Is there any tricks for counting a baby’s pulse?

I find it hard to keep up as it’s so fast so it takes me a few minutes for me to make sure I’m accurate, which is too long when I’ve lots to be doing and I’ve been told I need to speed up as I’m prolonged doing tasks.

Also babies eventually get bored and start trying to grab the stethoscope so I really need to be quicker.

 There isn’t always a pulse ox handy either.

I can’t even practice outside of the ward placement cos I’ve no babies I can borrow…

As I closed the door shut behind me, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I was trying to get my thoughts together, to get my feelings in check. No matter how invested I was in this man, I still had 25 other people I needed to look after. I couldn’t break now. So with the scent of his sisters perfume still clinging to my shoulders, I walked back to the nurses station. I didn’t make it. You placed both of your hands upon my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, “hey, come on.” I didn’t even protest. The only thing keeping me anchored was the press of your hand to the small of my back as you lead me to the smoking area. I was on autopilot. We went outside and you lit me a cigarette. And we just sat. In silence. You let me breathe and calm down and focus, and all the while you were there to offer your comfort. And when we turned to go back inside, you hugged me tightly and I buried my head in your chest and you didn’t tell me any cliche bullshit like, “you did your best” or “he’s going to a better place” or “at least you made sure that he’s comfortable and at peace”. You just held me. In that moment I have never felt more complete.

So I know I said adolescent psychiatric nursing...

…but I’d really like to find a job in surgery. I’ve been in the OR twice and I liked all aspects of surgery. Pre-op, circulating, PACU, recovery. I wouldn’t mind waking up early for that and not getting 40 hour weeks. 

I just don’t want to be a floor nurse.