nurse confessions

Confession #1,899

The number of horrible doctors and nurses that I have encountered has made me lose faith in medical staff. They have treated me and my disabled family members like crap and it hurts to know that they don’t believe us. I know there are a few good ones out there but it’s hard to stay positive with so many negative experiences.

INFJ Confession

Every single professor and clinical instructor I had during nursing school told me I was too quiet and didn’t have the ‘type A’ personality needed to make it as a nurse. Once I began working, my preceptorship told me the same thing. Here I am, 2 years later, and I get more patient recommendations than anyone else because my patients say I’m one of the only healthcare workers that actually listens to them, and they request me by name.

Confession 8

A patient of mine we’re about to die last week due to liver failure. Her boyfriend proposed to her while she was grasping for air. None of us really thought she would make it, but now, 1 week later she is recovering, she’s walking in the hallways, she’s started eating again and all her labs are improving. She’s off IV nutrition and has only needed some extra blood. Oh, the magic of love!