nurse snowheart

2/22/14-  Pony acquisition post #79: G4 “Blind Bag Nurse Snowheart!

Year released: 2014

Generation: 4

Wave 11 Rainbow Power Blind bags have hit stores, and I chose my favorite blind bag character from the set: Nurse Snowheart! She’s super cute and unique and uses Nurse Redheart’s mold from the Cake Family Babysitting Deluxe Blindbag Pack, but she has unique eyes!

Original condition: MINT!

Flaws: none! 

Restoration materials: none!

Current Condition: MINT!


When I first got here to Home Away, Nurse Redheart was the first pony to talk to me and ask me how I was. When I told her I was sorta scared, she took me on a tour of the hospital and had me meet the others. Sweetheart gave me some candy, Coldheart let me read some of her story books, Ironheart introduced me to her daughter who was sorta cool in a mean girl way, and then Tenderheart agreed to let me stay with her while I’m here! I want to be just like them when I grow up..

-“Nurse” Snowheart