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Rihanna Needs To Hire A New Video Director

 Rihanna is getting called out again for copycatting in her videos. Photographer Solve Sundsbo is claiming that her latest video “You Da One”, directed by Melina Matsoukas, uses lighting techniques from his Numero 93 shoot.

 Rihanna settled a suit with David LaChapelle in October for images in her video for “S&M” after claims of plagiarism. Before that, she got flak about her “Rude Boy” video being similar to M.I.A.’s “Boyz” and “Galang” videos. There was also buzz about “We Found Love” being similar to Cee-Lo’s “No One’s Gonna Love You" , although that one was really a stretch. Anywho, guess who directed all four of these videos?? Yeah.

Rih, don’t you think it would be easier (and save you money) to hire someone who doesn’t constantly rip off other people’s ideas? Or at least someone who doesn’t do it so blatantly? I mean it’s one thing to be inspired by something, but "S&M” and this situation here are like carbon copies. I know Beyonce seems to run into this problem often as well–is this on purpose to create buzz or something? I’m just trying to understand…lol You decide Sins–is Melina using artistic license or does Rih need to drop her ass for a new director?