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Futuristic detective series about a human and alien detectives.

Longtime (and probably shorttime) readers of this blog know that when faced with a scenario, there’s like a 10% chance I will actually come up with something, a 70% chance of gifs, and a 20% chance of something.¹ Today: something else.

There is a lovely series by Jasper Fforde called the Nursery Crime series and among it’s many quirks, it has a side character named Ashley, who is an alien serving as a detective on the police force. Ashley’s species speaks binary² and aliens came to earth to find out why there wasn’t a third season of Fawlty Towers. The aliens in the books do not get nearly enough spotlight. On the other hand, the first book is about solving the murder of Humpty Dumpty³ so there are other things to keep your attention.

¹Statistics made up on the spot but probably have some truth maybe I don’t have the time to go calculate statistics of all previous asks 

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³Chrome’s spellcheck would like to change this to “Humphrey Dumpy”


Steven Moffat Appreciation Day 2015

Steven Moffat’s poetics is very unique in many ways. There are several characteristic features that come to my mind when somebody mentions Moffat’s Doctor Who. I think of that fairy tale vibe appearing in most of his works, ordinary things as dust or statues turned into scary monsters, exploring the consequences of the Doctor’s deeds, myths and legends, and… poems. Moffat, more often than his co-workers, includes his own short poems in his scripts. They are a lovely touch that perfectly fits Moffat’s lyrical style.

Those poems are very simple, there are no complicated figures of speech. I’d more likely call them nursery rhymes, strict in their rhythm and simple in rhymes. However, these poems are very rich with symbolism. Just look at them and read them again and think about how they accompany the story. Yes, they don’t only accompany the story, they tell the story. They beautifully summarize the central thought or the plot and tell them in a concentrated, but a very accurate way. How beautiful is that? Steven transforms his stories into nursery rhymes which works as intertexts within the scripts.

The four-line stanza from The Time of the Doctor describes the upcoming regeneration, comparing the Doctor’s lives to the clock - yes, some people might consider it too obvious and cheesy, but on the other hand, nobody used this metaphor in the show before. Another thing is the poem from The Beast Below which describes not only the episode itself but could also be considered a characterization of the newly regenerated 11th Doctor and the story arc of series 5. Same goes for the poem whispered by the terrifying Whispermen, reminding us that the Doctor won’t live forever and his journey is about to end at Trenzalore. The quote Such a lovely old song. But is it about him? speaks for itself. The story of the Doctor echoes throughout the universe. There are so many theories about him and River and this is one of them, formed in a catchy rhyme, a story about love and death, read by children’s voices. And perhaps Demons run when a good man goes to war… is one of them, as well; the fight for little Melody, captured in hauntingly beautiful words, read by grown-up River herself – to me, this is the most powerful scene in the whole episode. The last poem we’ve heard was used in Listen, telling a horror myth about something under your bed. A poem that made the Doctor travel to the end of the universe to find out whether there was a grain of truth hidden in the rhyme.

I’m patiently waiting for this year’s nursery rhyme. This series is about to end very soon… Will it appear though? Will there be a goodbye poem for the impossible girl?

Bye Watch Disney XD, Disney Junior, Disney Channel .Hello Disney NOW!

Three popular Disney Channel-branded WATCH apps for kids age 2-14 – downloaded more than 40 million times since 2012 – have been consolidated into one newly branded DisneyNOW app that upgrades the user experience with customizable and personalized functionality while continuing to provide an extensive array of series, television movies and other entertainment content from Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior and Radio Disney. Like the WATCH streaming apps, access to full episodes and live streaming of Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD continues to be available when viewers authenticate via their participating cable, satellite or digital programming distributor. Each network also offers a selection of full episodes to fans without signing in.

Showcased last February during Disney Media Sales’ presentation to clients, the DisneyNOW app is designed to satisfy viewers’ demand for more content, easier access, more control, including Disney Junior Only Mode, and more “Disney magic,” including personalization that’s so crucial for kids – all in one app. Customized sponsorship opportunities offer clients a variety of ways, including sweepstakes and interactive video advertisements, to engage with consumers. Disney Channel launched its suite of Apps (branded WATCH) in 2012 and was the first entertainment network to launch products that provide pay TV subscribers access to live, linear network streams as well as on-demand episodes.

Kimberly Hicks, vice president, Digital Media, Disney Channels, said, “The decision to consolidate our Disney Channel ‘Watch’ apps into the new DisneyNOW app was driven by what kids told us they want in a video experience. The upgraded app enables us to showcase great stories and characters, and bring the magic of Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior to their daily lives.”

DisneyNOW invites each family member to create a profile and express themselves with a Disney Emoji avatar – a selection of more than 180 heritage and new character poses at launch. On return visits, users can select their profile to resume watching where they left off or watch new episodes of their favorite shows.

The new app will also include more than 60 games and activities including “DuckTales” adventure game “Duckburg Quest,” Princess Elena of Avalor in “Flight of the Jaquins” or the Villain Kids in the “Descendants 2 Wicked Style” activity. New games will be added to DisneyNOW every month.

DisneyNOW will deliver in-season stacking for current series including Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack,” “Raven’s Home,” “Bizaardvark,” “Stuck in the Middle,” “Tangled: The Series”; Disney Junior’s “Vampirina,” “Elena of Avalor,” “Mickey and the Roadster Racers,” “The Lion Guard,” “Puppy Dog Pals” and “PJ Masks”; and Disney XD’s “DuckTales,” “Star Wars Rebels,” “Walk the Prank,” “MECH-X4” and “Milo Murphy’s Law.”

DisneyNOW will also feature Disney Channel Original Movies – curated from over 100 titles – and the first presentation of some of the most anticipated programming including (available now or on the date specified below):

  • Disney Channel’s pre-linear premiere of “The Scariest Story Ever: A Mickey Mouse Halloween Spooktacular”
  • Celebration of the 10th anniversary of “Wizards of Waverly Place” with all episodes and “Wizard of Waverly Place: The Movie” (October 12)
  • All season one episodes of “Andi Mack” (now) and its second season premiere episode (October 27)
  • The first episode of season two of “Elena of Avalor” (October 14)
  • New episodes of Disney Junior’s “Mickey and the Roadster Racers” and “Puppy Dog Pals”
  • New “Disney Junior Nursery Rhymes”
  • Series premiere of Disney Junior’s “Vampirina”(October 1)
  • New episodes of Disney Junior’s “Mission Force One,” the new chapter of “Miles from Tomorrowland” (October 16)
  • “Star Wars Rebels” seasons 1-3
  • Radio Disney’s musical performances and in-studio appearances by recording artists Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello, among others
  • “Collections” – themed programming beginning with Halloween episodes of “Austin & Ally,” “BUNK’D,” “Doc McStuffins,” “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Phineas and Ferb” and “Gravity Falls
#93: Pregnancy Series | Baby Nurseries


Pregnancy schedule:8 Months pregnant

Suggestion: Read the other prefs to get a better comprehension

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 1

Finding Out About The Pregnancy | Part 2

Morning Sickness

Telling The Boys

Telling His Family

The Bump Starts To Show

First Ultrasound Scanning

Telling The Fans

Mood Swings


The Baby Kicks For The First Time

Finding Out The Gender

Discussing Baby Names

He Talks To The Bump

Aches And Pain

Shopping For Baby Clothes

You’re Horny

He’s Protective Of Your Bump

Baby Shower


The white carpet under Luke’s bare feet was warm and sending out a nicefeeling as he walked around in the small nursery, his eyes half open and shut in tiredness, heading right towards the white rack of the window, leaning his body next to it and taking a look around the room. The clock was way over bedtime, but he couldn’t sleep and couldn’t get himself to wake you up, he knew that you would either eat his head off or simply not getting the chance to sleep again after being awoken from a slumber. At this point of the pregnancy, sleep was one of your only and favourite sources, but to Luke’s cons, it was almost like insomnia had taken over his damn mind and body. Ever since the nursery had been painted, decorated and filled up with furniture and clothes, the realization of what was going to happen in a few weeks had hit Luke. Not on the bad way though, but in a clear father way. He knew that in a few weeks, his life would be changed forever; he knew that there was no backing down now and it wasn’t just some kind of prank show. Thoughts like this would swim around in his mind like a wavy tsunami, making it hard for him to sleep which were the mainly cause of him sitting in the nursery just by himself and admiring the room. It had turned out way prettier than what he had expected it to be, but he knew your creative skills of architect would make it into something special and it really was to him. He could use his time in this room to the early hours of the morning, sitting in the baby blue chair in the corner and looking around, sometimes with his guitar in his hand and playing random lullabies. But Luke almost failed every time in a mission of not waking you up. There was just something about the two of you sleeping in the same room together, even though there was no cuddling you had gotten so used to him being there that it was uncomfortable not having him in there. Luke’s face changed into a disappointed one when he noticed you leaning against the doorframe, you letting out a sigh as you walked towards him and took a seat next to him on the rack, looking at him up and down. ”Are you nervous?” You asked, Luke looking over at you with his lips shut tight in a straight line, nodding his head. ”It’s going to be alright and we will work it out in the end. I promise.” You tried to reassure, Luke only nodding his head and not saying a thing. He took a look down at your clothes, bare legs and his old smiley tee totally stretched out due to the none stop growing belly. His hand came up to your fabric covered belly, rubbing it up and down in a slow motion. Luke looked up from your stomach to take a look in your eyes, noticing the bags under your eyes and getting eye contact with you. The two of you stared at each other in silence, almost as if you guys were reading each other’s minds, but no words came out. Luke was about to speak up, opening his mouth and letting words but was interrupted when kicks appeared against his palm, catching both you and his attention. Luke let out a small laugh by the sudden contact, rubbing his hand up and down. ”He knows you’re here.” Your statement made Luke furrow his eyebrows as you stood up from the rack, smiling down at him. ”He knows his daddy.” Luke let out a small smile as you smiled at each other for some seconds before you turned around, ”Gotta go to the toilet now though, it’s kicking my bladder.” Luke nodded his head as he leaned his head against the window, watching you disappear out of the room, making Luke stand up from the rack as well. This would definitely be one of his favourite places in the world from now on.


”Y/N?” Your name was being yelled from the bedroom making you tear your eyes away from the mirror in front of you, your eyebrows furrowing. ”What’s going on?” You yelled back, turning your attention back to yourself and continuing on brushing out the knots in your wet hair, trying to combine it into a ponytail. ”Can you come here for a second?” Calum asked with his voice faint making you roll your eyes. ”I’m the pregnant one here.” You grumbled, more to yourself than him as you walked out of the bathroom and heading towards your bedroom. You walked into the room, or at least trying to as Calum had thrown almost every piece of his clothing from the dresser onto the floor in frustration, his back facing you as he was bowed down to roam in the other dresser, confuse and frustration clear on his features. ”What’s going in here?” You questioned with a raised eyebrow, Calum turning around to look at you. ”I can’t find my freaking Liverpool Jersey and I’ve been looking for what feels like forever. Have you seen it?” Your lips pursed into a straight line as you tried to control your face expression, but Calum saw right through you. ”Where is it?” He asked, making you roll your eyes at him before letting out a sigh. ”It was supposed to be a surprise as it’s not done yet.” You explained as you pulled him down towards the nursery room, Calum knitting his eyebrows before you opened the door and let him in. His mouth changed into a surprised one as he looked around at the room, noticing how the progress of it was almost finished, his face moving around to see all the objects. ”What happened in here?” He asked in awe, noticing his jersey hanging against the crib. ”Mali and I took over this place. Noticing the colors?” Calum nodded his head as he looked around, his hand touching the different things. ”It’s uh..” He let out giggle in cuteness, looking over at you who were standing with a cocky smirk. ”It’s Liverpool colors.” He stated to himself, you nodding your head. ”It was Mali’s idea. She had been listening to you talking about having your own little Liverpool Star. So we made the nursery a little bit different than what we planned together. I hope you’re okay with it because it took a hella lot of time.” You explained, Calum walking towards you before placing his hands on your massive belly, a silly smile on his face. ”It’s literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” You let out a smile in satisfaction as Calum was still amazed by the room, barely having eye contact with you as he admired the room. ”But you’re going to deal with Mali, she was the one wanting to keep it a secret.” Calum laughed by your comment, nodding his head and pulling out his phone to dial her number. ”I’ll just say that it was an accident and I randomly went into the room, she can’t blame me for that.” He chuckled, walking towards the posters that were hanging on the wall, noticing one of his favourite players printed on it. ”As long as I won’t get the trash.” You smiled, walking towards the crib and grabbing his jersey. You reached out for him to grab it but he denied and shook his head, ”I want it to be in here, it fits better here than on my body.” Your giggle filled Calum’s ears which made him put out a smile. You hung the shirt back on the rack of the crib before walking towards Calum and hugging him, ready to hear him trying to compose himself towards Mali.


Your arms were spread out in the air in confuse as you tried to walk without any vision, having Michael’s hands almost covering your whole face with his hands to make sure that you weren’t cheating, and Ashton beside you trying his very best to stabilize you as the boys were in the middle of showing you the nursery they had been creating all day. Since 8AM to be exact, Ashton and Michael had been working on the room for your little one and not wanting you to get near it in any way, not even to bring them sandwiches for lunch, they really wanted everything to be a surprise. ”I hope it’s not something like pirates or such..” You stated as they followed you into the nursery, Michael letting out a snort, ”I know we’re having a girl Y/N, I’m not dumb.” ”I just wanted to make sure.” You shrugged with a laugh, feeling them stop you and before you managed to react, Michael had removed his eyes. ”Oh my god..” Was the only thing you could manage to get out of your lips as you looked around the room in pure  happiness, your hand coming up to touch the crib in the corner until your eyes landed on the wall next to it. ”This is so adorable.” Your eyes were glued to the wall with the music notes on it, Michael standing with a pleased smile on his lips as he watched your reaction. ”okay, be honest with me, none of you did this right?” You chuckled as you walked towards the wall with the Lullaby music notes on it, your hand coming up to admire the beautiful piece of art. ”We did.” Ashton chuckled in a lie, the boys walking over towards. ”Be honest with me.” Ashton and Michael looked between each other with a chuckle, shrugging their shoulders as if they didn’t know. ”Michael.” You warned, crossing your arms and giving him a small smile in disbelief, the boy letting out a childish chuckle before loosening his before crossed arms, letting them fall down to his waist as he let out a ”Fine.”. ”My mom maybe helped a little bit.” He smiled, looking up at the art proud. ”I thought that as well.” You admitted, sending Michael a smile as you all looked up at it. ”But this isn’t the only thing.” Michael suddenly said, making you tear your eyes from the wall to look at him confused. ”What have you done?” You asked with a smile and a lifted eyebrow, watching as Ashton went over to the window, shutting off the curtain, leaving the room in darkness besides the lamp in ceiling that was still on. ”Check this out.” Michael smiled, turning off the lamp and turning on another button, the room going from being complete dark to having small lights up in the ceiling, your mouth opening agape as you rested your head on your neck to watch. ”You made her a starry sky?” You asked in awe, a hand coming up to rest over your mouth in surprise. ”We thought it would be really cute.” Ashton giggled, Michael coming up from your behind and placing his hands on your belly. ”I remember you mentioning that you were scared of the dark when you were baby. So I thought it might go in heritage, which made me think about this. I hope you like it because it took nearly an hour and three electric shocks to make this.” ”I love it more than life.” You smiled, moving your head around to place a kiss to Michael’s cheek before walking over to Ashton and doing your best to give him a hug with the belly in the way, almost at this point of letting out a tear from your eye in awe, this room was literally cuter than ever and the boys really worked hard on it.


Team working with Ashton and Calum was actually a pretty good combination to create and decorate your nursery. The two boys were to your big surprise, pretty handy with collect furniture together and painting. Even though they did have their immature sides, they could actually make out something nice. The three of you were currently in what was going to transform into a baby twins nursery in the matter of hours, both you and Ashton determined to make the room finished today, having so many other things to think about besides this and with the great help of Calum, the room was faster finished than ever. Ashton roamed through his toolbox to find a drill he could use for the wall, looking around until he find it with a smile, you and Calum doing other things such as folding clothes into the already collected dresser or just collecting other furniture. Ash drew dots around where he was going to make holes before he turned on the drill, ready to work with it.  Ashton stopped using the drill when he was satisfied with the holes in the wall to hang up the beige curtains above where the cribs should be standing, moving away to take a look. ”It looks fine right?” He asked, looking back at you and Calum. ”It looks nice.” Calum commented, you nodding along and walking towards him. Ashton let out a smile by Calum’s comment, placing the drill on the working table next to him. He noticed how the plaster and wood from the wall had created a big amount of dust which made him blow to get it away, yet he blew it towards your face. Your nose caught the dust in a rather big amount which made you place your hands in front of your face before sneezing out loud, feeling wetness starting to happen around your legs. ”Oh no.” You exclaimed, your eyes going wide as you looked up at Ashton in panic, his eyebrows furrowing in confuse before his eyes adverted down to your belly and a little bit further down until he noticed the big dark gray stain around the smaller part of your belly and going further down to your otherwise black leggings. ”Did your water break?!” He exclaimed rather loudly, catching Calum’s attention from one of the other furniture, his eyes wide as well as the two of you watched Ashton throw the things in his hands in pure panic yelling up that Calum should get an ambulance and other none understanding mumbles, walking towards you and placing his arms on your upper arms, ”Ash calm down, nono.” You tried to calm down his panic in almost a laugh, Ashton almost panting and looking at you in confuse. ”If you’re not in labor, what’s going on then?” He asked in confuse looking you up and down. Your cheeks rose into a pink color before you let out a awkward laugh, ”I think I peed on myself.” Calum let out a disgusted sound before Ashton’s face expression changed, taking a step away from you, ”Hey don’t give me that expression, the twins are pressing my bladder so it doesn’t take much for me to pee!” Ashton ran a hand through his hair with a laugh afterwards, shaking his head at you. ”Don’t give me a heart attack again please.” You nodded your head as you walked towards the exit with a laugh splitting from your lips, ready to get some new pants on. ”I liked that reaction though, can’t wait to see when the deal is real.” Calum stated, Ashton sticking his tongue out at him before moving down to grab the things he had thrown earlier. ”I’ve promised myself that I won’t react like that, but when it’s the real deal I have no honest idea of how to react. Maybe it might be my turn to pee my own pants.” Ashton chuckled to himself as Calum laughed at him, shaking his head by the curly haired boy.

5sos Baby Preference Series #6: Nursery

Luke: (Girl) 

Ashton: (Boy)

Calum: (Boy)

Michael: (Girl)

#1: How you tell him you’re pregnant

#2: Maternity Photos

#3: Pregnancy Announcement

#4: Gender Reveal

#5: Baby Shower

Preference Master List

Preference 1….. Where You Meet 

preference 2….. First Date 

preference 3….. First Kiss

preference 4…… How You Cuddle

preference 5……. His Reaction to You Snorting When You Laugh (reqested)

preference 6…… How You Hug

Preference 7…… your son (Baby)

preference 8….. Your Daughter (baby)

preference 9….. Your Son (toddler)

preference 10…. Your Daughter (toddler)

preference 11…. Your Son (teenage)

preference 12…. Your Daughter (teenage)

preference 13…. The Concert You Take Him to

Preference 14…… The Necklace He Buys You

Preference 15…… The Bracelet He Gets You

preference 16…… The Shoes He Gets You

Preference 17…… Promise Ring

Preference 18…… How He Propose

Preference 19…… The Ring

Preference 20…… Wedding Invitations

Preference 21…… Storybook Wedding Invitation

Preferences 22…… Engagement Party

Preference 23…… Save The Date

Preference 24……. Storybook Wedding Save The Date

Preference 25…… Rehearsal Dinner

Preference 26…… Wedding

Preference 27…… Storybook Wedding

Preference 28……. Best Man

Preferences 29…… Maid of Honor

Preference 30…… His Tux

Preference 31……. Your Wedding Dress and Flowers

Preference 32…… Storybook Wedding Tux

Preference 33…… Storybook Wedding Dress

preference 34…… Groomsmen Tuxs

preference 35…… Bridesmaid Dress and Flowers

preference 36……. Storybook Groomsmen

preference 37…… Storybook Bridesmaid

Preference 38…… Reception

Preference 39…… Storybook Reception

Preference 40……. Wedding Cake

Preference 41…… Storybook Wedding Cake

Preference 42…… Wedding Photo

Preference 43……. Bridal Party Photo

Preference 44…… You and the Girls

Preference 45…… Him and the Boys

Preference 46….. Just Married Photo

Preference 47……. Wedding Exit and Transportation

Preference 48…… Honeymoon

Preference 49….. The Dog He Gets You

Preference 50…… Movie Night and Outfit

Preference 51…… A Rainy Day Kiss

Preference 52…… Day at the Beach

Preference 53……. Snowy Day

Preference 54….. What He Does On You Anniversary

Preference 55……. What He Gets You For Your Birthday

Preference 56……. The Sport Event He Takes You To

Preference 57…….. Show You Watch Together

Preference 58…… Broadway Show He Takes You To

Preference 59…….. Your Hobbies/Job

Preference 60……. What You Bake Together

Preference 61…… Food You Make Together

Preference 62…… Restaurant That He Always Takes You To

Preference 63……… Good Morning Text

Preference 64…….Hes Text You on Your Period

Preference 65…… Goodnight Texts

Preference 66…… I Miss You Text

Preference 67…….The Phone Case He Gets You

Preference 68…….Couple Phone Case

Preference 69……. Disney Couple Phone Case

Preference 70…….. Couple Tee Shirt

Preference 71…… The Love Song You Sing Together

Preference 72…… Together On The Red Carpet

Preference 73…… How He Likes Your Nails

Preference 74…… The Picture Of him On Your Phone

Preference 75……. Your Celebrity Best Friend (Males)

Preference 76…….Your Celebrity Best Friend (Females)

Preference 77…… Paparazzi Takes A Picture of You and Him

Preference 78………You Dip Dye Your Hair

Preference 79……He Takes A Picture Of You When You Are Doing A Sport

Preference 80……..His Favorite Picture of You From a Photoshoot (Cute)

Preference 81…….His Favorite Picture of You From a Photoshoot (Sexy)

Preference 82………Concert He Takes You To (Females)

Preference 83……..Concert He Takes You To (Males)

Preference 84…….How He Likes You To Wear Your Make Up

Preference 85……… Road Trip

Preference 86……. He Tweets a Picture of You Driving

Preference 87…… He Tweets a Picture of You Sleeping

Preference 88…….. He’s a Royal Prince (Requested)

Preference 89……. He tweets a picture of you

Preference 90……. (series) Your House part 1 (the front)

Preference 91…… (series) Your House (foyer)

Preference 92…… (series) Your House (living room)

Preference 93…… (series) Your House (kitchen)

Preference 94…… (series) Your House (Dinning Room)

Preference 95……. (series) Your House (guest bedroom)

Preference 96…… (series) Your House (guest bathroom)

Preference 97……. (series) Your House (Master Bedroom)

Preference 98…… (series) Your house (Master Bath)

Preference 99……. (series) Your House (Closet)

Preference 100…… (series) Your House (Girl Nursery)

Preference 101……. (series) Your House (Boy Nursery)

Preference 102……. (series) Your House (Little Girl’s Room)

Preference 103….. (series) Your House (Little Boys Room)

Preference 104……. (series) Your House (Teenage Girl’s Room)

Preference 105……. (series) Your House (Teenage Boy’s Room)

Preference 106……. (series) Your House (Your Office)

Preference 107……. (series) Your House (His Office)

Preference 108…… (series) Your house (Backyard/Pool)

Preference 109…… (series) Your house Something Random He Has Put In

Preference 110…… You’re on the Cover of Seventeen Magazine

Preference 111…… Picture of You on His Phone

Preference 112…… Fan Tweet a Picture of The Two of You Shopping

Preference 113…… Couple Mug

Preference 114…….. His Name in Your Phone

Preference 115……. Your Name in His Phone

Preference 116….. You’re a Victoria’s Secret Model

Preference 117…….. Chick Flick You Two Watch

Preference 118….. You Take a Picture With a Fan

Preference 119…….. Couple Photoshoot

Preference 120…….. You Draw a Picture of Him

Preference 121……. Fans Take A Pic Of You

Preference 122……. Your Pick Up Line

Preference 123…….. His Pick Up Line

Preference 124…… He Dances and Your Reaction

Preference 125……. You Dance and His Reaction

Preference 126…… Twitcam Together

Preference 127…… His Favorite Gif Of You

Preference 128……. You Take A Selfie

Preference 129…….. Wii Game You Play

Preference 130…….. Perfume He Buys You

Preference 131……. His Reaction to Seeing You in a Swimsuit/Bikini for the First Time

Preference 132…….. The Picture of Him You’ve Got as Your Phone Background

Preference 133……. How He Likes You To Wear Your Hair

Preference 134……. His Surprise Birthday Party (Fancy)

Preference 135…… Your Surprise Birthday Party (Casual)

Preference 136……. Flowers He Gives

Preference 137……. He Takes a Picture With You When You Were a Fan

Preference 138…… Couples Collage

Preference 139……. His & Yours Favorite Photo of You Two.

Preference 140……… Another Band Member Has A Crush On You

Preference 141…… Love Triangle

Preference 142…….. Vacation

Preference 143…… The First Country and City You Visit Together

Preference 144…… What Reality Show You Watch on TV Together

Preference 145……. What You Do at the Beach Together

Preference 146…….. Baby Anouncement

Preference 147……. Edible Arangement He Gets You

Preference 148…….. Your 5SOS Best Friend

Preference 149……. Baby Eyes

Preference 150…….. Your Lockscreen

Preference 151……. His Lockscreen

Preference 152……. Awards Show

Preference 153……… What TV Drama You Watch

Preference 154……. Fans Favorite Pic Of You

Preference 155……. He Walks In On You Changing (His Reaction)

Preference 156….. You Walk In On Him Changing And Your Reaction

Preference 157…….. He Checks You out

Preference 158…….. He Winks At You And Your Reaction

Preference 159……..You Wink And His Reaction

Preference 160…….. How You Meet

Preference 161……. You Do Motocross

Preference 162……. First Picture Of Baby

Preference 163…… Baby Shower Cake

Preference 164…….. Wedding Photo

Preference 165…….. Family Photo

Preference 166…… Mom and Child

Preference 167……… Car Seat

Preference 168…….. His Favorite Picture Of You

Preference 169…….. Baby Bump

Preference 170…….. Ice Skating

Preference 171……….. You’re A Cheerleader

Preference 172……… You’re A Voice In An Animated Movie

Preference 173……… You’re In a TV Series

Preference 174………. He Comes to One of Your Photo Shoots (Cute)

Preference 175……… He Comes to One of Your Photo Shoots (Sexy)

Preference 176……… Camping

Preference 177……. Beach Day

Pregnancy Series #19 ~ Nursery

Pregnancy Series Here

Niall ~ As the first dad-to-be in the band, the boys wanted to help him with everything. They were so proud that their Irish man was becoming a father, and couldn’t wait for their niece of nephew arrive. So Niall invited them all to help him with the nursery. 

The day before, you went out with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was also pregnant, and Lou Teasdale and Lux. Decorating a nursery without knowing the gender was harder than you expected, so you needed a bit of help. Lou had helped you plan what you would do, and you found out Lux had an eye for decorating. 

You brought everything home that you could fit in the car yesterday, and today the truck was arriving with the furniture. Niall decided he wanted to put the furniture together with the help of the boys, so once the delivery men brought everything up the stairs he had them leave. 

While they were upstairs, you were downstairs with Zayn’s girlfriend, who was pregnant (only to the knowledge of you, Niall, and of course, Zayn), talking about what she planned to do for her nursery in hushed voices. You could hear them talking as you drank your lemonades on the balcony since the window to the nursery was open and right below you. As time went by, they became louder.

“I don’t think that goes there,” Zayn said.

“It looks like a side piece, see. Look at the picture, dipshits,” Louis pointed out. You laughed at the frustration in his voice quietly, not wanting them to know you could hear them. As the yelling continued, you guessed they were putting together the changing table/bookshelf. 

“What are these?” Harry asked. 

“Thats the screws for the crib, I think,” Liam said, and you heard the crinkle of paper, signaling he was flipping through the instructions. 

“No, I think we were supposed to put those-” Niall began, but was interrupted by a loud crash. You looked to Zayn’s girlfriend with wide eyes, and rushed your way down the stairs, helping each other, to see what was going on. 

When you got to the doorway, you saw the crib half in the box, a big dent in the wall, and the changing table pieces in a pile. “I’m calling the delivery guys back. This is not working,” you said, pulling out your phone. They all nodded frantically with their eyes wide.

“And call a carpenter, too. That hole is pretty huge,” Liam said. The boys began laughing at each other, and trying to figure out who forgot the screws, when Niall made his way over to you. 

“I’m sorry, babe. I didn’t mean for this to happen, I just wanted to help,” he said. You smiled and pulled him in for a hug. You handed the phone to Liam, and went downstairs with Niall to the kitchen to prepare lunch for the boys.

After a day of the carpenters and the furniture store delivery men going in and out of you house, and a few days of you and Niall hanging things on the walls carefully, the nursery was finally finished.

Zayn ~ “Y/N? Are you home?” You heard after the door slammed. You turned your music down and wiped your hands off on a rag. 

“Here!” you yelled, and heard his footsteps making their way down the hall. The door opened and a smile instantly bloomed on his lips. 

“It looks amazing in here,” he said, walking over to the oval shaped crib in the middle of the room. He put his hands on the edge of the wooden structure and looked down at the bedding. You stood back, watching him. He reached down and ran his fingertips over the soft blanket his mum had bought lining the mattress. 

“I love that baby,” he whispered, but you heard him over Frank Sinatra playing softly through the radio. You walked over to him and put your bare feet on the cow skin rug that the crib sat on. 

“I know you do. I know you do now,” you said, placing your hand over his on the edge of the crib. He looked over to you and smiled. “I’m almost done in here, but I don’t know what to put on that wall, there.” 

The wall to your right was bare and white. You didn’t know what to put there. You didn’t want furniture because you didn’t want the room to be crowded, but leaving it bare wasn’t an option. 

“Hang on,” he said as he exited the room. While you waited for him to return, you began stocking the changing table with all the diapers you had bought. Trisha said you should buy enough diapers to last the first few months just to make life easier, so you had bought 25 packages from amazon and had them shipped to your flat. 

Zayn came back, carrying a frame turned so you could only see the back and not the contents. “Close you eyes,” he told you, and you did. You heard him shuffling around, and the frame banging the floor multiple times before he said, “Okay, open them.”

You gasped. It was a beautiful painting of a man, no one you knew- but it was beautiful. It matched the room perfectly, like it was made to fit your style. The colors coordinated with the items you already had in the room, and it was big enough to fill the bare wall without crowding the room. 

“I- I love it. Where’d you get it? It’s so- so, so- It’s amazing,” you rambled. Zayn lifted it up and pushed it against the wall to give you an idea of how it would look once it was hung. “I love it.”

You walked over to him as he put the painting down on the floor leaning against the wall. “I love you,” you whispered as you leaned against his chest and looked out the windows. The room had a view of the London Eye and the Thames river. He reached his hand to your face and brushed your hair away from your eyes. You hands found their way to his sides and you pulled him closer so your lips met his. 

It was the first time you kissed in months. You couldn’t help but cherish every second of contact. You couldn’t deny loving him, and the fact that you had finally forgiven him. No, everything wouldn’t be the same as it had been before your pregnancy, but you were closer than yesterday. 

Liam ~ “Uncle Liam?” Jaeda asked. You turned from where you were standing at the changing table and watched as your husband and niece were looking through the baby books. 

“Niece Jaeda?” he answered, making her laugh. She closed her book and put it onto the bookshelf. Liam had been in here night and day preparing for the baby. He did an amazing job putting the furniture together, and found an amazing crib at an antique store. 

“What’s this circle on the rug?” She asked. You smiled as you folded on of the many blankets you had received and stuffed it into the bottom drawer. 

“That’s a compass. It’s what pirates used to find treasure,” he explained. She nodded and stood on top of it, skipping around on the points. She sat down and traced the shapes with her fingers, singing off key absentmindedly. Liam chuckled, and you tossed a blanket at her. 

“Come help me,” you said, and she nodded. In her summer dress, which she wore over a long sleeved tee and leggings, she twirled over to where you stood. She began trying to fold the blue blanket on the floor beside you, and when she was finished she handed it up to you. You tossed some more down to her, and you refolded the one she just gave you. 

Liam began to hammer a nail into the wall to hang a picture, which Jaeda thought looked like fun. She skipped across the room to him, and pulled on his pant leg. “Uncle Liam, can I try?”

He nodded and handed her the hammer. You watched as he hoisted her up onto the table and held the nail for her to hit, surprisingly, she it the nail instead of the walls or her uncle’s fingers. She eventually got bored and began to play under the crib. But then Lia started using a drill to hand up the blinds, and she got scared, so you took her down to watch a movie. 

She picked out Finding Dory, and halfway through, she looked up to you from your lap and said, “Aunty Y/N, why don’t you have the baby in your belly?” 

“Because,” you simply stated, hoping she would forget and turn her attention back to the movie. But she didn’t.

“But why?” 

“I can’t have a baby in my belly. That’s why Uncle Liam and I are adopting. Remember we told you? Someone else has our baby in their stomach, and when he comes out, we’re going to get him,” you explained, tears forming in your eyes. You turned you head away from your niece’s stare and wiped the water away. 

“Are you crying?” she asked, putting her small hand on your cheek leaning in close so that her nose was almost touching yours. 

“Ya, bug, I am crying.”

“Daddy says that when someone is crying that they are sad about something. What are you sad about?” she asked innocently. You laughed lightly, and kissed her cheek.

“I’m sad that I can’t have a baby in my belly,” you told her. She nodded, and turned back to the movie. 

“I think it’s all set! Just need to put- Are you alright, sweetheart?” Liam said as he walked into the room. He saw my tear-stained cheeks and bent down in front of me. 

“It’s nothing, promise. Jaeda cheered me up,” you smiled and hugged him.

Harry ~ “Okay, I’m ready. What can I do?” you said, clapping you hands together. You looked around at the unfinished nursery as Harry rolled out the rug. 

“It’s alright, love, I can handle it,” he stood up and kissed your lips, “You go have a bath and relax. Maybe take a nap. I shouldn’t be here long.” 

He smiled at you and began pushing the crib to where you had planned to. You shook your head, running your fingertips over the walls he had painted two days ago and then to the wood of the crib he had put together this morning. You felt useless and lazy just standing back and watching him do everything. 

“I really want to help, though. Here, I can just get up here- and, uh- if I could reach,” you struggled to reach the curtain rod that need to have the curtains fed onto it. You put your foot onto the side of the crib when Harry wasn’t looking and hoisted yourself up. While you were trying to reach the top of the windows where the curtain rod was, your foot slipped, and you fell back onto the pile of baby clothes. 

“Jesus, Y/N!” Harry exclaimed when he saw you on the floor. He dropped the hammer he was holding and rushed to your side. He put one hand on the small of your back and held onto your hand with the other as he helped you to your feet. He looked over every part of your body for injuries with his hands resting on your arms the whole time, still shaken from the fall.

“I’m fine, I think. The baby didn’t get hurt,” you reassured him, but he still held onto your forearm as you walked to sit down in the rocker.  

“Are you sure? Is the baby moving? Your butt doesn’t hurt?” he rambled, his palms caressing your cheeks. You laughed, but rubbed you elbow, which hit the edge of the crib on your way down. 

“We’re good. Now, can I help you put the changing table together?”

“No, why don’t you go have a lie down?” he suggested. You shook your head and looked down, feeling the tears forming in your eyes.

“Please, Harry,” you whispered, your pregnancy hormones getting the best of you and making you unreasonably upset. 

“Oh, love, I really don’t mind if you don’t help. But- If you really want to help, you can. Uh, let’s see, here! You can help me put the drawers together for the dresser. That sound good?” you sniffled and nodded, walking over to where the wooden pieces were lied out on the floor. Harry dragged the ottoman over so you could sit. 

As you did, Harry asked, “Comfy?”

You returned his smile and rested your hands on the peak of your stomach. Harry kissed the top of your head before handing you a screwdriver and a few screws. 

Louis ~ “Holy…Oh my God, Lou this looks so amazing!” you said, covering your mouth as you walked in and take in the nursery. It was just how you wanted it. You knew the boys wouldn’t be spending much time in their cribs for the first few months, but you knew they would eventually love it.

“I’m glad you like it…I think they did a really good job.” He said softly, leaning in the doorway. You had hired a crew to paint it, put everything together, and decorate it to your liking since Louis was busy on tour. He was only home because he had shows in London. 

“They did amazing,” you said, walking around the room. You and Louis couldn’t decide on a color theme for the nursery, so you chose traditional colors and designed the perfect nursery from there. 

“Oh, and look! They did use the lamps!” You reached up and toyed with the crocheted lampshades Jay had made. She recently learned to crochet, and you had loads of stuff for the boys she made.

“I can’t wait for them to get here,” he said softly. You turned to look at him as he made his way towards you. You sat down in one of the rockers and Louis copied your actions. 

“I’m going to fall asleep in these,” you laughed. He smiled and took your hand in his. 

“I love you so much, Y/N,” he said. You smiled lovingly at him and placed your hand over your bump.

“I love you too. Thank you for this, Lou. It makes it all seem so real,“ you say as you squeeze his hand. You begin tracing your finger over you stomach. 

"So real…” you hear him whisper.