nursery stock

Sea Turtle by DreamcatcherSergei Sea turtle in Apo Island, Philippines. This one mile-long island is one of the first and best community-organized marine sanctuaries in the world, that sparked the creation of 700+ other marine sanctuaries around the Philippines. On the edge of fishing crisis due to dynamite and cyanide fishing in the 80’s, the resident fishermen created a no-take sanctuary zone which served as a nursery to stock the surrounding area. The resulting abundance and diversity of marine animals led to increase in tourism, and prompted the Philippine government to create hundreds more sanctuaries.

Dynamite fishing, littering and other environmentally destructive practices are still prevalent in this country today. However, this itsy bitsy tiny island is a good example of a successful reversal of that rapid degradation.

Life without electricity (only 4hrs per day) and motorized vehicles has a very different soundtrack to it. When you walk, you don’t hear TVs, there is no artificial recorded music from radios, no loud church speakers, no honking of horns, no motors, no Internet to entertain you and no computers to do your thinking for you. Instead of all that, the day’s soundtrack is just whatever children are singing, people talking, waves, monkeys, wind in the palm trees, falling coconuts and fighting cats.

The real music.

I was gonna make a joke about how it looks like this nursery was stocked with the toys from the general store in Titusville but I think that actually makes sense?

Like if Nancy’s in Titusville in the 30s and the explosion took place before/during WW2 there’s a good chance Fiona would play with the same toys as the kids in CLK.

but now I can’t decide if HeR did that a. intentionally for continuity b. just because they wanted to make a reference to CLK or c. out of sheer laziness and not bothering to design different toys