numbers indicate her age


Summary: The reader tries to keep her birthday a secret from the boys for months until Sam and Dean find out when her police record pops up. Dean takes her for a drive and gives her something special. 

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Content: Fluff

Word Count: 1162

A/N: This I wrote for myself for my birthday but I hope y’all enjoy it

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WIP: late, appointment


It was late, but the number of users logged on was still well over a hundred. That was to be expected, one could suppose, on a forum for the sleep impaired. Gold stared at the laptop screen, his hands folded in front of him on the desk. The list of profiles that matched his criteria was already short, but only one - that wasn’t Zelena Green - was even in his area. Sighing, he clicked on the name, bookworm16, and hoped that number didn’t in any way indicate her age.

(Sleep Buddies, Rumbelle Insomnia fic)


She smiled and immediately pressed one to confirm the appointment. Pushing herself up off the couch, she made her way to the bedroom and stared at her dresser with her hands on her hips. Next Tuesday was just enough time for her to get something new if she ordered online and paid a little more for expedited shipping. It occurred to her that buying something for a specific client was something she never did, but then again Gold wasn’t just a client.

(Putting Away, the next chapter of Come Clean, Golden Lace)