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i love the enemies to friends to lovers trope, and still star crossed is pulling it off perfectly.

benvolio marrying a girl he doesn’t love yet despite being secretly a romantic because his abusive uncle is forcing him to. he’s completely lost after the deaths of romeo and mercutio, and feels as if there’s nothing left for him in verona, or anywhere.

meanwhile rosaline never wanted to get married, she had been hoping to become a nun, but stops herself from running away at the last second because she wants her sister to have a better life. even if it means dooming herself to a loveless marriage with a montague.

and now imagine them working together to figure out who’s instigating the rivalry between the capulets and the montagues. spending time together, slowly learning to depend on one another, all the while pretending to be in love… and then actually falling in love.

benvolio and rosaline realizing that there’s someone out there who listens to them, who cares about them. realizing that the person they hated isn’t just an ally but a friend. realizing that maybe they wouldn’t mind getting married to this person after all.

i’m so shook????????????

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Hello~ I have a request please! ((ps I really like your writing ^^) MC and Yoosung and/or Seven are about 12 years old and best childhood friends. They have always had a crush on each other but never admitted to it. Fast forward to current day MC and Yoosung and/or Seven, they still have a crush on each other. At a Valentine's RFA themed party, MC decides to confess her love to him. You can do what you'd like with this prompt, but I'd love to see a reaction too :) thanks!



One day that he was on the hallway of the church has hypnotized by a sound and when he got closer he was amused with a beautiful voice.That voice came from a little girl.

He just stared amazed of the beauty of her voice…but maybe he stare too much so you notice and you wave at him.AND OH MY FUCKING GOD HIS REACTION WAS SO FUCKING CUTE.

  • First,He turn around because he though you were waving to someone else.
  • No one is behind
  • He looks back at you and he point at himself.You giggle.
  • Tomato face ON
  • He waves back in a super shy and cute way.

But the nun scold you.He stops waving an starts to go to another place.  

The Next day you see him and scared him from behind Poor baby he was really scared .

  • ”Ahhh!” he screams and at the same time he falls on his butt
  • ”I´m sorry.Are you ok?”You try to touch him on his arm but he immediately pulls out.
  • ”Ouch!” You touch him on one of his bruises.
  • Are you hurt?”You lean and kiss him in his arm were that big bruise was.
  • He was surprised and very red 
  • Don´t worry…my kiss will help.”
  • ”Ok…” he is still very red .
  • “You are red like a tomato” you giggle

You stand up and give him your hand to help him get up,he grabs it and stands up too.Taking his hand you don´t let go and guide him to the cafeteria of the church.

  • “Let´s eat something” you say enthusiastic.
  • “What? Why?” He was scared of getting cut.
  • “You are very skinny and I never see you eat something plus you stare  the food the same way you stare at me.” 
  • “Did you notice?”  still red
  • “Yes,but don´t worry I look at you all the time and that´s why I notice all those thing.”
  • You took a banana and peel it for him “Eat”
  • “No,It´s bad.What if they catch us?”
  • “They won´t.I promise”
  • “I have a brother and…”
  • You took another banana and other types of fruits and some sandwiches that were around and put it all in a bag.”Take.Now let´s go”
  • You hear someone is coming.
  • “Run Tom”
  • “Tom?”

You two ran and when you were far enough you catch your breath as you stop.

You started laughing and he thought you were weird but cute at the same time.

  • “That was exciting”
  • “That was crazy !” he yells 
  • You giggle  “Tom,It was a thrilling day with you but I have to go.See you later” You give him a kiss on his cheek of good bye and you run in  another direction.
  • “Hey!” he said “My name is Seayoung not tom”and then he yells.

Obviously he told Saeran every thing of what happened “Wow that was a very Interesting and exciting day…I wish I could have a day like that” Saeran says.

Seayoung was excited of seeing you again even if you were a little bit crazy but he didn´t see you until years later.

When he first saw pictures of you ( In the background cheek) he knew who you were but He was to 100% sure since he dosen´t know the name of the little girl.And 1 year later after you enter RFA he is still just your friend.

But all changed when you proposed a RFA party with the them of Valentine´s day and you though it will be a good idea if you sing a love song.The moment of truth arrived and when you were singing…and in the corner of the crowed you saw Seven and he stare at you like that little boy that you meet at the church.You wave at him and he does the same reaction of when he was a boy.

  • First,He turn around because he though you were waving to someone else.
  • No one is behind
  • He looks back at you and he point at himself.You giggle.
  • Tomato face ON
  • He waves back in a super shy and cute way.

When you finish, you go to him and you say:

  • “Hey,Tom.Sorry I mean Seayoung”
  • “You Heard me”
  • “Yes.You know I was always so bold and adventures when I was younger…”
  • “Yeah,I know” He cut you as he smile 
  • “Now I´m not like that but I will try to bring my inner child and say something that I wanted to say for a long time…*Inhale* I like you,Seven,Luciel,Seayoung,Tom”
  • Tomato face SUPER ON
  • “I like you too,Mc”
  • Tomato face Mega ON
  • You hug each other like the knowing the past was the final piece and now you feel complete.
  • “Seven…”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Where is your brother?”
  • “What?”
  • “You told me that you had a brother…”
  • “…”

There is a missing piece in seven´s puzzle and you were wiling to find it with him by your side.

HEY! HAPPY VALENTINE´S  DAY  a little late but I´m her. I hope you liked this post and give my blog a little visit if you want some mysme Hc and for the people that give me the opportunity to work with them THANK YOU! I hope you pass a great day/year/life.

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Also, forgive my objectifying, I’ve just been in one of those moods here lately LOL

You watched your boyfriend Dean as he questioned one of the victim’s relatives disguised as a local priest. You couldn’t help but notice how amazing he looked in the outfit. You were sporting your own nun attire, not feeling pure at all with all of the thoughts running through your mind about the man sitting in front of you. Already fully aware of what the suit covered was making it even more difficult as your mind wandered to what he would look like without the black shirt. Shifting in your seat, you closed your eyes tight in an attempt to will away the racy thoughts flooding through your mind, only making it worse.

In place of the clarity you thought closing your eyes would bring was an image of Dean sporting only the clerical collar and his black dress pants hung low on his hips. Trying to suppress a groan, you eyed Dean, internally screaming at him to hurry up. He seemed to notice your squirming, wrapping up with the victim shortly after, asking her to call him if she seen anything suspicious.

He trailed towards the Impala, slowing your pace a bit, you followed a few steps behind him. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him as you admired the way he carried himself, the strength he carried through his back, shoulders, and legs. You felt another chill travel up your spine. It didn’t matter how long you’d been together, you would always find Dean irresistible.

Dean turned around, eyebrow cocked, and trailed his eyes up and down your body. “Something bothering you, babe?” You gave your boyfriend your best seductive smile.

“I just need you to get us back to the motel as soon as possible, I think I have a few confessions I need to make.” You watched as his eyes turned from slightly confused and bewildered to knowing and dark with lust.

“Sure thing, as long as you promise you’ll lose the nun attire, I don’t think it’s exactly ethical for a real priest to have a boner for his nun.”

You couldn’t stop the laughter as you slid into the impala, the roar of the engine only fueling your giggles.

“Well, last time I checked, real priests don’t drive around in sexy classic Chevrolets.”

Well, princess, a real priest wouldn’t rock your world like I’m about to either, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m not a real priest or you’d be real disappointed!” He sent you a flirty wink and kicked the car in drive, speeding off through the quiet suburban streets.

wynonna earp 2x06 (or: nicole encourages folks to do drugs)

I’m still not over that being an accurate description of the episode, but on to plot things!

Wynonna’s er, a little bit, y’know: Letting everyone know what’s up was very quickly handled, and what a fantastic use of plot to both a) work with the real-life constraints of Melanie Scrofano being 6 months pregnant at that point b) hint that something is up with this Earp baby

  • Wynonna’s most vulnerable when Nicole finds out by stumbling in, and I adore that all Nicole does is check if Waverly knows and then immediately focuses on the plan for the townsfolk. <3 
  • Dolls finds out and his initial reaction of concern was great but then….takes a turn I’m pretty Meh about? Like, am I supposed to understand that the reason he’s pissy at the end and kills that guy that got blackmailed is because Wynonna’s pregnant by Doc? 
  • In an inverse of the above, Doc’s initial reaction was almost infuriating but that note completely overcame it. Both the fact that he had the forethought to write it in case Wynonna didn’t want to speak to him and the contents of it.
  • Jeremy of course already knew and never brought it up because that would be rude, y’know? 

The ‘This is a team of Soft Goobers’ Alert: Figured I might as well make this a recurring section because I Feel It In My Heart every episode. 

  • Wynonna being all “Hey, you can call me when Tucker’s being a nuisance” to fake!Mercedes, even when she’s dealing with Dolls possibly wanting to make things serious, her pregnancy, the other demons chilling in the triangle, and y’know, the other 66 Revenants. 
  • Nicole and Waverly’s scene where they continue to be the Softest Couple I have ever shipped and very eloquent about said softness
  • “I missed you like, so much” Meanwhile, over in Dolls and Wynonna land we have far less eloquence but also lots of Dolls being soft on Wynonna which I adored until his sudden change in attitude. Legit, I cheered out loud when they kissed and after that I was =(.
  • Dolls reminding Waverly “No cutesy callsigns” 
  • Nicole wants to wake up all the townsfolk! Nicole wants to move people who are outside to safety!! Is looking out for the regular citizens of Purgatory!!! 
  • Wynonna being Impressed with Nicole’s Illegal Tucker-tracking
    • As good of a line that was, I was lowkey hoping for Nicole’s response to be “actually once I had Nedley’s files I filed a very legal warrant” and for Wynonna & Dolls to be bewildered because…procedures?? legality?? since when have they care about that??? 
    • again one of those I appreciate it as a character moment but am currently pretty meh on media showing cops breaking the rules For Good Reasons

All Officer Haught wants to do is her job (and Waverly): For the record, her current Getting Wrecked count is a solid 5.

  • An unexpected level of good Wynonna-Nicole content??
    • Wynonna finally calling Nicole out for her ridiculous googley eyes at Waverly, and also Nicole head-dipping in response instead of having anything snarky to say!!
    • Wynonna bugging Nicole for cases and Nicole continuing to do her paperwork while dryly responding
    • Nicole listening to Wynonna’s instructions to get Tucker and trusting her
  • I liked how that standoff in Waverly’s room played out. Not rad gun skills but Nicole noticing that Poppy (sp?) was holding something that could be used as a weapon and would do so.
  • Probably didn’t expect that Dolls would ever see her naked, but here she is and she has to live with that. 

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So I searched the tag “nuns” and saw all this porn. Which really urks me. Seriously. These women have devoted their lives to Christ and others, denying themselves personal freedoms, bodily pleasures, and most material goods (unless they can be shared with their sisters) so seeing them depicted in dirty Halloween costumes, or in porno films/pictures makes me upset. They are basically saints walking! And they deserve respect. Not to be made fun of with slutty outfits or pictures that demean the habit they wear! *Gagging* people like that just make me mad, and demean people who have offered their life to pray for you. And they deserve respect!

Cipher Hunt

When you first hear of the hunt - when you first see that picture - your blood runs cold. You can’t explain it, can’t even believe in it, but fear takes over you (run, run, run, run, you should be running for you life). Your heart races, you pulse is pounding, fear is shaking through every single bit of you (why aren’t you running)… Power. Overwhelming, terrifying, cruel, heartless power fills you and shoves out all else (you should have realized then). For a few mere seconds, as you stare at the first clue, you are afraid (please stop).

You are very, very afraid.

You can’t help but watch with sick satisfaction as the game continues (you know this is wrong why don’t you stop it), the need to finish the hunt overpowering your common sense and judgement. You watch through the eyes of others (how different are you from him in the end) and laugh as they find the clues. One. By. One. Every time someone gets stumped, or progress declines, or you think it’s going to end without being complicated (oh please let it end here)

The hunt continues until he’s found.

Oh, you foolish little mortals (how could you do this). Haven’t you noticed? Haven’t you seen? You fools (we tried). The nuns tried to stop you and you laughed and ignored them! The very weather tried to wash away the clue you sought and yet you - like the foolish humans you are - didn’t stop until you could piece it together (why why WHY DID YOU DO THIS). So many odds stacked against you and you keep pushing and pushing and going and running and-

Humans are his favorite for a reason (just don’t find him please).

And now it’s all leading to this (turn back). The final clues are coming together and our very dimension is shaking at what is being attempted (stop this). He was shattered into thousands of pieces and you put him back together (just turn around and stop). He was torn across the land and you dragged him together bit by bit (what have you done).

Wishful thinking.

Hopeful wanting.

Pure determination.

Congratulations… You’re getting what you wanted.

Welcome back, Bill Cipher.

Satanic woman: Holy shit, Liz, there is a priest back here!

Satanic nun: What?

Satanic woman: There is a priest in this confessional. 

Satanic nun: What the fuck? What is he doing?

Satanic woman: Nothing. Just hanging out. He tried to touch my butt once, but I slapped him. He apologized immediately.

Satanic nun: Damnit, I figured if we came here at night, there would be no one here.

Satanic woman: Oh shit, he is muttering something to himself….

Satanic nun: He better not ruin this photo shoot. This leather nun outfit is rented and I have to bring it back tomorrow-

Satanic woman: He is saying “So what, Jesus? Big deal I high fived the Devil! He held his hand out - what was I supposed to do?”

Satanic nun: It’s starting to make sense why that priest is hanging out in this church late at night-

Satanic woman: Shhh! He is saying something else….“Calm down, J-Man, we’re still best buds! It was just a high five!”

Satanic nun: Will you stop focusing on the creepo priest in the confessional and pose for some fucking pictures?

Satanic woman: Shut up! This is way more interesting than this photoshoot! He just challenged Jesus to a Pokemon TCG game! He says he has three Shiny Pokemon cards!

a group of nuns just stopped my dog on the street and addressed him by his name and wished him a merry christmas i feel like my dog is a celebrity 


Ilang buwan na ba nang huli siyang makapunta rito? Ilang buwan na ba nang huli niyang makita ang bahay na noon ay parang kanya na rin? Ilang buwan na ba ang nakalipas? 5? 6 months? That’s too long. Way too long for someone whom they treated like family. Feeling niya, first time niya uli magpunta dun. Feeling niya hindi na siya welcome dun.

Lumabas mula sa kusina ang isa sa mga kapatid ng taong binibista niya rito. Ngumiti siya rito pero hindi naman siya pinansin nito. Sa halip ay umupo lang ito sa couch na katabi ng inuupuan niyang couch.

“Wala po sila ate eh. Nagtraining siya tsaka may appointment daw siya sa derma.” sabi ng kapatid nito habang nakatuon ang pansin sa phone niya.

Nalungkot siya when she told him that. Akala niya ay makakausap na niya ito. Hindi naman kasi niya ito nakausap for the past 5 days. Actually, hindi na niya ito madalas na nakakausap. Hindi kagaya ng dati.

“Ah. Ganun ba? I thought andito siya eh. Uhm… S-sige I’ll go ahead.”

Tumayo na siya at saka na akmang lalabas nang habulin siya ng bunsong kapatid nito.

“Kuya! Bakit wala ka nung birthday ko?”

Napahinto siya sa may pintuan saka lumingon sa bunso.

“Uhm. Nasa Japan kami nun eh. Sorry.” he said saka pa matamlay na ngumiti sa batang gustung-gusto siyang kalaro noon.

“Ah. Okay lang po. Sabi naman ni ate, wag na daw kita hintayin nung birthday ko eh. Wala ka daw po kasi. Akala ko may gift ka sa akin. Haha. Sige po kuya. Bye po!” at saka na ito tumakbo paakyat sa kwarto.

“S-sige. Bye, Jac.” paalam niya. Tumingin siya sa isa pang kapatid nito saka napabuntong-hininga. Hindi na nga siya welcome. “Uhm… JM, I’ll go ahead.”

“Sige po kuya. Pakisara na lang yung gate paglabas mo.” sagot nito habang nakatutok pa rin ang mata sa phone niya.

Tumango na lang siya saka na lumabas ng bahay at gaya nga ng bilin ni Joanna ay sinara niya ang gate saka na naglakad papunta sa sasakyan niya.

“Let’s go manong.” aniya sa driver niya.

“San po tayo?”

“Sa Timog po. May pupuntahan lang.” sagot niya sabay kuha ng phone niya at nagmadaling magtype.

‘Hey, can we talk?’ text niya rito. Hindi naman siya nakatanggap ng reply kaya naisipan niyang tawagan na lang ito.

“Hello?” he recognized her mom’s voice at parang nanghihina na siya dahil sa hiyang nararamdaman niya sa mga magulang nito.

“Uhm. Hi, tita si Julie po?”

“Nasa loob pa siya Moe eh. Iniwan niya saken tong phone niya. Bakit?” malumanay na sagot nito.

“Uhm. Nasa derma po ba kayo? I want to see her po sana.”

“Ganun ba? Ano kasi Elmo eh…”

“I’ll be quick lang tita. I just need to talk to her. Please po?”

“Eh… Oh sige. Bilisan mo lang ha?”

“Thanks tita.” saka na niya tinapos ang tawag.


Nang matapos siya sa treatment ay lumabas na siya sa procedure room para daluhan ang mommy niya.

“Ma, tara na po?” anyaya niya rito.

“Eh anak, may kakausap pa raw sayo eh.” sabi naman ng mama niya.

“Ha? Sino po?”

“Hi, Julie.” bungad ng isang lalaki. Nanlaki ang mga mata niya saka pa siya napakunot ng noo.

“What are you doing here? Magpapaderma ka rin?” tanong niya. Umiling naman ito saka ngumiti sa kanya.

“Anak, mauuna na kami ng papa mo ha? Magtext ka na lang kapag susunduin ka na namin.”

“Eh ma, bakit kailangan niyo pang mauna? Wala naman po akong ibang gagawin. Sabay na ko sa inyo.” sabi niya saka na kinuha ang bag niya sa mama niya at nagmadaling lumabas ng clinic.

“Julie wait!” habol sa kanya ng lalaki. “Julie please. Mag-usap naman tayo.” pakiusap nito saka pa siya hinawakan sa braso.

“Wala naman tayong pag-uusapan. Tsaka isa pa, baka may makakita sa atin dito.” sabi niya habang nakatalikod pa rin dito. She swallowed the lump in her throat at paulit-ulit na bumuntong-hininga. “I have to go home, Elmo.”

“Let’s talk. Mabilis lang promise.” pamimilit ni Elmo saka pa siya hinarangan sa dadaanan niya. “Please? 15 minutes Julie. That’s all I need. 15 minutes para makausap ka. Please.”

She heaved another sigh saka tumingin kay Elmo.

“Fine. Talk. Now.”

“Let’s go there. Gusto ko mag-usap tayo ng maayos.” sabi niya sabay turo sa tea house sa kabilang street.

Wala nang nagawa si Julie kundi ang sumama sa kanya sa tea house. They entered the store at saka na sila umupo sa isang sulok nun. Buti na lang at wala pang tao kundi ang mga staff lang kaya malaya silang makakapag-usap.

“You remember this place?” Elmo asked her. Tumingin siya sa paligid pagkatapos ay kay Elmo.

“Your 15 minutes starts now, Elmo. Enough with the segues.” she said. Biglang nagseryoso uli ang mukha ni Elmo.

She can see how his forehead creased and how his jaw clenched. Pati ang pamumuo ng pawis niya sa noo ay napapansin niya. Every little detail about him. She has no idea why he wanted to talk to her pero alam niyang may connect nanaman ito sa kanilang dalawa.


He was glad that she agreed to talk pero kinakabahan din siya sa kung anong pwedeng maging resulta nun pagkatapos.

“You’re time is running out Elmo.” paalala ni Julie sa kanya.

“Julie about the issues. Y-yung sa pangbabash ng mga fans natin kay Janine. It’s uhm…”

“I told you, if you have no control over them, what more pa ako diba? They have their own minds and they have the freedom to say anything.”

“Pero Julie, it’s too much already. Nakakasakit na sila.”

Napapakunot ang noo niya. This isn’t what he’s supposed to say. Hindi dapat niya pinagtatanggol si Janine. He should be saying sorry to Julie. Pero bakit ganito ang usapan nila?

“And you think si Janine lang ang binabash? Haven’t you searched for your loveteam’s fans? They were bashing me too Elmo. But I never complained. Dahil alam kong may kanya-kanya silang opinion.”

Hindi siya nakakibo sa sinabi nito.

“Uulit nanaman ba tayo sa umpisa, Moe? Ako nanaman ba ang maiipit? I told you a hundred times already. It’s none of my business okay? Wala naman na tayo. Bakit kailangan pa akong madamay sa buhay mo? Bakit kailangan damay pa rin ako sa lahat ng ginagawa mo?” he saw how she quickly wiped the tears in her eyes. Napaiyak nanaman niya ito. Lagi na lang ba niyang paiiyakin si Julie?

“I’m sorry. I tried defending our fans to Janine and her family. Pero…”

“You never tried Elmo.” she said. Kumirot ang puso niya nang makita ang sakit at galit sa mata ni Julie.

“Believe me, Julie. I tried.”

“No. Coz if you did, these issues have stopped a long time ago. Just admit it Elmo. You never appreciated their efforts. Ako lang palagi ang nagpapalakas ng loob nila. Ako palagi ang nagsasabing kumapit lang sila. And believe me Elmo, nahihirapan na ako. I tried holding on. I stayed positive but without your help, I won’t be able to make it. Mapapagod ako. Actually, pagod na pagod na ako sa lahat ng to, Moe.”

“I’m sorry Julie.”

“Don’t apologize kung hindi naman bukal sa loob mo. Don’t apologize just because you feel like it’s the right thing to do. Coz it’s not Elmo. Saying sorry is not the best way to stop this. Gasgas na ang mga sorry mo. I’ve heard it a lot of times pero you never really felt sorry. Walang effect yung pagsabi mo nun. So please. Stop it.” aniya.

“Ano bang gagawin ko para hindi ka na ulit umiyak?” he asked and even tried to reach for her pero binawi niya na agad ang kamay niya bago pa man siya makahawak.

“Wag mo na kong idamay. Wag mo na rin silang idamay sa issues niyo. If you want our fans to stop, then make your loveteam’s fans stop as well.”

“Julie paano naman tayo? You’re avoiding me already. Akala ko ba you still want us to be friends?”

“Let’s be civil Moe. I can’t be friends with you kung ganyan lang ang ipaparamdam mo sa akin. You’ve taken me for granted before. Ayoko na maulit yun ngayon. I’m tired of understanding you. I’m tired of defending you. I’m even getting tired of being your friend.”

“Julie, don’t leave me hanging please.” pakiusap niya. Julie scowled saka siya tinignan.

“You left me hanging, Elmo but I never asked you to come back. Bakit ngayong pagod na pagod na ako tsaka mo ako sasabihan ng mga ganyan? Is Janine not enough?”

“Julie alam mo namang I’m not Elmo without you.”

“You lived 15 years without me Elmo. I’m pretty sure babalik ka sa dati.” sabi niya. Tumingin si Julie sa phone niya saka nagbalik ng tingin sa kanya. “Your time’s up, Moe. I have to go.”

Tumayo na si Julie saka na naglakad palabas ng shop.


She walked briskly para di na sana siya maabutan ni Elmo. She’s been holding back her tears since she saw him kaya naman kailangan na niya agad makauwi para dun maibuhos lahat ng sakit na nararamdaman niya.

Patawid na sana siya when she felt a pair of arms hugging her from behind.

“Julie, I love you. Please don’t leave me like this.” she heard his voice. Nanginginig ang boses nito at medyo paos.

“You left me a long time ago Elmo. I think it’s time for me to let you go too.” she said saka na dahan-dahang inalis ang mga bisig nito sa kanya.

She ran towards the other side of the street at nagmadaling sumakay sa kotse nila.

“Tara na po.” sabi niya nang maisara niya ang pinto.

“Okay ka lang anak?” her dad asked. Ngumiti siya saka tumango rito. Nagtinginan na lang sila Tito Jonathan at Tita Marivic at saka na sila umalis.

Nang makarating sila sa bahay ay agad na pumasok si Julie. Sinalubong siya ng mga kapatid at sabay na humalik sa pisngi niya.

“Ate, andito si Kuya Elmo kanina. Wala nga siyang gift sa akin eh. Ang daya.” ani Jac.

“Okay lang yun, Jac. Uhm, JM bakit andito siya?”

“Hinahanap ka niya ate eh. Sabi ko wala ka. N-nagkita po ba kayo?” tanong nito. Tumango na lang siya saka na hinalikan sa noo ang dalawang kapatid.

“Akyat muna ako ha? Pagod si ate sa training eh.” sabi niya. Tumango naman ang dalawa kaya nagpatuloy na siya sa kwarto.

She sat on her bed at saka pinagmasdan ang ngayo'y wala na gaanong design sa kwarto niya.

'Put away the pictures.
Put away the memories.
I put over and over
Through my tears
I’ve held them till I’m blind
They kept my hope alive
As if somehow that I’d keep you here
Once you believed in a love forever more?
How do you leave it in a drawer?’

Lumapit siya sa bintana at nakita ang mga tao sa labas ng bahay nila. They were all busy. Nasa kabilang bahay ang mga pinsan niya at kitang masaya ang mga ito. May mga nakatambay sa tindahan sa tapat, may mga tao naman sa tapat ng barangay hall at may ibang nasa may simbahan.

'Now here it comes, the hardest part of all
Unchain my heart that’s holding on
How do I start to live my life alone?
Guess I’m just learning,
Learning the art of letting go.’

The music was coming from her cousin’s house. Siguro ay nagpapatugtog ang mga pinsan niya habang masayang nagkkwentuhan. She saw her siblings coming to their mini playground para sumali sa mga pinsan and they were all happy kahit pa ganun ang umaalingawngaw na music.

“They all looked happy. Bakit ako lang ang hindi?” she asked herself. She heaved a deep sigh saka na siya lumapit sa kama at humiga.

Iniisip niya lahat ng ginawa niya. Binalikan ang pag-uusap nila kanina.


“Uulit nanaman ba tayo sa umpisa, Moe? Ako nanaman ba ang maiipit? I told you a hundred times already. It’s none of my business okay? Wala naman na tayo. Bakit kailangan pa akong madamay sa buhay mo? Bakit kailangan damay pa rin ako sa lahat ng ginagawa mo?” he saw how she quickly wiped the tears in her eyes. Napaiyak nanaman niya ito. Lagi na lang ba niyang paiiyakin si Julie?

“I’m sorry. I tried defending our fans to Janine and her family. Pero…”

“You never tried Elmo.” she said.

“Believe me, Julie. I tried.”

“No. Coz if you did, these issues have stopped a long time ago. Just admit it Elmo. You never appreciated their efforts. Ako lang palagi ang nagpapalakas ng loob nila. Ako palagi ang nagsasabing kumapit lang sila. And believe me Elmo, nahihirapan na ako. I tried holding on. I stayed positive but without your help, I won’t be able to make it. Mapapagod ako. Actually, pagod na pagod na ako sa lahat ng to, Moe.”


Bumuhos na ang mga luha sa mata niya. Why does she have to cry over him again and again? Bakit siya pa?

“Julie anak, andito si Maqui.” she heard her mom said. Agad niyang pinunasan ang mga luha niya saka inayos ang sarili niya.

“Papasukin mo na lang po dito, ma.” sabi niya.

She heard the shuffling of feet outside her room at maya-maya pa'y nakita na niya ang pagpihit ng door knob and in came Maqui.

“Tumawag sa akin si Elmo. Nagkausap daw kayo?” bungad nito pagkasara ng pinto. “What happened?” she asked sabay tabi kay Julie sa kama.

“A-ayoko na Maqui. I’ve had enough already.”

“What did he say?”

“Syempre about sa fans namin na nagbabash daw kay Janine. I told him I have no control over them. And it’s really none of my business kung ano man ang meron sa kanila. Right?” she asked sabay tingin sa bestfriend.

“Eh paano yung sa inyo?”

“Tapos na kami matagal na diba. I moved on and I’m sure na nakamove on na rin siya.”

“Sigurado ka Jules?”

Tumango siya saka nanaman niya naramdaman ang pagtulo ng luha niya.

“Pagod na pagod na ko Maqui. I’m tired of doing everything for the both of us. I’m tired of fighting. Pagod na kong ipaglaban kung ano man yung amin dahil from the start naman he never fought for me. It’s like I’m fighting alone. Na parang ako lang ang makikinabang at hindi kaming dalawa. He never stood up for me. You know what I’ve been through, Maqui.”

“Yes Julie. I know…”

“And to be honest, I feel jealous of Janine dahil siya nagawa siyang ipagtanggol ni Elmo pero ako na kahit pamilya na niya ang isa sa mga nangmaliit sa akin, he never tried to fight for me. And finally heto na ako. Too tired of loving him. Too tired of giving him everything.” she cried.

“Julie, it’s not bad if you want to let him go. Kung pagod ka na talaga, you have to take a rest. Let him go and go on with your life. You deserve someone better. Diba? You don’t deserve someone like him. You deserve more. And I want you to take a deep breath, to rest your tired heart and to let go of all the heartaches you’ve experienced. I want my bestfriend to be happy again. Kaya please Julie. Tama na yung minsan ka niyang sinaktan. Wag mo na hayaang maulit yun. Okay?”

She nodded as tears stream down her face tsaka na niya niyakap si Maqui. She does deserve someone better. And that someone is not Elmo. Dahil hindi sa lahat ng kwento ng buhay, nagkakatuluyan ang dalawang taong gusto nating magkatuluyan. They will soon find their happiness with other people. And not all love stories end with a happy ever after. Because sometimes, these love stories just end with two words. 'The End’

- END -

Gravity || Chapter Thirteen

Title: Gravity (Part 14/?)
Rating: K+
Summary: —AU, all human— Awkward new boy John Noble isn’t expecting much out of his new school — and his lack of expectations are fulfilled when he’s targeted by a bully on the first day. What takes him by surprise is pretty, popular Rose Tyler coming to his rescue.
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler

Catch up here!

Rose had to go back to school.

She’d finally told Jackie about walking out and Jackie had informed her, under no uncertain terms, that she was going back to school.

Of course, whether she was allowed back in Mr. Smith’s class was another story entirely.

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