Don’t let tumblr make you think it’s okay to
  • Lose the newborn antichrist 
  • Spend 11 years mentoring the wrong child with your supposed enemy 
  • Hypnotize a Satanic Nun
  • Turn fake guns into real guns
  • Sit moping about organizing your Soul music CDs while you wait for Hell to come beat your ass
  • Drop a bucket of holy water on a Satanic Duke
  • Drive across the M25 while your car is on fire
  • Stand around being useless while the antichrist saves the world
Some more anime's in a nutshell.
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Fullmetal Alchemist:</b> *Claps Hands*<p/><b>Soul Eater:</b> We still can't decide on a gender for Crona.<p/><b>Angel Beats:</b> Its all fun and games until someone dIES- wait wait, no we mean like, die, as in actu<p/><b>Naruto:</b> SasuuuukkkKKEEEe E !<p/><b>Black Lagoon:</b> Guns? No, wait, nuns. Nuns and guns? Nuns with guns!?!!?<p/><b>Fruits Basket:</b> The people in this <I>are</I> pretty fruity.<p/><b>Ouran Highschool Host Club:</b> Kouhai please notice the senpai, twins with homosexual tendencies, and Kiss kiss fALL IN L<p/><b>Attack On Titan:</b> Uh mah guh nekkid cennibulls<p/><b>Chobits:</b> Robots and ch-ch-chia pets! What? Wrong thing? What do you m<p/><b>Gintama:</b> Again- what the fuck is going on here<p/><b>Clannad, After Story(Dear You came on when I was wrITINF THIS):</b> no<p/><b>Wolf Children:</b> Furries<p/><b>Love Stage!!:</b> Gay, gay, gay, and gay.<p/></p><p/></p>

@peekono submitted: obligatory shsl detective tenko has arrived! [tried to send this yesterday but wifi went bleh]

also for some headcanons about detective tenko, maybe she would take on cases involving women(like give them justice!!) and have women as her partners. She could be more intellect than canon Tenko but instead is more clumsy (like trading A for B) and would carry nun-chucks instead of a gun (do detectives even carry guns)