Lalu, di manakah letak kebahagiaan?

Saat, kalian bertanya, dan sedang sibuk mencari tahu, di mana letak kebahagiaan itu.

Kebahagiaan ada pada hati yang senantiasa bersyukur.

Bukan karena sesuatu itu indah,
Lalu kita mensyukurinya,
Tetapi karena kita bersyukur,
Maka, sesuatu itu menjadi indah.

—  Nurin Ainistikmalia

On 20 August, 2007, 8-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin left her home in Malaysia to go to a local market but she never returned. Witnesses reported that they had seen Nurin be forced into a white van by an unidentified man. There were no other clues unti the following month, when her nude body was discovered stuffed in a sports bag outside a shop. She had been strangled to death and she had been sexually assaulted with a cucumber and aubergine. An autopsy showed that she had been kept alive and tortured for a month before finally being killed. CCTV was discovered outside the shop and showed a motorcyclist dropping the sports bag which contained her body off. The man appeared to be speaking on a mobile phone but sadly the footage is too grainy so his face and number plate cannot be made out clearly. The case still remains unsolved.

Her presence always brings joy to the people close to her.
Filling the room with that odd laughter of hers.
That warm bright smile that rarely appears would suddenly be the highlight of her face.
Adoring you with her gorgeous chocolate brown eyes that’s sparkling with happiness.
Making your fondness for her to accelerate like a bullet train.
Crashing into a wall that suddenly overwhelms your empty heart with a particular emotion- love.
But then there are times when she’s the total opposite.
A complete one-eighty.
She becomes dead silent, suffocating those around her.
The happiness that was painted on her face previously turns blank.
Expressionless. Just nothing.
But you can sense something is wrong.
She emits what she’s feeling from each and every pore of her body,
without having to say a word.
Making you wonder what the hell just happened.
Annoyance starts to crawl all over you.
And slowly she’s getting under your skin.
But she can’t help it. That’s her worst flaw.
This is her- raw and genuine.
Accept her for what she is,
because no one is perfect.
If she can be there for you through thick and thin,
why not do the same for her?
Let the good times outweigh the bad times.
Let us all learn to accept each other, flawless or flawed.
Let us help each other instead.
And last but not least,
Take me as I am.
—  N.Q // Take me as I am