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“By jove, we’re going to own this thing, for sure!”

Elanor Rigby (The Beatles) | Your Hand in Mine (Explosions in the Sky) | Space Oddity (David Bowie) | Keep (El Ten Eleven) | Amsterdam (Imagine Dragons) | Let It Be (The Beatles) | Cara Mia Addio (Portal 2 OST)

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Thanks to Ronnie for both the art and band suggestions.

Stolen Coffee and Missing Equations

Sneaking down to the lab was a fairly difficult process for Tendo Choi, mostly because he was both well liked and overly friendly - most of the time. 

Not today. 

Each cheerful greeting and person who stopped him quickly realized that the Chief Mission Control Officer was in a perfectly horrible mood. The mess hall was withholding caffeine from him on the grounds that he had already had three cups. The coffee machine in LOCCENT was still invariably and miserably broken, so it ruled out that option.

And so, it was a bit of a last ditch effort to sneak into the lab and use Dr. Newton Geiszler’s coffee machine, but at this point, Tendo was running on the dredges of his last cup. There were several more hours left that Tendo intended to work. He’d missed several sleep cycles already and figured a hard reset might be best. 

Slipping into the lab, Tendo glanced around furtively. Coast clear. No Newton. With a few quick steps, Tendo crossed to the scientist’s coffee pot and with a relieved sigh, opened the canister of coffee grounds, scooping some into the paper strainer. He checked that there was water and then pressed the quick brew button before falling backwards into Newton’s chair and closing his eyes, breathing easy now. 



[He considers this for a second.] See, I’m weighing my options here, because on the one hand, pie, on the other hand, last time I went into the city for an extended period of time I almost died.

[He tries to avoid rolling his eyes, but fails.] If you wish to barter, you can barter.

…I can help with the cab fare. [He smiles cheerfully.] You ready to go now?


[text] I assumed you already knew.

[He of course wants to say everything behind the front of this (admittedly true) anxiety. But this is all he can manage.]

[text] no, dude, I’m sorry. I never thought it was something like that.
[text] but my offer is serious. i help people out with this all the time.


It’s four in the morning, Newton. [This isn’t the first time he’s said this. Honestly, Newton could use him as a personal ‘shit-I’ve-stayed-up-too-late-again’ marker because of his consistency. He tries not to be annoyed this time.

He starts his morning like he normally does, which includes erasing a block of the board he’s had sequestered off for note-taking, and starts writing numbers.


Oh. [Whoops.] Okay, meds in four hours, then. [And there’s something he never thought he’d say around Hermann.] 

newtongieszlers  asked:

//you are feckin' adorable omg ok got that out now ♠≈♫╪☮♥♡♦♣∞☻❤⋆☄

You’re a butt. :P I’m just going to do them all, since the little icons I can’t tell if you took anything out. 

♠ - Name? I go by Cinna, but my real name is Cameron. 

≈ - Mun nickname? Several, but Cinna, Cinnamon, Cinnamo, and  Syio are the most common. 

♫ - What’s your gender? Genderqueer, I guess? 

╪ - What country are you from? ‘MURICA. I live in Washington DC. 

☮ - How long have you been rp’ing? Since, umm. Wow, well, for about nine years now. 2004 or 2005. Potentially even longer than that. 

♥ - What fandoms are you in? Boy, is that a loaded question. It’d be better to ask what fandoms am I not in. I’m gonna copypasta an old profile for this and say that it by no means encompasses them all. 

Books: Harry Potter, Dragonlance, The Dresden Files, Lord of the Rings, John Green books, Tamora Pierce books, Neil Gaiman books, The Great Gatsby, 1984, A Song of Ice and Fire, Abhorsen Trilogy, Bartimaeus Trilogy. The Sandman, Lucifer.

Movies: Myiazaki movies, the Incredibles, Megamind, The Labyrinth, The Fall, Stage Beauty, Total Recall, Man of Steel, James Bond, Beetlejuice!, Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog, Addam’s Family, Repo! The Genetic Opera, Dogma, Little Nicky, Phantom of the Opera, Pacific Rim.

Shows: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, Firefly, The Office, House of Cards, Metalocalypse, Venture Bro’s. Community, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Adventure Time, Viva La Bam, House, Game of Thrones, Archer, Sherlock, Arrested Development, Doctor Who, Big Bang Theory, Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Hannibal, Jekyll.

♡ - Your favourite film, book and television series? Boy is this one gonna surprise you - my favorite film is … wait for it  … 


I know, you’re stunned. Who would have thought. My favorite book series is probably any of Tamora Pierce’s books, though any of the above are acceptable. 

My favorite television series is certainly It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If I want to cheer myself up, it’s my go to. Otherwise Scrubs. 

♦ - Relationship status? I’m polyamorous. I have a boyfriend thing. I also have a LDR with a lovely girl. 

♣ - Song you’re listening to right now? Icarus - Bastille (which if you haven’t heard it, go listen to it now - like right now) 

∞ - Celebrity crush? Too many. I’ll give you my top four men and top four women. Mads Mikkelsen, Ron Perlman, Cillian Murphy, and Davey Havok. For women, Shannyn Sossamon, Christina Hendricks, Helen Mirren, Gina Torres. 

☻ - Favorite Blog I follow/Rp with This is a rude question and it also assumes I have a favorite. Basically, if I RP with you, I fucking love you.

≡  - Sexuality ? Pansexual. 

❤ - Any tumblr senpais? Oh, gods yes. This Hermann GottliebSimon Tam, and Eldon Pheyst (this includes kaijuonleathergloves). Just to name a few.

I need to make a follow forever list, but honorable mentions include this Newton, this Newton, this Hermann, this Christine Chapel, and Jocelyn Dufort.

⋆ - A ship I have with my character. I’m actually a HUGE fan of the idea of Mako Mori/Hannibal Chau. Unless I’m supposed to do a ship about your character, in which case, Alison Choi/Tendo Choi/Newton Geiszler. Or Newton and any of his tattoo artists. 

☄ - My opinion of you. First of all, I think that you’re absolutely wonderful and I love to read your roleplays, specifically anything involving Hermann and Newton. You and fortunefavorsthepractical have excellent chemistry and you make my heart hurt on a regular basis. I’d love to have a chance to RP with you more often, but I’m pretty content to live my dreams vicariously though you and Hermann. 

I’d like to be your friend - like for real. You seem like a fantastic person. Come here and let me just snuggle you into oblivion. We’ll build a pillow fort and we’ll invite everyone from tumblr and we’ll all sit around on our laptops giggling maniacally as we concoct plots. 

anonymous asked:

Why should I stay? -numbers-dontlie

“Because I-”

There are at least a dozen ways to finish that sentence and all of them try to force their way out at once. He has to settle on one, the first thing to pop out. “I-I actually care about you, you dumbass! Is that so freaking impossible to believe?” That came out more confrontational than he meant to, but he can’t help it. He’s defensive, scared, there are so many things he wants to say but if he does… “I-I-I know I suck at saying these things, b-but…”

Newt turns away and braces himself against his desk. The edge bites into his palms as he grips it. “I’m sorry.” His voice is shaking. “I-I’m sorry. Okay?” His shoulders go tense. “I don’t…I don’t want you to…”

The final word dies in his throat. He’s done it. He’s losing Hermann. Good fucking job, Newton. 


You scare away everyone in the end, it’s all you’re good at.

“I’m sorry.”

You knew this was going to happen.

His shoulders slump, defeated. “I’m sorry,” he repeats after a long pause. His voice has gone dull in a forced way. “I don’t…want you to go. But you can. If you want.”

Tha Joker has released a new Mixtape. Im not a huge fan of Tha Joker but i i have heard some of his stuff and he’s decent I don’t really care for him tho. He’s already sold over 200,000 itune copies of his cd. I haven’t downloaded or listened to his new mixtape yet, hopefully ill get around to it today and can post a review for you guys. Keep checking in and enjoy the other post.


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