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Spamano Recommendation List 

for @pizzasexual-southern-italy-rp

The Lemon Tree: Angst, Rated M, 15 chapters

Numbered Lithograph: Drama & Romance ,Rated M, 29 chapters

Una Notte A Napoli: Romance & Hurt/Comfort, Rated M, 9 chapters

More Than Attraction: Romance & Drama, Rated M, Multi-Chapter

Talk of Tomatoes: Humor & Romance, Rated T, 7 chapters

Midnight’s Hymn: Angst & Family, Rated M, 24 chapters

Call It A Night: Romance, Rated M, One-Shot

And So It Goes: Friendship & Romance, Rated T, 29 chapters

Fair Play: Romance, Rated M, One-Shot

Deprivation: Romance & Humor, Rated M, One-Shot

All of Our Sins: Romance & Angst, Rated T, 19 chapters

Tesoro Mio: Romance & Drama, Rated T, 12 chapters

Bottoms Up!: Romance & Humor, Rated M, 80 chapters

And Three Makes Five (Part 2 to Bottoms Up!): Romance & Family (gets a little angsty tho), Rated M, 100 chapters

Sun Kissed: Hurt/Comfort & Romance, Rated T, 8 chapters

Take A Video It Holds Memories: Romance & Angst, Rated T, One-Shot

A Dancing Star: Romance & Hurt/Comfort, Rated T, 21 chapters

Before The Snow Falls: Romance & Drama, Rated T, Two-Shot

Crazy Little Thing Called Love: Romance & Humor, Rated T, 12 chapters

Dresses And Bows: Angst & Romance, Rated T, 10 chapters

We’d Be Together: Supernatural & Romance, Rated T, 16 chapters

Cupid Fired the Shooting Star: Fantasy & Romance, Rated T, Two-Shot

Candy Proposal: Humor & Romance, Rated K+, One-shot

Angels Are Sensitive: Romance & Suspense, Rated M, One-Shot

The Stupid Guitarist On The Roof: Romance & Humor, Rated T, One-Shot

A Broken Promise: Romance & Friendship, Rated T, 33 chapters

The Art of Giving: Romance & Friendship, Rated T, One-shot

Tale of the Conquered Overbearing: Drama & Romance, Rated M, 18 chapters

Tomato Poetry: Romance, Rated T, 14 chapters

He’s Absolutely Perfect: Romance, Rated T, One-Shot

Secret Tunnels From Madrid to Sicily: Romance & Angst, Rated M, 30 chapters

Bad Hair Day: Romance & Drama, Rated T, One-shot (Pretty fluffy if you ask me)

Per Sempre Tuo: Romance & Drama, Rated M, 25 chapters

Presente Del Subjuntivo: Romance, Rated M, One-Shot

Poster (detail) for “Scribner’s August Fiction Number”
William James Glackens (American; 1870–1938)
Color lithograph
Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.