I haven’t done one of these in A WHILE! But you guys have asked that I continue the series, so…here we go!

Quite possibly the most requested ALL GROWN UP characters, right behind Danny Phantom and Phineas and Ferb! Here are the Kids Next Door! I hope I did them justice!

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Ok, so does no one want to talk about the fact that the official KND comics written by Mr. Warburton himself gave Toiletnator a backstory?





Geez, at least Nigel gets to say his evil uncle is Father.
Wally got stuck with the Toiletnator as his evil uncle.


KND Relationships: Wally and Abby

Their relationship has to be one of my favorites in the series. Wally and Abby’s chemistry is so genuine and natural that one would think they were brother and sister. Abby acts like the responsible cool older sister while Wally acts like the dorky little brother most of the time but they balance each other out. My favorite episode with the two of them together is obviously Operation: D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E where we see how close they really are. Abby’s moment of weakness and Wally’s understanding and supportiveness shows the kind of sincere bond they have. Plus they are both the best fighters in their team and are shown throughout the series that they have the best teamwork when they go on missions together. 


Marinette and Adrienne from Miraculous Ladybug

Kuki and Wally from KND

Another parts of my little crossover series: 

Steven Universe + Adventure Time 

Steven Universe + KND

Sectuh V casually sticking up for each other. (Provided someone was stupid enough to try and mess with them)

-Someone makes fun of Nigel for being bald on Picture Day. The others show up in bald caps and (in Wally and maybe Hoagie’s case) shaved eyebrows.

-Someone calls Numbuh 2 fat and suddenly Numbuh 5 just appears and calmly proceeds to strip them bare with the knowledge that some folks LIKE having something to hug that ain’t a stick.

-Kuki having trouble with English yet any idiot who ever considered joking about it ‘magically’ thinks better of it. Abby speaks in French and only French for like a month to show solidarity.

-Numbuh 4 gets picked on, so Nigel takes him aside and brings him to the KND and teaches him not only to direct his anger into punching but also how to brutalize (not literally) kids in gym with style.

-Numbuh 5 strikes me as the type to calmly bribe and threaten troublemakers off in private but doesn’t bother with anyone who messes with her personally, because they don’t have much ground to stand on when it comes to picking on her. Suddenly all heck comes loose on them because all of Sectuh V rises out of the shadows like “you hurt our mom prepare to die.”

A random assortment of KND headcanons;

  • Numbuh 20, 000 was rescued from an abusive home, which is why he’s so desperate to do whatever he has to. He wants to be remembered- an idol to the other kids rescued. Show that bad beginnings don’t stop you from being good people
  • It’s very well likely that Cree has absolutely no idea what’s going on between Abby and Nigel. Numbuh 5 refused leadership because of Numbuh 1 losing his hair, which points to her leading at the time. Cree was probably off on some solo mission that left her in charge. She wouldn’t want to incriminate her sister with hacking Numbuh 1 in, either, so she certainly doesn’t know about that.
  • Soopreme Leaduhs are required to spend at least most of their time at the Moon Base. Rachel sometimes isn’t seen on Earth for days.
  • Operatives can be implanted with a tracking device, should they so choose, in order to help be located by search teams if they fall off a hill and break a leg or something.
  • Likewise, the KND sports a ‘tattoo parlor’ (crayons that never wash off) for operatives to use, so long as all markers are kept out of the obvious areas. This is a way of warning future kids that they’re fully capable, even with no memories. 
  • Medics aren’t allowed to use medical supplies on themselves in big emergencies unless it’s the only way to keep them on their feet. Numerous medics have been hospitalized from days spent on their feet with boo-boos.
  • It ever a situation should occur in which only certain operatives may be saved, the pecking order is as follows; fight-capable medics, 2X4 technology experts, medics, experienced operatives, Leaduhs, and jack-of-all trades operatives.
  • (In Sectuh v, that would mean Kuki, Hoagie, Abby, Nigel, then Wally)
  • Kids Next Door bases are open to adults and teenagers to protect them from extreme weather emergencies. No operative has ever been killed in a weather emergency inside their own treehouse.
  • Spies and other high-danger operatives are given Sleepy Time Pills- a medication that will put them into a coma- in case they get caught. They can only be awoken by a specific type of food- the vegetable you hate most.
  • Rachel’s only had to use her’s once. She was out for three months. 
  • There has never once been a Head of Decommissioning flee their 13th birthday. This is because operatives are legally allowed to subdue and erase any Head at any time. They’re too dangerous to be left unseen to.
  • Patton is the only operative to ever survive being trapped underground for a month without any food or supplies. It permanently changed him.
  • Abby follows the Candy Code or whatever it is candy hunters use just as religiously as she does orders, unless the two come into conflict. She’s an operative first.
  • Still, technically, Stickybeard could pop up in the treehouse when Abby’s entertaining some operatives in her bar and ask for a peaceful drink and she’d be forced to oblige. 
  • Animal operatives aren’t Decommissioned- nobody is sure how the process would affect them.
  • Very few every day operatives are actually aware of Numbuh 5′s candy addiction. Other candy addicts, yeah, but they don’t want to tarnish the prestige of Sectuh V. 
  • The Kids Next Door reaches all corners of the globe. Literally. Name a high-ranking government official- KND has an operative somewhere in the family. They could very literally take over the world if a Soopreme Leaduh got up the gumption to.
  • All operatives take a vow to put kids over everything, including their families, just in case such a day will come. 
  • High-ranking operatives are required to have sound-proofed rooms. Wouldn’t want confidential information getting out because one of them talks in their sleep.
  • It’s been stated that teens have more advanced tech than kids, which means that adults are the most advanced. The fact that the KND consistently comes out on top shows that they’re the most adaptable. 
  • There has never been a team that operate like Sectuh V, though there’ll be plenty to follow.