nuri sahin

Hay miles de seres que mueren a diario física o psicológicamente 
sin saber cómo ni cuándo se hundieron en ese pantano de
—  Un grito desesperado.                                                                                   (Vía-Un-poco-menos-infeliz)

I saw @trashwarden​‘s really neat OC relationship meme and decided to do this for Elmira! :D (Elmira icons by mureh!)

The 1st one is the AU where she becomes the Inquisitor and it’s probably the worst ending for her >_>;; My god… Elmira do you trust anyone??

… SO I decided to include the best ending! Elmira joins up with Clan Vaharel (which belongs to my friend @vir-ghilani​ <3) and goes through a ton of character growth and gets very nice things! ;w; Thelrion is the Inquisitor in this canon so this counts as Elmira’s companion AU and it’s just her canon at this point lol. Even looking at the chart above, it’s a much nicer timeline.

BONUS: I decided to do just… one… more to include Elmira’s relationships with all the people that show up in @vir-ghilani​‘s Ninth Vow canon as well ;) Elmira has a girlfriend and best friends too okay ;w;

Under the cut with more info!

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