A list of people I adore:

This could be classified as my follow forever, I suppose. But I don’t have the talent to photoshop nor do I have the energy, so these are the people who have made a HUGE        impact on my life and who I love dearly. So, yes. I love you and I appreciate you and here’s my corny little way of showing it?

Johanna: This little shit keeps changing her freaking URL and I can’t remember it for the life of me.  But she’s one of my best friends and words cannot describe how much I blatantly adore her. We may not get to talk all of the time or see each other all that much, but she’s always there when I need her and always knows how to cheer me up. My life would be so drastically different if you hadn’t randomly messaged me one day, so thank you. Joh, if the world is really ending tomorrow, know that I truly love you and value our friendship more than you’ll ever know.

Katie: Katie has been with me through thick and thin on this damn website, let’s be real here. She’s honestly one of the most kindhearted people I’ve ever met and we get along amazingly well. She’s stuck with me through anon hate, blog deleting, new URL’s, and even One Direction [you’re amazing for that, btw]. She’s one of the few people who I can hardcore geek out with and she won’t judge me, and I know she’ll always be there whenever I need her. Plus, her and her boyfriend are just so freaking cute it makes me want to cry. Katie, if you couldn’t tell already I absolutely adore you.  

Juliana: Another person who has been with me through thick and thin, both on tumblr and off. Juliana was my first internet friend [props to you, darling] and we’ve always gotten on like two peas in a pod. Recently, though, we’ve been getting a lot closer and she has probably the best sense of humor in the entire world. She knows how to make my crack up in the middle of the hallway [Ex. Llama Del Rey], and she’s always there with an open heart whenever I need some advice [When I’m having friend trouble, her advice is to “tell her she’s JEL cause she ain’t got yo $w@g]. Juliana, you’re like a sister to me. Know that I’m always there for you and I love you very, very much.

Ashley: I’m pretty sure I’ve been obsessed with Ashley’s blog since the beginning of my time on tumblr [almost 2.5 years now]. I always admired her from afar and when she started following me I’m pretty sure I fell off my bed. For a while we didn’t talk, just mutually followed each other, then one day over the summer we somehow started talking and it’s been love ever since. I feel like we connect really well, maybe it’s the whole shared name thing, have a mutual love for Oreos and our friend Joe, from Chipotle. Talking to her and Juliana almost everyday never fails to bring a smile to my face because Ashley contributes so much the conversation and so much to my life. Also, she’s recently started shipping Larry which makes me love her more. And we went to Ed Sheeran together [with friends and my sister] so that’s pretty cool too. Ashley, I love you and I hope that we can one day go to Chipotle and get free burritos with Joe. 

I could most likely be forgetting someone but we’re just going to go with it. 

So you little assholes, I love you more than you can imagine and I hope we don’t die tomorrow so we can be friends forever.