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The ending of Rebels is getting closer and closer and I was thinking if... wouldn't it be cool if we organized a zine? not you and me hahah but as a fandom?? I'm just thinking n.n U

That would be totally cool!! I myself don’t have the experience nor the energy to organise something like that, but if someone else were to undertake it, I’d love to contribute. 

I feel you Todoroki… I don’t want a redemption arc for Enji as much as I want to see Shouto learning to accept that his dad may never change or do too late and he can be at peace with that… Good luck my talented boy!

And yes… unfortunately I think Enji’s awfully hot… no pun intended…

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I first saw some Gaston art you did (I think the first one) and was super excited! And now I came to your blog and literally felt so happy over all your stuff, also pokemon!! So cool!

Woah, wait a sec- You’re AWESOME! Thank you so much! ;W; I’m SO glad you like it! >//v//< And YEAH, I love pokémon! <3 Have a nice day! …or night. It’s night here ~ …I’m so excited, once again, thank you!

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nupao replied to your post: you know, one thing bothered me last night about…

Hehe I think it was just as a metaphor… Like in the comics they’d “Eobard is my Joker”

Nevertheless I agree with all, Jesse was super fast from the beginning and Barry is a pretty lousy teacher… maybe cause he’s not motivated like the ones he had xD

i just want them to stop fucking around when it comes to jesse and her identity. i get the comparison, but it’s – they’ve done so much to keep her from being her own individual speedster. how fucking lazy and shitty is it to use the costume of a fake speedster who tried to murder her? and it’s never addressed! like harry gives her the suit and she acts like it’s such a huge deal to be given her own speedster suit when it’s… the suit of a woman who tried to kill her and also DIED IN THAT SUIT. it’d be like finding out cisco repurposed eobard’s suit for wally: fucked the fuck up.

and to have her proclaim “i’m the real flash on my earth” is just like… no, you’re not the flash at all. you’re jesse quick. own it. be jesse quick. make your own suit. slap hr around some more, but be jesse quick please.

please just be jesse quick

Call for artists & writers:

Rebels Tribute will be a printed Star Wars Fanzine celebrating the various characters, moments and couples from the series. We’re hoping to accept 20-30 artists who will each create an LETTER size illustration of the series. As well as accept 4 fanfic writers who will write a fic of MAX 3000 words featuring any character or couple from the show.

I have set up a FAQ section to get into more specific questions you might have HERE.

The applications can be found HERE.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! If you prefer to message me I can be reached at my personal art blog @nupao

Applications will close at mid April (April 15th, 11:59pm GMT). Thank you for your interest, I’m excited for what we will create and hope the best.

FINAL PIECES are due for the end of July!!!

May the force be with you, always.

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Not a question about your stories yet but kinda! I just saw all the ones you've wrote and I'm making popcorn to read most!!! (as much as I can) Oh and I love the gif you have of a surprised Luke! <3

omg hellol!! aren’t you the artist who drew that amazing gaston art?? aaah!! I hope you’ll like my little fics ;w; (and enjoy the popcorn :p) 

eeheh I love that interview moment so much, I had to gif it and use it! :D

thank you for the ask!! <3

Birthday art for the awesome @nupao ! I’m sorry this is so late!! I wanted to post this on your birthday itself but it seems that I missed it Dx

Anywho, here’s a Wellsobard. I hope you like it!

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Im in love with the series, I just watched and am rewatching now... if you get the time could you do one of Greed (original) I love both Greeds but I don't want to bother n.n just one to keep spamming my blog 😅😅😅

Sure! I’m currently celebrating holidays with my family, but I should have time in a couple of days. I will make some Greed gifs then ( ´ v `)