Master List Updated (2-16-16)

So this is everything that I had up to this date. I want to write more so please send me a message and I would love to write something for you. I am open to pretty much anything 1D!


The First Impression Is Always The Most Important

It Had To Be You

Meet My Parents

Surprise Surprise


So Tell Me A Lie

I Think I Wanna Marry You

Weddings Are Always Beautiful

The Honeymooners

The Smallest Moments Make The Biggest Memories

Two Lines Means Positive

Baby Tings Are The Cutest

She Having My Baby

Tour Antics Semantics

The One Where They Move In Together

TBT: To The First Post

I Had Feelings For You All Along

Extra Extra Hear All About It: Big New Coming

I Feel Ya, and It Hurts

I Still Get Jealous

I Wasn’t Expecting You



Call Or Delete (Harry)

We Were On A Break Mistakes

The Oscar Goes To…

Did You Hear The Opening Act

The Catwalk Lead Me Straight To You

I Write Songs About You

Just Between Us

Good As Gold

Remembering That One Time

Time Off Means Time With You

Here’s My Name and My Number

You’re The Only One I Love

They’ll Love You (Here’s My Name and My Numnber Part II)

Hiatus Was Just A Word We Used


You’re Insecure, Don’t Know What For

First and Last First Kiss

Find Out For Yourself If You Don’t Believe Me

It’s Time To Make a Decision


Lies, Surprise, and Trying Times

His Love Hurts Too Much (BSM)


Tired Of The Back and Forth

A Passion For Fashion

Because My Brother Scared You Off

You Should Have Told Me

You Moved On So I Was Trying To

You’re Worth More Than Any Piece of Art

The Time To Beat Is


Didn’t Love You Till You Were Gone


I’m Okay

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling