Conquest War Pack – The Scourge – All cards!

Okay so I’m just uploading this becuase I myself wanted a spot where I could see all cards from the set. I will do the same for the set that was just released last week and the very first set released some time ago. Woop. ;D

So here are all the cards from the War Pack – The Scourge

Close Ups Set 1 -

Close Up Set 2 -

Close Up Set 3 -


                 For more nerdy things:


Modern Deck - Intruder Druids

Creatures: 33
4x Arbor Elf
4x Elvish Mystic
4x Elvish Visionary
4x Heritage Druid
4x Nettle Sentinel
4x Coiling Oracle
4x Satyr Druid
4x Gilt-Leaf Archdruid
1x Elvish Archdruid

Other Spells: 9
4x Beck // Call
4x Intruder Alarm
1x Helix Pinnacle

Lands: 18
4x Breeding Pool
4x Misty Rainforest
4x Forbidden Orchard
3x Cavern of Souls
2x Forest
1x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

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Yes my previous deck was very similar to this one, this simply uses a few other cards to achieve awesome things! :)

- Nurgleprobe