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I just LOVE how they zoom up on Theon like he’s the fucking victim. It’s ridiculous and the whole scene just wasn’t necessary. Sansa deserves better.

nothing D&D come up with is necessary tbh. they had a dark but beautifully written thing to work with and they’re turning it into some kind of torture porn. also i don’t think i can name a single show at this point that enjoys inflicting violence on women as much as GOT does. and people love it. tolerate it. that’s kind of terrifying.

numbspeculum  asked:

Top 5 Batman Villains & Top 5 Favorite X-Men (Villains or Heroes)


1. Joker

I have never read any other Batman villain. I’ve only read Under the Red Hood. Oh, there’s Black Mask but I don’t like him. Whoops.

As for X-Men, I could never pick five X-Men. Villains don’t even factor in, because they have the worst villains. I mean there is nothing likable about Purifiers blowing up babies or Bastion putting his arm through Nightcrawler. Sentinels give me nightmares. Magneto is good now… So anyway, I will go with the core eXtinction Team currently in use right now. 

  1. Namor
  2. Emma Frost
  3. Cyclops
  4. Colossus
  5. Magik