[Love Series 000] • “love is growth. love is building & changing for the better. it’s becoming one, but at the same time, not losing self. love is beautiful, selfless, scary, nerve-racking, unpredictable, imperfect & unconditional. love is looking at someone & wondering/forgetting how you managed to live happily without them.” -Kris

more coming soon. 

by Gladimir Georges


H E A D S - U P ! Loose Leaf Nursery is holding a launch party for Strange Plants II, which is a great publication that focuses on plants in contemporary art.

A few pieces of mine, including the two above, will be exhibited at the launch - Wednesday 1 April - 6 till 8pm. 

Loose Leaf Nursery is a dreamy urban-jungle/amazing nursery located :

 31 Sackville St. Collingwood

See ya there! 💚



Say hello to ɹnoℲ, and ɹnoℲ, and ɹnoℲ, and ɹnoℲ.

More Nursery character concept fun. Those of you still wondering what this ‘Nursery’ thing is it’s just an idea for a game I had a while back but in a nutshell possessed toys. Everyone loves those right.

I adore characters that have multiple personalities to address who give you different parts of the solution in riddles or obscure ominous messages.


Harry Potter Baby things! 

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