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  • Eldest and very affectionate
  • Goes into overprotective mode when he hears or sees someone hurt one of his babies
  • Gourmet food vs cheap food
  • Happily married to Namjoon
  • Has seven kids to look after and take care of
  • Stress 25/8
  • Loving and caring mother for days


  • Always the chill person
  • Quiet and doesn’t speak up unless needed to
  • Deep and husky voice = eargasm
  • Looks like the cold type, but has a heart of gold
  • Astonishing music and lyrics
  • Like the dad of everyone else
  • Boyfriend goals, really


  • The type to brighten up an atmosphere where someone is feeling under the weather
  • Basically the mood maker
  • Nags like a mother like Seokjin
  • When serious, he has a concentration that turns every eye to him
  • Golden Hyung (n.) - a Triple Threat in dancing, singing, and rapping
  • Anyone would have him as an older brother
  • High note competition


  • Has an English book or dictionary everywhere he goes
  • Passion for music ever since he was a kid
  • Glasses + slicked back hair + suit/uniform = destruction of the world
  • “It’s R-A-P Monster, not D-A-N-C-E Monster.”
  • Featuring Vocal Monster possible another triple threat
  • NamJin ship is real okay
  • Serious mode though


  • Cute 175 cm Busan boy
  • Eye smiles that can cure worldwide problems
  • Jibooty™
  • Contemporary dance can slay our lives
  • Aegyo of a grandma
  • Loves Jungkook so much
  • “I was born in Busan first!”


  • 0-100 real quick
  • Has a great and fit back like have you seen MAMA that was a great iDEA
  • The perfect warm hands to hold on a chilly day
  • Tongue always escaping mouth prison
  • Low notes make me spazz out
  • Saxophonist
  • I am proud to have him as my ultimate bias


  • A second hand embarrassment meme child
  • He’s 18, he knows what he’s doing
  • Acts like the hyung or maknae in the group
  • Golden maknae, but can’t hit a ball in baseball and shy around girls
  • Copies Jimin from earrings to contacts
  • M E m ES
  • Vocal covers are amazing

I’m really glad that the charity that the boys are doing is for AIDS research. I don’t watch a lot of YouTube these days, but when my uncle died from AIDS I watched Mark whenever I felt down so it really brings me back

The people saying Melanie’s videos are weird clearly haven’t seen any Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy videos.

Let’s not forget such classics as Build God, Then We’ll Talk, which literally had a mime fucking the air, then beating up the air, and I Don’t Care, which consisted of nuns robbing a store and everyone ripping their faces off.

Point is, there are weirder music videos out there.

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Not a search just a fun fact for the sake of binders,ppl have been binding forever, it's typically used for kimonos, outside of that binders were hella popular in the 20's and used by nuns until the 30's,so th 'binders r new n scary' rhetoric is fake

Sertab Erener - Olsun
GNL Entertainment YouTube kanalına abone olun: Söz: Can Bonomo Müzik: Emre Kula Artık ne masumuz Ne yalandan yoksun Bırak olsun Resimle...

sezen aksu - nazan öncel - sertab erener üçlüsü önemlidir benim için. hepsinin şarkılarını yanısıra karakterlerini de farklı şeylerden ötürü seviyorum. Sertab Erener'in de ağırlığını, o havasını.

sözlerini Can Bonomo’nun yazdığı bu şarkıyı dinlememiş olanınız varsa şayet özellikle bu mevsimde, eksik etmesin playlistlerinden. sokaklarda, sahillerde yürürken “resimleri sen al, mevsimler zaten benim. bölüşülsün şiirler, arkadaşlar, şehirler..” demesi güzeldir bir kadının. sizi bir şarkının içine alır ya da siz bir şarkıyı içinize.
çünkü hepimiz deriz çoğu zaman. gidemesek de;

“ben giderim, istanbul senin olsun.
alırım başımı, başım bir deli nehir.
silerim yaşımı, siler ismimi şehir.
kestirir saçımı, kendimi avuturum.
bir gülü kurutur, kurursa unuturum.
bi mektup yazarım, yokluğundan da ağır.
bi kedi alırım. sen de anneni çağır..”

“103 How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth! 104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way. 105 NUN. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:103-105 Don’t know? Full of questions? Confused and lost? Unsure what to do or how to do it? God’s Word illuminates God’s way! Get in the Word so you can do it God’s way! #Godswayisbest

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What do you think would be Meg's reaction to finding out you're a virgin? and how's she like in bed?

kinda teasing and sarcastic like “wow y/n i didn’t expect you to be such a nun”

she’s more teasing than she is rough. she’d love to make you go on and on for hours because she can hold out longer than you can

Playing Dreidel Sentence Starters

““Come on, gimel!”

“Nun? Again?”
“What candy are we playing with?”
“How the hell have you gotten the same thing for the past seven turns?”

“Fell off the table! Doesn’t count!”

“I swear it’s been spinning for a full minute.”

“Is this the nun or gimel?”
“Hay looks like pi.”

“I don’t wanna play, I just wanna eat the candy.”

“How come Christmas doesn’t have something like this?”

“You’ve convinced me; this game is awesome. Somebody put a Dreidel in my stocking!”

“Shin, shin, put one in!”
“Why these letters?”

“This is just a fancy top.”
“Skip me, I gotta check the latkes.”

“What if there’s an uneven number and it lands on hay?”

“Do you do this every night?”
“Can you play with something other than chocolate?”
“What the hell is gelt?”
“Why is it called gelt? Just called them chocolate coins.”

“I swear to Hashem if you start singing the Dreidel song again–”
“Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of clay! When it’s dry and ready, dreidel I will play!”
“Wait, this is a dreidel? But it’s not made out of clay.”

“Is it kosher if it’s not clay?”

“There has to be more than one song about playing dreidel.”