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As You Were - S2 E20

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did you just. suggest baymax!google. this is too pure. -void

Baymax!google who’s just slightly saltier than actual baymax but goes around scanning his friends and making sure everyone’s well rested. He asks how they’re feeling on a scale of good to being hit by a bus. He wears white and a lil nurse cap.

totallyfaboo replied to your post “I think I saw Ghost this morning.”

It would also be interesting to see what was there pre-1900s. It might not be the building, but the land it is on.

It’s possible. The joke originally was that the condo I was in was haunted, but as I have learned from @levynite, the more you talk about a ghost, the more likely you are to attract one, so it could be that rather than originally haunting my specific room, the ghost was just around and was drawn to all this talk of ghosts. 


That definitely sounds like Ghost is trying to manifest for you. Probably because you’ve made sure to not accidentally box them up again, it’s October, etc.

Good luck in the way of research! The hat sounds like a Cloche-style hat, so maybe that’ll help.

Yeah, I was thinking oh…OCTOBER…probably helping out her cause :D 

I don’t think it was a cloche, exactly – it might have been a nursing cap. But yes, the same sort of style. 


Is it possible it was a bathrobe and shower cap?

No, it was definitely a jacket, it had buttons, and the cap wasn’t a shower cap as far as I could tell. It might have been a housecoat but I got the impression it ended at the waist, though I don’t recall if she had a dress/skirt on (my ukulele stand was in the way). 

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Okay this was a post I shouldn’t have read as I headed to bed…

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I know Ghost has never been a threatening presence to you, but I gotta say this story gave me THE WILLIES

I’m so fascinated that it’s freaking people out! It didn’t even occur to me to be scared or that the story was scary in itself – I can see how it would be, it just didn’t come up in my brain. Which in itself is interesting. 

Grey's Anatomy//Teen Wolf AU - Part 2

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, Isaac Lahey, Alan Deaton, Vernon Boyd, Braeden, Reader.

Stiles was about to go into surgery. It was a routine surgery, a simple appendectomy, but all that mattered was that he was the first intern to go into surgery. You were all gathered in the gallery to watch.

You heard people whispering, making fun of him. “Ten bucks says he messes up the McBird.”

“Twenty says he cries.“ Kira nods.

“I’ll put twenty on a total meltdown.” Someone in the back says.

“Fifty says he pulls the whole thing off.” You say. Everyone looks at you, silent. “That’s one of us down there. The first one of us. Where’s your loyalty?” Everyone stays quiet a bit longer.

“Seventy-five says he can’t even ID the appendix.” Kira blurts out. You sigh.

“I’ll take that action.” Lydia nods and everyone mutters in agreement.

You watch as he grabs the scalpel from the scrub nurse, the scrub cap on his head is a bit too big, it makes him look like a little boy. Everyone cheers and Boyd motions from the OR for everyone to shut up.

“That Boyd…he’s trouble.” Kira grins and everyone laughs.

You glance at the camera, listening to Stiles and Boyd. “Damn, he got the peritoneum and he opened him up.” Someone says.

“I told you he’d pull it off.” You mutter.

“Scalpel.” Stiles sticks his hand out.

“Scalpel.” The nurse repeats and hands it to him.

“Appendix is out.” Stiles takes it out and sits it on the tray, inciting cheers.

“Now all you have to do is invert the stump into the secum and simultaneously pull up on the purse-strings but be careful not to..” There’s a ripping sound. “break them.” Boyd groans. “He ripped the secum. Got a bleeder. You’re filling with stool, what do you do now?”

“Uh…” Stiles looks panicked. “Uh…”

“Think. You start the suction, you start digging for those purse-strings before she bleeds to death. Get him a clamp.”

“BP’s dropping.” A nurse states.

Kira sits forward in her seat, “He’s choking.”

“Come on, Stiles.” You stare intently at the screen.

“Today. Pull your balls out of your back pocket, let’s go. What are you waiting for? Suction.” Boyd is becoming impatient.

The monitor begins to beep. “Getting too low, folks.” A nurse says.

“Get out of the way.” Boyd pushes Stiles back. “Pansy-ass idiot. Get him out of here. Suction. Clamp.”

“007.” An intern behind you mutters. You turn to look at him, he has curls falling in his face and he’s sitting in his chair like he’s at his mom’s house.

“007. Yep. He’s a total 007.” Another intern says.

“What’s 007?” Lydia asks.

“Licensed to kill.” You mumble.

You’re sitting in the spare beds in the hallway. “007. They’re calling me 007, aren’t they?” Stiles sighs.

“No one’s calling you 007.” You and Lydia say in unison.

“I was on the elevator and Murphy whispered 007.” Stiles pouts.

“Oh, how many times do we have to go through this, Stiles? Five? Ten? Give me a number or else I’m going to hit you.” Kira groans.

“He wasn’t talking about you.” Lydia nods.

“You sure?” Stiles looks over at her.

“Would we lie to you?” You raise an eyebrow.

Stiles is quiet for a moment, “Yes.”

“007 is a state of mind.” Kira shrugs.

“Says the girl who finished top of her class at Stanford.” Stiles shakes his head. “Maybe I should’ve gone into geriatrics. No one minds when you kill an old person.” He lets his head fall onto the wall.

“Surgery is hot, it’s the Marines, it’s the macho, it’s hostile, it’s hardcore. Geriatrics is for freaks who live with their mothers and never have sex.” Kira shrugs.

“I’ve got to get my own place.” Stiles sighs.

“4B’s got post-op pneumonia. Let’s start antibiotics.” You hear the intern that started 007 say.

“Are you sure that’s the right diagnosis?” The nurse asks.

“Well I don’t know, I’m only an intern. Here’s an idea, why don’t you go spend four years in med school and let me know if it’s the right diagnosis. She’s short of breath, she’s got fever, she’s post-op. Start the antibiotics.” He walks over to you. “God I hate nurses. I’m Isaac. I’m with Jeremy, you’re with the Nazi, right?”

You glance up at him, “She may not have pneumonia, you know. She could be splinting, or have a PE.”

He scoffs, “Like I said, I hate nurses.”

“What did you just say? Did you just call me a nurse?” You cross your arms.

He shrugs, “If the white cap fits…”

Your pager goes off and you begin to walk away.

“She seeing anybody?” Isaac leans over to Stiles.

“I don’t know.” Stiles shrugs.

Isaac whistles, “She’s hot.”

“I’m friends with her. I mean, kinda friends, I mean…not, you know, actually friends. Not exactly, but we’re tight. We hang out. I mean really only today-”

“Dude.” Isaac interrupts.

“But-” Stiles starts again.

“Dude. Stop talking.” Isaac shakes his head.

You walk into the room, your patient was on the bed, seizing. “What took you so long?” A nurse asks.

“She’s having multiple grand mal seizures, now how do you want to proceed? Dr. Y/L/N? Are you listening to me? She’s got Diazepam, 2 milligrams of Diazepam, I just gave her a second ago, Dr. Y/L/N, you need to tell us what you want to do. Dr. Y/L/N!” Another nurse shouts.

You’re panicked, you don’t know what to do. “Okay, she’s full on Prazepam?” You pick up her chart.

“She’s had 4 milligrams.” A nurse answers.

“Did you page Dr. Bailey and Dr. McCall?”

“The Prazepam’s not working.” A nurse says.

“Phenobarbital. Load her with Phenobarbital.” You nod.

“Pheno’s in.”

“No change.” A third nurse says.

“You paged Dr. McCall?” You ask.

“I just told you.”

“Well, page him again! Stat!”

“What do you want to do? Dr. Y/L/N, you need to tell us what you want to do!” A nurse looks at you. The monitor beeps. “Heart’s stopped!”

“Code blue, code blue! Code blue, code blue!” They pull out the defibrillators.

You take them, suddenly feeling in control. “Charge pulse of 200.” You yell.

“Charged. 200.”

You defib.

“Still defib. Nothing.” A nurse tells you. “Charging. 19 seconds.”

“Charge to 300.” You order.

“300. Anything? 27 seconds.”

“Charge to 360.” You defib again. Nothing. “Come on, Katie.” You mutter.

“49 seconds..” A nurse alerts you. “At 60 seconds you’re supposed to admit her…”

“Charge again!” You defib and her blood pressure registers.

“I see sinus rhythm. BP’s coming up.”

Scott runs in, “What the hell happened?”

“She had a seizure and-” You start.

“A seizure?” He repeats.

“Her heart stopped.”

“You were supposed to be monitoring her.” Scott sighs.

“I checked on her and she-”

“I got it. Just…just..go. Someone give me her chart, please.” He waves you out of the room and you leave.

You approach Bailey, “You get a 911, you page me immediately, not in the five minutes it takes you to get to the emergency…immediately, you are on my team and if somebody dies it’s my ass.” You walk past her. “You hear me, Y/L/N?”

“Y/N?” Kira raises an eyebrow.

You walk past her and she follows you out the front hospital doors, it’s pouring rain. You throw up in the grass. You stand up and sigh before walking back in. “If you tell anyone about this, ever…” You threaten her.

You find her later in the skills lab. “What are you doing?”

“I’m suturing a banana, in the vain hope it keeps my brain awake.”

Stiles laughs.

“What are you laughing at, 007?” She glares at him.

Stiles returns the glare, “You know what? I don’t care. I comforted a family today and I get to hang out in the OR. All is well.”

All of the interns are packed in a small room. Scott walks in and looks at everyone. “Well good morning. I’m going to do something pretty rare for a surgeon, I’m going to ask interns for help. I’ve got this kid, Katie Bryce. Right now, she’s a mystery. She doesn’t respond to her meds. Labs are clean, scans are pure, but she’s having seizures. Grand mal seizures with no visible cause. She’s a ticking clock. She’s going to die, if I don’t make a diagnosis. Which is where you come in. I can’t do it alone. I need your extra minds, extra eyes, I need you to play detective, I need you to find out why Katie is having seizures. I know you’re tired, you’re busy, you’ve got more work than you could possibly handle. I understand. So, I’m going to give you an incentive. Whoever finds the answer rides with me. Katie needs surgery. You get to do what no interns get to do. Scrub in to assist on an advanced procedure. Dr. Bailey’s going to hand you Katie’s chart. The clock is ticking fast, people. If we’re going to save Katie’s life, we have to do it soon.”

Everyone grabs a copy of the chart and runs out the door.

“Look, give the antibiotics time to work.” Isaac crosses his arms.

“The antibiotics should’ve worked by now.” The nurse argues.

Isaac sighs, “She’s old. She’s freaking ancient. She’s lucky she’s still breathing. Now, I’ve got a shot to scrub in downstairs with a patient who wasn’t alive during the civil war. Don’t page me again.” He walks away and Kira approaches you.

“Hey, I want in on McCall’s surgery. You’ve been the intern on Katie since the start. You want to work together? We find the answer we have a fifty-fifty shot of scrubbing in.”

“I’ll work with you, but I don’t want in on the surgery. You can have it.” You nod.

Kira looks taken aback, “Are you kidding me? It’s the biggest opportunity any intern will ever get.”

“I don’t want to spend any more time with McCall than I have to.” You shake your head.

She raises an eyebrow, “What do you have against McCall?”

“If we find the answer, the surgery’s yours. Do you want to work together or not?” You avoid her question. She grins and nods her head.

“Well, she doesn’t have anoxia, chronic renal failure, or acidosis. It’s not a tumor because her CT’s clean. Are you seriously not going to tell me why you won’t work with McCall?” Kira’s sitting in the library with you.

“No. what about infection?” You glance at a book.

“No. There’s no white count. She has no ceteal lesions, no fevers, nothing in her spinal tap…” She sighs. “Just tell me.”

You close the book and look up at her, “You can’t make a face, comment, or react in anyway. We had sex.”

Kira opens her mouth and closes it, “…what about an aneurysm?”

You shake your head, “No blood on the CT, and no headaches.”

“Okay..there’s no drug use, pregnancy, no trauma…was he good? I mean, he looks like he would be…was it any good?”

You don’t answer her question, “What are the answers? What if no one comes up with anything?” You groan.

“You mean if she dies?”

You nod, “Yeah.”

“This is going to sound really bad, but I really wanted that surgery.” Kira sighs.

“She’s just never going to get the chance to turn into a person. The sum total of her existence will be almost winning Miss Teen whatever. You know what her pageant talent is?” You ask Kira.

“They have talent?” She raises an eyebrow.

“Rhythmic gymnastics.” You deadpan and you both laugh.

“Oh, come on.” Kira shakes her head.

“What is rhythmic gymnastics? I don’t know…I can’t even say it, I don’t know what it is.” You laugh.

“Isn’t it like something with a ball, and a-” You go still and Kira stops talking. “…what? Y/N, what?”

“Get up! Come on!” You jump up. The both run out of the library. You walk by the elevator while Kira’s talking to you. She spots Scott and holds the door.

“-the only thing she could possibly need is a-..Oh, oh, Dr. McCall! Just one moment, um, uh, Katie competes in beauty pageants-”

“I know that, but we have to save her life anyway.” Scott shrugs

“Okay, she has no headaches, no neck pain, her CT’s clean, there’s no medical proof of an aneurysm…” Kira explains.

“Right.” Scott nods.

“But what if she has an aneurysm anyway?” She suggests.

“There are no indicators.” Scott looks at her.

“Ah, but she twisted her ankle, a few weeks ago when she was practicing for the pageant-”

“Look, I appreciate that you’re trying to help, but-”

“This is not helping!” Another doctor in the elevator shouts.

“She fell. When she twisted her ankle, she fell.” You explain to him.

“It was no big deal, not even a bump on the head, you know she got right back up, iced her ankle and everything was fine, it was a fall so minor her doctor didn’t even think to mention it when I was taking her history, but she did fall.” Kira nods.

“Well, you know the chances that a minor fall could burst an aneurysm, one in a million! Literally.” Scott shakes his head.

The both of you step back and sigh, letting the doors close. You hear a ding and look up, Scott walking out of the elevator.

“Let’s go.” He nods.

“Where?” Kira asks.

“To find out if Katie Bryce is one in a million.”

Yore in the scan room, looking at Katie’s recent scan. “I’ll be damned.” Scott shakes his head. “It’s minor, but it’s there. It’s a cerebachnoid haemorrhage. She’s bleeding into her brain.”

The three of you are walking down the hallway.

“She could’ve gone her entire life without it ever being a problem. One tap in the right spot-” Scott explains.

“And explode.” Kira nods.

“Exactly. Now I have to fix it. You two did great work. Love to stay and kiss your asses, but I gotta tell Katie’s parents she’s having surgery. Katie Bryce’s chart, please.” He says to reception.

“Oh, and Dr. McCall, you said that you’d pick someone to scrub in if we helped.” Kira calls out. “Oh, yes, right. Um, I’m sorry I can’t take you both, it’s going to be a full house. Y/N, I’ll see you in OR.”

You and Kira stay planted to your seats, shocked as Scott leaves.

Kira is clearly upset. “Kira..” She walks away, glaring at you over her shoulder.

You approach her and Lydia in the hallway. “I’ll tell him I changed my mind, you can-”

“No, no, don’t do me any favors. It’s fine.” Kira shakes her head.

“Kira…” You start.

“You know what, you did a cutthroat thing, deal with it. Don’t come to me for absolution, you want to be a shark, be a shark.” Kira waves her hands.

“I’m not-” You try to explain yourself.

“Oh, yes you are. Only it makes you feel all bad in your warm gooey places. No, screw you. I don’t get picked for surgeries because I slept with my boss, and I didn’t get into med school because I have a famous mother. You know, some of us have to earn what we get.” Kira rants. You didn’t know she knew about your mother.

You’re in the OR with Scott, he’s shaving Katie’s head. “I promised I’d make her look cool. Apparently being a bald beauty queen is the worst thing that happened in the history of the world.”

Did you choose me for the surgery because I slept with you?“ You raise an eyebrow.

“Yes.” Scott deadpans. “I’m kidding.”

“I’m not going to scrub in for surgery. You should ask Kira. She really wants it.” You shake your head “You’re Katie’s doctor. And on your first day, with very little training, you helped save her life. You earned the right to follow her case to the finish. You…you shouldn’t let the fact that we had sex get in the way of you taking your shot.” Scott looks at you.

You sit outside with Stiles. “I wish I wanted to be a chef. Or a ski instructor. Or a kindergarten teacher.” You sigh.

“You know, I would’ve been a really good postal worker. I’m dependable. You know, my dad tells everyone he meets that his son’s a surgeon. As if it’s a big accomplishment. A superhero or something. If he could see me now…” Stiles shakes his head.

“When I told my mother I wanted to go to medical school, she tried to talk me out of it. Said I didn’t have what it takes to be a surgeon. That I’d never make it. So, the way I see it, superhero sounds pretty damn good.” You shrug.

Stiles looks at you, “We’re going to survive this, right?”

Later you’re inside with Deaton and Isaac. Deaton was the chief of surgery.

“She’s still short of breath. Did you get an ABG or a chest film?” Deaton asks.

“Oh, yes sir, I did.” Isaac nods. “And what did you see?”

“Oh, well, I had a lot of patients last-”

“Name the common causes of post-op fever.” Deaton interrupts.

“Uh…yes, sir.” He pulls a notebook from his pocket.

“From your head. Not from a book. Don’t look it up, learn it, it should be in your head. Name the common causes of post-op fever.” Deaton crosses his arms.

“Uh…the common causes of post-op…” Isaac starts. “Can anybody name the common causes of post-op fever?” Deaton shouts.

“Wind, water, wound, walking, wonder drugs. The five W’s. Most of the time it’s wind, splinting, or pneumonia. Pneumonia’s easy to assume, especially if you’re too busy to do the tests.” You speak up.

Deaton gives Isaac a look before turning to you. “What do you think’s wrong with 4B?”

“The fourth W, walking. I think she’s a prime candidate for a pulmonary ambulus.” You nod. “How would you diagnose?”

“Spinal CT, VQ scan, provide O2, dose with Heparin, and consult for an IVC filter.” “Do exactly as she says, then tell your resident that I want you off this case.” Deaton says to Isaac. “I’d know you anywhere, you’re the spitting image of your mother. Welcome to the gang.” He smiles at you.

You’ve scrubbed in on Katie’s surgery, you’re in the OR with Scott.“

"All right everybody, it’s a beautiful night to save lives, let’s have some fun.” Scott says as the scrub nurse gloves him.

You spot Kira in the gallery.

After the surgery, Kira comes to find you, “It was a good surgery.”

“Yeah.” You nod.

Kira sits and sighs,“ We don’t have to do that thing where I say something, and then you say something, and then somebody cries, and there’s like a moment…”

“Yuck.” You laugh.

“Good. You should get some sleep. You look like crap.”

You scoff, “I look better than you.”

“It’s not possible.” Kira gets up and leaves.

Scott comes in, glancing at paperwork.

“That was amazing.” You sigh.

“Mmmm.” Scott continues looking at the paperwork.

“You practice on cadavers, you observe, and you think you know what you’re going to feel like standing over that table, but…that was such a high.” Scott looks at you and nods. “I don’t know why anybody does drugs.” You smile.

“Yeah.” Scott nods.

“Yeah.” You repeat.

Scott smiles, “I should go do this.”

“You should.” You nod.

Scott leaves, I’ll see you around.“

"See you around. See ya.”

After work you go to visit your mother. You walk inside the building, stopping a reception. You spot your mother in the corner of the room and you walk over to her.

“Are you the doctor?”

“No. I’m not your doctor. But I am a doctor.” You say.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s me, mom. Y/L/N.”

“All right.” She plays with her watch, “I used to be a doctor, I think.”

You take her hand, “You were a doctor, mom. You were a surgeon.”