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~What's your favorite otome games/visual novel?~

Hello, everyone! I’m actually doing A algebra 2/math project on “data analysis and statistics”. I need to collect some data. I finally decided that I’m going to do otome games/visual novel. I tried to bring popular otome games and personal experience.  you guys can comment down below.

1. Alice In The Country Of Hearts

2. Amnesia 

3. Diabolik Lovers 

4. Ozmafia

5. Re: birthday song

Learning Hangul: English > Korean Tips (Part 1)

When I first began studying Hangul I said to myself…how am I supposed to memorize all of these symbols. Well here is how I did it. Some were as simple as, “I just have to remember”. However, some I was able to come up with associations to help me out. I am still at the beginning of learning so if something below isn’t right, feel free to correct me.

1. When writing my notes I found it easiest to list them in order by their English (closest to English) pronunciation. So that I could memorize them all. Be mindful there is an official order that they go in.

2. For all of the double constants I simply put them with their single counterpart. Be mindful they have different pronunciations.

ㅂ - B/P
ㅃ - PP

Tip(s): The English alphabet order is A, B and the hangul symbol looks like an upside down A. B & P sound very similar. (B)lack(P)ink

ㅊ - Ch

Tip(s): The hangul symbol looks similar to a stick figure person or a (ch)aracter.

ㄷ - D/T
ㄸ - TT

Tip(s): Like before, in the English alphabet C is followed by D and the hangul symbol looks like a boxed C. As for T, I simply had to memorize it. However, D & T sound similar.

ㅎ - H

Tip(s): Now you all may laugh but…remember how I said ㅊ looks like a person? Now it looks like they are jumping over a (h)ill.

ㅈ - J
ㅉ - JJ

Tip(s): Again with the person…he is putting on (j)eans.

ㅋ - K

Tip(s): Here is one of the ones I simply had to memorize. But if it helps (at least with writing it), it looks like a backwards F although there is no F sound in the Korean language.

ㄱ - K/G
ㄲ - KK/GG

Tip(s): Now this was one of the last ones I grasped and to be honest I still stumble some times when it comes to the whole ㄱ(k) ㄴ(n) thing. So in order to decipher between the two, here is my strategy (hopefully it’s understandable. ㄱ looks more like you are writing the letter n (without the left line going down) and ㄴ shares the same left line going down as a k, which makes them look a bit more similar. However they are opposites. Another way to think about it is, you want to stop the letters. So if you were to write the letter k inside ㄴ the top lines would go on forever. However if you write k inside ㄱ, it will hit the top and you can move on to the next letter.

ㄹ - L/R or R/L

Tip(s): I remembered using the letter R so I will give a method using that instead. Like before in the English alphabet, R comes before S and the hangul symbol for R looks like a backward S. R & L have similar sounds.

ㅁ - M

Tip(s): This was a bit of a reach but was the easiest for me to remember. It’s a box, don’t put (m)yself/(m)e in a box. Another way like the ㄱ(K) example. You want to stop the letter so, if you write M inside ㅁ, all four corners will touch/stop it from going on forever and you can move to the next letter.

ㄴ - N

Tip(s): Look at ㄱ(K) for the full breakdown but, if you write N inside ㄴ, the bottom will be blocked from going on and you can continue to the next letter.

ㅇ - -ng

Tip(s): Only makes a sound at the end, this is pretty easy to simply memorize…BUT! For my ARMY out there. ㅇ is simply a circle. On the Big Hit logo, the i’s are topped with them and you know what’s at Big Hit? Our favorite Ba(ng)tan “방탄” Boys and none other than Hitman Ba(ng) himself.

ㅍ - P

Tip (s): Since ㅂ is both B & P, ㅍ is P too (2 as in Roman Numeral 2).

ㅅ - S
ㅆ - SS

Tip(s): Honestly I simply memorized this one but is you need some associations to help here are two. 1. If ㅈ is (j)eans, then ㅅ is (s)lacks or (s)ocks (up to you). 2. If you know cursive it almost looks like you started writing a cursive s but went out instead of in at the end.

ㅌ - T

Tip(s): Again simple memorization for me but if it helps here are some associations. E is T or it can be a (T)able (t)hat (t)ilted over.

Hopefully this helps or if it didn’t that’s okay too. Let me know! Also tell me if you have any tips of your own.

you know what? taylor’s new music has definitely grabbed everyone’s attention in both good ways and bad ways, and i know that she realises people won’t adapt to it as fast as she’d maybe hoped so, and some may not choose to listen to her so much anymore. but she made this music, and this new reputation of hers, because it’s what she wanted to do, and what she’s always wanted to do. she doesn’t seem phased that people may or may not fade away from her and her music because she’s finally doing whatever she wants and she’s in full control of her private and public life. she doesn’t care that people miss the ‘old’ her because in her mind, she’s still the same 'taylor alison swift’ as she always has been, she’s just grown and exuded more confidence in herself than ever before, which i’m so incredibly proud of her for.

with zero media attention, no promo, and a brand new unique style of music, she’s broken numerous records in just 2 weeks, and is currently holding the number 1 and 2 itunes spots worldwide, so no matter what any of us or anyone in the entire world may think of the 'new’ taylor, she’s the only one who gets to win here. she’s an absolute powerhouse, and she’s only rising upwards and onwards.

let the games begin.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Special Radio Edit Mix)
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (Special Radio Edit Mix)

Artist: Negativland
Track: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (Special Radio Edit Mix)
Album: U2
Label: SST
Year: 1991

So Casey Kasem died.  

Normally, I say something like “RIP Casey Kasem” but in this case I really don’t give a fuck.  This here is the best thing Kasem ever did.  The second best thing he ever did was voicing Shaggy on Scooby Doo.  The third best thing?  Probably dying.

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Jonsa S7 Summer Challenge - Day 5

day 5: firsts or dreams

a/n: cutting it close again, but this time by no fault of mine! my internet was down, sorry sorry. anyway, this one is short, considering. unbeta’d still.


the sequel to this.

(jurassic world au)

“Did you know… you were my first kiss?”

It takes a moment to properly process what Sansa says and once he does, Jon gives her a curious look.


They had been rescued, after hours of running and hunting dinosaurs and trying to stay alive, after being bruised and battered and generally reconsidering if a more boring job was in order. They’d been rescued and were currently waiting for the Starks to arrive at the shelter.

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ELI5: Why is the majority of girls handwriting nicer looking than boys?

I am not sure I can tell you why, but it is definitely a relatively new thing. I am doing some work with a historian and she has a giant collection of documents from about 1600 up to the late 1800s all written by men (ship logs, manifests, trade and commerce and tax documents, etc.) and virtually all of it is more legible than anything I see from first year university students.

That suggests some substantial change in how we teach penmanship which has been bad for men/boys but either beneficial or no change for girls and women.

The theory that we teach handwriting when girls are developing fine motor skills while boys are still doing gross motor skills makes the most sense. Most guys I see can write legible math, numerals (1, 2, 3 etc.) and then math symbols are taught at a different time than cursive writing and reinforced differently, so it may be that time context and reinforcement are big factors and simply moving when joined up writing is taught would fix it. Though many of my students have told me they didn’t learn cursive in school or their younger siblings aren’t learning it.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

Twitter ARG: A Sort of Summary

I’ve seen a lot of confusion here on Tumblr about what is supposedly going on in the twitter-verse. There’s a reason for that: it’s confusing. It’s vague. It relies on intuitions and moves in fits and starts. But it is also fascinating, compelling, and loads of fun. So for anyone who is interested I thought I’d give it a go,  summarizing what is happening and what we think might happen. For starters:

The reason you’re hearing very little concrete information about twitter is: there is very little concrete information about twitter. It is all halls and mirrors. There have been (as far as I am aware) two major instances of people receiving DMs from the twitters: the first was the Dale Pike ‘reveal’ in which she ‘confessed’ and released her ‘script’; and the second prompted worriesconstantly’s announcement that we need to trend Norbury on March 21. But if it’s all so vague, why are putting any stock in it? Well, there are a few good reasons.

1. The show itself pointed us towards twitter in numerous ways.

2. If you’ve been following the ARG theories, you are doubtless aware of the speculation that the John and Sherlock twitters are BBC run. Evidence includes their posting of an original photo that seems like it could only have been taken from a window of the BBC building.

4. Our fellow tumblr-ers who are convinced something is going on. As far as I have seen, there tends to be a direct correlation between the amount of time someone has been digging through this twitter game and how convinced they are that something is happening. Sure, you could call that confirmation bias. Or, like I am inclined to do, you can see it as the collective consensus of those who have the most solid basis for reaching an informed conclusion.

3. The most compelling evidence is the intricacy of what is occurring. Like I’ve said, I’ve only been there two days, but it really is compelling. There’s a network of interconnecting accounts, interacting with each other and with us. Even those who don’t openly communicate display the most curious coincidences in timing. And it’s hard to conceive that they could be fellow-fans—there are too many oblique hints of ‘something coming,’ which would be cruel if they don’t actually know something. To me this feels like a game of ‘BBC or trolls’; and I’d be ridiculously impressed with any trolls who could pull this off, and somehow maintained this level of dedication and interest over such a span of time.

Very well, then. Here are the known players in this Twitter story:

1. The Sherlock and John accounts: These, of course, are the ones tumblr is most familiar with. For the most part, they are just telling an ongoing narrative about their happy existence as a couple—a remarkably frequent and high-quality narrative. However, they have had some meta discussions about stories, about ‘the game’ being a bit harsh but still worth playing … It is also worth noting that in their universe Rosie does exist, but the events of TFP apparently do not.

2. Contact_JM, i.e. an account that claims to be Moriarty: This one is also pretty well known around here. He tweets less frequently than the Sherlock and John, but still with impressive dedication. He has not infrequently dropped codes, puzzles, and cryptic clues. Other times he just rambles on in a thoroughly psychopathic-sounding manner.

3. Dale Pike/The Skull/ContactWSSH: Yes, this the Dale Pike who wrote the fics everyone went wild over, released a script they had written, then ‘confessed’ to being a fan and said goodbye. This one concerned me most at first, because I was genuinely concerned that we might be harping on a fan who just made a mistake and wanted to be left alone. The thing is: she didn’t leave. She is still posting fics which are no less meta and suggestive that her previous ones. And she is still using her Dale Pike twitter account—an account created solely for the purpose of … whatever it is she is doing. And while using that account she is still being just as openly cryptic and suggestive and interactive as ever—even to the point of resurrecting the old contactWSSH twitter and having a thoroughly mysterious conversation with them. Whoever she is, she has chosen to play this game; she hasn’t been forced into it. And what is she up to? Well, she is the queen of mixed messages. One moment kind and encouraging, the next insulting. Portraying herself as a fan and then claiming some mysteriously privileged status. Declaring she is finished only to begin again. Dropping cryptic hints, ranging from her fanfiction to an eminem music video which concludes with an innocent DVD being replaced by one labeled ‘explicit content.’ She is most likely one of the villains of this narrative.

4. Assorted: Besides these major players there are a few minor players who seem significant—@Bask_in_flies and @HarappaTiger have had brief, cryptic conversations with Contact_JM about executing some sort of plan. @eugenim portrays herself as sort of Eurus/Moriarty hybrid, and interacts like a cross between Contact_JM and Dale Pike: sometimes talking like a fan, sometimes like a psychopathic insider. Besides these, there are a few other potential players that people are keeping eyes on.

5. Creator twitters: there are a few of the Sherlock creators who periodically tweet things that are … suggestive, to say the least. Sometimes they are manifestly striking, other times they would passed unnoticed if it weren’t for uncanny timing: Gatiss and the Sherlock account both posting about moors around the same time, for example. The comments on their tweets can also be ripe with suggestion and ‘coincidence’.

Good. Now, finally: What all of this is hinting at:

I’m going to divide this section into two parts. First: What we know (as much as we know anything at this point):

1. The hints and the halls and mirrors cannot yet be assembled into a complete and coherent image. But they insistently hint at a secret episode, a false narrative, and something coming.

2. What has been seen on twitter strongly supports theories about a future fourth-wall break—both in the sense that what is going on in twitter is already breaking the fourth wall, and that it is hinting at some further, more undeniable break.

3. In this narrative, there are good guys and bad guys. Figuring out which is which seems to be part of the puzzle.

4. There are hints that this might be a ‘choose your own story’ ARG: obviously it would end in the release of The Lost Special no matter what we do, but we might have some say in how that happens and what role we play in its release.

5. Whatever is coming is still being only hinted at; it has not yet begun in earnest.

6. Maybe it’s a fluke, maybe it’s intentional, but this past week has felt different. More urgent—like something is coming. (Having just arrived I can’t testify to this one, obviously; but it seems to be the general consensus of those who have been involved long-term).

7. We are supposed to trend Norbury on March 21st—and this time, we will have help. (Okay, we don’t technically know this. But again, worriesconstantly assures us that she has good reason to suspect this is the case on the basis of some dms. And seriously, what could she have to gain by making this up? Making people angry at her if nothing happens? There is always the possibility that this is another intentionally false lead from tptb; but worries constantly is certainly trustworthy, and it’s worth a try. Fortunately, #norbury has the added bonus of being worthwhile even if it doesn’t launch anything ARG related).

And finally: What we believe might be coming:

Well, okay, the actual speculations are far too numerous to actually list here. I’m just going to give my personal favorite theory about what might happen if/when the ARG kicks off and the fourth wall collapses for good. However, because this post is getting quite long and this isn’t really an essential part, I’m going to link to a separate post here for anyone who is interested. 

In conclusion: What do we do with all of this?

Whatever you want, really. If you’d rather sit back and watch things unfold, go for it. (Although I’d still encourage participating in #norbury even if you are giving twitter theories a wide berth. That’s is a worthwhile project regardless of the ARG; something being set in motion by it would just be an added bonus!) But if you are aching for engagement, learning to navigate this twitter story will give you no end of entertainment and brain-teasers. So if you want to have a good time while potentially participating in making history, give it a look.

And remember, all of this endorsement is coming from someone who attached very little credibility to the ARG until getting on twitter just one day ago. If you’re intrigued, come and see for yourself. You would be most welcome!


hey! So even though it’s summer, I know I’ve taken it upon myself to do a bit of independent study and reading ahead in preparation for the upcoming school year, and so I’ve done a bit of revising to my note-taking system, which I though I’d share with y'all! Here is how I take and revise most of my notes:

1: Textbook Notes

I typically start my note process with textbook notes- this is a personal preference. I like to read and outline the material before class, making the topic easier to discuss and understand during class. However, you could do textbook notes after class notes, it depends on your preference and what your teacher assigns. For this, I use a basic outline format, which starts with a roman numeral on the left side of the margin for the chapter title:

Then, on the inside and to the right of the margin line, I use capital letters to indicate the start of a new major section(i.e., if a chapter is split into three sections, I would have three capital letters by the time I’m done.)

For paragraphs and/or key ideas, I use numbers below and to the right of the section of which they fall in and write they main topic of the paragraph.

Lastly, for details within the paragraph, I use lowercase letters, and for further detail, I use lowercase roman numerals. 

2: Class/Lecture Notes

Okay. Forget about you notes looking pretty at this point because for me, there is no way that class notes are going to be neat. I always start by dating the page on the top line(NOT in the margin i swear that drives me crazy) and the topic of that day’s class centered on the line below. The method for notes here is similar in structure to that of outline notes, but minus the numbers and letters(I just use bullet points). I write the main idea first, and then following supporting thoughts under and indented to the right, and so forth. When a new key topic comes up, I simply start the process over again.

Now I don’t know if y'all have this problem, but some of my teachers talk really, really, fast(and sometimes we watch Crash Course and hoooo boy do they speed through material) and it’s practically to write in full sentences. Don’t stress! This is when it’s time for shorthand. I typically exclude vowels, unnecessary words, and silent letters, so “The Americans won the Revolutionary War” would read “the amrcns wn rvoltnry wr.” As long as you can think back to the main topic, you should have no trouble figuring out what you were trying to write.

Don’t spend the whole class just writing notes, though! Write down really important things that you cannot afford to forget. Sometimes it’s better to be engaged with the teacher and material instead of furiously writing every word the teacher says.

3: Revision Notes

This is where we get to make the pretty and artsy notes! These are typically a combination of my textbook and class notes with a lot of good handwriting and colorfulness. I like to pick a color theme for the whole set of notes, it makes me feel ~organized~ I suppose. I’ll start by writing the title across the top margin in some neat font- I typically do fake calligraphy, but it’s up to you!

I then try to do the rest of my notes in sentences/paragraphs. I’ll write a key sentence in line with the margin, putting key words in a different color pen. Then, I’ll draw a faint indented line with a ruler(just to get a straight line of words bc why not) and write vocabulary and/or supporting thoughts that pertain to the main idea.

Revision notes are meant to be creative and colorful, so experiment and play around until you find what works for you! Mine tend to be quite plain and straightforward, but don’t be scared to experiment!

4: Flashcards/Mindmapping/Etc.

This step is if you feel you still need to see the material another time to get it down. Flashcards are my personal favorite, and I start by writing the vocabulary word/topic on the blank side in a ~cool~ way, like a title, and then put the definition on the back. Again, mine tend to be plan, but you can add doodles or colors to make it more of your own!

Quite frankly, mind mapping scares me and I only tend to use it when planning essays and major projects, but in the times that I have used it for notes, I’ve found it to be really good for reinforcing memory. I start by writing the title in the center, and then key ideas closer to the center and spanning out from there. These can be super creative, so if you’re up for it, you can add tons of doodles and other stuff!

And that’s my note-taking system! I hope this helped some of you out and that this wasn’t a total waste of my time haha and there will be more original content in the future!


Where do I even begin

1. Typos. I’ll be nice and assume English isn’t your first language.

2. In numerous videos including the FAQ video I explain that I don’t take requests for songs to put in the musical. Thanks for showing me you don’t watch those videos.

3. Why do people think just commenting their requests/demands on the newest video, no matter what the content is, is a surefire way to get what they want?



i need my happy place and also antibiotics for this throat infection

- Alex

anonymous asked:

Pleasss tell us more abt that nautical romance master and commander, it sounds like Good Funny Times

Indeed it is!!!! And I highly encourage you and really everyone who likes a) joy, b) the sea to immediately find themselves a copy, which should be pretty easy as this series has been popular as heck for like forty years. Maybe this is the best kept secret in literature? Conceivable. 

Anyway I do want to impress upon you all that while I was paraphrasing last time, I was not re-motely exaggerating. To make this point I’m just going to share with you two visibly real passages from the opening pages of Chapter 4 that killed me in numerous and personal ways:

WHERE 2 BEGIN. The naval chain of command, the la petite mort bit…. This book is a whole gift.

Bubble Gum and Buttercups - A Despicable Me Fic

Did I write a Druthazar Fic? Yes. Yes I did. Warning for suggestive language.

“Soooo. I get twin number two.”

This was a heck of a night.

That didn’t make it a good one, buster. The thing about stealing priceless artefacts like the one hoisted a tad unprofessionally under his arm like a baguette was, the whole thing could get old if you didn’t have just a few obstacles.

Balthazar Bratt loved obstacles, he’d take obstacles out to dinner. What he didn’t appreciate were people who were the heist equivalent of giant potholes in the road.

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Edric Cane found a very simple way to calculate the n-th row of Pascal’s triangle on the fly, without the need to write down all previous rows or memorize complicated formulas. Just write down the sequence of n fractions with numerators {n, – 1, … 2, 1} and denominators {1, 2, … – 1, n}, respectively, and multiply them cumulatively. For instance, for the tenth row, simply write down:

The cumulative products yield 1, 10, 45, 120, 210, 252, 210, 120, 45, 10, 1.

According to Cane, “It couldn’t be easier to remember or to implement.”

zimtkind  asked:

Hey, I was trying to find the answer online with no luck, but do you know why Illya and Napoleon have their specific numbers inside the base? Why is one 2 and the other 11? Maybe it was just a random prop department decision?

A mix of both ranks and the prop department!  Napoleon’s rank is #1, Section II, so his “11″ badge is supposed to be a Roman numeral II for Section II–and it was a Roman numeral II in the first season.  You can kinda see it here–

The story goes that once season 2 rolled around, either someone in the prop department grabbed an “11″ badge and gave it Robert accidentally, or Robert accidentally grabbed the “11″ badge, and once they’d started filming with it, the decision was made to stick with the 11 badge for the remainder of the show.  @ksturf made a post sometime ago pointing out that the movie version of the S2 opener featured both the II and 11 badges in different scenes, indicating that some scenes were filmed earlier.

Illya’s rank is #2, Section II, so he got the Arabic numeral 2 (only section heads get Roman numerals–Waverly has a Roman numeral I for Section I), and his badge never changed.

Hope that helps!


Thomas Busby’s Chair - 

A pub in North Yorkshire has a killer chair. Thomas Busby was a petty thief who enjoyed a drink so much that he had claimed a favourite seat in his local pub. In the summer of 1702 Busby got into a blazing row with his father in law who sat in the chair to annoy him. Later that night Busby broke into his father in law’s house and murdered him. It didn't take long for the police to connect Busby to the crime and he was arrested, tried and found guilty. He was sentenced to death and his final request was a last drink in his favourite chair. Shortly before being taken to his execution he declared that “death shall come swiftly to anyone who dares to sit in my chair”. 

The first recorded victim of the chair was a chimney sweep who sat in the seat years after Busby was executed. Several minutes after finishing his drink and returning to work to fell off a roof and died. Over the next couple of centuries people dared each other to use the chair. Most refused but during World War 2 numerous Air Force officers accepted the challenge and none of them returned from battle. in 1967 a pair of pilots sat in the chair and died moments later when their car hit a tree on their way home. After their deaths the landlord decided that the chair should be removed from public display and he placed it in the pub basement where it stayed for several years. 

The chair still managed to kill people while in the basement. A bricklayer who was working on the pub found the chair in the corner of the basement and decided to rest in it. That afternoon when he went back to work he fell from the pub roof to his death. Other deaths included a roofer who used the chair and had a roof collapse beneath him afterward, a cleaning woman who stumbled into the chair and later suffered from an aneurysm, and a delivery driver who crashed his van an hour after sitting in the chair. 

The landlord finally had enough of the chair and its body count so he contacted the Thirsk Museum and asked them to take the chair. The museum agreed and after making careful arrangements to transport the chair they placed it on display in their museum, hanging six foot off the floor so no one can sit in it. 

Bill Cipher and the Memory Gun

(note: I do not own the Journal 3 special edition, so if it contains any new information, that could have anything to do with this topic, let me know
Also, i did not do any research, except watching some scenes from the show, so i don’t know if anyone said this or something similar before)

Today i wanna share my thoughts about Bill Ciphers demise. We all know what happened, but here’s a quick recap anyway:
Bill entered Stan’s mind, Ford used the Memory Gun to erase all of Stans memory’s, which also seems to erase Bill. Or did it?

The most obvious and apparently also most brought argument is, that Bill somehow survived the memory erasing process. The reason people believe that is because they are bill fangirls and don’t want him to die Stanleys memorys came back after a few weeks (i don’t know the exact time anymore, sorry). The thing is, if Stan’s memories survived, why not Bill aswell?
While this sounds plausible, it is not the focus of todays theory.

I wanna talk about this guy:

actually, i wanna talk about this guy:

Buuut they are pretty much the same person, so it doesn’t matter. Let’s go:

So we all know that McGucket build the memory gun and used it on himself numerous times (probably about 2 years)

And we all know how that ended;

He turned into a crazy hillbilly. Here is where things get interesting.
in this last memory he says:  YROO XRKSVI GIRZMTOV! Which translates to: BILL CIPHER TRIANGLE! And would you look at that

Isn’t that a triangle with an eye? Hmmm.

So we know that McGucket saw Bill when he accidentally looked through the portal, which let to him erasing his memorys. But those memorys of Bill never truly disappeared. We know he went crazy after 2 years and, at least subconsciously, remembers something about Bill. These leftovers of the Bill memorys in combination of the Memory Gun pretty much destroyed his mind.
And we know that Bill has to have to do something with this, since the other members of the Society of the Blind Eye used the Memory gun on themself to a point where they don’t even remember the founder of their organisation anymore. And they seem to be as sane as someone living in Gravity Falls can be.

My conclusion is: If a memory of Bill Cipher can survive the Memory Gun, then surely the actual Bill can survive it too (tho definitely now unharmed) That’s why i think that it’s likely that some part of Bill is still somewhere inside Stan’s mind. How much of him is left and how it would affect Stan is unknown, since we didn’t get to see that much more of them after the Memory erasing incident.

( @flo-nelja​ )