numbers do not lie


  • ‘  when i was a kid, whenever i’d feel small or lonely, i’d look up at the stars. wondered if there was life up there.  ‘
  • ‘  tens of thousands of lives were lost.  ‘
  • ‘  this was just the beginning.  ‘
  • ‘  to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own.  ‘
  • ‘  we got really good at it. winning.  ‘
  • ‘  hey, kid. don’t get cocky.  ‘
  • ‘  please, after you. age before beauty.  ‘
  • ‘  you know what i’m thinking.  ‘
  • ‘  worry about yourself, kiddo!  ‘
  • ‘  ___, listen to me!  ‘
  • ‘  suits and ties, flashy smiles. that’s all they are.  ‘
  • ‘  bad news: three guys died yesterday.  ‘
  • ‘  well, orders are orders. what else am i supposed to do?  ‘
  • ‘  took me a while to find you.  ‘
  • ‘  i can’t have anyone else in my head again. i’m done.  ‘
  • ‘  haven’t you heard? the world is coming to an end.  ‘
  • ‘  so where would you rather die? here, or ____?  ‘
  • ‘  oh, no, call me ___. only my mother calls me doctor.  ‘
  • ‘  he was 2,500 tons of awesome. or awful. you know, whatever you wanna call it.  ‘
  • ‘  shut up. i don’t love them, okay? i study them.  ‘
  • ‘  things have changed. we’re not an army anymore, we’re the resistance.  ‘
  • ‘  i didn’t know it was this bad.  ‘
  • ‘  sorry about your brother.  ‘
  • ‘  you haven’t told me what i’m doing here yet.  ‘
  • ‘  numbers do not lie. politics and poetry, promises, these are lies. numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of god.  ‘
  • ‘  politics and poetry, promises, these are lies.  ‘
  • ‘  and this… is the point where he goes completely crazy.  ‘
  • ‘  fortune favors the brave, dude.  ‘
  • ‘  they won’t give you the equipment, and even if they did, you’d kill yourself.  ‘
  • ‘  she’s one of a kind now.  ‘
  • ‘  i think you’re unpredictable.  ‘
  • ‘  you take risks that endanger yourself and your crew. i don’t think you’re the right man for this mission.  ‘
  • ‘  wow. thank you for your honesty.  ‘
  • ‘  one day, you’re gonna see that in combat you make decisions. and you have to live with the consequences.  ‘
  • ‘  you promised me.  ‘
  • ‘  vengeance is like an open wound.  ‘
  • ‘  to me, you’re dead weight. you slow me down, i’m gonna drop you like a sack of shit.  ‘
  • ‘  i’ve raised him on my own. he’s a smart kid, but i never knew whether to give him a hug or a kick in the ass.  ‘
  • ‘  it’s a dialogue, not a fight.  ‘
  • ‘  better watch it.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m not crazy. you felt it, right?  ‘
  • ‘  this is worth fighting for.  ‘
  • ‘  if you’re listening to this, well, i’m either alive and i’ve proven what i’ve just done works, in which case, ha ha, i won. or i’m dead and i’d like you to know that it’s all your fault. it really is, you know, you drove me to this. in which case, ha, i also won. sort of.  ‘
  • ‘  are you gonna say anything?  ‘
  • ‘  you look good.  ‘
  • ‘  like when you blink your eyes over and over and over again and all you really see are like, frames. it was emotion.  ‘
  • ‘  i’m okay. just let me control it.  ‘
  • ‘  you are a goddamn disgrace. you’re gonna get us all killed.  ‘
  • ‘  why don’t you just do us all a favor and disappear? it’s the only thing you’re good at.  ‘
  • ‘  so, what, you’re grounding us?  ‘
  • ‘  one: don’t you ever touch me again. two: don’t you ever touch me again.  ‘
  • ‘  now, you have no idea who the hell i am or where i’ve come from, and i’m not about to tell you my whole life story.  ‘
  • ‘  you know, you live in someone else’s head for so long… the hardest part to deal with is the silence.  ‘
  • ‘  well, that’s classified. so i couldn’t tell you. even if i wanted to. but it is pretty cool, so i might tell you. i’m gonna tell you.  ‘
  • ‘  jesus, we can’t just sit here and watch them die.  ‘
  • ‘  let me in, i’m a doctor!  ‘
  • ‘  we have a choice here. we either sit and wait, or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid.  ‘
  • ‘  as harsh as it sounds, there is no time to celebrate. we lost people. no time to grieve.  ‘
  • ‘  how sick are you? and why didn’t you tell me?  ‘
  • ‘  i haven’t exactly had a very good day, okay?  ‘
  • ‘  we’re gonna own this bad boy!  ‘
  • ‘  by jove, we are going to own this thing for sure!  ‘
  • ‘  today, at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.  ‘
  • ‘  today we are canceling the apocalypse!  ‘
  • ‘  as for you, well, you’re easy. you’re an egotistical jerk with daddy issues. a simple puzzle i solved on day one.  ‘
  • ‘  i just don’t want to regret all the things that i never said out loud.  ‘
  • ‘  well, my father always said, if you have the shot, you take it. so let’s do this.  ‘
  • ‘  all i have to do is fall. anyone can fall.  ‘
  • ‘  i can’t find his pulse. i don’t think he’s breathing.  ‘
  • ‘  no. don’t go. please.  ‘
  • ‘  you’re squeezing me too tight. i couldn’t breathe.  ‘
  • ‘  where is my goddamn shoe?  ‘

Another from this long list of prompts, completely unprompted.

Number Ten: “If you use up all the hot water again, I swear to god! You’re on the couch for a month!!”

Stiles needed to take a good long look at his life, he decided as he dug the emergency plastic seat covers out of the trunk of the Camaro.

Reason number one: he and all of his friends kept emergency plastic seat covers in their trunks so in the event of a big bad monster exploding all over them, they wouldn’t have to explain massive blood stains to the guy at the auto detailing shop.


They only made that mistake once, and Lydia spent the night in jail three counties over.

Stiles shook out the plastic with a spiteful flourish at the universe, and laid it out over the leather passenger seat, while Derek did the same for the driver’s before sliding in.

Stiles hesitated, bracing himself.

Reason number two: Stiles was far too young to always be this sore.

He groaned as he lowered himself into the car and the plastic crinkled underneath him. His knee was messed up, he knew that much without professional opinion, but he was going to hold off on an official diagnosis unless it got to the point where he couldn’t walk on it. And he was pretty sure that none of the blood soaking his khakis was actually his, so compared to the last few big faceoffs, he was doing pretty well.

But it was the soreness, the constant aches when he got up in the morning—his shoulder actually ached with the weather. His grandfather had that problem, and even his dad didn’t have as many back problems.

Stiles was twenty-eight and there were days when a bad enough thunderstorm rolled through, and all he could do was lie on the couch and pop Tylenol like candy.

At this rate he’d be using a cane at thirty.

He yawned as Derek put the car in gear and drove towards home, letting himself drift off.

Reason number three: he was always, always exhausted.

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Writing Prompts.

• I’ve never been so shocked.
• Where can I find you?
• I’m obliged to do it.
• Why can’t you lie to them?
• Who should do it?
• I think we lost them.
• Can you examine it?
• It’s not at all similar.
• It was no coincidence.
• This is terrifying.
• It’s near us right now.
• Am I irritating you?
• Let’s just drive around.
• They were riding with us.
• How much is left over?
• It leads them inside.
• Where do you wander?
• I thought you were joking.
• Does it make you uncomfortable?
• Can we save a copy?
• Why would they come here?
• They did nothing.
• I don’t see any humans.
• It’s right there!
• They failed us a long time ago.
• Why have you done it, then?
• Who loves me the most?
• You ask good questions.
• You need to make up your mind.
• Where will they go?
• We’ve been painting it for years.
• It didn’t scare me at first.
• Did they even see me?
• Where are you running to?
• It wasn’t a coincidence.
• We won’t tolerate this.
• This is a little extreme, isn’t it?
• It’s very strange at night.
• We searched for you everywhere?
• I have an unusual number of brains.
• You lie about every little thing.
• Do you need them?
• They’ve been planning it the whole time.
• I don’t want to talk about it.
• We all regret something.
• It turned sinister then.
• They have no new information.
• Let’s go to the edge of the world.
• Isn’t it could out there?
• We found your card.
• Look at that conspiracy.
• We suspected them.
• Who was present?
• Every few minutes, a car goes by.
• They stole our hearts.
• Are those ghosts?
• Where do the dreams come from?
• He was there the entire time.
• I like your hair.
• Can I call him out on it?
• Are you wearing that?
• It made absolutely no sense.
• I’m so sorry for what I have to do.
• We need to get him involved.
• We’ll need to remove them.
• It’s been a long day.
• Can we release this information?
• We are falling apart.
• I don’t like the way they treat you.
• We need more publicity.

Rihanna just hit a milestone NO OTHER musical artist has accomplished. Rihanna is now the best-selling DIGITAL artist of ALL TIME. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) today announced that Rihanna has surpassed more than 100 million Gold & Platinum song certifications, elevating her to number one on RIAA’s list of artists with the most Digital Single Awards and making her the first and only artist to surpass RIAA’s 100 million cumulative singles award threshold.

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you have this one HC where neil and andrew are playing against kevins team and then kiss to piss kevin called them "powercouple of exy" now imagine: kevin & thea vs neil & andrew; media completely freaking out about who the actual powercouple of exy is

ahh okay i love this! here is some of the reactions to the Exy Powercouple™ Rivalry for andreil v muldayni (idk if kevin/thea have a ship name but i love muldayni so im going with it)(i referenced exy powercouples here)

  • so i would like to imagine that both the exy specialists/commentators and the exy fandom are super split on who they actual powercouple of exy is
  • at this point kevin and thea are on the same team and andrew and neil are on the same team
  • after neil and andrew are out (they never really hid their relationship but the media was able to put the clues together after they joined the same team and were always together) people start comparing them to kevin and thea and everyone picks sides

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I told you we couldn’t do this anymore because in that moment I was trying to protect myself.
But the minute you said you were hurting
I did a complete flip and came right around.
I really shouldn’t have.
Now you know how much you mean to me
Now you ignore me
Now you don’t care
I should just stick to what I know
The value of a human decreases when their availability increases.
That’s basic Economics.
But how can I not instantly text back when all I’ve really been doing all day is waiting to hear from you.
How do I manage to be in this same fucked up situation every time?
Is there really nothing under this pretty paper I’m wrapped in that you like?
Can’t you see anything in me that you could possibly love?
Numbers lie
7.2 billion people and more doesn’t mean you will definitely find someone to love you truly.
3.46 am doesn’t mean everyone is asleep
20 years old doesn’t mean healed
13,568 kilometres doesn’t mean too much distance, the unread message does.
Numbers definitely lie,
But so do words.
Hope - breeds eternal misery
Love - not for everyone
Pain - inevitable
Night - tears
Me - breaking

Shea Weber Ft. Brendan Gallagher - 12 years now lost.

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Author Note: SOOOOO I’m pretty sure this has been one of my longest pieces ever. I might have gotten a little carried away, but that tends to happen when I write about sad stuff. I love writing sad stuff. So, please enjoy and don’t hate me! -Julianne 

“People generally didn’t cheat in good relationships.” -Emily Giffin

It all happened slowly, years, within years. You and Shea had been married for 12 years, most of those years were full of love and nothing more. Yet, as you two hit your 10th year of marriage, you knew something went wrong. Where or what you were sure, all you knew is that it was different between you and him.  

“Good morning babe. What time did you get home?” You asked.

You were downstairs making a cup of tea, when your half dressed husband came walking in to make a cup of coffee. He was wear a pair of dark blue sweat pants and nothing else. You watched his back muscles move with every movement he made while making his coffee.

“About three. The boy’s um, they want to drink, so I was the DD.” Shea said not looking at you.

Lie number one.

“Do you have to work today?”

“Uh, yeah Julien wants us to practiced more before the game on Sunday. Then, I have to go help Gally pick out a tie. The big dork doesn’t know how to shop still at the age of 25.”

Lie number two.

You had gotten up from your seat, making your way over towards Shea. You pressed your front to his back side as you slid a hand into his sweatpants. You grabbed his limp cock in your hand. Nothing.

“I really need to go get dress, or I’m going to be late.” He said pulling your hand out of his pants like it was nothing.

“Yeah….yeah don’t want to keep the team waiting.” You said standing by the sink trying not to cry..again.

“I’ll see you sometime tonight.” Shea smiled weakly as he pressed a kiss to your head.

He never kissed you on the lips anymore. He never touched you anymore. He never loved you anymore. You heard the front door slam shut. That when you let the tear slip. With a deep breath you made your way upstairs to clean up Shea’s clothes. That’s when you knew. You always knew but this, this was the piece that made it real. Picking up the shirt you saw lipstick, but it was what was in the pants pocket that hurt.

“A little something to remember me by, when you’re with her ;). Love you.” That was written on the back of the photo. The photo of your husband and another girl having sex. He touched her, but not you.

You weren’t sure how you felt. You wanted to be angry, but how can you be angry at someone that you barely know anymore. You wanted to feel sad, but at what? You weren’t sure what was going on in your head when you made the call, but you did know that you need to feel loved and you knew he could give it to you.

“Hey Y/N! What’s up? Everything okay?” Brendan asked cheerfully.

“Are you busy?” You asked wondering if Shea was actually telling the truth about practice.

“Nope! We have the day off. Why?”

“I..well. Shit. Can you come over I just need to talk to my best friend.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ll be over in ten?”

“Great, I’m going to be cleaning my room so just let yourself in okay?”

“Okay, bye.”


You had slid out of off you pjs, underwear and bra, before covering up in your bed. You lied there waiting. You soon heard the door and Gally’s cheerful voice boom through the house.

“Up here.” You yelled back as you pulled the covers down to show your full on naked body.

“Okay, so I brought some booze, be-” Brendan started before walking into your room. “Hmmmm? I’m confused? Turned on but confused.” he said walking towards the bed.

“Shea is cheating on me.” You said handing his the photo.

“Fucking asshole.” Brendan said getting mad as he looked at the photo of your so called husband. “What the is wrong with him. I’m going to kick his ass, I swear!”

“BRENDAN!” You yelled trying to get his attention back.


“He’s been cheating for almost two years. In those two years he hasn’t kissed me or touched me. I need to feel something. Someone.” You stated getting teary.

“Y/N, you’re vulnerable right now. I’m-”

“FUCKING SHIT BRENDAN! MY HUSBAND IS CHEATIN ON ME! FOR TWO FUCKING YEARS! Two years. We are done, there’s no saving us. So if you really care about me, you are going to let me have sex with you. AND yes I do know how crazy this sounds.”

“Okay.” Brendan said knowing all too well that you were going to win no matter what.

Brendan stripped his clothes off one by one, looking at you making sure that you were still going with this. He climbed on the bed, you pushed him down so the his lips were on yours. His hands going to your hips as you two made out. You hand made it’s way down to his member. Brendan, moaned into your mouth before kissing along your neck and down to your thighs. He placed a hand on each thigh before looking back up at you.

“Are you sure about this? I can st-”

“Brendan! I’m sure.”

“OKAY!” He giggled. “So, bossy during sex. I liked.” He winked, causing you to giggle.


“Wow! That’s was the best sex, I’ve ever had and I have a lot of it.” Brendan sighed as he flopped next to you in bed. “You okay?”

“I’m better than okay.” You smiled as you snuggled closer to Brendan’s chest. “I agree, best sex ever. We should do it more often.” You giggled hiding your face in his chest.

You two laid there in silence for a while, before Brendan spoke up.

“If you need a place to stay, you’re always welcome at my place.” He said running his fingertips up and down your back.

You kissed his naked chest.

“Thank you Bren. I wonder where it all went wrong. Did I do something or did I not do enough. It ate at me, but when I saw that photo and the shirt, I know whatever it was…is something that can’t be fix. I’m faced with my worst fear, having my husband fall out of love with me and yet, I’m okay with that.”

You weren’t sure when you two had fallen asleep, but the slamming of the front door woke both of your up.

“Shit! Shit, shit, shit!” Brendan softly said as he climbed out of you bed in search of his clothes.

“Brendan?” You said as you threw on your clothes.

“What!?” He said still freaking out.

“I love you.” You said stopping him in his tracks, but before he could reply Shea was in the doorway.


ReBoot Season One Sentence Starters (Part Seven):
  • "You always were such an exciting date."
  • "I don't keep you around for your brains now do I?"
  • "Well if you're not the warrior, who is?"
  • "Hey, get out of there! We've got work to do!"
  • "Times like this I feel extremely close to you."
  • "C'mon boss, I have a headache!"
  • "I don't want to be smart later, I want to be smart now."
  • "You always were good at ruining a party."
  • "You've got to trust me to finish the job."
  • "Don't mind me, just taking the lead."
  • "Don't you just hate me?"
  • "I'm not supposed to let anyone—I mean ANYONE—in here."
  • "Hey, she touched me!"
  • "I wouldn't want to scare any of those fish away!"
  • "I better do something before someone gets hurt."
  • "What I want is for you to let me go before I make more trouble for you than I'm worth."
  • "Oh sure, it just has to breathe fire too."
  • "Remember that speech you gave me about keeping your promises?"
  • "I haven't had this much fun in minutes!"
  • "Rule number two: I double cross whomever I please."
  • "Do you always lie to me?"
  • "Oh sure, that solved all our problems last time."
  • "It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it."
  • "You must ponder my words."
  • "You not feeling well?"
  • "That was easy, huh?"
  • "You can stay with us on one condition: stay out of our way, okay?"
  • "And now they're going into business together?"
  • "You really should lie down, you look terrible!"
  • "Oh yeah. We're done for."
  • "It is said that broken friendship is best mended by tragedy or apology."
  • "I like the red one, not the blue."
  • "We've a live one on our hands!"
  • "This is not in my job description."
  • "What are you waiting for? Enter now for your chance to win!"
Numbers, numbers, they do not lie...

Regarding debut album sales, the anons who noted that Harry had a huge advantage over actual debut and unknown artists were spot on. I saw someone mention Khalid and I think it’s definitely worth noting that Khalid’s debut album “American Teen” debuted at number 9 on the US Billboard 200 with 37,000 album-equivalent units, of which 12,000 were pure album sales. While Harry’s album debuted at number 1 on the US Billboard 200 with 230,000 album-equivalent units, of which 193,000 were pure album sales. That’s a huge difference, right? But both albums are now certified gold. So Khalid more than made up the initial difference. In addition, Khalid’s single “Location” is 2x platinum, while SOTT is still only gold. “Location” is also still in the Billboard Top 40 after 35 weeks, while SOTT fell completely out of the Hot 100 after only 13 weeks.

That’s the difference we’re talking about that a lot of Harries don’t want to acknowledge. It’s hype vs. no hype and impact vs. no impact. The initial numbers were vastly different, but the unknown Khalid has caught up to and surpassed the already famous Harry Styles because his music resonated with people in the very way that Harry’s didn’t. No one is saying Harry is a flop, but he definitely did not match the hype he was afforded (and continues to be afforded). And now he wants to ditch the very fans who gave him that number one debut?That’s definitely a poor choice given that clearly a new fan base has not been created. Only time will tell how that plays out for him. 


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CaptainSwan Screen Time Season 6

For anyone who is curious, a friend and I decided to tally up the screen time numbers. Here is how much screen time CaptainSwan spent speaking directly to each other in season 6:

6x01 - 3.05

6x02 -  0.37

6x03 - 1.20

6x04 - NOTHING

6x05 - 3.00

6x06 - 1.30

6x07 - 2.00

6x08 - NOTHING

6x09 - 1.20

6x10 - 0.10

6x11 - 0.40

6x12 - 1.20

6x13 - 2.20

6x14 - 2.00

6x15 - NOTHING

6x16 - NOTHING

6x17 - 1.50

6x18 - 2.00

6x19 - 0.33

6x20 - 3.10

6x21 - NOTHING

6x22 - 0.50

TOTAL: 25.45mn out of a possible 924mn of air time. This did not include the seashell conversation (add .30 seconds if you want) nor did it include Wish Realm Hook. And no wonder I found this season to be boring!

That is a startling low number for a TV show’s most popular couple. Even from the start of the season, I could sense that CS was being pushed to the side in favor of Regina and secondary story lines. These numbers do not lie. That feeling was real. And it was sad.

Just look at the CaptainSwan WEDDING episode! For their WEDDING they spent a total of 3.10 minutes out of a 42 minute episode together. For THEIR WEDDING! And why? So that Zelena could have an amazing song that really didn’t contribute to the plot? It wasn’t necessary. It WAS amazing. But it wasn’t necessary. It was rather insulting how much the EQ sang in the episode compared to CaptainSwan as well. Her first song could have been cut as well for more CS WEDDING time. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful we got this wedding but it could have and should have been SO much more.

And then you have the FINAL episode we will ever have of CaptainSwan. And they spent 50 seconds together.

CaptainSwan was put on the back burner this season. They were used as a failed plot device (see first proposal) and set pieces (see Killian during Wish Realm). They were given rehashed obstacles (more secrets? really?) and adventures with no follow through (beanstalk). They were separated & reunited multiple times without a payoff. With this in my mind, how do I have hope for their future?

FYI: Season 5 CaptainSwan screen time was a total of 77.30 minutes. It tapered off a lot during the last half of the season as we began to see more of Regina!

Pacific Rim Sentence Starters 

“At the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.”

“One - don’t you ever touch me again. Two - don’t you ever touch me again.”

“Where is my goddamn shoe?”

“You’re serious? You - You would do that for me?”

“To fight monsters, we created monsters.”

“Numbers do not lie. Politics and poetry, promises, these are lies.”

“I am not wrong, but there is something here we don’t understand.”

“I’m sure you can appreciate how important this moment is to me.”

“Wait. I think this guy’s dead. But let’s check for a pulse.”

“Hey. Hey, handsome. Oh, I’m gonna miss you.”

“We can either sit here and do nothing or we can grab those flare guns and go out there and do something really stupid.”

“This isn’t a refuge. This is - This is a buffet line! He knows I’m here. He knows I’m here!”

“I asked you not to refer to me by my first name when I’m around others.”

“You rescued her. You raised her. But, you’re not protecting her now. You are holding her back.”

“The world is coming to an end. So where would you rather die?”

“Now, you and I are the only thing standin’ between that ugly bastard and a city of 2 million people!”

“Today, we are canceling the apocalypse!”

“I don’t love them, okay? I study them.”

“No, you don’t understand, he’s trying to get me! He knows I’m here and he’s trying to get me!”

“You like the name? I took it from, uh, my favorite historical character and my second-favorite Szechuan restaurant in Brooklyn.”

“Hey! Guess who’s back, you one-eyed bitch?”

“We always thought alien life would come from the stars, but it came from deep beneath the sea; a portal between dimensions in the Pacific Ocean.”

“When I was a kid, whenever I’d feel small or lonely, I’d look up at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there.”

“I do not need your sympathy or your admiration. All I need is your compliance and your fighting skills.” 

“Fortune favors the brave, dude.”

“You’re squeezing me too tight.”

“Now tell me what you want, before I gut ya like a pig and feed you to the skin louse!”

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"Harry always was the star and the others will always carry that around with them" lol Slow Hands is about to outsell SOTT, STD is going to outstream it in a couple of weeks and it will have a hard time reaching JHO's spotify numbers and that's without proper promotion or an album out like Harry so I'll say they are doing quite well on their own.

Indeed they are! Numbers don’t lie (unlike some Harries).  :D

Here are a bunch of words that nobody asked for!

I think something that’s very telling, especially after hearing Niall’s album, is that while Harry has the biggest team, the most hype and all the money behind him, it’s blatantly obvious that out of all the 1D boys he has the least amount of talent. It’s not that he doesn’t have talent, I’m not saying that at all, but I think the solo projects have shed a light on just how far behind he really is. (His unwillingness to accept help from others doesn’t help either.) But if you look at their solo songs, Louis is the lyrics, Liam is the beats and melodies, Zayn is the voice and Niall is the whole package. They all have great musical ability and have managed to tap into sounds that while distinct from each other, still resonate with the general public and a wide array of music fans. So where does that leave Harry?

His album appears to be an attempt at some sort of indie-chic alternative sound that did nothing but borrow heavily from existing music with lyrics that leave a lot to be desired. He claims to have written music that is open and honest, but one look at the lyrics will show that they are awkward, repetitive and intentionally vague. (Meaning the writer knows what they mean, but no one else does.) So the end result are lyrics that are completely nonsensical to everyone else listening to them. For example, his song “Kiwi” (which has it’s problems for other reasons), but aside from the fact that the title makes absolutely no sense and the phrase “it’s none of your” is repeated a staggering 22 times, there is a line that says “When she’s alone, she goes home to a cactus”. Why not just say “she goes home to a prick”? It would convey more anger on the part of the narrator and would act as more jarring point. It would also be a decidedly more “rock” lyric as that is what he is going for. Or maybe he really does mean that she lives alone and has arid house plants. Who knows? At any rate, it just feels like he is trying way too hard. He desperately needs to let others have opinions and guide him if he ever wants to truly grow into music.

Unfortunately, what ability is there is being wasted because in true Azoff fashion, it is more important to be a brand than an artist. It’s a page right out of the Kardashian playbook. Being famous for being famous. Buying up undeserved accolades, interviews, tv shows and awards do nothing but drive up Harry’s price tag. And that’s the point. Irving Azoff is selling a product and he wants to be able to demand top dollar for said product. So the more widely known Harry’s name is, regardless of the reasons for that notoriety, the more money he can demand for appearances and performances. In her hey-day, Paris Hilton was being paid over 100K just to show up at a night club and be papped there.

Harry, to me, seems stuck in a strange dichotomy. He is desperate to appeal to the neckbeard male hipsters because he’s thinks their support equals respect, but his staunchest supporters remain the young girls of the mainstream pop world. So he is left awkwardly (and poorly) playing both sides. His desired crowds are too busy camping at outdoor music festivals and complaining about everyone in mainstream music being a sellout, (like those with $80 million dollar record deals) and the fans actually keeping him afloat are rapidly growing tired of being ignored. You don’t get to pick and choose who your fans are and you shouldn’t want to. Who your fans are should not be a measure of the respect that you have. Music is for everyone. Regardless of age, race, or anything else. All of the other 1D boys embrace their fans, whoever they are, and the end result is something magical. They are happy and having fun as are their fans. I don’t think there is too much fun to be had in Harry land at the moment. And that’s a shame.

Regardless of the bought and paid for hype surrounding him, numbers don’t lie and right now Harry is doing the worst out of all the 1D lads. But the only one who can change that is Harry. Maybe he doesn’t want to. Maybe he just wants to be famous for being famous because it’s easier. He claims to love music, but I for one don’t see the passion there. But is it just a lack of passion or does it also stem from a lack of talent? Without the rest of the group acting as a buffer, the cold harsh reality appears that Harry just isn’t a strong songwriter. So it’s up to him if he wants to find some humility and listen to advice from others with more experience or not going forward. Meanwhile, the other boys’ stars will continue to rise, while Harry simply circles the drain.