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Well That Hurt

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Tw for possible blood and gore! Please be mindful of your partner’s possible triggers that might only apply to a couple of these.

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  2. top five ships (canon or not)
  3. top five costumes
  4. five negative things- arcs, deaths, events, issues - that stuck with you
  5. five positive things- arcs, deaths, events, issues - that stuck with you.
  6. three characters you admire
  7. two characters you’d like to see swap powers
  8. an arc you’d like to see on the big screen
  9. a dream team up
  10. a character who deserved better from the text
  11. a character + your dream casting for them
  12. four favourite single issues
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1) Do you prefer writing angst threads over fluff threads?
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3) What is your favorite thing about writing dark plots?
4) Are there any angsty subjects you won’t write about?
5) What is the darkest or scariest plot you’ve ever written?
6) Do you have or would you consider having a monster muse?
7) What do you prefer, supernatural horror or psychological horror?
8) Have you ever been in a horror fandom?
9) Do you like supernatural plots?
10) Which one of your characters would be the most dangerous if challenged?
11) Has your character ever committed a violent crime?
12) Do you have a go-to angst partner?
13) Do you get scared easily?
14) What do you think is scarier, watching a horror movie or reading a chilling story?
15) Are there any horror or angst tropes you really can’t stand?
16) If you have multiple muses, which one has the most disturbed past?
17) What is the most disturbing aspect of your muse’s storyline?
18) What’s your favorite negative quality about your character?
19) Do you have a favorite dark/angsty RP you’ve done in the past?
20) Do you like writing violent roleplays?
21) Do you get inspiration from dark or dramatic sources in media, like books and movies?
22) Does your character get angry often?
23) Would you consider your character to be evil?
24) What is the most wicked thing you could imagine your character doing?
25) For disturbed characters, does your muse have any redeeming qualities?

🕗 Time Travel Questions🕗

Send a number + one of my characters and I’ll tell you…

  1. If my character could go back in time and prevent their past selves from doing one thing, what would it be?
  2. If my character could save one person from their past from death, who would they save?
  3. If my character could relive one day of their past, which would they choose?
  4. If my character could tell their past selves one thing, what would it be?
  5. If my character could tell someone from their past (past self not included) one thing, what would it be?
  6. If my character could go back in time and take one item from their past back to the future, which would they bring back?
  7. If my character could bring one item from the future into the past, what would they take, and what would they do with it?
  8. If my character went to the past and accidentally changed the future for the worse, how would they solve it?
  9. If my character’s child self saw them now, what would they think of them? (If my character is a child, what would they think if they saw their adult self?)
  10. If my character could correct one tragic or traumatic event in their past, but doing so would cause cataclysmic disasters in the far future, long after they have died, would they still do it?

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Sherlolly. 33. For the theme n short fic ask

celebrity/fan au - Fun! Thanks, Gee!! This turned out a wee bit longer than I intended. Hope you like. ~Lil~ (I’ve got lots more to fill. I’m working on them and appreciate them all!)

John Watson was pissed. There were about a thousand places he’d rather be at the moment. (Like on a date with the lovely Miss Morstan, which he had to cancel when Sherlock had stormed into the clinic, demanding his presence just as he was getting ready to leave!) Riding in the back of a cab on the way to some book signing with his broody best friend was nowhere on that list. 

“Are you going to explain this?” he asked. 

When Sherlock had said ‘book signing’ John had waited impatiently for the upshot. Where was the murder? Where was the puzzle?

“No,” the detective answered.

The doctor clenched his fist and cracked his neck. He’s your friend. You will not strangle him in the backseat of a cab. John took in the other man’s appearance for a moment. That’s when he noticed the difference. Sherlock The Body’s Just a Transport Holmes always wore the most expensive clothes and took far too much care with his hair to really believe in that ‘beauty is just a construct’ nonsense. But today… today the man was polished within an inch of his life! Also, he was undoubtedly nervous. John couldn’t remember ever seeing the man so unsettled.

“Sherlock? Are you..?” 

The detective’s head whipped toward him. “What?” he asked with thinly veiled aggression.

There is something going on here. Though Sherlock often pointed out that his friend didn’t see ‘certain things’ - not observing, he called it - John had learned a lot about the man sitting next to him in their two years of friendship. That’s when it hit him; he had to force himself not to smirk.

“Does this have something to do with that book? The pathology book?” John asked, almost certain that he had it figured out. 

Baker Street was never quite ‘clean’ (even though John bitched at his friend like an old fishwife) but it was somewhat better than when he had first moved in and the man-child did make some effort to put away his toys. In the last month, however, John had often noticed a book sitting next to Sherlock’s chair. Then he noticed it in the kitchen late one night and on the settee the next afternoon. He even found it in the bathroom one day. At one point he had wondered if the detective didn’t own several copies of the damn thing. 

“This isn’t a case at all. You just want to meet the author of that book.”

The detective smirked, though it lacked his usual confidence. “It seems I’m finally rubbing off on you, John. Keep paying attention and soon you’ll know the difference between a suspect and a witness.”

“At least I know who the prime minister is,” he mumbled under his breath.

Twenty-five minutes later they were walking into a small bookstore in Soho. 

“Not much of a turnout,” John commented. There were no lines and the store wasn’t much bigger than the sandwich shop below their flat. 

“How many people do you suppose are interested in forensic pathology?” He said the word ‘people’ like it was tantamount to a single cell organism. And one that he didn’t particularly like.

“Still…” John started as they made their way to the back of the shop. That’s when he saw her. A tiny smiling woman sitting next to a mountain of books talking to a spotty faced teenaged girl in large, ill-fitting glasses.

“… if you’re really interested, leave me your email and I’ll send you some information,” the woman said. 

The girl gasped. “You’d do that?”

“Of course! I wish I had someone to point me in the right direction when I was younger. I’d love to help in any way I can,” the woman returned, smiling brightly.

“I… I…” the teen stammered. “I don’t know what to say. I mean… you’re my favourite pathologist of all time!” 

Favourite pathologist? Do people have favourite pathologists? For a moment John thought the girl was going to cry, but she managed to write down her email and shake hands with the author before hurrying off to join a group of girls standing to the side. They all squealed as they left. Weird

He was so distracted by the spectacle that he almost missed Sherlock’s approach. 

“Hello, Dr. Hooper,” the detective said as he handed her his worn copy of the book. 

I didn’t even notice that! Him and his damn pockets! John did notice, however, that his friend’s voice was even deeper than usual. 

“Hi!” the woman said as she took the book, smiling and blushing up at his friend. 

John had seen this before… many, many times. That man’s looks were such a waste! The woman I could have pulled with those damn curls! He could make a witness, of the right sexual persuasion, sing like a canary with the slightest hint of fake flirtation.

“It seems I got in right under the wire,” Sherlock said.

“Yes. You might just be my last victim,” she replied with a giggle. 

When he smiled John realised that something was off. That wasn’t Sherlock’s false ‘get what he needs from a woman smile’. The man looked genuinely happy. What the hell?

“You’re much better at forensic analysis than comedy, Miss Hooper,” he said with none of the bite of his usual commentary.

Her face started to fall, but Sherlock quickly followed up with, “That wasn’t an insult. This book is brilliant, doctor. But you know that, don’t you? How many weeks has it been a bestseller?”

“A few.” She bit her lip and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “Um, whom do I make this out to?”

Ah, John thought, who will Sherlock be today? Nigel Britwistle? Ridgewell  Luckinbill, perhaps? Felix Pickles was one of his personal favourits.

“Sherlock Holmes,” he said, causing John to do a double take. 

“That’s an unusual name,” Dr. Hooper said as she began to write. “Old English?” 

“It is,” Sherlock answered, practically beaming.

When she finished, she handed him the book and stood up. “Well, I’m finished for today,” she said as she started to box up the books from the table. 

“Did you have a good turnout?” Sherlock asked and then he did the strangest thing of all… he started to help her! 

“I did, actually. About five hundred, since lunch. Yesterday’s turnout was better.”

“Yes, I had wanted to make it to your signing at Waterstone’s. Unfortunately, I had a case,” Sherlock said as he added another book to the box.

Waterstone’s? That store was huge! John was more than a bit shocked. It seemed that this Dr. Hooper was the J.K. Rowling of forensic pathology!

“A… case?” she asked. “What sort of case?”

“I’m a detective,” his friend responded far less arrogantly than usual.

“You’re a..?”

“I should clarify, I don’t work for the Yard. I’m a consulting detective. The only one in the world, actually.”

There’s the arrogance.


“Yes. I invented the job,” he explained as he finished up with the books. “I’d love to tell you more if you’re not busy.”

“Ahh…” She looked at John (possibly for the first time) and then back to Sherlock, seemingly a bit apprehensive.

“Coffee, I thought, if you like,” Sherlock said in a rush. “There’s a decent shop just around the corner.”

She hesitated for a moment longer before saying, “Just let me speak to the manager to let him know that I’m all finished.” She started to walk away but paused and gave them both a pointed look. “And where we’re going, of course.”

Once she was out of hearing distance, John turned to his friend. “All right. I’m flummoxed. What the hell’s going on?”

Sherlock was watching her as she spoke to the store manager. “I believe that I have a date, John. Do keep up.”

“A date? You don’t date! What do you need her for? A case?” he asked, then thought for a moment. “Oh! You found a mistake in her book and want to reopen one of her old cases.”

“That book is flawless, John. As is her work. It’s not a case.”

“Are you trying to recruit her to work at St. Barts?” Nearly everyone at the hospital basically hated the man! “I doubt she’ll give up a lucrative book deal to be your personal whipping boy, no matter how many time you use that voice on her. She seems too smart for that.”

Turning to him with a glare, Sherlock said, “Of course she’s smart, John! She’s brilliant! And I don’t need another whipping boy, I’ve got you for that. No, I need her for something else entirely.” His tone softened at the end and his face… well, that was a look John had quite literally never seen before.

“And what is that, exactly?”

Sherlock smiled brightly then turned his attention back to the woman across the store. “Pay close attention, my friend, because I believe you’ve just met the future Dr. Holmes.” 

After several seconds of stunned silence, John finally found his voice. “Are you screwing with me?”

“Or perhaps I’ll take her name, who knows?”

“You’re joking!”

“There’s nothing wrong with taking the woman’s name. Don’t be so provincial.”

“I’m not talking about that, you tit!” John hissed. “Are you winding me up, because…”

“No, John,” Sherlock interrupted. “Not about this. Not about her.” He picked up his signed copy of the book and looked at the inscription with a grin before turning back to his friend. “Come with us and have one cup of coffee, then make some excuse and bugger off. Got it?”

He nodded mutely still too stunned to respond. Sherlock didn’t do relationships and had never mentioned marriage in the entire time John had know him, at least not reverently. Not only that but he had just met this woman. Even having read her book, how could he possibly be contemplating spending the rest of his life with her? It went against everything he thought he knew about the man. Then there was the woman herself. What if she was married? Or gay? What if she had a deep and burning hatred for tall, curly-haired, cocky bastards who thought they knew everything?

Just then Dr. Hooper walked back up. “Okay, Thomas knows I’m going with you so if my body turns up in the Thames, he’ll know who to blame.” She looked at John and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

Sherlock beat him to the introduction. “This is my best friend, Dr. John Watson.”

John paused before offering the woman his hand. Sherlock had never introduced John as his best friend before. Associate, blogger, assistant and even friend on the very rare occasion, but never ‘best friend’. Finally extending his hand he said, “Nice to meet you, doctor. Sherlock is a big fan of yours.” He was proud of managing that much in his shocked state.

She blushed as released him to pick up her coat and bag. “Nice to meet you too.”

Once she was ready, the three of them proceeded out of the store and onto the pavement. John hung back, letting the pair walk in front of him so that he could observe them. A tiny part of him wanted to see the detective crash and burn, knowing for a fact that Sherlock knew nothing about women, at least nothing about how to date them.

“So, did you have questions about the book?” she asked.

“Not so much, no.” 

She didn’t respond, just looked up at the detective curiously. 

“I’d actually like to know more about you, if I’m honest.”

“There’s not much to tell, Mr. Holmes.”

“I beg to differ. And please, call me Sherlock.”

“Oh, well, then you should call me Molly, I suppose,” she replied with an awkward laugh. “What would you like to know?”

John wondered as well. Sherlock usually knew whatever he deemed important about a person at first glance.

“Everything, I should think. But let’s start with how you got that scar on your left index finger. It’s not a scalpel cut, far too ragged.” He stopped walking and took her hand in his to study closer. “Too old as well. You were eleven? Perhaps twelve.”

“Yes,” the woman answered breathlessly.

Sherlock gently ran two fingers across the old scar then looked up. “A soup can,” he said with a knowing smirk on his lips.

Dr. Hooper had never taken her eyes off of his face the entire time. “How did..?”

“It’s my job to know, Molly. And I’ll tell you all about it.” He started walking but didn’t release her hand.

“You will?” she asked, seemingly unconcerned that she was now holding hands with the man that she’d just met.

“Indeed. But I believe that we have plenty of time for that.”

“What does that mean, exactly?”

“Come now, you’re the famous writer, Molly. Can’t you see that this is just the first page of the book?”

John never knew why Sherlock had brought him that day and he certainly didn’t know why he’d been allowed to witness such an overtly romantic display, but he was grateful nevertheless. 

Besides, it made his best man’s speech a breeze to write.

Thanks again, Gee! Love you!

  1. A roleplaying pet peeve the mun has
  2. A bad habit the mun has in roleplaying
  3. A canon character the mun has always wanted to RP as
  4. An OC the mun has always wanted to RP as
  5. A phrase/word the mun uses too much in writing
  6. One of the mun’s best RP experiences
  7. One of the mun’s worst RP experiences
  8. Something the mun likes about their writing
  9. Something the mun needs to improve on
  10. A funny RPing story
  11. One of the mun’s guilty RP pleasures
  12. A word of advice from one RPer to another
numbers meme

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One song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Two films: Soapdish, The Simpson Movie

Three shows: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Arrested Development, Top Shots

Four people: Viggo, Jimmy Carter, Cate Blanchett, Alexander Skarsgård

Five foods: Tahitian pineapple, Portos cuban cheese roll, pupusas, moqueca (Brazilian fish stew), ca nuong (Vietnamese roasted whole fish)

Six tags! @asimplylucia @eliamartvll @sansanaddict @selenityelizabeth @eilitintheheartland @gayforsansastark (if you are so inclined) *waves hi hi*


FIRST OF ALL FUCK YOU and second of all fuck you 

okay but for real you’re really great & funny even if you keep me awake into fuck all hours of the night because you won’t let me hang up the GODDAMN PHONE and your characters are wonderful & beautiful & i love them and want to hold them all to my chest

and your art is very good !!! VERY CUTE!!!!


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One song: Passionfruit by Drake

Two films: The Phantom of the Opera(2004) & The little Mermaid

Three shows: Game of Thrones, Sherlock, & Westworld

Four people: Alejandro Fernandez, Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy, & Rory McCann

Five foods: Pupusas, lasagna, greek salad, pho, & Hawaiian pizza

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You. You are with 173. You two are among my absolute favorite people, and you have a special place in my heart as well as them. ILU.

We first met randomly, a connection forged strictly through and IC interaction. But your character, their design, the aesthetic and personality you forged simply moved me. It moved me A LOT. I made it a point to come to every public RP that you were going to be participating. And I don’t regret that in the least.

We’ve spent hours and hours chatting, and also talking in voice. You’ve told me about the challenges and triumphs in your RL, and I have done my utmost to treat that with the care and respect you deserve.

I am a fan of you. I am a cheerleader for your endeavors. I want nothing -but- the best for you, and everything you or attempt. We may not talk as much as we used to, but that changes nothing for what you mean to me. I’ll be that friend and pillar of stability that you can lean on whenever you need one.


I’ll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda. :^)

Would you like to take some complimentary go-fuck-yourself sachets with that, champ? :^)

Nah, I kid. Find yourself a seat because I’m gonna be here a while.

Now, there’s a lot to be said for making your muse your own. Taking what scraps riot has given you and making your own beautiful rendition out of it. Expanding the world they live in, committing to a design, and going whole-hog with it in everything you write.

And by fuck did you take that far.

It’s easy to understand your muse with how you write him. You capture the bloodthirsty, power-mad ball of malevolent energy that makes him up and show it to us well in threads, headcanon posts, descriptions, anything.

To take a muse who’s seen by most of the community as a joke (and frankly more of an accessory to a certain other champ) and show them how I feel they should be shown has earned you a lot of respect from me.

On top of that you’re hilarious to watch outside of threads too so that’s nice.

anonymous asked:

10,24 .elia Martell and rhagar

10. not wearing that

24. my child

“Over my dead body will she be wearing this monstrosity.”

“It was my mother’s. And hers before her. It’s tradition.”

Elia holds up the dress, wincing at the overabundance of dragon motifs, red and black fabric, and gemstones. “Yes, and it shows,” she says. “Mayhaps this was acceptable forty years ago, but now? Rhaegar, we are having our portraits painted, we can’t possibly have this displayed for all time.”

“My mother would be overjoyed to see her in it, and these days she doesn’t have much to be overjoyed about.”

“No, she doesn’t.” She thinks of the poor queen, trapped in a marriage with the most horrific beast Elia has ever known.

“Well, perhaps a compromise is in order. We’ll put her in it when we present her to the court, and then something less ostentatious for the portrait.”

“That’s agreeable,” Elia shrugs. “At least no one will be able to say she doesn’t represent the Targaryens.”

“It’s settled then.” Rhaegar glances at the dress, then back to her. “It really is awful, isn’t it?”

Elia snickers. “The worst.”