nursery rabbit

Do not trust the fox.

“Red paws a’knocking, honeyed words a’talking. Bunny’s in the sack, a knife in her back. Shut the doors and check the locks. Here comes the big bad fox.” – An old rabbit nursery rhyme. 

 Another fanfic that I’m really excited about is Flipside_Remix’ Wilde’s Card. It’s an interesting premise where Nick had already been a cop for years before Judy joins the force. There’s only two chapters up at present but they’re real meaty, and an absolute delight to read. Go check them out!

Things I noticed while rereading Carry On. (Part 1/2?)

• Apparently goblins look good? Like Simon was definitely into that whole green thing (p. 24)

• Simon is also a giant nerd who uses pop culture references to describe things (example: “The figure fades in and out, like Princess Leias hologram.” p. 63)

• Simon plays football but isn’t on the team (p. 89)

• Simon is afraid of horses, do with that what you will (p. 72)

• Simon is so gay (loose terms here people he’s probably not gay but i won’t go further into that) holy shite dude (literally the whole book, i mean any page really)

• Baz likes and knows a lot about cars (p. 172 + p. 156)

• Baz (probably) plays tennis (p. 158 though this might be a british thing i don’t understand)

• Penny likes to remind Simon she’s not afraid of him (p. 121)

• Simon likes ramen and apparently has a specific place he likes the most (p. 184)

• There’s a spell that turns people into frogs and Penny knows it (p. 188)

• Simon knows how to pickpocket (p. 195)

• I love Agatha (my life)

• Simon sometimes calls Penny ‘Pen’ (p. 211)

• Simon and Penny also have a ‘no secrets’-pact (p. 211)

• Baz can copy hand writing at least half-decently (p. 225)

• It’s canon that the nursery had a rabbit mural on the ceiling (p. 229)

to be continued…