nurse squared

A 25 foot sculpture portraying Alfred Eisenstaedt’s photograph of a sailor kissing a nurse stands in Times Square to celebrate and remember the end of World War II. Couples have gathered to reenact the famous kiss.  

Why did I want to be a nurse again?

I hate clinical, I hate studying, I hate lecture. I think it’s a combination of being ready to graduate and hating adult health nursing. Clinical might be more bearable if we actually got to do NURSING stuff instead of AIDE stuff. I’m so tired of giving baths, changing sheets, taking vital signs. I’M GRADUATING. THIS IS MY LAST SEMESTER BEFORE PRACTICUM. LET. ME. BE. A. NURSE. I AM NOT AN AIDE AND I’M NOT NEW. 

And then I get home and I spend 8 hours charting shit in Nurse Squared.