things with sharp edges & bullets in nazis, swearing by pushkin & tolstoy & trotsky, armor & arrows & black widow stings,these are a few of my favorite things

The Call the Midwife fandom is great because it basically consists of about 8 and a half people crying in unison and then shitpost memes about nuns and the Gays for a week, like your fandom wishes it could be like this smol positive ball of sunshine of a fandom

670 : Cirice (Ghost B.C.)

A satanic nun finds out the demon she is worshipping is in fact an extraterrestrial that uses her convent and orphanage as an abduction ground.

Requested by: fruiteemuffin

What A Ghoulishly Good TIme!

Finally done with the two week saga of music monsters!! Thank you to everyone who submitted requests, I apologize to everyone I could not fit in though! :c