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So I am an aspiring mystic who has been studying tarot, oracle readings, astrology, numerology, and developing a stronger relationship with the divine for about 6 months. I made this tumblr to establish a relationship with others in the community to learn as much as possible and maybe even inspire others.
I’ll probably post some spreads I do and definitely pictures of my cat as well as reblogging tips and things I find helpful so follow if you’re into it✌🏻
Feel free to reach out if you want to talk anything and everything mystical and magical 🌞🌚

anonymous asked:

hey!!! i'm sure you're excited for the eclipse tomorrow because there's a lot of hype in the astrotumblr community!! anyway, i was wondering if you could elaborate a little bit on how it will affect people (negatively/positively) and what other factors there are :)

ok so things to note about this eclipse:

  • its going to bring big changes (and the effects will be felt for a long time)!! which is the reason for most of the hype
  • its takes place @ 29 degrees Pisces, March 20th. the end of the astrological year.  new (astrological) year resolutions haha!! (the end of winter!! bring on spring (rebirth)!!)
  • being in pisces means these changes will be more in the realm of faith, religion, existence, imperfections, dreams, fate (although it also depends on the house it will transit in ur natal chart)
  • overall it will be positive changes, but pisces doesn’t let us see what they will be exactly so there is an aura of nervousness surrounding us all - which we must try our best to let go of to reap the rewards of this eclipse fully.
  • you may experience a lot of deja vu. and psychic-type dreams (especially if it transits ur 12th house)
  • march 20, 2015 also = 13. emphasising that we must get rid of what is no longer serving us - out with the old in with the new. accept these changes as best as you can. sometimes it can seem like a blessing disguise. 1+3 = 4 so there is also grounded-ness. along with saturn trine sun (although it is an out of sign trine, again, can be a  blessing in disguise)
  • 29 degrees, 2+9= 11, which is a master number!! powerful changes.
  • the uranus + pluto square that just happened suggests that these changes will be very innovative and deeply transforming, even if it requires a little bit of a struggle. 

“We create nothing, express nothing; we only discover and uncover what is already there.”