About Stefán Karl Stefánsson(Robbie Rotten)

Just read an article about our beloved actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson who played Robbie Rotten from Lazy town and how his cancer has gotten worse. The chances of him growing older is unfortunatly much lower now and I felt like sharing this to you guys because I didn’t see much posts about this on tumblr. You can read the article here: I would also like to say that ‘we are number one’ meme were probably one of my favourite memes because it saved a life… or atleast for a while. And the fact that Stefán loved those memes and also even sang that song for us with the original crew behind him on a video really proves how much he cares about his fans. I have never met Stefán in person, but I bet that he would be one of the nicest guys I have ever met. Please spread this information to others and support him, especially now in these hard times. I’m not sure if there are any donations you can go to to try to help him further, but if any of you guys know please reblog with the link so others can find it easily. Let’s pray and hope for the best for Stefán and always remember that HE will always be number one to us.

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Send me “Bad Touch” for some randomly generated violence.

Or send “Bad Touch reverse” for our muses to switch roles.

1) Slapping your muse across the face
2) Punching your muse in the face
3) Punching your muse in the shoulder/arm
4) Kicking your muse off of their feet
5) Stepping on your muse’s foot
6) Biting your muse
7) Grabbing your muse’s face
8) Wrapping hands around your muse’s neck
9) Pushing your muse into a wall
10) Pushing your muse to the ground
11) Holding a gun to your muse’s head
12) Shooting your muse in the arm/leg
13) Holding a knife to your muse’s throat
14) Using a knife to slash your muse across the arm
15) Hitting your muse in the head with a blunt object
16) Scratching your muse with their nails
17) Throwing something at your muse
18) Stabbing your muse with a sharp weapon
19) Breaking one of your muse’s bones
20) Twisting your muse’s arm

Well That Hurt

Send me “ ☹ ”, and I’ll generate a number between 1-75 to see where/how my muse is injured. Send “ ☹ ⇋ ”, and it’s your character living the pain. The third option would be “ “ to have both wounded (in which case first generated number will be for my muse and second for yours).

Tw for possible blood and gore! Please be mindful of your partner’s possible triggers that might only apply to a couple of these.

Keep reading

  1. A roleplaying pet peeve the mun has
  2. A bad habit the mun has in roleplaying
  3. A canon character the mun has always wanted to RP as
  4. An OC the mun has always wanted to RP as
  5. A phrase/word the mun uses too much in writing
  6. One of the mun’s best RP experiences
  7. One of the mun’s worst RP experiences
  8. Something the mun likes about their writing
  9. Something the mun needs to improve on
  10. A funny RPing story
  11. One of the mun’s guilty RP pleasures
  12. A word of advice from one RPer to another
numbers meme

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One song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Two films: Soapdish, The Simpson Movie

Three shows: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Arrested Development, Top Shots

Four people: Viggo, Jimmy Carter, Cate Blanchett, Alexander Skarsgård

Five foods: Tahitian pineapple, Portos cuban cheese roll, pupusas, moqueca (Brazilian fish stew), ca nuong (Vietnamese roasted whole fish)

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Dark Munday Questions

Send some numbers for me to answer ooc! Perfect for people who like to write angst or horror.

1) Do you prefer writing angst threads over fluff threads?
2) Do you like horror plots?
3) What is your favorite thing about writing dark plots?
4) Are there any angsty subjects you won’t write about?
5) What is the darkest or scariest plot you’ve ever written?
6) Do you have or would you consider having a monster muse?
7) What do you prefer, supernatural horror or psychological horror?
8) Have you ever been in a horror fandom?
9) Do you like supernatural plots?
10) Which one of your characters would be the most dangerous if challenged?
11) Has your character ever committed a violent crime?
12) Do you have a go-to angst partner?
13) Do you get scared easily?
14) What do you think is scarier, watching a horror movie or reading a chilling story?
15) Are there any horror or angst tropes you really can’t stand?
16) If you have multiple muses, which one has the most disturbed past?
17) What is the most disturbing aspect of your muse’s storyline?
18) What’s your favorite negative quality about your character?
19) Do you have a favorite dark/angsty RP you’ve done in the past?
20) Do you like writing violent roleplays?
21) Do you get inspiration from dark or dramatic sources in media, like books and movies?
22) Does your character get angry often?
23) Would you consider your character to be evil?
24) What is the most wicked thing you could imagine your character doing?
25) For disturbed characters, does your muse have any redeeming qualities?


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One song: Passionfruit by Drake

Two films: The Phantom of the Opera(2004) & The little Mermaid

Three shows: Game of Thrones, Sherlock, & Westworld

Four people: Alejandro Fernandez, Gerard Butler, Tom Hardy, & Rory McCann

Five foods: Pupusas, lasagna, greek salad, pho, & Hawaiian pizza

Six tags! @asimplylucia @devilsbastion @queenoferebor1204 @sassyeggs74 @thefeatherofhope @lalelilolusworld only if you want to of course ;)


FIRST OF ALL FUCK YOU and second of all fuck you 

okay but for real you’re really great & funny even if you keep me awake into fuck all hours of the night because you won’t let me hang up the GODDAMN PHONE and your characters are wonderful & beautiful & i love them and want to hold them all to my chest

and your art is very good !!! VERY CUTE!!!!

Character Questions to Make Me Think Meme (Part 4 of 4)

Put a number in my Ask Box and I’ll reply either IC or OOC to the question you choose.

1)  Your character discovers that someone they care about is actually a criminal hiding from the law.  How would they react?

2)  If your character had to pick another place and time to live in what would it be and why?

3)  When your character goes grocery shopping what’s the one thing that must ALWAYS be on the list?

4)  Think about the one trait your character likes most about themselves.  What if they were to wake up tomorrow and it was replaced by something completely opposite?  How would they react?  If it’s not a physical trait, how would it change their personality?

5)  Your character discovers that they need to get (or will be forced to get) a roommate - what would their want ad say?

6)  What are your character’s chances of survival if they got lost in the wilderness?

7)  If your character knew they only had 24 hours to live how would they spend that time?

8)  What animal does your character most closely identify themselves with?  Is it the same animal that you (the writer) identify your character with?  Why or why not?

9)  Your character suddenly finds themselves in a world entirely opposite from their own and there’s NO WAY back.  How well would they adjust to the change?

10)  Your character has signed up for and gotten a spot on a reality TV show - what show is it and how well would they do? (Note: It does not have to be a show that’s currently on the air)

11)  Consider other popular universes you’re familiar with (i.e. Naruto, Doctor Who, Narnia, Star Trek, Twilight, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, etc.)  Which one do you think your character would fit into most comfortably and why?  If your character is ALREADY a part of one of these universes, please pick a DIFFERENT one.

12)  Your character is being forced (or has agreed) to babysit a very inquisitive 5-year-old.  What happens?

13)  Your character somehow manages to get completely plastered.  What kind of drunk are they - depressed, goofy, angry, talkative, etc.?  Describe the situation that led to this turn of events.  

14)  How does your character feel about their birthday?  What would a typical birthday celebration entail?

15)  Your character receives an anonymous love letter.  How do they react?  Do they suspect someone they know of sending it?  If so, are they correct in their assumption?  Would they confront the suspected person?

Send in a Number and I’ll Answer:
  1. What blogs do you admire most?
  2. Are you a fast replier or a slow replier?
  3. What makes you follow someone?
  4. What makes you unfollow someone?
  5.  Do you have any other blogs?
  6.  How long do your replies tend to be— line, paragraph, or novella?
  7. How long have you had this blog for?
  8. Have you ever gone on hiatus— how long did it take you to come back?
  9. What do you enjoy most about playing your muse?
  10. What do you enjoy the least about playing your muse?
Your muse has found a voodoo doll of my muse.

Where on the doll do they stick a pin? Send me a number:

1 - Their heart (”I hope you never love again.”)

2 - Their arms (”For everything you’ve done to me.”)

3 - Their eyes (”I regret memories of you.”)

4 - Their face (”For the things you’ve said.”)

5 - Their stomach (”For your deceit.”)

6 - Their back (”For betraying me.”)

7 - Their legs (”For abandoning me.”)

8 - Their hands (”For never letting me go.”)

9 - Their side (”For not supporting me.”)

10 - Their neck (”Just because I hate you.”)

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Bitch, first of all, I love how neatly our trashness aligns, like whenever I drag you down into a new fandom hell I can be guaranteed you’re gonna fixate unhealthily on the same awful ships/characters. But even though we agree on a lot you’re never boring to talk to?? We have such great conversations and you always make me consider fun new angles of whatever piece of media we’re dissecting to death this week. I also love what a giant squishy softy you are under all that eyeliner and attitude, you are adorable <3 (Lmao @ your number choice you extra piece of shit.)

Send me two names and a number and I'll tell you which I'd rather:

1. save from a fire?
2. have taking care of me if I was sick?
3. spend a week alone with?
4. sneak into bed with?
5. booty call?
6. cook a romantic dinner for?
7. get drunk with?
8. tell my secrets?
9. go on a roadtrip with?
10. take care of if they were ill?
11. never talk to again?
12. drunkenly marry?
13. propose to?
14. commit a crime with?
15. have as my best friend?
16. have a threesome with?
17. cook for me?
18. serenade?
19. teach me something?
20. have a baby with?
21. never have met?

420 and a bunch of 69s I didn't count

HEY ILY TREASURED FRIEND you are honestly so generous and good and TALENTED and honestly I love that we get to talk so much!!! and I love ur OCs too they’re good nd your art in general is good overall everything is good