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[160926] winnercity ig update:

SY: In celebration of Kim Jinwoo’s birthday… Even though his birthday has technically passed, since we failed to prepare a cake yesterday, we are a group who takes care of him like this. Alright then… we will go inside. Please open the door!
~Happy birthday to you~
SY&JW: ~Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Kim Jinwoo, happy birthday to you~
JW: I love you~
SY: It’s a success! It’s a success! (in Japanese)
JW: Thank you~
SY: Please say something~!
JW: Thank you~

[Cutie right now] When TEAM WINNER heard that Big Hyung (Kim Beautiful/26) arrived at the recording studio to celebrate his birthday, we contacted the Leader with the small cake we prepared. But we’re just imagining that part when it feels like his back is saying, “That’s my cake. I waited for it, come on in 🤗 ” before the door even opened, right? #It_feels_like_he_smiled_but_anyways, we cheer on Hyung and Leader for working so hard even on a birthday!🎂 #HBD #JINWOO #Young_Master #Teacher #Blessing_of_September #Actually,_Hyung_is_8_years_old #His_birthday_is_2_days_long_because_he_is_an_angel,_right?
#Filmed_by_Leader #Narrated_by_Leader
#I_think_the_surprise_event_wasn’t_a_surprise #He_turned_off_the_lights_himself

trans by: chrissy96_