Hey ladies I just got back from getting my Halloween costume. They didn’t have what I wanted in the first place but I thought of something even better: nun with a gun. Also I’m going to dye my ends of my hair tonight to TWO different colours (my favourite shade of blue and my favourite shade of purple) and I’m so stoked about it even if it turns out bad

Nuns with Guns

1936 – For the first and only time in Olympic history, the Vatican City fielded teams in several events, including the Womens’ Rifles. The team, lead by Mother Superior Maria Grazia, didn’t win any medals, but became minor celebrities. In 1937, they did an international exhibition tour of several Latin American countries and then the United States, where using the stage name “Nuns With Guns” they were a major attraction at the 1937 State Fairs in Iowa and Minnesota.