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(re: give me an actor and i will rank their movies post) Olivia de Havilland and Audrey Hepburn

You picked two of my favorites!!  This post is going to be long.

I’ve seen 14 of Olivia de Havilland’s movies…and maybe 5 others where I haven’t seen the entire thing…so I’m going to pick a top 5!

5. The Snake Pit

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Olivia de absolutely brilliant in this movie!  And the amount of research she put into the role is very impressive.

4. Gone With the Wind

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This movie is a classic.  And obviously she had a supporting role, but she fully inhabits Melanie’s good and loving nature.

3. To Each His Own

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Olivia’s first Oscar win!  She gives an incredible performance as Jody…and shows range by playing her over the course of about 20 years.  The movie is a bit on the melodramatic, but she makes me cry every time.

2.  The Heiress

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The performance is…perfect.  There’s really not much else to say.  And she and Montgomery Clift work really well together.

1. The Adventures of Robin Hood

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This movie is my happy place.  I would recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a fun movie!

A couple honorable mentions for Livvie movies are: They Died with their Boots On, Dodge City and Captain Blood.  Pretty much any movie she made with Errol Flynn!!

OK on to Audrey!

I’ve seen nine of her movies!  I’m going to do another Top Five!

5. Funny Face

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I adore this movie for the clothes and scenery porn!  And it’s fun seeing Audrey dance with Fred Astaire!

4. Roman Holiday

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More scenery porn!  And Audrey’s first Hollywood movies and it won her her Oscar!

3. The Nun’s Story

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People always talk about how Audrey was so beautiful and stylish….but here she shows her internal beauty as Sister Luke.  No makeup, no Givenchy clothes, and she still radiates beauty.

2. Wait Until Dark

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One of my favorite horror films!  And I love Audrey’s performance…it’s something very different than what she’s portrayed before!

1. Charade

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I LOVE this move!!  It’s funny, romantic and is a really good mystery!

And some honorable mentions for Audrey movies: Sabrina, My Fair Lady and The Children’s Hour!

It doesn’t matter what anyone does because it will have absolutely no bearing on events after the commercial break. The characters are chameleons designed simply to fit into the feverish landscape of Scandal’s non-stop thrill-o-coaster plot lines. Olivia is both a nun and sexually adventurous. Fitz is both desperately in love and coldly ambitious. Jake is both an abusive creeper and an uncomplicated romantic romp.

The goal is not to tell coherent stories with engaging characters, but simply to spin fast-moving yarns that can be marketed as #NoOneSawThatComing, because, after all, who could predict what sociopaths in the writer’s room will do next with their puppets.

—  Geejayeff spitting that real about “Scandal.”