIS’s schematics. The Doctor kissed the monitor and dashed down a corridor in the direction of the nursery. He couldn’t be certain if the TARDIS was being funny with how fully stocked this nursery was, or if perhaps she was laying on a few hints. Maybe both. But he was all too thankful. And maybe the soft pastel coral walls and the starry ceiling might help calm Rose down, he hoped. The first order of business was getting his tiny companion in a nappy. And it would have been great if she agreed with this assessment. The Doctor was no stranger to the task, but that didn’t make it any easier.

“Oh now that’s not fair. I’m trying to help,” the Doctor complained at Rose’s slippery kicking legs that were nearly impossible to catch. And once he did weave her ankles between his fingers in a hold he thought was pretty secure, she flopped over and freed herself. “Where are you going? You realize it’s a three foot drop to the floor.” Rose peered over the edge, almost as if calculating her odds. “Where are you even going to go starkers anyway, hm?” He flopped Rose back over and formed a tighter grip around her ankles. She was none too pleased with this, and made certain that was known. “You’re mad because I outfoxed you. D'you honestly think I’m enjoying this? I didn’t wake up this morning expecting to be wiping your bum, I’ll say that.”

Rose wasn’t about to make his job easy, and wiggled about the entire time while whining at him. Just when he thought he was in the clear, walking away from the table with a fresh cloth in hand he learned that using it on Rose’s face was tantamount to murder. Getting Rose into some clothes involved chasing her around the room and pulling her out from under a crib, not to mention wrestling the writhing baby into the clothes. He opted for a dress after all the trouble she put him through. Some day he would find all of this rather comical. After a long while. Not long after he’d managed this, Rose returned to her routine of frustrated crying.

“Rose…” the Doctor sighed. “I don’t know how to do all this. Are you hungry? Tired? I’m exhausted and we’ve barely done anything. I’ll give you chips. D'you want chips? Can you even eat chips yet? I’ll mash them up if I need to. Just please stop crying, alright?”

He scooped her up into his arms and sat her on his hip. He wouldn’t deny baby Rose her cuteness. It had to guarantee her survival, with her mother growing Rose up on her own. The Doctor had a much deeper respect for Jackie than he ever did before. Whether he’d ever tell her as much remained to be seen. He could even live with Rose ruining his tie by chewing on it. At least when she had it in her mouth, soaking it in Rose drool, she was marginally quiet. Well, that is until he set her down on the floor in the galley.

“Oh, Rose… I can’t do this with just one hand,” the Doctor reasoned to a pair of teary doe eyes. “Give me just a few minutes, alright? I’ll even make you a bottle. And then I’m all yours.”

Rose wouldn’t be convinced of this, and crawled after him as he fetched things around the galley, making certain he was was aware of her malcontent by whining after him. When he disappeared into the pantry for a moment she burst into tears. Surely the independent Rose that he knew wasn’t really like this as a baby. Jackie would have lost her mind. When he stopped in front of the microwave and bottle warmer (bless his TARDIS), Rose pulled herself up on his pant leg and held herself there, babbling at him in her continual whine of complaint until he looked down at her.

“Oh alright,” the Doctor relented, and picked her up. “I’m not letting you live this one down though, just so you know.” She couldn’t be bothered by this while she found a suitable suit collar to chew on. Evidently his little companion was determined to make her mark on his clothes.

But she wouldn’t eat. No matter how he argued that mashed potatoes were much more edible than his silk tie, Rose refused to let it slip past her mouth. In fact, a good bit of it ended up being pasted onto his clothes (as he fed her from his lap because she refused to sit in a high chair). And no matter how he begged her, it was the same story with the bottle as well. It quickly got cold.

“I don’t understand,” he grumbled and rubbed his face in his palm before messing with his hair as if it might hold the answers. Even as the Doctor held her and cradled her close she still cried. Clearly she wanted to tell him something, but didn’t know how to. “What is it? I don’t even want to try putting you to bed.”

He started down the hall and while he walked he fished his sonic screwdriver out of his jacket and sent it whirring over the little pink Rose. The moment Rose saw it light up she squealed and giggled, reaching for it with her stubby, grainy fingers (how was potato so difficult to get off?). He was about to tell her there was no way she was getting his sonic when he saw that she’d already soaked it in drool, and was actively chewing on the light end. Even with her chin and neck soaked, gumming on his precious sonic she was still cute. Her deep chocolate eyes looked very much the same, and evidently could still get him into a lot of trouble. It was a good thing he had backups, he thought with a sigh. He pressed a safety button on the side and smiled at her. He couldn’t tell her no when she had the most vacantly blissful look spreading across her damp, pudgy face. The memory of making her cry was still tugging at his heartstrings. So although his sonic now had tiny teeth marks on it, his Rose was happy.

And then it hit him. The Doctor stopped right in front of Rose’s bedroom door and watched her blissfully chewing away at his sonic. He really was incredibly thick. When she soaked his suit collars it should have hit him. Perhaps when she wouldn’t eat. He held Rose up by her torso and brought her forehead to his lips for a little kiss.

“Your gums hurt, don’t they, eh Rose?” he cooed at her and beamed. He stepped into Rose’s bedroom and headed towards her bed. “I’ve got just the thing.” He beamed at her after setting her down on the mattress and laying next to her. “Much better than this icky metal thing, promise.“

Rose whimpered and pawed at his hands when he took his sonic away from her. She also wasn’t having any of his attempts at cuddling her close. But he ignored her protests and made a nest of his head, arms and chest around her. He stuck his tongue out at her and tickled her feet when she batted at his nose in frustration. He hushed her when he saw her lungs filling up to release a cry. And before she could protest any further, he eased a finger into the corner of her mouth.

"Now, no biting, okay? I’m trusting you on this one.”

The Doctor pressed his fingers to Rose’s gums and worked his way around until he found the culprit. He massaged the spot and watched Rose’s demeanor change in a few heartbeats. Her chubby legs fell to the bed and she leaned in to him. He had to stop what he was doing for a moment so she could crawl on top of him. He’d earned her trust, he surmised. She grabbed his hand and found the forefinger on his other hand. Maybe it tasted a bit different, milder or sweeter. At any rate she found it to her liking and let him resume rubbing her gums. They both relaxed within a few minutes, and a peaceful blanket of exhaustion began to settle over him. Rose seemed to share this sentiment and released the tiniest little yawn. The Doctor wriggled his way under her sheets and covered them both up. Her chest rose and fell in gentle puffs, and within a few minutes she was purring in her sleep like a kitten.

He took a few minutes to clasp her tiny hand in his and soothe her soft skin over his palm. He brought her up to his face so he could nuzzle her caramel down and drink in her mild scent. He sighed it into a kiss and felt his cheeks warming with the thought that she always smelled like Rose, his Rose. It was a sentiment that eased him into a deep sleep snuggled up with her on his chest.

Rose awoke in the morning curled up with the Doctor. The only thing keeping her from smacking him across the face for sneaking into her bed while was naked was finding that he was clothed. She’d be lying if she said it didn’t feel so right, too. She licked her gums and found her teeth throbbing. The Doctor looked like a complete wreck, and since he wouldn’t free her from his grasp, she nestled her head into the nook under his head and fell right back asleep.

Herb of the Week-Sweet Alyssum

The plant is commonly used in Spain as an antiscorbutic and diuretic. It is also highly esteemed there as an astringent in the treatment of gonorrhoea. 

Depending on the reference, Alyssum is listed as either a hardy annual or a short-lived perennial. Plants are generally low growing, from about 3 to 8 inches tall, with nearly an equal spread when mature. They can be planted in spring or fall; if you really don’t plan to water them, plant them in the fall. That way they can develop deep roots systems before summer’s drought sets in. And they will bloom all winter, which is a great bonus. Sweet Alyssum plants make excellent rock garden specimens, edging for pathways and garden borders, and they look fabulous spilling out of window boxes and containers.

Alyssum also deserves a place in vegetable and herb gardens. Herb gardens often incorporate plants of historic or anecdotal interest. The name of this flower (alyssum) comes from the Greek and means “without madness.” Sweet Alyssum was once added to bouquets to signify forgiveness, apology, or otherwise request an end to hostilities. Today it is used in flower essence remedies to overcome anger, madness, and their after effects. While I can’t vouch for this particular theory, gardening is generally considered therapy, and what better therapy could there be than a sweet flower?

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slytherinski  asked:

anything with daddies sterek would be fine, don't sweat it bb ;u;

“Twins?!” Stiles staggers backwards, reaching blindly for Derek. 

Derek’s too gobsmacked to do anything but limply catch his hand, “We— we only ordered one.”

Stiles smacks him in the chest, “Dude! How did you not hear the second heartbeat?”

“I—” Derek blinks incredulously, “I have no idea.”

“You literally lie on her stomach, sometimes!”

“Not on,” Derek hisses, “That would be bad for the baby.”

Babies,” Stiles corrects, “Babies, Derek! Two!”

Dr Santiago clears her throat, and the two of them spin to look at her. Erica’s trying very hard not to laugh. 

"Oh, shut up,” Stiles snaps, “You’re the one that’s gonna have to give birth to two babies.”

"Stiles!” Derek admonishes, “That is no way to speak to the woman carrying our children.”

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I was gonna make a joke about how it looks like this nursery was stocked with the toys from the general store in Titusville but I think that actually makes sense?

Like if Nancy’s in Titusville in the 30s and the explosion took place before/during WW2 there’s a good chance Fiona would play with the same toys as the kids in CLK.

but now I can’t decide if HeR did that a. intentionally for continuity b. just because they wanted to make a reference to CLK or c. out of sheer laziness and not bothering to design different toys

Sea Turtle by DreamcatcherSergei Sea turtle in Apo Island, Philippines. This one mile-long island is one of the first and best community-organized marine sanctuaries in the world, that sparked the creation of 700+ other marine sanctuaries around the Philippines. On the edge of fishing crisis due to dynamite and cyanide fishing in the 80’s, the resident fishermen created a no-take sanctuary zone which served as a nursery to stock the surrounding area. The resulting abundance and diversity of marine animals led to increase in tourism, and prompted the Philippine government to create hundreds more sanctuaries.

Dynamite fishing, littering and other environmentally destructive practices are still prevalent in this country today. However, this itsy bitsy tiny island is a good example of a successful reversal of that rapid degradation.

Life without electricity (only 4hrs per day) and motorized vehicles has a very different soundtrack to it. When you walk, you don’t hear TVs, there is no artificial recorded music from radios, no loud church speakers, no honking of horns, no motors, no Internet to entertain you and no computers to do your thinking for you. Instead of all that, the day’s soundtrack is just whatever children are singing, people talking, waves, monkeys, wind in the palm trees, falling coconuts and fighting cats.

The real music.


Globalisation is killing our trees as the volume and speed of international trade and human movement increases.

These pictures dating back to 2007 are from Gougane Barra in West Cork where approx 16,000 trees have just been felled. This action is yet another example of Mans Grandiose delusions ‘of having a special relationship with God’ meaning that we can somehow control nature and exploit Earths resources without consequence. The beauty of this place has now been lost for the next couple of generations which in the context of my life seems totally devastating but the trees will return.

What’s the most worrying aspect of this event and others around the world is how Man has continued to endanger the earths trees, woodlands and ecosystems in such a short time. Trees have evolved over the past 300+ million years predating Dinosaurs by some 60 million years however in the last 250 years Man has spread the following diseases and pests. It is only a matter of time before the last few remaining threats not yet present in the British Isles become established. 

• Acute oak decline
• Chalara dieback of ash
• Chestnut blight
• Dothistroma needle blight
• Dutch elm disease
• Phytophthora alni
• Phytophthora austrocedrae
• Phytophthora kernoviae
• Phytophthora lateralis
• Phytophthora ramorum
• Asian longhorn beetle
• Great spruce bark beetle
• Horse chestnut leaf miner
• Oak pinhole borer
• Oak processionary moth
• Pine tree lappet moth

Phytophthora ramorum (P. ramorum) is a fungus-like pathogen which causes extensive damage and mortality to a wide range of trees and other plants. Also known as 'sudden oak death’ USA, 'Larch tree disease’ and 'Japanese larch disease’ in Europe. P. ramorum has been found on nursery stock in a number of other European countries including Belgium, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain (including the Balearics), Slovenia, and Sweden.

The globalisation of tree diseases is not new. When international trade increased exponentially in the 19th century, the spread of tree blights followed. In the early 20th century, rich countries instituted biosecurity regimes and the incidence slowed. Across Europe, the infection rate picked up around 1960, most likely due to the effect of economic integration. Today, the spread of new pests and pathogens around the world is gathering pace again, as the volume and speed of international trade and human movement increases.

In Britain, a pathogen which has killed millions of trees in Germany is infecting our native alders. Horse chestnuts are at risk from a deadly bleeding canker. Massaria disease, caused by a fungus, has reached our shores and is affecting London Plane trees. Thousands of acres of larch have been felled across western Britain because of infection from the fungus-like Phytophthora ramorum pathogen. Our oaks are suffering from the oak processionary moth. Red-band needle blight is a fungus affecting Corsican pines. In 2011, sweet-chestnut blight caused by the fungus Endothia parasitica arrived in Britain, some 80 years after it devastated the trees of southern Europe.

The list goes on. It seems a new blight is identified in Britain’s woods almost every year. By the time these pests and pathogens have reached the UK, the battle has largely been lost. What we need to do in the future is prevent yet more plant diseases reaching this country through trade controls, quarantining and clear supply chains.

Source: Independent UK, Coillte Ireland, Forestry Commission England & my opinion.