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I just LOVE how they zoom up on Theon like he’s the fucking victim. It’s ridiculous and the whole scene just wasn’t necessary. Sansa deserves better.

nothing D&D come up with is necessary tbh. they had a dark but beautifully written thing to work with and they’re turning it into some kind of torture porn. also i don’t think i can name a single show at this point that enjoys inflicting violence on women as much as GOT does. and people love it. tolerate it. that’s kind of terrifying.


TMI Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With my bestie best friend Blaine! (loves hockey and the red wings follow here)

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FAKE MOVIE MEME as requested by numbspeculum

Starring: Jennifer Tilly & Aisha Tyler.

Iron Icon - dark comedy with lots of blood and British accents

In order to launder the drugs money Teressa Jones [Aisha Tyler] a head and heart of the local cartel, decides to sponsor a musical inspired by the life of Margaret Thatcher. Jeniffer Tilly plays a role of a struggling actress who in her turn believes she is a daughter of the Iron Lady.

numbspeculum asked:

Top 5 Batman Villains & Top 5 Favorite X-Men (Villains or Heroes)


1. Joker

I have never read any other Batman villain. I’ve only read Under the Red Hood. Oh, there’s Black Mask but I don’t like him. Whoops.

As for X-Men, I could never pick five X-Men. Villains don’t even factor in, because they have the worst villains. I mean there is nothing likable about Purifiers blowing up babies or Bastion putting his arm through Nightcrawler. Sentinels give me nightmares. Magneto is good now… So anyway, I will go with the core eXtinction Team currently in use right now. 

  1. Namor
  2. Emma Frost
  3. Cyclops
  4. Colossus
  5. Magik