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5sos Baby Preference Series #6: Nursery

Luke: (Girl) 

Ashton: (Boy)

Calum: (Boy)

Michael: (Girl)

#1: How you tell him you’re pregnant

#2: Maternity Photos

#3: Pregnancy Announcement

#4: Gender Reveal

#5: Baby Shower

Operation Albatross- The Nursery

A series of one shots set after Emma and Killian are saved from the darkness where she, Killian and Henry attempt to fix up an old house by the water. A fresh start. A real home. A family. This is Operation Albatross. Read the rest here.

It had started with a stomach flu. But then it hadn’t ended despite the aches passing. Killian was beside himself with worry every time Emma woke up and ran to the bathroom. It went on for weeks. Henry spent most of his time at Regina’s in an attempt not to get Emma’s plague. Mary Margaret kept a close watch on the situation, asking strange questions about Emma’s diet but never giving the opinion that Emma knew she was anxious to give.

By the second week Emma was starting to think that it wasn’t actually a flu anymore. By the nineteenth day she knew it wasn’t. And that was terrifying for her. All the memories of sitting in her prison cell and staring down at that white test stick in her hands came flooding back. Eighteen and terrified. Alone.

It was why she didn’t tell Killian when she started suspecting something. She knew Killian wouldn’t leave but they hadn’t exactly been trying for a child, content to just spend the first year of their marriage as just the two of them and Henry. But now they were only four months into their marriage. How would Killian take the surprise? Would he be upset? Angry? Think that Emma was trying to trick him?

Turned out Emma had been oh so wrong about how Killian would react. When Emma had come home from the hospital after her appointment under the impression of getting medicine for her flu, she’d presented Killian with the file Whale had given her. Killian had read it quickly then looked up at her, wonder in his eyes.

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