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What about how each of the boys handles having to patch up the other boys after a patrol goes wrong?

This I can do!

Dick: he’s totally a mother hen and will relentlessly check and fuss to make sure that even the smallest little scratch is taken care of, even if the injured patient is ready to sock him in the jaw. He’s very soothing and is really good at getting people to rest without arguing

Jason: he’s calm and collected and has surprisingly gentle bedside manner. He will talk softly to whoever he’s tending to so they’re distracted (especially when stitching someone up or doing more painful procedures) and makes sure to tell them what he’s doing so there aren’t any surprises

Tim: he’s a bit more chaotic but is still relatively under control; he often talks to himself while patching someone up and then gets startled when they respond to him. He sometimes distracts his patient with stories or facts that kind of lull them to sleep or just draws their focus away from the pain

Duke: at first he wasn’t too sure what to do since he didn’t have to deal with people getting routinely beat to a pulp every night, but he asked the injured person to guide him and eventually he figured it all out (with some help from Google) and he makes sure to check in with his patient to see that he’s doing everything right

Damian: he tends to scold his patient for getting injured and tells them what they could have done to avoid being injured in the first place, but he will adamantly insist that he needs to patch them up so they can rest, no if ands or buts about it so they know he does want them to be safe

Tattoo (OMGCP Drabble)

For prompt #33 from @checkplease100: tattoo

Just some frogs friendship set during their senior year. Features headed-to-the-NHL!Chowder and discussion about Charmer.

“Did your tattoo hurt?” Chowder asks suddenly, looking away from the game to gesture at Nursey’s arm.

“It’s worse than a massage. Why? Getting a shark somewhere unmentionable?” he asks, to the amusement of everyone gathered around the TV.

“Since I’m still going to be playing —” Chowder’s interrupted by cheers “— I might get a ring tattooed on when Cait and I get married.”

The room falls into stunned silence.

“I’m asking her after graduation, so if she says yes. And if my parents don’t —”

He’s cut off again by shouts, and nearly smothered as his teammates pile on to celebrate.


Never too many bandages~💔🔪
Okay…well maybe at some point it’s too much..=∆=°..

Aaah finally I drew my babies together~ Guri and Yuzu,I really want to draw them more >u< I want to give them more life~ and I need to make more ocs as well xdd I only have these two bakas❤ 

They are part of my closed species Yukurushis, please do not use this species without my permission, if you want to find out more details of my species,visit my Deviantart page Remuchii)💞💞

If nurses were pokemon*…

Stunny is the student nurse pokemon. Chirpy and enthusiastic, they carry around useful items in the hope of helping others. Still learning the ropes, they can usually be found near a protective Nurby mentor.

Nurby are staff nurse pokemon, evolved from Stunny. Experienced, unflappable and protective over patients and Stunnies alike, they make firm allies and fearsome enemies. They socialise in small flocks called wards, however they are well documented to get on with other pokemon, including ducktors.

Wista are ward sister pokemon (not currently pictured; they are so busy that photographic evidence remains elusive at this point in time!). Wista evolve from Nurby, the wisest Nurby is picked to evolve and lead the ward.

Matreon, the matron pokemon. In rare circumstances, the Matreon evolves from Wista. Unlike their peers, they are a solitary creature, respected by all wards in the area. They are known to protect weaker pokemon, however rumours that they eat their young have led to a fearsome reputation. All pokemon view matreon with a mixture of fear and awe.

*yes, I’m aware that there are nurse pokemon, but are they nurse nurse pokemon?.