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Medical Textbooks (PDF versions)

Hi Everyone!!

I was asked by @dankamphetamemes to share my holy grail textbooks and I did, but I thought I’d do you guys one better. I recommended that you should check them out in PDF versions before you buy them because honestly they’ll burn a hole through your pocket - so I gathered all the books I use and a couple of others for you to check out!! 

Heres a list of books you’ll find in my google drive:

- Robbins and Cotran’s Pathological Basis of Disease

- BRS Pathology

- Lippincott’s Biochemistry

- Lippincott’s Pharmacology

- Physiology by Linda Costanzo

- BRS Physiology

- Moore’s Clinically Oriented Anatomy

- Gray’s Anatomy Flashcards 

- Unfortunately I couldn’t find a PDF version of Medical Microbiology by David Greenwood - Ill keep looking and upload it when I find it

Extra books/flashcards:

- Guyton and Hall Textbook of Physiology

- Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously simple

- Netters Anatomy Flashcards

- Snells Clinical anatomy by regions

If you happen to face any trouble downloading them or accessing them shoot me a message and let me know

Here’s the link - enjoy!!

More medical resources:

“Science has taught me that everything is more complicated than we first assume, and that being able to derive happiness from discovery is a recipe for a beautiful life.”
Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated with science, mostly the biological sciences, the living sciences. Animals, plants, infectious diseases, microscopic beings, anatomy, neuroscience, physiology, microbiology and many more have all captured my attention. I feel as though we should empower and urge women to participate in the sciences not only to make discoveries but for equality. Destroying gender biases and making sure to not set gender norms from an early age will help females feel encouraged to go into the sciences, however a lot of work needs to be done. If we don’t see more women in the sciences, there could be dire consequences. I work as a nurse in healthcare, more specifically on a cardiac floor, I know that often times women present with symptoms that are vastly different than how a man presents with a heart attack. However, in EDs all over the country women are being misdiagnosed and are often sent home where they later have a heart attack. Let’s encourage our daughters, sisters, nieces etc., to follow their passion and encourage them to pursue their interests

18.05.2016, stayed home and cleaned desk but didn’t study as much as id like and feeling extremely guilty 😢 exams revision is seriously stressing me out and i want to cry and i feel like my best friend and i are drifting and im so afraid of failing that it’s stopping me from achieving anything what am i doing 😩
(sorry about the rant guys, need a place to let it out)


🍂 2/nth. August 18, 2017. // I made an ECG outline (for my cardio exam) and Arterial Diseases Quizlet (for my hematology exam). yay!!
🍂 I’m also planning to start my own bujo! I just need some materials. And i need to look for inspirations too!
🍂Have a great day cuties! ♥️

Hatsune Miku: VOCAL ANDROID in: “LOVE WARD?!”

During a day of volunteering at the local hospital via concert, Miku stumbles upon a new Module power-up…that turns her into a magical nurse! Combined with final exams and romantic tensions, how will Miku get through the week with this new transformation that seems to activate on its own?

OK…so…I apparently just spent the past three hours making this out of pure inspiration because I love the mood of this song and the Spacy Nurse module.

Yes, this is supposed to be a sort of fake comic book cover for one of the Vocal Android episodes, and no, there is no actual comic as of right now. Maybe one day. But for now, enjoy this sort of peek into what nonsense this fanverse details.

I’m not entirely sure what else to say for now, except that under the cut is the illustration version (no comic text).

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List of things I got sent to the principle’s office for (in vague order from kindergarten to high school):

  • stabbing a kid in the hand with a pencil 
  • bringing my mom’s pocket knife to show and tell
  • grabbing and twisting a kid’s neck skin until he cried
  • kicking my best friend in the face (he had to get stitches)
  • rolling down a hill that was out of bounds in the school yard (I got poison ivy from that)
  • teaching my entire class exactly where babies come from
  • hiding under my desk
  • telling the teacher it was my birthday and she thought I was lying (I was my birthday)
  • teaching the class Santa Clause isn’t real
  • chasing a girl around the class because I wanted to kiss her
  • passing “notes” rolled up in pencil grips
  • not gripping my pencil properly to write 
  • refusing to spell my whole last name (pihlajamaki is a long fucking name ok?)
  • telling my class my rabbits died
  • bringing a baby rabbit to class
  • full body tackling a kid who said i cheated on a test
  • kicking multiple kids in the shins 
  • punching a kid in the stomach after he dropped his lunch tray on my head
  • bringing a nursing book about anatomy to school to show my friends what a penis is
  • punching a kid in the face when he fake asked me out to a dance
  • forgetting to bring gym clothes
  • kicking a kickball into a fence and popping it
  • not doing my spelling homework
  • wearing a pentagram ring my father bought for me
  • drawing wiccan symbols on my jesus box
  • saying The Pope kicked the bucket during a viewing of the funeral
  • laughing during mass
  • refusing to do the signs of the cross
  • throwing up during mass
  • telling the class that I hate them so much I dont care if I go to hell because I’ll bring them with me
  • writing about someone’s ass in my daily journal
  • drawing particularly violent things in art class
  • refusing to do point perspective drawing for the 20th time in art class
  • drawing legs on literally everything for a month
  • drawing still lifes without a reference and boasting the teacher couldn’t tell (she couldn’t)
  • painting on the wall, someone didn’t get the mural memo I guess
  • writing ‘i love girls’ on the bathroom wall
  • convincing my friend to snort caffeine powder 
  • not bringing my copy of the hobbit to class and refusing to get a copy from the library 
  • breaking the front door of the school by kicking it open
  • ‘hacking’ into the computers to put games on them
  • telling everyone the password to the computer system was bigyakdaddy
  • going to school on ‘senor skip day’
  • dropping out of the school system entirely (they thought I did it on purpose somehow like how I changed the administrative preferences)
  • printing out 200 pages of gay erotic fanfic