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Do you think that zootopia is dying? Most popular comics are not continuing and the others have not been online for so long now. What do you think would happen at the near future? :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

I am asked this question a lot for some reason.

Zootopia remains in the Top Ten of Movie Fandom in Tumblr and numnber two a few weeks ago. An accomplishment that most movies never even come close to.

Comic wise, there are multiple comics still in progress that update all the time. Some are off Tumblr, some have recently been added, some are adult, some are not.

Fanfiction-wise, people continue to write, including myself. Many fics update regularly, though slowdown is expected sometimes.

Not to mention the massive amount of non-comic work that is being put out for Zootopia. There are a ton of artists, from the faithful oldies to the fandom to those who have newly arrived, still arting for it.

So… No. I do not believe Zootopia Fandom is dying.

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Okay so you mentioned kind of missing Tolkien and I've been on a bit of a Tolkien kick lately ('lately' she says as she scuttles deeper into the horde of Tolkien marginalia beginning to resemble a small mountain) and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on dwarves. I know the Men of Gondor are more your thing, but I was struck by sudden curiosity.


look, the beauty of Tolkien is that, as far as I know, he is the only creator who firmly maintained, all his life, that filling in the blanks of the world he had generated was actually an act mirroring divine creation. (He called this “subcreation”—as human beings, we are made in the image of the divine creator, and therefore, we are driven to replicate creation on a minor scale. Tolkien wholeheartedly loved fanfiction, in a way I’ve never seen in any subsequent content-creator.)


I love dwarves!!!!

I love dwarves particularly, because tolkien dismisses them in the context of a numnber of stereotypes, and actually this opens the door for the way fandom has taken then and run with what if dwarves are super jewish. maybe that’s because I follow @goodshipophelia and @swanjolras and @silentstep but the reclamation of very jewish dwarves is beautiful

(thorin harp-player as david springs to mind)

and honeslty to this day, my favorite idea about dwarves is @silentstep’s conception that “mountain” refers not just to the idea of a physical mountain, but everything that lives inside it, all the songs and stories and philosophies, that “mountain” is shorthand  for community the way “Judah” or “people of the tribe” does in more modern Judaism 

it leads to so much articulation and fictionalization of Judaism and I love that, everyone one should have a fictional articulation of their religion, it allows for so much more freedom than would otherwise be.

Also, I love the idea of thorin fictionally composing the lord of the rings alternative to song-of-songs, so. that’s something, right???