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pairing; seventeen the8 x reader

genre; bulletpointed, roommate!the8, humor, fluff

collab with; @kpop–fics

notes; this au is so long overdue i swear HAHA my collab-mate (is this a word) finished a main points so long ago and i’m only getting to it now and she’s so patient with me omg thANK YOU LOVE // hope you guys enjoy thiss !!

  • you were making over your way to your dorm 
  • and you were like 
  • REALLY excited 
  • like for real really excited
  • like you know the motivational adrenaline kind of thing on your first day of school
  • but at the same time you were a nervous wreck but you ain’t gonna let that get to ya
  • so you opened the door 
  • and,,, 
  • …almost got hit 
  • “what the hell?” 
  • you almost shouted through the whole building bc whatever nearly hit you missed your nose bridge by 0.0001 miLLIMETRES
  • “oh, are you okay?” 
  • a  worried boy walked in your direction 
  • with 
  • freaking 
  • nun chucks !! in his hands !1!!1!1
  • like w t h 
  • am i living with a ninja
  • i signed up for college ,, not martial arts training ?¿
  • “i’m so sorry! I’ll introduce myself ,, i’m minghao, your new roommate?” 
  • at least he introduced himself 
  • he had this accent which told you he wasn’t from korea 
  • and he was pretty nice to you so you let the nunchuck incident slide.
  • for now, at least.
  • “hi, i’m y/n”
  • and you guys had a little chit-chat and you found out he was from china
  • and you tried to use your very basic chinese to speak
  • like
  • “你好 (nihao) (hello)” 
  • and he just chuckles a little bc you have your own lil accent when you speak chinese 
  • which was adorable to him lmao
  • he ended up learning you how to handle nun chucks after that 
  • and you were pretty good 
  • but ya know
  • no one’s perfect on their first tries-
  • “y/n watch it! do you want to kill me?!” 
  • and you just stare at him grudgingly and
  • “well you almost did when i walked in here yesterday” 
  • also 
  • every time you have a problem and stress about it or rant about it or just talk about it
  • he just sits there like 
  • why do I live with you again 
  • but he just nods and nods and nods to whatever you’re saying
  • he probably doesn’t even know what topic you’re on but
  • *nods*
  • and you throw what’s closest to you to him 
  • because you don’t like it when he doesn’t listen to wtv you’re saying HAHA
  • one time you were cutting the ingredients before cooking and you almost threw the kitchen knife 
  • bc minghao was just being a noisy ass
  • oops 
  • and
  • after the whole nun chuck adventure
  • tries to teach you dancing 
  • bc it was apparently thought ,,, to be ,, suCH A GR9 IDEA !!
  • but,,, 
  • no
  • just no 
  • it’s not meant for you 
  • you have 0 body coordination so you were just
  • flapping your limbs around
  • like a floppy jellyfish
  • and
  • you knocked over a mirror lol
  • that’s known as ‘the day we all discovered y/n can’t dance’
  • thanks minghao !!!!
  • he’s really thuggish and like he’s got the very ,, strong ,,
  • “ don’t fuk with me ” aura
  • but since you practically live with him, you know he’s honestly just a really soft all of fluff lol
  • but he’ll get aggressive if he wants to or if any one close to him is hurt
  • emotionally or physically
  • so him as one of your closest friends is a pretty great idea
  • but ok the con ,,,, 
  • this guy also dabs so much 
  • and you get really annoyed bc he does it sO RANDOMLY
  • so you’re just like
  • “,,minghao your shoulder is gonna dislocate one day i swear”
  • and he just stares at you for five seconds straight before going right in front of your face
  • and dabbing
  • and ““ aCCIDENTALLY ”” smacks you with his hand
  • “oops !!”
  • and you literally chase him around the whole dorm building 
  • yes so that’s roommie life with minghao
  • very hectic indeed 
Ranting at People Ranting About Mikey In Lone Rat and Cubs.

I’m just going to get this off my chest because some fans are complaining that he wasn’t given a serious reason why he got the nunchucks. 

This episode is a flashback so it happens before season 1 starts. We see them as babies 15 years before season 1 and we also see them as kids probably about 8 years before season 1.

Mikey has improved a lot in season 5 and just because he wasn’t given a serious reason for getting the nun chucks in a flashback episode doesn’t make him dumb again. It’s called character building, ok it was slow character building but he went from not to be taken seriously to a very skillful ninja who beheads samurai’s on horses.

The writers had keep up with the continuity in this episode with Mikey being comic relief, a wild one and not to be taken seriously, so it’s not a recurring theme if it happens before season 1. They couldn’t give him a serious reason why he got the Nun chucks because they needed continuity to connect with season 1. If they gave him a serious reason, then it wouldn’t have made any sense and I bet a lot more people (including me) would of complained about that

In the 5 seasons Mikey does improve and gotten more serious. Splinter has even said Mikey has more potential than his brothers, so it’s obvious that Splinter is impressed with his skills and it’s obvious that Mikey’s skills bloomed between the time of getting his nunchucks and season 1 starting.

So calling Splinter a twat and saying he never believed in Mikey is wrong and you need go watch season 1 again. 


  • change pronouns to your liking / as you see fit!

❛ I just didn’t think you had it in you. ❜
❛ I know. Sorry I let you down. ❜
❛ I literally didn’t think you had this in you. ❜
❛ So uh, how many people were here? ❜
❛ You should have seen it. It was awesome. ❜
❛ How did this thing get up here?  ❜
❛ Was someone in my parent’s room? ❜
❛ I guess he gets around. Who cares, man? ❜
❛ Well, I just don’t want people up here. ❜
❛ I’m working on something downstairs. ❜
❛ Looking to see if your dad has condoms. ❜
❛ The only thing you’re working on is diabetes, you fat fuck. ❜
❛ Wow. I don’t know how to fix this. ❜
❛ I don’t know how to fix any of this shit. ❜
❛ I just wanted to get some pussy. ❜
❛ I heard he got sent to detention once and wound up banging the teacher. ❜
❛ Look, we’re making a movie. ❜
❛ This shit’s gonna be legit. You should definitely swing by. ❜
❛ I actually have other plans tonight, so I might not make it. ❜
❛ That’s your party? You guys are throwing that? ❜
❛ That’s where I’m going. I heard it’s gonna be fucking crazy, bro! ❜
❛ I heard it’s gonna be unlimited high school pussy and shit. ❜
❛ Dude, high school pussy for days. ❜
❛ Look I realize I can be like a huge dick sometimes, I’m really sorry for that. ❜
❛ I love you guys. No seriously. ❜
❛ I’m sorry for buying you a bra on your birthday. ❜
❛ I’m sorry for all the times I called you “fat fuck.” ❜
❛ I’m gonna go have a long cry, and then start calling some lawyers. ❜
❛ Is this the same party that dick in the sweater vest was telling us about? ❜
❛ I’m really sorry about what happened. ❜
❛ I didn’t know how to handle it. ❜
❛ I think I do now and that’s why I’m here. ❜
❛ My life right now, it’s totally ruined, okay. ❜
❛ I practically burned down my whole neighborhood. ❜
❛ I never said you were cool.. ❜
❛ Thank you. But I don’t drink alcohol. ❜
❛ So we’re cool again? ❜
❛ We actually should be winding down like midnight, maybe 1. ❜
❛ I guess we’re just gonna have to agree to disagree then, aren’t we? ❜
❛ Why don’t we just bring everyone to the back and lower the volume a bit. ❜
❛ The little fuck tazed me! I’m definitely calling the cops now! ❜
❛ I just saw this mother fucker record it right here. ❜
❛ You fuck this up, I will stab you. I’m not kidding. ❜
❛ What a great anniversary gift. A baby. ❜
❛ Give me back my fucking gnome! ❜
❛ Where the fuck did all these people even come from? ❜
❛ So you just put up my address on the fucking internet? ❜
❛ No wait, what the fuck is he talking about? ❜
❛ Was that weird? I’m sorry. Shit that was weird wasn’t it? ❜
❛ Can you imagine if your mom ever saw that? ❜
❛ Oh my god. What was wrong with me? ❜
❛ Get the hell out of my way. ❜
❛ They’re gonna be running security for the night. ❜
❛ Are you serious? Are those nun-chucks? ❜
❛ All we were trying to do was have a good time you cocksucking motherfucker!  ❜

Seventeen in 3 words:

S.coups: Why father. WHY?

Jeonghan: Beautiful swindler’s lazy

Joshua: ‘Merica’s favorite uncle

Jun: Devil’s pet bunny

Hoshi: 0 to 100

Wonwoo: Painful dad jokes

Woozi: Short and sweet sinful

Dk: Amplified sunshine thighs

Mingyu: Hold my beer.

The8: Savage nun-chuck daddy

Seungkwan: Beyonce sunbaenim who?

Vernon: Clueless woke meme

Dino: No ones aegi

@peekono submitted: obligatory shsl detective tenko has arrived! [tried to send this yesterday but wifi went bleh]

also for some headcanons about detective tenko, maybe she would take on cases involving women(like give them justice!!) and have women as her partners. She could be more intellect than canon Tenko but instead is more clumsy (like trading A for B) and would carry nun-chucks instead of a gun (do detectives even carry guns)

Headcanon: Dick Grayson

Hello! Thank you for sending in this request! It’s short but hope you enjoy it, sweets!

  • When the first time he appointed you as his sidekick, you went by a few months without knowing his actual identity. It takes Nightwing the longest time to actually reveal his true identity to you because he wants to be able to trust you fully and he also wants you to trust him enough.
  • He trains you in almost everything he knows and there are times where he watches you train by making you spar with his fellow friends – sometimes he has people from Teen Titans to spar with you – but your choice of weapon is your fists. You are really good at fighting in close range. Though like your mentor, you are good with the Escrima sticks, you really love using nun-chucks more than the Escrima.
  • You have been told quite a few times that your fighting style is really very similar to Nightwing’s though you are still working on creating your own style.
  • Even though you are not yet at his level of flexibility and/or level of gymnastics (because let’s be real, Dick had trained from when he was very young) your skills are thankfully beyond average too and he is constantly monitoring you, telling you where your weak sides are.
  • Be prepared to be teased by Nightwing during or after sparring sessions. So far, it’s 59 – 61 (Dick winning over you by 2 times).
  • You may pick up on how he used to speak too. “Why can’t anyone ever be whelmed?” And sometimes when he annoys you too much, you tend to do it back to him. “I’m going to touch this and that and that one over too!”
  • Though lately there has come to a point where Nightwing often tells you: “you are not just my sidekick, Y/N, you are my equal too.” He even trusts you to do your missions alone, after making sure that you check back with him whenever you can. He worries about you whenever you aren’t by his side.
  • Being his sidekick also means that you will eventually get to meet the rest of the batfam: from batman to agent A to red hood, red robin, robin, batgirl - everyone really. Though it’s not hard to figure out who their real identities are by now because you already know Nightwing is Dick Grayson.
  • You respect Nightwing a lot and he is your inspiration. You want to be as good and as dependable as him, or even better. So you are always striving to be better and sometimes the two of you have healthy competitions between the two of you.
  • Your relationship with Nightwing right is beyond perfect and sometimes the two of you are so in-sync when in battle, it’s almost scary to everyone else.
Two Truths and a Lie (Drabble Game)

Summary: You and Tao play the game “Two Truths and a Lie” while sparring, and you both end up learning interesting things about each other.

Note: For those who don’t know, the game works like this - one person says three statements, and two of these are truths (usually the kind that are so outrageous, they seem like lies), and the last statement actually is a lie. The other person has to guess which is the lie correctly to win.   

This was a Drabble Game request: Tao + “Truth” 

Drabble Game: Send me an EXO member and a word (any one word) and I’ll write a short little thing about it!

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“Okay,” says Tao as he picks up his bo staff and twirls it deftly in hand. You try not to scoff at his display and pick up your own staff, checking your form in the studio mirrors. Perfect. “You go.”

Nodding, you step onto the mat, opposite him, and the two of you bow to each other – but neither of you breaks eye contact. “One,” you say as you raise the stick, searching for an opening, “I sleep with socks on.” You move to hit him in the side, but Tao blocks you easily. “Two, I like my coffee black.” He swipes at your legs, trying to knock you off your feet but you leap over his staff, grinning at his expression. “And three, I have a tattoo of Han Solo in a place where Han Solo should not be.”

Tao laughs as he spins out of your reach and says, “The tattoo one! That’s such a lie – you’re way too much of a wimp to get a tattoo, and Star Wars?”

You pause the sparring to shoot him a slow smile and tug the waistband of your sweatpants down, not low enough to reveal anything – except for the top of the galactic smuggler’s head inked onto your hip. “I was drunk, and Han understands me in a way no one else does.” 

Tao’s mouth falls open and he mutters, “Oh, fuck. Well, if that was true then what was the lie?”

“What kind of sick person sleeps with socks on?” you sputter in lieu of an answer, and he laughs again, accepting this. “Anyway, your turn.”  

“Alright.” The two of you get back into place, and this time it’s only a second before Tao lunges for you again, and you dodge his attacks with a little more effort. “I want to switch it up though,” he tells you, “so I’m gonna say two lies and one truth, and you have to guess the truth this time.”

“Sounds good.”

“One, I love country music.”

“Lie,” you smirk, missing his staff by a hair. Just a few days ago, you were blasting Blake Shelton in the car, and Tao nearly forced you to pull over so he could get out and walk instead.

“Two, I have monogrammed underwear.” Unclear, you think. That one is highly possible, and your moment of distraction costs you because he manages to knock your bo out of your hands, and you watch in dismay as it lands far from the mat. You turn back to him and keep your eyes on his own staff pointing directly at your heart. He could go in for the kill, and you have no way to defend yourself now.  

“What’s the third one?” you prompt, wary. You feel your brows raise when Tao tosses his staff aside too and gets into a fighting stance. He’s a force to be reckoned with when he has a weapon, but without the weight of a bo or nun chucks, he’s deadly. You need to be on your toes, light as air.

“And three,” he tilts his head back, looking down at you with hooded eyes and a lopsided smile, “I like you, and I think you should go out with me.”

Oh. Wait, what—

It only takes a second, just the one second of your shock catching you off guard, for him to cross the mat and tackle you, and the two of you tumble backwards onto the ground. You find yourself on your back with the breath knocked out of you – maybe from the impact or maybe from him – and Tao is above you, bracing himself on his arms to keep from crushing you. He grins down at you, and it makes your heart start to pound in a way even high-intensity sparring never could.

“Truth,” you say.

Tao beams and nods. “Truth.”

“Inner Strength”

So I’ve read a few headcannons that Mikey smiles like a scary little shit when he gets overrun with rage. Whenever his brothers are in serious trouble/heavily injured. So I decided to draw it! But after finishing it, it felt incomplete. So here’s a small story.    

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lucy-xiii  asked:

I thought up a papa turtle ask for ya! How would the boys handle their babies first birthday?

Y’all know I live for papa turtles~

Leo: Leonardo loved his child so much. Usually calm and collected, all of that seemed to evaporate whenever the leader in blue was around his child; he became the happiest he had ever been - always smiling and laughing, always making time for his child, playing with them, reading to them, meditating with them. Leonardo’s life had become to intensely connected to their child that he couldn’t work out how he had gotten along without them. When their first birthday approached, Leonardo started planning it with military precision - he worked out the rooms in the lair he was going to decorate, he had worked out what presents he was going to give to his child, all the food and drink had been sorted out. He was feeling very pleased with himself when he saw the end result. The lounge was decorated with an assortment of decorations, the table was covered with variations of food and drink, presents covered the floor and sofa. The thought of his child’s beaming smile was worth the hard work he had put in.

Raph: Raphael had never imagined he would become a parent, but now he was one, he went above and beyond for his child. Anything his child wanted, they got with no questions asked. He wasn’t a pushover with anyone else, and he never planned on being one with his child but when those bright eyes looked up at him, he lost all his resolve and caved every single time. When their first birthday rolled around, Raphael had already got the presents sorted out; he had knitted them warm clothes, he had even found a small box of his old toys from when he was a child which he quickly decided he would pass down to them; he didn’t have a lot growing up but he hoped his child would like them all the same. He hadn’t decorated the lair that much - a few banners and balloons floated around the lair seemed to be enough for him, and judging by how his child was holding onto his calf, looking up at him with a bright smile and a happy giggle, it seemed like he had made the right choice.

Donnie: Donatello had been planning his child’s first birthday for months. He wanted to get all his work done ahead of time so he could spend every minute of the special day with them. Even if it meant a week worth of all-nighters, he was determined to make their first birthday something to remember. He had gone above and beyond to personally prepare a cornucopia of homemade presents - all sorts of gadgets and toys he hoped his child would like as much as he did. After carefully wrapping each present, he moved them into a room he and his brothers had prepared; there were banners up, balloons and already a pile of presents, courtesy of his family. Getting time alone to plan and prepare the birthday hadn’t been easy but with the right amount of planning, Donatello had been able to pull it off, and he couldn’t wait to see the look of surprise and happiness when they saw what awaited them.

Mikey: Michelangelo doted on his child. The love he felt towards them was so strong, he felt like he would burst. It was the same when Mikey looked into his child’s eyes - there were so much unconditional love in those eyes, Mikey never thought he would have someone in his life who would be so loving and accepting towards him. His child was his best friend and he did everything with them, he shared everything he loved with them. It was like having a mini Mikey running out the lair - the two of them caused trouble everywhere they went, much to the annoyance of his brothers. He had been planning the birthday for months. As far as he was concerned, his baby was only going to turn one once so he wanted to go all out. His presents consisted of a skateboard he had put together himself, with a helmet and elbow and knee pads. He had even fashioned a pair of nun-chucks out of pieces of foam he had found. He had prepared a cake, ordered in some pizza, and he had totally over-decorated the lair, but when he saw his child running towards him with a huge smile on his face, he knew he had done good.

To the rescue

I hope I stuck close to what you requested! Had to give Leo a little love in there to! Hope you don’t mind anon :) -the reader is caseys teenage sister that gets kidnapped by bebop and rocksteady, and the turtles swing in to help- 

 This was the third time this week that they’ve kidnapped you and you couldn’t tell if they were getting good at it or you were just getting to tired to run.
 They seemed to think that you knew who they were talking about when they interrogated you about these ‘turtles’ probably some whacky friends of Casey you thought. It’s not like Casey introduced you to his friends often, they were probably pretty boring.

 “So guys what’s it this week? Tie me up and send a video to my brother? Hang me from my ankles until I say uncle?” 

“Duh we’re gonna get some information out of ya! Gotta look good in front of tha boss eh Rocky?”

 “Ya bad the big boss is here today, gotta do some digging!”

 “You guys actually have a boss? Your not just nuts that kidnap little girls?” 

Sighing, how was Casey going to get you out of this one. Normally him and April could out smart these two but something told you that these guys boss meant serious business. They also referred to him as the shredder which made you just a wee bit shaky since he sounded menacing. You were 17 after all, not to much had gone on in your life besides the normal teen dilemmas, you kept meaning to take those self defense classes but between these two and school you really didn’t have much free time on your hands. Watching the oafs leave the room you started to struggle against the ropes that held your hands behind you, the tough rope cutting into your skin as you pulled.

 Suddenly a loud bang came echoing through the building, shouts of your punk captors roared just outside the door. Wincing at the noise you began to shout out whatever came to mind to make sure you were noticed,


What seemed like forever was probably just two minutes as the door burst open as your saviors strolled in, least to say they were not what you were expecting. Four tall and bulky boys…turtles? Crashed into the room, on clad in blue with katana’s slung across his back, another clad in red with sai’s set on his hips, the third in orange swinging nun-chucks around the air and the last with a big stick at his side. You’d gotten used to bebop and rock steady so these four weren’t the worst thing you’d seen, after all you were a New Yorker and the subway at night was a little more terrifying then these guys.
Then again you didn’t want to stick around to see the shredder either so you’d take what you could get. The blue turtle was the first to approach you as the purple one got on the phone appearing to be letting the person on the other end know you were okay.

 “My names Leonardo, you must be y/n Jones. We’re here to help you, are you hurt?”

 “No…I’m pretty good, my wrists hurt but they’ll heal within the month. I’m assuming you guys are the ones they call the turtles?”

 “You’d be right y/n, we best be going, don’t want anymore run ins”

 Nodding in agreement Leo suddenly swept you off your feet and raced out of the building, a red heat spread across your face as you grinned like an idiot. Not that getting rescued by your brother was bad but you could certainly get used to Leonardo coming to your rescue…

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Give me all [MAFIA!AU]

Summary: He wanted supreme control, but one pawn was missing from his board, so he went out to get it.



Jeon Jungkook

The leader of one of the biggest mafia gangs in Seoul.Cold and aggressive with a mind that got his team on top. He is feared, very feared, no one goes close to him. Jungkook likes sharp shiny things, knives. He keeps his thoughts to himself, his mind fully devoted to his goal. His eyes see no woman as they are set only on his target, Namjoon.

Kim Taehyung

Unlike the majority who got in the business and then went crazy, he was born with some screws loose. He has a passion, an unique one, he enjoys to build bombs. If it’s something that sticks in the mind of the people who met him it’s his unexpected maniacal laugh which haunts them to their grave.

Min Yoongi

If there was someone Jungkook listened to it was Yoongi, the silent strategist. He has a weird fascination for fire, things that burn. So he always carries a box of matches, he pops one up and fires it watching it burn. Yoongi is the genius behind the operations.

Song Mino

He wants to flee far away from all of this, his sick and tired, but not before he has Namjoon’s head. His sleep is torture, his mind a cage. Mino had found only one cure to his insomnia, sex, lots and lots of sex. He doesn’t sit well with Jungkook, but besides grumbles he follows him nonetheless.

Song Seunghoon

Mino’s twin brother. Dependent on alcohol, he practically doesn’t consume anything else. He can’t remember the last time he was fully sober. Feeds his four rottweilers raw meat and if someone pissed him, human flesh. Like his brother has a charm that draws females in, but he isn’t so caught up in sex.

Kim Namjoon

The psychotic mind ruling the gang Jungkook wants to eviscerate. Namjoon is the worst of them all, killing not because he has too, but because he enjoys it. Doesn’t feel well if he is not covered in blood once in three days. His plans always have a twisted spice to them. His dream- to be covered in Jungkook’s blood.

Jung Hoseok

He used to be a stripper with an attitude. Dropped the stripper job, kept the attitude. Hoseok isn’t a talker, but when he does it is either something witty either a growl. He goes into missions with a mask on half of his face, same goes for combat.

Kim Seokjin

Originally posted by bwiseoks

He only likes two things, guns and blowjobs. Every movement that comes from him is trained to overflow with sexuality in order to have women at his feet. Seokjin has his way with them only by calling them ‘baby’, however, stripping him of all of this,  he is completely void of emotions, a sociopath.

Park Jimin

His orange hair is not a coincidence, it is an indicator for his cunningness, just like a fox. Jimin is the mind player, he can make people think/do as he wants and they believe it’s their own will. His tongue stays more past his lips than inside his mouth, this and his bold and direct attitude has women shy and down on their knees for him.

Woo Jiho

Carries around a pair of nun-chucks for no apparent reason. He loves steak, all kinds of it, the last man to mess with his meat is now dead and burried. Besides this obsession, there is another one which clouds his consciousness, women thighs, he spends hours worshiping them. Jiho is Namjoon’s half brother and not even half the psycho he is.


Smart but temperamental. Flirts shamelessly without even realizing, which gets her into trouble all the time. Her wallet is full, not with money but licenses. Mei is somewhat foreign to one thing, femininity ,all five languages she knows couldn’t help her either. If it’s something that draws men in besides her beauty is her opulent independence.


Namjoon’s favorite person in the world. A Russian beauty forced to prostitute and much to her gratitude she was bought by Namjoon before anyone else touched her. She is his love but also the wisest adviser he’s ever had. She does love him, she really does. Feminine and calm, the ‘tamer’ of Kim Namjoon.

Credits to gifs owners.

So, I got this idea. Let me know what you think.

I’ll post the first chapter this Tuesday.

  • Team JNPR and Team SSSN out on a joint mission in the mountains, a storm comes in.
  • Pyrrha: Sun, it would probably be best if you broke down your staff into its nun-chuck form.
  • Sun: Nah, it's all good. I've never been struck by lightning.
  • Sun: It's like I'm protected by the heavens or something. Check it. *Holds up his staff towards the sky by its end*
  • Jaune: Man, if only I was that luc... *Gets struck by lightning, just a few feet away from Sun*
  • The rest of team JNPR: JAUNE!
  • Sun: See! Protected by the heavens.
  • Pyrrha: *Glares at Sun* I'll give you a five second head start.
  • Sun: *Sprints off*