Confessions of a Nurse

I chance upon this blog while looking for more personal blogs to follow since my dashboard is getting a little boring. It’s a confession blog of random anonymous nurses that most other nurses could possibly relate to. The blog’s still new tho as it only started two weeks ago. But these are the following confessions that I couldn’t agree more. 

I’ve never imagined the day that I’ll finally appreciate the path that I took. It’s truly a difficult and challenging path since I was really desperate to take up something where I used to believe my skills and talents fit in. 

Oftentimes, I’m asked the usual question “Why Nursing?” that is sometimes followed by their judgement of why I should have been taking this or that. I would only usually brush off and give a meek smile every time I was asked this question during those doubtful moments of my life.

Not until I was exposed in the hospital and had my very first patient. Everything changed. I couldn’t agree more with confession#45 that nurses really do inspire patients so they’ll recover faster; but, little did people know that patients touch the heart of nurses more. Being a nurse is extremely a tedious job; but, rewarding, especially when you see progress in the health of your patient. 

I know it may really sound silly; but, I always think nurses are like those superheroes I used to see in comic books I read when I was a kid, only that they’re real. Strong, passionate, selfless, and dedicated are just some few words to best describe their mutual feature. 

I’m just glad that I have now come to the point of appreciating this path and that I am proud of it. A superhero in the making. ☺

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Last night I admitted a patient who is only a few years older than myself. Diabetic, hypertensive, oxygen dependent (but still smokes 1.5 packs a day), mentally ill, super . morbidly obese, and a host of other issues. It just broke my heart.
Her husband was so upset that she was sick enough to be admitted and he kept saying “she’s my world, she’s everything, she has to get better.” It just broke my heart, because he clearly loves her, but he just doesn’t get that his enabling her is hurting her.
It’s not intentional, and it would devastate him if i said this to him. I almost felt like a coward to just patting his arm and promising that I would take good care her her after he left.
I just wanted to shake him until he understood that if this doesn’t stop, she WILL die. She’s completely disabled and totally house bound. Who is buying her the cigarettes? Who is bringing her the unhealthy food? She is almost child like, probably a result of the psych meds. If you love her, help her!
As a nurse, part of my job is accepting people where they are right now and not judging how they got there. I feel incredibly hypocritical in my anger at the husband.
It was a long night and I am exhausted. I have to recharge my own batteries so I can eventually help this family.

Seriously getting tired of the nurses who eat their young bullshit

and it effecting my evaluations. Nurse from last week said she thought I was rude by “interrupting” her when she teaching me something by saying “uhuh” and “okay” repeatedly.. Like what!?! I’m just confirming that I’m hearing you! It’s like a head nod! Isn’t that like communication 101? I’m affirming that I hear what your saying by giving positive feedback (i.e. Head nod, affirmative facial expression, “yes”, “okay”, “uhuh”)!!! I’m not interrupting when I’m in the middle of giving PEG tube meds and trying to concentrate and your teaching me something and I CANT REALLY ACKNOWLEDGE YOU OTHER THAN VERBALLY. She was rude and standoffish and I was like her chore boy all day. Definitely didn’t want a student, but Jesus Christ don’t effect my evaluation because you are in a bad mood. God damn. Seriously the one factor lately that is affecting whether I want to work on a certain floor or field of nursing is whether or not the the staff sucks or not. Ugh cardiacattack dancingnurse-ed nursblr-nursingproblems nursingproblems nurseeyeroll nurseconfessions nursingistheshit help me out would ya? I’m seriously so frustrated. Is it just oncology and pediatrics because these attitudes seemed prevalent in these fields.